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  1. i have one complete with cane and gun.no piece though.any takers and what are you offering?
  2. my opinion is this if you don't want the cnc fine,but asking someone to take it out of the pack and sell it loose is just plain STUPID.why in the hell would someone sell the fig loose if he/she can make 5 x's what you are offering for loose.either buy loose and pay the same or buy moc and sell the piece to someone on here that doesn't want the fig.
  3. looks to me like he got what he had coming.he fit the description of a guy that had just had a violent encounter with another guy at a soup kitchen.sounds to me like the officer was well within his rights to show a sign of force on a guy "fitting the description".i mean jeez if a guy just took an axe to everyone around him would you walk up and ask him politely to stop and answer a few questions?hell no and it doesn't matter if your black,white,red,yellow,or freakin polka dotted theirs noway that you would go in politely.
  4. uh im the one selling this and i can assure you that is not the case at all.
  5. im sorry,but i have posted them on other sites.the clear bands are still on batman and the tape hasn't been messed with.
  6. it wont let me post pics on here.i have them also on actionfigureinsider in the forums under mattel-all. sorry ya'll
  7. has anyone else found this?i found a couple now and this was the only one that was like this and the tape wasn't tampered with.
  8. Godd@mnit....I dreaded this popping up here. Now I have to "stalk you again". Obama talked about the issue of race in the light that a HARVARD professor a man with more education that most of us combined is no more immune to HARASSMENT than anyone else. If you can't see that than we will be here for quite awhile. So if after you got into your locked home after a trip and you were sitting down for a cup of coffee or whatever; you'd be calm, cool, and collected if the cops busted up in your place? I admit it could have been handled better on BOTH sides but a person does the right to refuse to allow cops to invade their personal space without probable cause. There are repurcussions and it is more or a moral issue to take such a stance however it is not criminal and if they had no warrant they can't enter. I honestly doubt such actions (or even the initial phone call) would have happened if Gates was white. This is like the 4th incident this year. What makes it even more sobering is this is a man who has achieved great things (more than the cops, or anyone on this board) and to be treated as such highlights the deficit that needs to be corrected and like it or not damages the police community as a whole when the FEW bad officers damage the credibility of all the brave, good officers who are doing what they need to do. How would you feel if the cops just bumrushed your home?? Situation aside if there is NO probable cause (percieved break in aside) cops CANNOT enter your residence. What we don't know is" did the cop not believe Gates when he said he lived here? Even if Gates was a dick as a cop you are TRAINED to deescalate the situation. If Crowley decided to be a dick back I can imagine it didn't help things. It was a misunderstanding and had someone kept a cool head it would have been cleared up fairly easily. More responsibility goes towards Crowley as he is TRAINED and expected to not let his emotions run wild. I'd have thought that there have been enough "high emotion" incidents that cops would be smarter than this. I doubt that was the case...the cop invaded his home under the pretenses that he was a bugler, it could have been cleared up pretty easily. But when you wave your gun around and get in a shouting match bad thing happen. It was a misunderstanding and the cop could have handled it a few different ways....(got the neighbors). Crowley made his choice so we'll see what happens. No I think what he said was appropiate and hopefully a more in depth look will be taken to ensure that all people are treated by dignity by cops. It was about race in the fact that I honestly cannot see this happening to a rich white person. Law enforcement needs to reevaluate some tactics and stop officers from putting the entire force under the microscope. Remember this would not have happened if the officer did what he was supposed to do. you are full of crap.the cop was doing his job.yes you have the right to refuse to let the police in your house,but when the said officer was responding to a burglary and asks you for your ID dont be an ass and just show him.he is such an educated man he should have known what the reprocutions would have been or did he push the situation so he could "show "everyone how the black man is treated in white america.this is why most white america fears the word racsim,i'll give you an example:its OK for a black comidien to make fun of caucasions,but if a white comidien make fun of blacks thats a no-no.get the whole damn world is racist and it borders on most black are a helluva lot more racist than whites. God Bless, JC #US1#
  9. i want Palin as president.It beats the hell out of the coward peice of crap we have now.BTW if Bush was still President that midget in North Korea would'nt be pulling the crap he is right now.
  10. as lame as it seems i told a friend as soon as i read final crisis that"just wait and i bet they will bring batman back in the DARKEST NIGHT"story line.it looks so far like i was right.to be honest if they do it right it will be a great story.so far it is going really good and by not giving to much away. #US1# God Bless, Preacher
  11. have both legs that came with booster gold and blue beetle. need left leg to despero
  13. i know and i have seen the pic,but i was really looking forward to the real thing being shown.BTW for those who have'nt been reading it you guys really need to check out secret six.IMO it is one of the most well written books that has come down the line in a while.
  14. maybe i'm of the few who love the deadshot character,but ever since i read 5 month ago that deadshot was in DCUC wave 9 i absolutley could not wait to see the fig and now all i can find is a pic of the fig.does anyone have what it looks like at the event or will i have to wait until toyfair? God Bless, JC #US1#
  15. george lucas is the devil and all fanboys have sold their soul too.
  16. they are making a brb wwe figure the same size as gi joes
  17. i never said it was real i was just asking if any of you members had heard of this rumor.
  18. has anyone heard these rumors? Colossal B Series (Colossal Boy?) Green Arrow Green Arrow II (Variant?) Wildcat Speedy Green Stewart Green Stewart II (Variant?) Deadshot BlkCanary (Black Canary) Forager The other wave he couldn't recall. But it had Monel and Raven listed found this on fwoosh.
  19. RDJ+iron man=great movie christian bale+batman=AWSOME MOVIE besides batman is an icon and a bigger character than iron man will ever be.was there any doubt in anyones mind that a movie with batman and tha joker would not be the #1 movie this year.i myself was skeptical of heath ledgers ability to pull of the joker and jack nicholson,but to my delightful suprise i was wrong.the joker in TDK is this melliniums joker..dark and a sociopath.he kills for the enjoyment.Ledger really brought out what the joker is all about. God Bless, JC
  20. i have tried 5 times to order a lobo..just 1 and i can't get my order placed
  21. i thought they only sold the dcuc at target and TRU,but i walked into walmart in Oak Ridge,TN and the had almost all of wave 2(they were missing aquaman).does anyone know if this is going to become common or was this just a fluke?
  22. what head did you use for clutch if i may ask? God Bless, JC #US1#
  23. i want a dang recondo ripcord original blowtorch a good scrap iron Airtight Alpine Eels Footloose zandar zarana sgt.slaughter
  24. i think hawkman is in wave 6.does anyone have any ideas for the rest?
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