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  1. That is not Mother Talzin it's the Darth Maul concept that later became the inspiration for Talzin. Hence why she has a lightsaber and doesn't really look like Talzin.
  2. It's all relative. I've got a pitiful 3 Mb/S and love it because until last year we only had a 26 Kb/S dial-up connection.
  3. If your interested in the comics this is your best bet to get them cheaply. It's got almost all of his pre-AOTC appearances.
  4. There were a ton of minor and major paint variants with some figures and even an occasional sculpt variant but those were from being made at different factories and had nothing to do with the cards. In fact they were mostly available on all card types. For instance the brown hair Luke variant can be found on ANH, ESB, and RotJ cards. So no they were not retooled or remolded and the ANH figures are exactly the same on later cards. 1977 date and all. Here's a great reference for the line plus the different variants there are. http://www.rebelscum.com/vintage.asp
  5. All of wave 2 and a few from wave 1. VC03: Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit) VC04: Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) VC08: Darth Vader VC09: Boba Fett VC12: Darth Sidious VC13: Anakin Skywalker VC14: Sandtrooper VC15: Clone Trooper VC16: Obi-Wan Kenobi VC17: General Grievous VC18: MagnaGuard VC19: Clone Commander Cody
  6. I've never read Fables, but looking at it's Wikipedia page, other then them both being about Fairy Tale characters in the real world (which isn't even the same since the OUAT characters don't remember their fairy tale life) I can't see anything that is remotely similar to each other.
  7. The Official Fans' Choice Poll has started. All but one of our top 10 made it. Top 20 is pretty close to what I had from the results I gathered from the other sites above. Only difference is ROTJ Emperor and Pellaeon weren't anywhere near the top. Obviously there has to be at least one other site I didn't find results from to have knock them into it.
  8. I don't remember when I learned it. In fact I don't remember the first time I saw the movies. Most likely it was on TV or the taped off TV version that was the only version I remember until '96 when I got the digitally remastered pre SE version. I wasn't even born when ESB was released and was only 1 when RotJ was. If it wasn't for my brothers being fans and having almost all of the RotJ figures I probably wouldn't have become a fan.
  9. How could they leave out the Rebel Transport? We had the Chewbacca Bandolier when I was a kid.
  10. Here are results from other sites so far. Action Figure Insider Allspark 1. Jaxxon 2. Carth Onasi 3. HK-47 (non-Build a Droid body) 4. Jan Ors 5. Canderous Ordo 6. Tenel Ka 7. Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces) 8. Guri 9. Rukh 10. Grand Admiral Thrawn Bantha Skull 1. Jocasta Nu 2. Saelt-Marae (Yak Face) 3. Commander Bob Hudsol 4. Ree-Yees 5. Darth Plagueis the Wise 6. Fozec 7. Grand Moff Tarkin 8. Darth Wyyrlok 9. Velken Tezeri 10. Tey How Collector's Cantina 1. Jorus C'Baoth 2. Jocasta Nu 3. Tziwzt 4. Jaxxon 5. Sim Aloo 6. Darth Wyrrlok 7. Visas Marr 8. Yakface 9. Nute Gunray (ROTS) 10. Darth Sion Coreplanets 1. Cliegg Lars 2. Darth Plageuis 3. Cane Adiss 4. Imperial Scanning Trooper #2 5. Tarful 6. Emperor w/ throne 7. Jocosta Nu 8. Mara Jade Skywalker 9. Worrt 10. Sy Snootles (1983) Dewback Patrol 1. Death Squad Commander (Vintage) 2. Sgt. Doallyn 3. Momaw Nadon 4. Yakface 5. Blue Imperial (Hanger Bay) 6. Bespin Security Guard (Foo Man Choo Mustache) 7. Aunt Beru 8. Emperor Palpatine 9. Clieg Lars 10. Nikto Guard (Vintage Deco) Droids And Ewoks 1. Princess Kneesaa 2. Chukha-Trok 3. Jocasta Nu 4. Dulok Warrior 5. Mungo Baobab 6. Cindel (Ewoks Movies) 7. Mother Talzin 8. Nute Gunray (ROTS) 9. Ackmena 10. Female Ewok (Shodu) w/ wokling Echo Base News 1. Jocasta Nu 2. Ackmena 3. Kneesaa 4. Zayne Carrick 5. Lee Phenets 6. Tonnika Sister 7. Thall Joben 8. Jann Tosh 9. Kazdan Paratus 10. Noghri Warrior Han's Hideout 1. Mosep Binneed 2. Cleigg Lars 3. Baniss Keeg 4. Noghri Warrior 5. Chancellor Palpatine (RotS, Office Duel) 6. Padme Amidala (AotC, Lake Retreat) 7. Tzizvvt 8. Joruus C'baoth 9. Crimson Jack (Marvel Star Wars #15) 10. Arleil Schous Imperial Shipyards 1. Jayce Malcom (Un-named Old Republic Trooper) 2. TOR Sith Trooper 3. Shae Vizla 4. Darth Malgus 5. Kal Skirata 6. Clone Commander Blitz 7. Satele Shan 8. Smuggler 9. Walon Vau with Mird 10. Biker Scout (Removable Helmet) Jedi Defender 1. Sergeant Doallyn 2. Toryn Farr 3. Retah/Wompus 4. Mosep 5. Tzivvzt 6. Cliegg Lars 7. Bannis Keeg 8. Sim Aloo 9. Vintage Nikto 10. Fozec Jedi News 1. Toryn Farr 2. Nikto - Vintage 3. Jocasta Nu 4. Darth Plagueis 5. Teebo 6. Captain/Admiral Piett 7. Death Squad Commander - Vintage 8. Sgt. Doallyn 9. Mara Jade - Emperor's Hand 10. Lt. Sheckil Jedi Temple Archives 1. Sergeant Doallyn 2. Darth Plageuis 3. Mara Jade Skywalker 4. Clone Captain Keeli 5. Toryn Farr 6. Jocasta Nu 7. Jaxxon 8. Dash Rendar 9. Sim Aloo 10. Admiral Trench Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de 1. Captain/Admiral Gilad Pellaeon 2. Guri 3. Admiral Daala 4. Toryn Farr 5. Jan Ors 6. Joruus C'baoth 7. Emperor Roan Fel 8. Ann/Tann Gella 9. Jaxxon 10. Emperor Palpatine with Throne MouseDroid 1. Guri 2. Captain Rex 3. Jocasta Nu 4. Darth Plagueis 5. Ahsoka Tano 6. Saelt-Marae (Yakface) 7. Noghri 8. Emperor (ROTJ) 9. Luke Skywalker (Hoth) 10. Cane Adiss Rebelscum 1. Toryn Farr 2. Sgt. Doallyn 3. Vintage Nikto (Vink'to) 4. Darth Plagueis 5. Captain/Admiral Piett 6. Sim Aloo 7. Teebo & Ewok w/ E-11 8. Weequay (Sail Barge/Marksman) 9. Arleil Schous 10. Death Squad Commander (Vintage) Sandtroopers 1. Darth Plageuis 2. Cliegg Lars 3. Darth Cadeus 4. Dutchess Satine 5. Jocasta Nu 6. Mara Jade 7. Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Training) 8. Serra Keto 9. Kazdan Paratus 10. Lobot SirSteve's Guide 1. Cliegg Lars 2. Sim Aloo 3. Jocasta Nu 4. Toryn Farr 5. Nute Gunray (ROTS) 6. Guri 7. Tey How 8. Noghri 9. Captain / Admiral Piett 10. Cane Adiss Snowtroopers.ca 1. Mosep Bineed 2. Sgt. Doallyn 3. Toryn Farr 4. Fozec 5. Leia (Splinter of the Mind's Eye) 6. Modal Nodes Cantina Band Member 7. Cane Adiss 8. Ackmena 9. Nikto (Vintage) 10. Nien Nunb SWCollector 1. Jocasta Nu 2. Nute Gunray - ROTS 3. Tikkes - AOTC 4. Kitster & Wald 5. Tey How 6. Cliegg Lars 7. Toryn Farr 8. Gilramos Libkath 9. Grand Moff Tarkin 10. Admiral Piett Star Wars Action News 1. Tonnika Sister 2. Gella Twi'lek 3. Saelt-Marae (Yak Face) 4. Darth Malgus 5. Princess Kneesaa 6. Visas Marr 6. Darth Sion 7. Corran Horn (Jedi) 8. Anakin Solo 9. Grand Moff Tarkin 10. T3-M4 Toyark Yakface 1. Sim Aloo 2. Saelt-Marae (Yak Face) 3. Sgt. Doallyn 4. Mon Mothma 5. Nikto Guard (Vintage Deco) 6. Shasa Tiel (Ishi Tib) 7. Bib Fortuna 8. Admiral Piett 9. Nien Nunb 10. Princess Leia (Ewok Celebration) Yoda's News 1. Jocasta Nu 2. Toryn Farr 3. Sim Aloo 4. Nien Nunb 5. Admiral Piett 6. Darth Plageuis 7. Admiral Trench 8. Cliegg Lars 9. Mara Jade (Jedi) 10. Asajj Ventress (Dathomir) Anyone know of any other sites that had polls? Or the results from the ones I don't have?
  11. Voting has ended. Thank you all who voted. Here are our results: 1. Nute Gunray ~ ROTS 2. Jocasta Nu ~ AOTC 3. Toryn Farr ~ ESB 4. Sergeant Doallyn ~ ROTJ 5. Tzizvvt ~ ANH 6. Saelt-Marae (Yak Face) ~ ROTJ 7. Nikto (Vintage) ~ ROTJ 8. Kitster and Wald ~ TPM 9. Sim Aloo ~ ROTJ 10. Cleigg Lars ~ AOTC
  12. Hasbro said that any votes for Clone Wars characters would be for realistic style figures. I would guess that isn't what you are voting for CaptRex so you may want to change your votes. Speaking of realistic CW. We know we are getting some next year and if Ahsoka isn't one of the first two released (the other being Rex) I would be absolutely shocked. So those that voted for her are wasting your votes and should probably change them.
  13. You will be happy to know that Hoth Luke is confirmed to be in the plans for next year.
  14. He was just released last year. http://www.rebelscum.com/TVC07dak.asp
  15. Voting ends on the 27th (next Tuesday) so get those votes in. Here are the current top 10. Nute Gunray (RotS) Jocasta Nu Toryn Farr Sergeant Doallyn Tzizvvt Nikto (Vintage) Saelt-Marae (Yak Face) Kitster and Wald Sim Aloo Cleigg Lars
  16. There are a bunch of ties in the top 10 so be sure to get your votes in.
  17. Not one of them is. Mainly Jabba's Palace goons and prequel senators. Except for the Jabba Palace dancer I still don't reckognize the names Wookieepedia is your friend.
  18. Not one of them is. Mainly Jabba's Palace goons and prequel senators.
  19. joenubb, the vintage Weequay was confirmed to be coming next year in a Q&A so I'm not counting any votes for him. You may want to edit your vote. Wheeljack35, Tarkin was also confirmed so I'm not counting him either.
  20. That was the Padawan version (from the end of the movie) we still really need a Tatooine/slave version. 1. Sergeant Doallyn 2. Nute Gunray 3. Nikto (Vintage) 4. Noghri Warrior 5. Tikkes 6. Kitster and Wald 7. Cleigg Lars 8. Jan Ors 9. Corran Horn (Jedi) 10. Toryn Farr
  21. Thank you all. I thought that #3 was from a cartoon. I was thinking Batman Beyond and I was right, Zeta first showed up on that show before his own show. I've never seen M.A.S.K. before so I don't know why T-Bot looks so familiar. Must have been someone's avatar or something. So anyone know who #4 or #6 are? I'm pretty sure #6 was in a movie.
  22. There are a few that I recognize but can't remember from where. Anyone know who these are?
  23. The close up is probably slightly rarer since it was the first release. It was only released in wave 4 and some of wave 5, all releases since then have been the full body shot. The first one was a picture from TPM so they changed it to one from AotC.
  24. Nothing other than "Storm the Separatist Cruiser" was just an early name for "Cad Bane's Escape".
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