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  1. Guys, where's the Avatar rage? They racebent the crap out of that movie, and you guys are pissed about HEIMDALL? I'll bet there are a lot less Heimdall fans than Avatar fans, but the folks here only seem to be mad about black actors taking "whites-only" movie roles. The Marvel U is very, very white, so it stands to reason that they might want to change up some of the actors, so that modern movies don't look like a 1950's sitcom. But in this case, I'll bet the producers have something clever up their sleeve, and that this casting might be plot related.
  2. I think the RAM is super-awesome. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/herocomplex/2010/05/top-10-gi-joe-vehicles-of-the-1980s-.html What do YOU think?
  3. Very hot. Nice work on the hair sculpt.
  4. Holy crap! That looks great! The red underwear is a nice touch, but we all know she wears a garter! ... Dude. I swear that wasn't a bad snake pun. Look!
  5. I love the pic of Snakes' sister in the hat. Great touch.
  6. Man, those look great. I love the weapons assortment too. It's a great idea for Hulk to have puny humans to menace. What's the price point? $9.99?
  7. Hey, I read the first webcomic, it was pretty good! It totally reminded me of mid 90's White Wolf fiction. I'll read more!
  8. That's fantastic! I love how you really went after all the little details, like the forearm knife! Now all you need to make is the backpack! Any chance we'll ever see a V2 Alley Viper? Please?
  9. GREAT Job. That's an Snake-Eyes re-paint I was hoping Hasbro would do. Like a Comic pack with Stormy. But you did a fantastic job.
  10. With EA making a game, this could be a possibility! That being said: What units would you like to see? Remember, all Real-Time Strategies tend to have analogs in the opposing forces, follow the Rock-Paper-Scissors rule and overall as a civ have strengths and weaknesses. Let's say Joe is good on the ground, but Cobra is better in the Air. Any special game features you'd like to see? What existing RTS should it be most like? Starcraft, Red Alert, Dawn of War(!)? -AK
  11. I'm not trying to shill for these guys, but I know more than a few of you might be interested. Pretty expensive though... http://smalljoes.com/german_ss_schutzstaffel.shtml -AK
  12. So what then? No GWAR toys? I've been waiting FOREVER for these, and now, just nothing? -AK
  13. Well, I'd say collaboration of three of the most impressive names in movie history would be the reason, but that wasn't a poll option. So I'll go with Ford. George Lucas had a great story, and Spielberg makes fantastic movies, but Raiders wouldn't have been the same with a smug, cocksure Magnum PI as Indiana Jones. Ford lent a weariness, an aged, tired, been-there done-that sense of wisdom and toughness that no other actor can duplicate. The voice, the posture, the haggard squint... Simply put, Indy would not be Indy without Ford. And George Lucas didn't want him! Of course, you could just as easily argue the other two, but I'm a Ford man. -AK
  14. I want the 13 Original Joes. I don’t care about anyone else. But I’m really starting to believe that we’re gonna get ‘em. So here are some other figures that I think would be awesome. Five Figures I Want That I Know We’re Gonna Get: 1.Cobra Viper. 2.Dr. Mindbender 3.Major Bludd 4.Tomax xamoT 5.Iron Grenadiers (Hmm… I didn’t think they’d be all Cobras…) Now here are my choices for the dark horses, who I want much more. Joes: 1.Rock & Roll (Version 2) 2.Shockwave (V1) 3.Lt. Falcon (V1) 4.Chuckles (V?) (A new sculpt?) 5.Salvo (V1) Cobras: 1.Alley-Viper (V2) (with the V7 blue/black paint job) 2.Crimson Guard Immortal (V1) 3.Night-Viper (V1) 4.Night Creepers (V1) 5.Headhunters!! (V1) -AK
  15. I haven't agreed with all of the features on all of the sculpts, like the girls being too flimsy, and Zartan's chest armor Cobra logo, (hated that!) or the VvV paint jobs on CC and Stormy (really? 2000's nostalgia?) but over all I'm so in love with this line. Except Serpentor. Friggin' clown shoes. I think someone described his facial expression as someone who's ice cream fell of his cone, and that sounds about right. It's think is a poor choice for a figure and a lousy execution. I don't care how popular he was on the cartoon, he was made pretty late in the series to come out this early. Still, I guess it could be worse, it could be Sgt. Slaughter! Ha ha! Just kidding, Sunbow Faithful, but away the torches. Still, I really like the way the line is going, the figures are getting better made with every wave, I mean have you seen the Siegie? So yeah, this is a great line over all. Good work Hasbro! -AK
  16. Those custom swords are all cool, but no one's made the trademarkSnake-Eyes scimitar? It as important to that figure as Timber, and I was pretty disappointed not to see it. Also, a sheath for it would be nice. -AK
  17. And therein could have been a theme for Dreadnok vehicles; instead of just motorcycles--they could roll around in retreaded/refitted construction vehicles! Imagine dump trucks, steam rollers, cranes and other stuff with machine gun ports and missile launchers--all armored up in the Dreadnoks style. Maybe could have made it a sub-line for Dreadnoks called CITY-SMASHERS or something like that. You could have a JUMP truck--a dump truck with a catapulting aircraft in its flat bed. The SCREAM-ROLLER, with a giant spiked rolling wheel. The FLAK-Hoe--back-end shoveller with anti-aircraft guns mounted on the arm. The DEGRADER--a grader with chopping blades. The SMACK-HAMMERS-one-man walkers with jack-hammering spikes for feet. The SPY-CRANE--a Dreadnoks command post with extendible crane, topped with sensors, RADAR and weapons. That's hilarious! Shall we call then Constructinoks or Dreadnokticons? I think "Flack-hoe" is my favorite. Sounds like something to call a trifling woman who always "shoots down" your plans. (groans) Anyway, the Rage owns. I've got an original one, and two or three of the more sensibly colored 15th Anniversary ones. The Thunderclap is mighty, and it's hardly overrated. You can also put a radiation warning sticker on it and pretend you have an atomic cannon! Don't have Rolling Thunder, though, I always wanted one for the Oktober Guard. Something about MIRV ICBMs and uncovered turrets screams Soviet Russia to me. -AK
  18. Jesus. Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Baroness... Are there any fanboy fantasies left for her to fulfill? She even kissed some other chick in a Bionic Woman parody. What's next? Any suggestions?
  19. I don't really like to mix figures, (Well, old-school Corps and ARAH figures were okay) but vehicles are fair game. In fact, I really like the PTE vehicles and just got a pair of awesome Little Birds and a so-so Black Hawk.
  20. I'm really not trying to start a political flame war here, but, wouldn't that help to sell figures? Shouldn't an elite anti-terrorist force be really, really popular right now? No on was afraid to sell the Russian as bad guys in the 80's, but then again, discussing -that- will probably start a fight. -AK
  21. I have a question that I’ve wondered about for years. What can anyone tell me about the Cobra font used on many of the older vehicles? I cut and pasted some pics from the YoJoe! Archives, but I was wondering if there in any information on it. Anything? Anyone? Thanks! -AK
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