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  1. last page... finally.... THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  2. LENNON92'S MARVEL COLLECTION: -----------------------------
  3. ================================================ LENNON92's SINGAPORE MARVEL TOY COLLECTION ================================================ Marvel 6-Inch Collection: Toybiz ML Series 1 = Captain America Toybiz ML Series 3 = Daredevil Toybiz ML Series 10 = FA Spider-Man Toybiz ML Series 12 = Regular X-23, Maestro Hulk Toybiz ML Series 13 = Lady Deathstrike Toybiz ML Series 14 = Luke Cage, FA Iron Man, Longshot, Regular Baron Zemo Toybiz ML Series 15 = Thorbuster Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Regular Moon Knight, Regular Wasp, Regular Captain Marvel, Beta Ray Bill Toybiz ML Wal-Mart Exclusive Series = Mustard-Short-Hair Sentry Toybiz X-Men Box Set = Unmasked Wolverine Face-Off = Regular Hulk, Regular Leader XMC = Jim Lee's Cyclops, Stealth Beast, Colussus Hasbro ML Series 2 = Regular Yellow Jacket Mint-In-Box Marvel Collection: Spider-Man 3 Movie = Spider-Man Unleashed 360 SDCC Exclusive = Stan Lee Action Figure Toybiz ML Series 15 = Destroyer Hasbro ML Toys-R-Us Exclusive = 25th Anniversary Silver Wolverine Marvel Small Scale Collection: Bandai Marvel Gashapon Series 1 = Spider-Man, Emma Frost, Ultimate Cyclops, Ultimate Wolverine, Storm, Venom Bandai Marvel Gashapon Series 2 = Wolverine, White Elektra, Red Elektra, Black Cat, Blade, Spider-Man, Psylocke Bandai Marvel Gashapon Series 3 = Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Magneto, Symbiote Spider-Man, Regular Spider-Man Bandai Marvel Gashapon Series 4 = Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Phoenix, Hulk Spider-Man Movie Super Hero Squad = Spider-Man x 2, Unmasked Spider-Man, Black Spider-Man, Green Goblin, New Goblin, Venom, Sandman Marvel Super Hero Squad = Wolverine, Sabretooth, Daredevil Elektra Yujin Marvel Bobblehead Collection Series 1 = Wolverine, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Hulk, Magneto, Venom, Ultimate Green Goblin, Leader Yujin Marvel Bobblehead Collection Series 2 = Unmasked Wolverine, Spider-Man, AXM Beast, Storm, Iceman, Hulk, Black Cat, Juggernaut Burger King (Singapore) Spider-Man 3 Movie Kiddie Meal Toy = Spider-Man x 2, Unmasked Spider-Man, New Goblin, Black Spider-Man x 2, Venom x 2, Sandman x 2 Burger King (Australia) Spider-Man 3 Movie Kiddie Meal Toy = Spider-Man Head Bust Red & Black, Black Spider-Man, Finger Puppet Venom, Sandman, New Goblin KFC Fantastic Four Movie Kids Meal Toy = Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing, Silver Surfer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Enjoy! Thanks for looking!"R. M. Bacsal a.k.a. Lennon92
  4. ================================================ LENNON92's SINGAPORE MARVEL TOY COLLECTION ================================================ Spider-Man Collection: Spider-Man 1 Movie = Spider-Man, Mary Jane, J. Jonah Jameson, Green Goblin Spider-Man 2 Movie = Doctor Octupus Spider-Man 3 Movie = 10-inch Spider-Man, Titanium 3-inch Black & Regular Spider-Man Hasbro Spider-Man = Civil War Spider-Man, Symbiote Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Venom Vs. Spider-Man box set Ultimate Spider-Man Vignette = Standing Spider-Man, Swing Action Regular Spider-Man, Swing Action Black Spider-Man, Ultimate Green Goblin, Ultimate Venom Kubrick = Spider-Man Kubrick Wolverine Collection: Toybiz ML = S3 Masked Wolverine, S6 Brown Wolverine, S7 Weapon X, S11 Regular Logan, S12 Astonishing Wolverine, Giant-Man Series AoA Wolverine, Giant-Man series AoA Burnt Wolverine Hasbro ML = S2 Ultimate Wolverine XMC = HoM Wolverine, Ninja Wolverine, Wolverine with bike X-Men Movie = Wolverine with Bike Figure Factory = Regular Wolverine Hasbro Titanium = 3 inch Titanium Wolverine Face-Off = First Apearance Regular Wolverine Toybiz Build-A-Figure Collection: Series 9 = Galactus Series 10 = Sentinel Series 12 = Apocalypse Series 13 = Onslaught Series 14 = Mojo Series 15 = M.O.D.O.K. Wal-Mart Exclusive Series = Giant-Man
  5. Other Marvel 12-Inch and Above Action Figures: Spider-Man 2 Movie = Super-poseable 18" Spider-Man Marvel Studios = Wolverine, Daredevil Ghost Rider Movie = Ultimate Ghost Rider --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Other Marvel Collection Marvel Select Collection: Symbiote Spider-Man, Civil War Spider-Man, Ultimate Wolverine with Magneto, Wolverine Origins, Days of Future Past Wolverine with Kitty Pride, Ultimate Carnage, Elektra
  6. ================================================ LENNON92's SINGAPORE MARVEL TOY COLLECTION ================================================
  7. ================================================ LENNON92's SINGAPORE MARVEL TOY COLLECTION ================================================ My Marvel Legends Icons and Other Large Scale Collection Toybiz Marvel Legends Icons: Series 1 = Iron Man (Red & Yellow), (Masked) Captain America, (Masked) Wolverine = Iron Man (Red & Gold), (Unmasked) Captain America, (Unmasked) Wolverine Series 2 = (Green) Hulk, Venom = (Gray) Hulk, (Unmasked) Venom Series 3 = Spider-Man, (Gray) Beast = (Unmasked) Spider-Man, (Blue with Lab-coat) Beast Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons Series: Series 1 = Thor, (Brown) Wolverine Series 2 = Punisher, Doctor Doom Series 3 = Silver Surfer, (Flame-On) Human Torch, (Johnny Storm) Human Torch Series 4 = Cyclops, Magneto to be continued....
  8. ================================================ LENNON92's SINGAPORE MARVEL TOY COLLECTION ================================================
  9. actually, HML Icons Series 2 has been long on display on some shops here in Singapore 1-2 months ago... probably some leaks from China stocks I guess?!? I got mine last month.... BTW, here's my HML Icons S2 Punisher and his armory: the 1/6 scale Light weight mahine guns PERFECTLY fits to his scale!!! Only the silver M16 is the actual HML Punisher Icon weapon.... the rest are Military 1/6 scale weapons....
  10. i was looking for these, any idea where can i get these???: HEAD: SWORD:
  11. actually it's a bit hard to make different poses with the canon since it's SOOOO BIGGGG... and even if you were able to do something about it, the next hurdle would be making it stand with it's skinny leg and the center of gravity shifted because of the heavy cannon....
  12. MP-5 MEGATRON LENNON92'S REVIEW: ROBOT MODE Over-all the looks is good.. except for the skinny legs of course.... All parts have chrome finishing.. and so far i dont see paint chip or smudeges... die-cast part as i have checked... is mostly on the skinny leg/gun handle part... although compared to the MP Optimus Prime, it's lighter.... with the skinny leg, it's hard to make it stand.. worst if you put the scope/blaster on his hand since it's heavy... you have to make it in such a way that it will be balanced... joints are tight (that's a good thing for robot mode... bad for transforming)... one thing to note is that it has a lot of dangling parts connected only by "detacheable" ball joints... the shoulders/gun trigger... the hips/part of gun handle... the leg/part of gun handle.... if you're not careful, you may think you broke it.... it can be replaced though.. but do it often, it will probably get loosed and then you'll have many problems... blaster/scope has some red LED light you can turn-on by pressing the button on the side.... GUN MODE / TRANSFORMATION Like i said in my previous reply... transforming the MP-5 isH E L L ! ! ! It requires so much procedure... and making it worst is that sometimes the picture is hard to understand and the Nihongo description is no help at all (not even for me since I can read katakana and hiragana characters... most are in Kanji....unless your fluent maybe)... as mentioned, the tight joints are ok for action figures... but if you transform it, it will create a lot of trouble for you... example is the shoulders which you should bend to detatch it from the torso part... i had a hard time removing it, only to find out there is lock inside and you have to force it... which will probably make the ball-jointed "shoulder" pad/gun trigger part to be removed most of the time.... by the way, in the arms part, you have to press it in to make it thinner... THERE IS A PLASTIC BLISTER INSIDE IT THAT WILL PROBABLY COMES OFF AND YOU MAY THINK IT'S PART OF THE TOY BUT IT'S NOT... it's just there probably part of the packaging... dont worry about where it came from and think you broke ur figure... hehehe... tight joints made it hard for me to make the interconnection smoothly as possible... you can see from the gun mode pic, there spaces on the trigger part and the handle part.. that is because i can not make connect properly.... all in all, most parts should be locked tightly together... and most of the time you have to use force to do so....and because of that and the hard procedure to transform it to a gun, NOW I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TURN IT BACK TO ROBOT MODE!!!! whuaaaaaa.... in gun mode, the MP-5 is HUGE!!! as u can see on the pic... can even imagine how a skinny megatron turns-out to be a huge gun!... I have to salute TAKARA design team for a brilian imagingation!!! d@Mn you're good! In summary, MP-5 is one hell of great "MASTERPIECE"!!! It's definitely worth it! It is so true to the original G1 Megatron look! (Except for the skinny leg... hehehe). I'm more of a Marvel fan, but definitely MP-5 makes my MP4 and Hasbro 20th Anniv Prime complete... hmmm... should i get the MP-3 as well... lemme think about it! Or maybe get another MP-5 to make one in Robot mode, the other gun mode, like i did to MP-4 and Hasbro's.... or better yet, if Hasbro comes out with their 10th anniv. version with a stand (which hopefully help it stand) and talks as well, THAT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA!
  13. MP-5 MEGATRON! MP-5 Megatron Gun Mode - Hand-held My MP Transformers, SOC Voltes V Collections
  14. MP-5 MEGATRON! MP-5 Megatron Robot Mode MP-5 Megatron Gun Mode - Size comparison with Hasbro OP and SOC Voltes V MP-5 Megatron Gun Mode - Right Side MP-5 Megatron Gun Mode - Left Side MP-5 Megatron Gun Mode - Height comparison with Hasbro OP
  15. MP-5 is now out here in Singapore and from what I've heard also in Philippines.... here's my NEW MP-5 MEGATRON! MP-5 Megatron Box Front MP-5 Megatron Box Back MP-5 Megatron Out-of-the-Box MP-5 Megatron with Hasbro Optimus Prime
  16. I'd say ill go for the VAC Metal then... with VAC Metal Red and VAC Metal Gold or Yellow-Gold something like this: of course... like i said, VAC Metal Gold or Yellow-Gold not plain yellow... and good paint job!!!
  17. sorry for the ignorance... but some types im not familiar with... can somebody post some samples... iron man or otherwise of each type so we can choose easily... thanks... i like the metallic look, but which one exactly among the choices above, i have to wait for the samples to choose..
  18. this is how small the spider-man 3 Ti-"ny"-tanium series compared to the scale of a spider-man origin fig: ok.. maybe 3 inch.. 2 inch long base and 1 inch spidey figure... *sigh*
  19. Then there was Civil War: Casualties of War:
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