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  1. I was big into SG-1 when the series started, but lost track after season 5 when Sci-Fi took over the series. I'm getting to a point now where I know SG: Atlantis' pilot movie starts, but I wanted to know if there were any continuity issues I should be aware of first. In other words, is there any point during the SG-1 seasons that I should stop and pop in Atlantis instead to get a better idea of what's going on? I'm currently waiting for the last disc of season 7 to arrive, to give you an idea of where I am.
  2. Interesting choice with the head. I would suggest though, seeing if you could snag the American Psycho figure. NECA did a pretty good job of capturing Bale's likeness.
  3. After much debating, I finally decided to buy two of the figures. I liked them a lot, but I also wanted to see how they'd do as custom fodder. So here's my two "tests" so to speak. Zoom is a straight repaint of Flash. Krylon Fusion yellow for the base, with all the lightning bolts, emblem, and details being hand painted. Kyle's a John Stewart figure, with sculpted hair and nose, then a straight repaint. I based him off his JLU design, since the characters for many of these seem to be based of those designs.
  4. Finally getting around to posting this after Jay named it a CCotW. Love him or hate him, he's still a JOE, and thanks to our friend David Willis' little stunt with the Shortpacked TNI edition, we all remember who he is now! I would've never thought of doing this, were it not for the fact that a perfect base figure literally walked by me. I had heard about the new MagWarrior figs, but had not seen any until I was at Target one fine afternoon and saw a kid contemplating getting one. I can't remember who the guy's name is, but he's the perfect choice for a base. Unfortunately, mine was a dud with two left hands, so the hands from my sacrificial Blackout figure were used along with the head. The original head of the figure was converted into a helmet, and I drilled into the shoulder, exposing the magnet joint from the shoulder. Using the magnet from the head, I turned it into a peg mount for the shoulder cannon, which was the missile launcher that was mounted to a turret that came with the figure. He's a monster next to other Joe figures, which works for me, since I always saw Dr. Scott to be more of a crude mechanical monstrosity.
  5. I finally snagged the JLU Kyle Rayner and Sinestro figures in their single sets, and looking at them, I decided to have some fun. Using the figures as reference, I took one of my favorite moments from GL: Rebirth and recreated the moment in Timm's animated style. "Green Arrow says Hi." And thus, a grudge is born. I'm working on coloring it right now, but I wanted to get some thoughts on the original first.
  6. Just a little proof-of-concept. I was working on another figure when this hit me, so I kinda rushed it. I plan to go back and do it over again, maybe a different version even. Brock. #^@%ing. Samson Base body's the new LCBH Savage Dragon figure. Sanded off the fin and most of the jawline, resculpted it and added the hair. Dremelled off the shoe details and made them more like boots. Brock's hairline made it impossible to sculpt details for his season 1 shirt without compromising the range of movement in his head, so I went with his season 2 attire and just painted the black muscle shirt. The knife came from the Ninja Wolverine figure I sculpted a bulging eye to give him a little bit of depth to him. Next time I think I'll make it so that he can bite the knife. Speaking of the knife. I debated about making the whole figure bloody, but I settled for this. Basically, I dipped the blade in some Tamiya clear red, then played around with it and got my fingers dirty until the blood looked natural enough. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/Chapel/Brock3.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/Chapel/Brock4.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/Chapel/Brock6.jpg Not my best work, but I'm too happy to see this work, and I'll refine it soon enough.
  7. Not coming off my Green Lantern high here, not by a long shot, especially after the kick-ass reveal in Sinestro Corps. Had my rather disappointing Superboy Prime laying around, so I figured I'd make him a little more interesting. SPOILER IF YOU HAVE NOT READ SINESTRO CORPS YET Here's ol' Prime before: And here he is after a little injection "Anti-Matter Awesomeness": Base figure is obviously the Infinite Crisis Superboy Prime figure. Dremelled off all the details from the shoulder pads and cut away the middle of his belt to match look of the Corps like in the comic, replaced his piss-poor excuse oil rag of a cape and replaced it a DCSH Supergirl cape. Tamiya Clear yellow and blue were used on the shoulder pads and corps uniform, and I decoupaged the Corps logo using a fan-made emblem from Gaff1229, who I met on Deviant Art (you can check out his page here). Definitely one of the fastest customs I've made, but I'm definitely proud of the end result.
  8. The source material came from Green Lantern #9. He appears as his Green Lantern alter-ego for the last 2 pages of the book, but Van Sciver drew the variant cover for the printing, which depicts looming over Gotham with the energy practically burning off of him. As for the when/where, The shop I frequent snagged him for tomorrow, when the Sinestro Corps debuts. Finally, I'll have the rest of my Rebirth issues autographed >.> www.sinestrocorps.com
  9. What can I say, I just love the Real Gears designs, and I just HAD to do one of my favorites: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/58509510/
  10. Yeah... Van Sciver's auras in his run are more like fire than in previous renditions. I don't particularly care for it on some of the characters, but it is accurate.
  11. This is going to be a gift for Ethan Van Sciver who helped to bring what was once just a fun Elseworlds concept to reality. There are inconsistencies in the design between the comic book cover and the actual pages of the comic, but this one is meant to reflect the cover, where Batman's costume still retains his trademark symbol rather than that of the Lantern corps... Not that it matters, since it can be barely seen over his "glowing" emblem. Base figure is the very awesome DCSH Batman v 2.0 figure. I bent a metal pin to create the ring on his finger, and the "energy" effects were created from a cd case and some Tamiya clear green, as well as apple barrel neon colors to accent the edges. In the comic Batman's lantern aura projects that of his own superhero identity, crossing over the bat-symbol and the lantern symbol, hence the bat-symbol layered under the Lantern.
  12. Awesome. Two questions though: 1. How'd you find an '08 Bumblebee so early? 2. Where's the repaint of the Plasma cannon
  13. You can thank Mattel for that more than anything. E-tailers are taking a huge hit ordering those things when Mattel shortpacks the only new figures and crams in boatloads of rehashes. It's the only way any store can make a remotely decent profit on a case that is more often than not 80% old product. Don't fault them for that. As for the price of bumblebee... What did you expect from an import? Before the shipping costs, the Japanese figures are already more expensive than their American counterparts, so this isn't all that surprising to see.
  14. Okay, finished Beast just before I left for work. Norm got to see the pics, but all he did was #$#@#, so he can shove it Took a different approach from AA's. Started out with plain old testor's blue as a base, went back in with 2 different shades of grey (one with a nice blue tint), and did a light drybrushing. One layer brought out the fur details, and the other layer i used to lay out a pattern of naturally-ocurring body hair, kinda like the greying pattern he had on his fur in the movie. The Before The During I also went ahead and gave him his freakishly pale-blue skin, defining them on the hands, toes, and face. Once it was all done, I boiled his jacket and put it back on, then drybrushed some brown onto the jacket to give it the old crusty leather look it had. I hate how the pictures came out this round.
  15. Round One of the HML repaints. Iron Man really is an awesome figure, ruined by lack of followthrough on production. So using my friend's reference pic of MS and HML fig side by side (thank you, Norm), I was able to repaint mine, and I must say, I'm really pleased with teh results. The Befores: And, The After: Repainted the waist, neck, and joint covers black, went back in with silver to give it a slight gunmetal look. I also painted black on the undersides of the shoulders and the top plates of his hands. I repainted the gun barrels and repulsor blaster barrels as well. Just to give it some life, I drybrushed white along the "power core" of the costume and gave some pupils to his freakishly blue lenses. Now as for Annihilus... Hasbro did a great job with the wash on the skin and legs, but the body, gloves, shoulderpads and wings were sorely lacking. I drybrushed some neon green and black into the details of the wings and pads, and went over the talons with some black, yellow, and green. For the body and gloves, I noticed there was a slight metallic flake effect made as part of the plastic. Working off of that concept, I did a thick wash of silver paint, then drybrushed in two shades of a more accurate purple afterwards. If only the plastic had been a different color, I would've been tempted to leave it as it was in the WiP stage. Thanks for looking!
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