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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing-- I love seeing which old issues people have favoured over their years of collecting. Aside from a couple of shelves of trade paperbacks and other collected editions, the bulk of my comic books are on the other side of the country-- I've been away for about a decade.
  2. Tyler Jenkins is also on Peter Panzerfaust (working with Kurtis J. Wiebe), another book out of Image Comics I would have happily included in the above list but I've not managed to keep up with that one.
  3. Well, you do raise an alternative... if I don't like the newest Photoshop I can always seek out an older version. Probably wouldn't cost much of anything, if anything. Otherwise, right now I'm leaning towards getting the much cheaper, basic Manga Studio and playing with that for a while before spending the $200+ in either direction.
  4. Folks, Investing in some new tools to further my journey towards illustration/animation as a career, and I've hit a snag with the software... I don't know whether to go with Photoshop CC or Manga Studio 5 (or Clip Studio Paint, as it's now called). And I want to get you fine fellows and gals chatting more about craft, so I figure maybe I can get you lot in on the decision making process. Photoshop is old faithful-- I know it reasonably well (albeit in a different capacity, working in newspapers for the last decade). It's still industry standard. Even those comic book artists I've found have moved over to Manga Studio for much of their workflow still use Photoshop for some portions of it. And it can be used very handily for traditional, frame-by-frame animation. But the newest release CC is causing me some hesitation. It's $20 per month, for one -- $240 per year every year, is friggin' costly. Manga Studio is able to do a lot of things Photoshop can do. It does a few things Photoshop currently can't. It's cheaper-- $210 for the juiced version, $48 for the basic, and those fees are one-time. It also has some animation capability, though how much seems to be one of the bigger differences between the juiced version and the basic. But it's maybe not an industry standard yet (I suspect it will be eventually, and feel free to correct me if it is now). And I have never touched the thing before (I can fix that with a free trial but a lengthy learning curve is one concern of mine). So I'm looking to crowdsource some opinions... what do you use and why?
  5. I don't think Joker should've been in it more-- I think he shouldn't have been in it at all if he was just going to be a really expensive plot device. I think it was a waste of Leto's first outing.
  6. I'm still in. I like the new movies as popcorn flicks but they're not what I want-- what I want, only a television series can give me. Star Trek grabbed me late-- it was DS9, actually. At that time, storylines that span across multiple seasons or even an entire series was very new to me-- I'd never really regularly watched anything on television that wasn't highly one-off episodic. before. As a result, I'd never really been so very invested in watching anything on television like I was with DS9. Anyway, I'm rambling-- they've said this new series will be "novel-like" and I take that to mean they're looking to do those season and series-spanning storylines again and I remain excited for that. There's also been some hinting that maybe this new series will have a Section 31 element to it. I hope it does. More than that, I've been hoping for an entire series focused on Section 31 pretty much since their introduction (so much so that I attempted to write a spec pilot for one at one point), so I would be excited if that becomes the case here. They said the female lead is not the Captain-- maybe the show will run from the perspective on a Section 31 operative undercover on a starship?
  7. I don't know that they mean nothing-- they're probably made more for the YouTube audience now. But I think they're probably as viable a marketing tactic as they ever were... July Talk and The Heavy have music videos out for the first singles off their new albums-- I was excited to see new stuff from both. It's just where I go to see it that's changed. That said, I don't know what the numbers are-- it could be there are indeed far fewer music videos made today. But I'm guessing it's still more of a thing than one might think.
  8. I... really like that Ambush figure.
  9. Hey folks, Welcome to TNI's new Creative Community-- an amalgamation of the old fan art and fan fictions forums and (I'm hoping) a lot more. I asked for this space because I want to see you talented lot come together to create your own stuff. I want to see artists and writers grow their crafts, and maybe even collaborate on new material. How cool would it be to see some original projects born right here? Comic books, cartoons, standalone illustrations, standalone prose-- whatever you would like to make, I would like to give you a base of operations for. If you're looking to share and get support/critiques, I want this to be where you come. If you're looking to gain a buddy or two or three or four to make something happen, I want this to be where you come. And if it's the latter you're doing, I want this to be where you come to check in and show us how it's going. Let's be brilliant.
  10. DJ Shadow's fantastic new album, The Mountain Will Fall, in its entirety. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uJhTOPzF6A
  11. "I'm still not sure what I am — I'm just living my life, day to day." Luke Cage is coming Sept. 30-- a little something to keep you good and teased in the meantime. I'm looking forward to it-- Netflix has yet to let me down with its Marvel offerings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytkjQvSk2VA And in case you missed the teaser from SDCC, here's that again as well... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymw5uvViqPU
  12. It's been a long while since I've bought comic books on a regular basis-- it's something I find myself trying to get back into lately. Recently I have enjoyed Ed Brisson and Adam Gorham's The Violent out of Image Comics. Image's Island anthology has been consistently solid in its offerings as well. Two of my favorite stories in this book, Emma Rios' I.D. and Simon Roy's Habitat are available for sale or for pre-order (respectively) as their own collections now. Also from Image, Brandon Graham's Prophet (which Simon Roy has also been involved with, along with several others), picking up where the old Rob Liefield series left off and taking it in new and completely insane directions, is probably some of the best sci-fi American comics has seen in a very, very long time. Another series I was reading around the same time as the above was Snow Blind by Ollie Masters and Tyler Jenkins, which was put out by Boom Studios.
  13. I would like to see the extra Joker stuff that didn't make it in-- Joker is one problem I do have with the movie. Maybe the good stuff is hidden away in the cut scenes. Let me preface this by saying I like Leto's Joker-- the character feels right to me, and I look forward to seeing him in a proper Batman flick where he can shine more than he does here. He's wasted here. There is nothing he contributes to the movie, beyond the flashbacks, that couldn't be contributed by somebody else-- anybody else. He's a puppy in this movie, following along, blowing something up as the plot required. So you have this great force of nature character who ultimately has nothing of consequence to do-- and yes, I realize the movie isn't about him, which is exactly why I wonder what the point of including him was other than to add some star power to a movie that already has quite a bit. That said, overall I did like the movie. I'm not sure what critics were expecting, to be slamming it so hard out of the gate like they are. It's a popcorn flick. This is DC/WB's Deadpool-- it's fast and it's fun and in that sense, to me at least, it succeeded just fine.
  14. Got to sit in on an advanced screening of Suicide Squad last night. I won't say much until it hits wide release. But I will say I liked it. It doesn't deserve the shite early reviews it's getting. It also, however, isn't the thing that's going to save DC's current attempt at a cinematic universe.
  15. Well happy birthday! Sigh... turn 40 tomorrow, eeek!
  16. I think I uploaded mine. I forget. But the only place I could have linked to it is on Facebook, so I probably did upload it.
  17. Meant to pop back into this thread sooner, but it seems we are indeed rolling with, "Hey, remember all those times Cap got punchy and wrecked our plans? Well, it all still happened but he totally didn't mean it." Red Skull. Cosmic Cube. Reshaped reality. Ah well...
  18. Not that there's a whole lot happening in there right now, but I'd ask the comic book forum remains. I never was much of a toy guy. But I've been a comic book geek pretty much since birth, so it's where I'm likely to be the most active when we get rolling again.
  19. Seemed to work fine for me when I added this one a little while ago (I think maybe a few weeks ago... maybe a month).
  20. Captain America: Civil War will likely rank among my favourite Marvel movies for a long, long time. No major missteps and everything that really counted, they did right. It did manage to feel like a Cap movie despite the massive cast, as the folks who made the flick promised it would. And yet it was also the Avengers movie I've been waiting for since the first one hit (Age of Ultron didn't wow me-- not to say it was bad, and it was necessary to get us to this movie, but I just didn't love it like I did the first Avengers movie). It's funny-- I'm not much of a fan of the Captain America comic books (I am a fan of some runs but I've never been a regular reader) but Cap's largely carrying the Marvel movies for me at this point. Cap and Iron Man squaring off has been teased pretty such since they first started standing in rooms together on screen and the payoff of that I thought felt appropriately tense as it finally escalated. Black Panther and Spider-Man's introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe were pretty much pitch perfect and certainly left me looking forward to seeing them again in their own films. But I don't feel like either one of them stole the show-- Ant-Man did that for me, and I'm quite happy for that because I went into Ant-Man's solo movie expecting it to be nothing special in comparison to the others and I came out counting it among the best things they've done within the MCU. I've been itching for the Ant-Man and Wasp sequel ever since and it was delightful to see the character pop up to be the best part of Civil War in the meantime. If I have one gripe, it's that we won't have time for a "Secret Avengers" type movie focused on Captain America and his rogue team's exploits under the radar before we get to Infinity War and what will inevitably be the story of both Cap and Tony's sides banding together to rise above the bigger threat coming their way.
  21. AMC's new series Preacher, based on the Vertigo/DC Comics series of the same name, debuted a week or so ago, and the pilot episode has now been made streamable online, free and legal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5UmgJbRgro It's looking like it has the potential to be a good if not great show. The pilot makes it very clear the tone and style of the show is going to float very close to the comic book but the storyline will not necessarily, making it a bit of its own beast. I enjoyed it a lot.
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