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  1. Superman Returns and X3. Superman Returns because I'm loving everything I've seen for it so far. Singer's production video blog, the teaser, the images of the cast - all of it looks right to me, and I am genuinely excited now. X3 because the last two movies impressed me, so of course I'm giving this one a shot. Plus it has the original five (Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Angel and Iceman) all accounted for - my favorite characters.
  2. I think for the most part, that IS what we're seeing. Creators sticking around for longer runs seems to be the rarety, rather than the other way around. Mark Millar for example, rarely does more than a year on any given title (Spider-Man, Wolverine, even his 25 issues of Ultimates was/is split into two seperate series). The new Ultimates team of Jeph Loeb and Joe Mad are only coming on for "year three." Brad Meltzer just signed on for 12 issues of the Justice Leagueof America relaunch. The X-books and other multiple-title properties get shake-ups every year or so. Etc. Hush. Birthright. Astonishing X-Men (though that team is coming back for a second year, they've only been planning a year at a time). Frank Miller and Grant Morrison are only expected to do a year for their respective All Star titles. This is the trend in comic books today. It's also a necessary trend, really. When you consider that a lot of new comic book talent is coming from other fields of media (Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, Stephen King, etc), their schedules often won't allow for more than a year at a time, if even that... It's the flagship titles where a long-term standard might be attempted. Claremont on Uncanny X-Men. JMS on Amazing Spider-Man. Bendis' Daredevil for Marvel Knights. And even there, this isn't always the case - Claremont's been shuffled from X-book to X-book a couple of times over recent years. Creator owned works, or work-for-hire where the creator is at least largely responsible for the concept's creation are of course exceptions (Brian K Vaughan's creator owned Y: The Last Man, and his work-for-hire Runaways, for example). Personally, I rather like the the epics that take years to tell when they're done well - it's what episodic media is for. Grant Morrison's New X-Men had me reading about the mutants in pervert suits for the first time since childhood, and my favorite title in years has been Greg Rucka's ongoing Queen & Country. At the same time though, I do tend to buy for the bookshelf (ie: I buy mostly trade paperbacks), so I appreciate finite series as well (I don't have the time, money, or even the desire to buy a different Superman title every week, but Birthright was just about perfect to me).
  3. My dad told me to give him my bills, then wished me a Merry Christmas. That's huge right there, but he also got me the Aeon Flux cartoon series on DVD. My mother gave me some cash, as well as the movie 11:14 on DVD. A friend got me a book; The Invisible Landscape, by Terrence and Dennis Mckenna. Another friend said any drinking I do over my holiday break is on him.
  4. Series realaunch! I can't wait! That was the word out of Wizard a while back. I haven't seen any updates on it yet, but I would assume it is still the plan.
  5. The series and the movie have quickly become my favorite things that Whedon has done.
  6. The site's been changed by the people who made it... "Confidential" has been changed to "Bullshit". And the page also says at the top that it's created by the people at Anti Social, where Dark Crusaders t-shirts are now being sold. There's also a new disclaimer page on the site. Personally, I think they should have kept the hoax going longer. The lack of any evidence at all gave them away, but it was an interesting read.
  7. Places I check to make sure that the world hasn't blown up... :: BBC News :: New Scientist :: Pulse 24 Places I check for wonderful and spiffy things... :: Engadget :: Rocketboom :: BoingBoing Places I check for random amusement whenever I'm bored... :: Gorillamask :: WWTDD? :: Warren Ellis' website
  8. I do have my doubts about the accuracy of the Chappelle Theory... That said, if it is true, that's some pretty f*cked up stuff right there. Definitely worth reading.
  9. NMX


    Delerium's Euphoria (Firefly) still makes my playlists to this day...
  10. Return to Oz is downloadable online. After reading this thread, I got curious and decided to seek it out. I found it via eMule with no trouble at all... So fire up your Naughty Interweb Piracy Machine of choice and have at it. It's an amusing little flick.
  11. It's a huge step backwards compared to Wildcats 3.0 (the previous regular Wildcats series), which I guess is the intended purpose as the previous series did not sell well despite its critical acclaim. I imagine this series will be successful for what it's meant to be. It's just not something I'm likely to warm up to. I am, however, curious to see what Grant Morrison and Jim Lee (the original creator) will do with the property when they take over for the upcoming series relaunch...
  12. Queen & Country... I buy it in trade paperbacks, rather than monthly, and I've always got an itch to read it when a new one comes around. It's Greg Rucka at the top of his game, with a rotating cast of artists cranking out a modern spy-thriller. It's the pacing more than anything that pulls me in. The first trade paperback I read, I noticed that Greg Rucka does scene cuts in this book almost as if stepping in at mid-scene. Conversations are in progress, the action is already happening, etc. It gives everything a kind of "live" feel. I believe the main series is now complete, or at least on hiatus for the time being. Currently there are a couple of mini-series either in progress or due out soon, and Rucka has continued some of the main series' plots in a pair of novels.
  13. Writers... :: Grant Morrison (For making me think outside the box in my own writing.) :: Warren Ellis (For questioning what new things can be done within the comic format.) :: Brian Wood (For introducing me to the spiffiness that is AiT/PlanetLar.) Artists... :: Frank Quitely (Every flip through his stuff reveals new levels of detail.) :: Dustin Nguyen (Slick. SO slick...) :: Brian Wood (By far the best sense of design in comics.) Writer/Artist... :: Brandon Graham (Just read Escalator, from Alternative Press.)
  14. Right now... :: DMZ :: Fell :: All-Star Superman Plus the Queen & Country collections whenever a new one comes out.
  15. Let it never be said that I don't clean up well... And... the moment of vanity has passed.
  16. Psh. I creep out most Canadians I come across too...
  17. Loaded fine when I was using my Mac... Just tried to load it on my PC and yes, there does appear to be problems. Make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime, perhaps.
  18. Overall, I'm happy with it. Ratner looks to be moving forward without forgetting about what Singer's laid out, and has me looking forward to this. Beast and Angel look good to me. Juggernaut, not so much, but oh well. Jean's new look while walking alongside Magneto worked for me as well. I also dig the fact that we're seeing some of the young'uns (Iceman, Rogue, etc) in costume - after two movies, it's time to see them in roles on the team rather than in the roles of victims. Shame that Cyclops doesn't seem to appear in a lot of the scenes though...
  19. http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/x3/
  20. An ex of mine has a cat named F--kface. Greatest name ever.
  21. My guess is that this person will be the managing editor for the upcoming Comic News International. The adverts for that position have been showing up on the main TNI page for a while. The fact that the person is also a moderator is secondary. For example, I was given the comic mod spot when I started contributing to TNI's comic newsfeed. That's my theory anyway - it's not like anybody ever tells me anything. I only found out about Comic News International when the rest of you people did.
  22. Go back to four colors on newsprint. We should be past the delusion of retiring on our comic collections anyway. They're disposable entertainment. Buy 'em for pocket change, read 'em, enjoy 'em and pass 'em along.
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