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  1. I chose 'other' for Jack Knight from James Robinson and Tony Harris' Starman series... Because as both a hero and a person, Jack is so utterly human that you felt everything that he did as the storylines in that book progressed. Just my thoughts. Cheers. -NMX
  2. I found Dark Minds to be quite good. Cheers. -NMX
  3. Best Writer - James Robinson. Best Artist - Tony Harris. Both for their combined effort on Starman a few years back. Never has story and art flowed so well. Cheers. -NMX
  4. NMX

    Stepping Down...

    Well, JayC made it official and removed me as GI Joe moderator as I requested. Oddly enough, he also seems to have removed me from Comic Books as well, even though I wanted to stay there. Ah well, fun while it lasted. See you folks around. Cheers. -NMX
  5. NMX

    Stepping Down...

    Mods can't ban. They can only make the recommendation to JayC to ban someone. As far as I know, anyway. Cheers. -NMX
  6. NMX

    Stepping Down...

    I'll state here that I'd push for DarthJoe as my replacement as well. He's good people and knows his sh*t. Cheers. -NMX
  7. NMX

    Stepping Down...

    Oh I'll still be on the forums when I can be, and like I said - I still want to dedicate time to modding for the Comics Forum. I just don't think I can be a decent mod for a larger forum like this one, especially with my love of GI Joe fading and my time being too limited to truly keep an eye on things like a proper mod. I'm not leaving or anything overly dramatic like that, I'm just passing the torch to someone else of JayC's choosing who's better suited to the task. Just remember to leave me the Comics Forum, JayC. :wink: Cheers. -NMX
  8. NMX

    Stepping Down...

    Yeah, yeah... I haven't been around in ages due to the time restraints inflicted by my now not-so-new job. Because of that, I'm going to do the right thing and step down as GI Joe Forum moderator, and hopefully open up the spot for someone more capable and with more time to spare for the job. Plus, I have to admit, my interest in GI Joe has been fading ever since it became clear that Canada would be seeing few if any of the current and future releases. It sucks but that's just the way it is for the time being, I guess. So yeah, because of the reasons mentioned above, I think it would be best if JayC scrapped me as moderator here and handed the title over to someone else. I -would- very much like to stay on as the Comic Forum moderator though. I still have plans to try and get more life into that area one way or another. Anywho, yeah... That's it. Cheers. -NMX
  9. Fool-proof method? It's a piece of plastic... How else would you remove it aside from cutting it off? Anywho, the point of the tutorial is to show that people don't need to worry about messing up their weapons if they try and remove the tabs... It's actually quite easy, as I said, and carries a relatively low risk of damaging the weapon. Interesting point on the tabs and how they work. And that likely makes it even easier for remove the tabs. If their's nothing inside the tabs, then people could take off pieces of it in stages if they're worried about cutting too close to the weapon. Thanks for that bit of info... Good to know. Cheers. -NMX
  10. Alrighty... As I mentioned in the wave 2 Scarlett and Zartan review, I've decided to start modifying the sound-tech weapons. I started with Scarlett's crossbow, since Hasbro slapping a giant piece of crap onto the character's trademark weapon was just too much for me to let go. Here's the end result... And here's how to do it... While there is a chip in there somewhere, it's cased and connected to the main body of the weapon by the same soft plastic that the weapon is made of. This is very easy to alter, folks. Just take a blade and cut into the tab that holds the chip... Right at the base where it connects to the weapon. Take your time and be sure not to cut into the weapon itself or into your fingers. Either cut it straight through the tab, or cut it about halfway and you should be able to pull the rest off without cutting further. When you're done, clean up any uneven edges with a file or a piece of sandpaper and you've got a brand new weapon that looks a lot better. In this case with the crossbow, the tab was not only attached to the main body of the weapon, but onto the weapon's stock as well. The stock's plastic was just too thin to salvage, so I ended up chopping off the stock along with the tab. The end result looks good though... And actually more closely resembles the stockless one-hand held crossbow pictured on Scarlett's filecard. Anywho, there you have it. It's that simple. The entire process only takes a few minutes, and the end result is definately worth it. So next time anyone feels the urge to whine about the sound-tech crap... Consider just fixing the problem yourself instead. Sooner or later, Hasbro will drop the sound-tech crap in favor of another, likely crappier gimmick anyway. So hang in there. Cheers. -NMX
  11. Well the webcam is back... Not working at 100% so I'll have to get a new one sooner or later, but at least I've got something to work with for the time being. Anywho... On with the reviews. For those who missed my Funskool Dreadnok set of reviews, shame on you. Now we move onto a couple of wave 2 2-packs that I ordered from The Store on 44. (GREAT service by the way... I was truly and pleasantly surprised.) Wave 2 Scarlett and Zartan... This was the other wave 2 2-pack I ordered, and thankfully, nothing fell apart when I took this one out of the package. I was actually quite impressed by this particular buy. Scarlett just rocks and is all sorts of spiffy. By far this is the best rendition Hasbro's ever done of the character. Is she a bit bulky? Yeah, a bit, but the mold actually does look quite feminine and works very well as an update to a favorite character. The only pain in the ass is that her trademark crossbow came with a sound-tech chip attached to it. (You'll notice in the pictures that I've done some alterations... Next up is a tutorial on how to do it yourself. Quite easy.) Zartan is cool too. The only pain in the ass of it is the color scheme Hasbro chose to run with, but the upcoming Zartan repaint will fix this problem and will look much better, trust me. The figure itself though is good, with nice detail, and a decent updated look for another favorite character. If you can't wait for the upcoming repaint, just buy this one and repaint it yourself. The figure is good enough to make the effort. Overall... Scarlett gets a 9 out of 10 and Zartan gets a 7 out of 10. Buy these figures. Next: The liberation of the sound-tech weapons. Cheers. -NMX
  12. Well the webcam is back... Not working at 100% so I'll have to get a new one sooner or later, but at least I've got something to work with for the time being. Anywho... On with the reviews. For those who missed my Funskool Dreadnok set of reviews, shame on you. Now we move onto a couple of wave 2 2-packs that I ordered from The Store on 44. (GREAT service by the way... I was truly and pleasantly surprised.) Wave 2 Nunchuk and Firefly... You'll notice I've only pictured Firefly... This is because Nunchuk's foot, which featured Hasbro's 'new and improved' articulation, was -broken- right out of the package. Lucky me. And bite me Hasbro. I did keep Nunchuk for parts, however, because the figure itself was actually quite well done, design-wise. I like his look, and his camo scheme is actually pretty believable and works well on the figure. So some of Nunchuk's parts will likely end up in a future custom of mine at some point. This is the only thing that keeps this -broken- figure from getting a zero. Firefly, on the other hand, is just friggin' awesome. I'm still not crazy about his new look, but that's only because I have expectations of what my favorite GI Joe character is supposed to look like. But despite my biases, I have to admit this IS a cool figure, without a doubt. He definately looks the part of the terrorist sabateur and definately carries a menacing quality to his mold. Also, there are no problems at all with his added articulation... It's actually quite spiffy. I think Hasbro did very well here. Overall... Nunchuk gets a 2 out of 10 due to the above mentioned annoyance, and Firefly gets an 8 out of 10 for not being quite perfect but very damned close. Next: Scarlett and Zartan. Cheers. -NMX
  13. I am looking forward to the tutorial NMX. Will that be posted in this forum? Yep, it will be right here at ADC's GI Joe forum. Maybe later tonight if I'm feeling ambitious, but most likely tomorrow morning, along with the previously promised reviews for the Nunchuk/Firefly and Scarlett/Zartan 2-packs from wave 2. Cheers. -NMX
  14. NMX

    What do u predicted

    That's right... I forgot about the Nullifiers. Cheers. -NMX
  15. NMX

    What do u predicted

    Nope, they're in the new comic, and there's a new Iron Grenadier figure scheduled for an upcoming wave. (5, I think, but don't quote me.) So I'd say that the Iron Grenadiers are still very much alive. I'm personally glad... I always thought the original IG figure was all sorts of spiffy. Cheers. -NMX
  16. I'll be giving a tutorial later on how to remove the sound-tech chips from accessories. The thread will be paired up with my upcoming review on the Scarlett/Zartan 2-pack, since it was Scarlett's crossbow that I altered. Cheers. -NMX (Mod-Squad.)
  17. Internet, remember? Kind of hard to 'reach out and touch someone' chief. And lets lay off the threats of violence. JayC already shut down the Monkey Room due to that type of garbage, so lets not give him a reason to shut down any more forums, no matter how slight the reason. (Slight meaning I realize what you just said was no big deal, but still, let's not risk it, eh?) As for the Devil's Due forum... Yeah it sucks right now, and yeah it sucks that it sucks. But the solution is simple... If Devil's Due is no longer your cup of tea, don't go there. ADC is better anyway. Cheers. -NMX (Mod-Squad.)
  18. Please excuse the lack of pictures for this review and the rest of the Funskool reviews as well... I've been having webcam issues lately. By the time I get through the Funskool reviews and on to the wave 2 reviews, I hope to have the problem fixed. Anywho... Funskool Buzzer and Ripper. These two figures finished off my purchases this time around from smalljoes.com and also finished off my Funskool Dreadnok set as well. Both are decent, but neither are perfect. While I would recommend both of these figures to any Dreadnok fan, because they really are pretty well done, I can't say these will become favorite releases of mine for either character. Buzzer: Heh... Y'know how I always whine like a b*tch when my figures come out of the package with loose joints? Well this one was so far the opposite it was ridiculous. I still can't swivel either of his arms -at all- and even his elbow and shoulder joints took a lot of work before they were moving smoothly. I suspect they molded him way too tight in the arms. The look of the figure isn't bad though. He's true to the original, color-wise, though perhaps the colors are lighter on this release. He also comes with all of his original accesories, in their original colors. Ripper: No problems here joint-wise, and the color scheme is again somewhat true to the original. But the colors do have a bit of a different shading this time around, and it doesn't quite work. The slightly different greens and blues almost make him look like he's wearing pastel clothes rather than the faded biker clothes he's -supposed- to look like he's wearing. It's not bad though, and I may just be being fussy, but to me it just doesn't quite look right. The accessories are cool though, and again are dead-on to the ones included with the original release. Not a bad buy overall. Overall, Buzzer gets a 4 out of 10 and Ripper gets a 6 out of 10. Buzzer suffers the most because of the unmoveable arms. He's pretty much worthless for play because of that flaw. And Ripper loses points because of the different paint scheme. Like I said, it just doesn't quite work on him. The colors need to look faded like the original, not just light to the point of being mistaken for pastels. And that's it for the Funskool Dreadnoks. Cheers. -NMX
  19. Please excuse the lack of pictures for this review and the rest of the Funskool reviews as well... I've been having webcam issues lately. By the time I get through the Funskool reviews and on to the wave 2 reviews, I hope to have the problem fixed. Anywho... Funskool Zarana and Roadpig. I was pretty happy with both of these figures. Neither one of them had any flaws that I could find. All of the joints were solid on both and neither had any paint bleeding at all. (Both figures have enough mold detail, like Zarana's arm straps and Roadpig's leg arrows, that I was expecting a mess.) Either Funskool is actually getting better with its quality control, or I'm just getting lucky with my purchases. Zarana: A great figure all-around. Her color scheme is true to the original US release and even her accessories look remakably similar to their original counterparts. She's ready to go and fits in flawlessly with any set of US release figures. You honestly can't tell the difference unless you're really fussy and really looking hard. Roadpig: Another good figure all-around, but I'm not quite as happy with this one. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with him, I'm just not a Roadpig fan. I didn't even much like his original US release either, and only bought him this time around to complete my Funskool Dreadnok set. He is also very true to the original though, and any Roadpig fan would definately appreciate this affordable release. Overall, both figures get a 10 out of 10. Yeah, that's right, 10 out of 10. Even Roadpig, because the fact is that there wasn't a single thing wrong with either of these figures in any way and both were dead-on to their US counterparts in both color schemes and accessories. I gotta give points where it's due. Next: Funskool Buzzer and Ripper. Cheers. -NMX
  20. Please excuse the lack of pictures for this review and the rest of the Funskool reviews as well... I've been having webcam issues lately. By the time I get through the Funskool reviews and on to the wave 2 reviews, I hope to have the problem fixed. Anywho... Funskool Zartan. I got this one along with the rest of the Funskool Dreadnok assortment in my latest purchase from smalljoes.com and this was by far my favorite from the bunch. Not just because it's Zartan, and one of my favorite GI Joe characters, but because this is actually a really cool redo of the figure. It may even be one of Funskool's best. The only flaw to this figure, or the one I bought at least, is the fact that his left arm is extremely loose at the elbow. This shouldn't be a shock to anyone, as everyone pretty much knows that buying Funskool is a 'hit or miss' type of situation. Sometimes the quality of the mold is decent, and sometimes it just blows rabid monkey nuts. This was the only thing wrong with the figure though. All of the other joints were nice and solid the way I like them, and the paint masking was actually -very- well done with no paint bleeds at all. Not too shabby. The figure itself is cool beyond words. The color scheme is attractive, and true to the original 1984 US mold. The color changing stickers are gone on this release, but the plates that they go onto are done in black and still look just as good without them. Also the infamous Zartan eye 'make-up' is done differently, with a thin black border around glowing eyes instead of the full black 'blades' around white eyes, but this too looks just as good. It actually gives this Zartan release a rather eerie look that works well. The accessories for this figure get a little stranger, like with the brown ninja backpack he comes with... It has slots for swords, but the figure doesn't come with any. Odd, but easilly fixed by those of us who happen to have old weapons laying around that we aren't using. Just snatch a sword or two for the backpack. He also comes with the trademark mask and hood, (the hood is removeable) and a red pistol. The color of the pistol leaves something to be desired, but a splash of paint could fix that. Overall, I'll give this figure a 7 out of 10. The loose elbow, which is a pet peeve of mine, the swordless ninja backpack, and the red pistol all take away from the score here. But again, this is still a very cool figure and definately worth the purchase... Especially for only the few bucks that Funskool figures cost. Coming next: Funskool Zarana and Roadpig. Cheers. -NMX
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