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  1. I personally miss Ken and I barely lurk anymore. Its good to see Dan, Joe, and Clam still here and defending the old member and ways things used to be. While Jay is right and this is a public forum to ALL, its sad and sickening to see newer members come in and cry about the way things always were and ruin for older members. I don't blame anyone else dropping out of here, the fun and life that was ADC/TNI is gone. I know why Jay changed things and understand, but its taken away the very reason that kept me here daily. Ken may have felt the same. Real shame the trolls are now the regulars...




    "SQUEAKY WHEELS GET THE GREASE" they say. :( The thin skinned newbies always did stir up unnecessary trouble for the regulars. Impatient to make a name for themselves the old fashioned way (by contributing often and with educational or entertaining input) and just wanted instant respect damnit! @loll@

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  2. I think most people will remember some of the heated, knock down drag out arguments and p!ssing matches Ken and myself got into, but we both have a lot of things in common (age, interests, G.I.Joe, drawing etc..) and THOSE things helped us to bury the hatchet on the other mindless crap, which most opinion based forums and discussions are. We did some trading and re-focused on our common interests over just focusing on the things we disagreed on.


    Despite having been at this Internet stuff for as long as we all have, I think it's still difficult to judge people (entirely)over how they tend to come across, in how they express themselves on here. We tend to read far MORE into things and thus get defensive if we think we're "reading" an insult or attitude in them. I'm terrible about it, as far as coming across poorly and probably why I draw the kind of reaction to myself, when discussing touchy subjects. It's hard to tease and be a smartass around here, even if a lot of it is aimed at myself, because it doesn't translate as well as it does in person.


    That being said, there probably ARE people we just wouldn't get along with, no matter what, but that's fine too. We have to learn how to deal with that in real life, away from cyberspace, anyway, so it's the same issue and same resolution, although avoiding unpleasant people here can be more difficult, but I often wonder why people gravitate to these sites, if annoying people are such a bother for them? @haha@


    ME? I DO like to argue and I'm very much a BLOWHARD about the things I like to argue about, and of course I think I'm always RIGHT. Do any of us truly go on and on about something if we think we're wrong? Most the stuff that gets the most heated, or things were there's really no right or wrong to begin with, but of preference (or choice) in how to think about something. Politics, religion, social issues, best this or greatest that.....all personal choice, rarely a right or wrong.


    I haven't been around as much, because my interest in G.I.Joe has wained (cost, availability) and I've discovered facebook, where arguments about politics and religion are fair game and very active. Other than that, I'm still checking in, and I bet Ken will too? Hope so. :)

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  3. Did people just #@$#@ because they asked for input? And gave the poster a thumbs down? Why do I suddenly hear the comic book guy in my head..."worst ...movie...ever". Just sit back and hope...if it sucks then it sucks but it still gets the Joe name out there and generates years of toys for us to enjoy...or customize. Sheesh...


    The promo poster is boring. Nothing awe inspiring or fantastic going on in it, so what did you expect? As far as any comments about what fans would HOPE to see or not see and so on....who cares? There will be toys regardless, so I don't see all the angst you're expressing here, about fan gripes and complaints (aka b!tching)? Isn't that par for the course after 10 years of it? ;)



    Well the movie is over a year out...so the poster is basically confirmation that the movie IS actually coming. I expect nothing fancy. B!tching? Yes, I ran a forum for years...and they do that. But I just found it odd that a company/director get's whizzed on for asking for input? Damned if ya do; damned if ya dont! And as far as toys go...don't be so sure about Joes ALWAYS being there. We went thru spells in the past and with the HUB in trouble and no renegades...as well as Joes disappearing from the biggest retail chain...it's not a 100% sure bet that the Joes will be there without a strong media tie-in. Just sayin... And for the record...the last Joe movie was horrible...and I am not holding out much hope for the sequel. I can just see the silver lining...


    The title of the topic might be confusing I guess? Does the director want our input on the poster, or for the movie itself? Seems BOTH are being answered, whether that was the intentions or not. As far as the poster, like I said (gave "input" to) it's boring, nothing to write home to mom about. As far as any "input" as to what to do with the movie? HOLY CRAP.....that's just baiting for ALL kinds of ideas, suggestions, complaints, hopes, wishes and what have you. You've stated as much yourself, as far as disliking the last movie and having HOPES ("silver lining") for this next one, so isn't that really just what everyone is doing so far, here in this thread? I wouldn't just call it "whizzing on" the Director so much as just giving the requested "input" and, just like having a-holes...we all have plenty of that. ^_^


    On the toys, I'm almost totally OUT of the collecting hobby. The high price and low availability of it all, has really turned me off and away from it. I know where there's a WILL, there's a WAY and plenty of networking and online advantages to getting this crap these days, but I've lost my "will". The hunt is part of the fun for me, but only if there's an eventual capture, and I like the shopping aspect to it as well....brick and mortar....walk in, see the target, and grab it up and take it home. The thrill of an instantaneous purchase and satisfaction of a great G.I.Joe hunt and FIND. All that is lost for me. The price alone has me indifferent to the point of thinking "they can blow me!" ;)

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  4. Did people just #@$#@ because they asked for input? And gave the poster a thumbs down? Why do I suddenly hear the comic book guy in my head..."worst ...movie...ever". Just sit back and hope...if it sucks then it sucks but it still gets the Joe name out there and generates years of toys for us to enjoy...or customize. Sheesh...


    The promo poster is boring. Nothing awe inspiring or fantastic going on in it, so what did you expect? As far as any comments about what fans would HOPE to see or not see and so on....who cares? There will be toys regardless, so I don't see all the angst you're expressing here, about fan gripes and complaints (aka b!tching)? Isn't that par for the course after 10 years of it? ;)



    Ah, VH, good to see you didn't go the way of the ARROW.


    Where'd ARROW go?

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  5. Did people just #@$#@ because they asked for input? And gave the poster a thumbs down? Why do I suddenly hear the comic book guy in my head..."worst ...movie...ever". Just sit back and hope...if it sucks then it sucks but it still gets the Joe name out there and generates years of toys for us to enjoy...or customize. Sheesh...


    The promo poster is boring. Nothing awe inspiring or fantastic going on in it, so what did you expect? As far as any comments about what fans would HOPE to see or not see and so on....who cares? There will be toys regardless, so I don't see all the angst you're expressing here, about fan gripes and complaints (aka b!tching)? Isn't that par for the course after 10 years of it? ;)

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  6. 5 Walmarts in 3 days....and not a single stinkin' new Joe anywhere to be seen. :(


    Plenty of new Captain America, Thor, old Iron Man and of course the usual mess of Star Wars figures and Walmarts Lanard Corps stock pile, but nadda G.I.Joe figure or vehicle. FIVE Walmarts in about a 20 mile radius of me.

  7. Yeah, 2 of the closest Walmarts to me had all the aisles piled up with boxes days ago (to restock) and upon my return today....the boxes were all gone and but the toy aisles were still minus new Joes, well ANY Joes for that matter.

  8. Still nothing in central ohio here. Super Walmarts included...NADDA, NOTHING, Zip Zero ZILCH! No signs yet of restock and the Targets here haven't restocked any of the waves since Artic Destro wave and that's about the only figure (besides a couple of Snake Eyes and some Jungle Troopers) that sit on the pegs. The local TRU are no better and still have the movie crap in stock.


    Definitely has to be a geographical thing. Maybe I should contact the Mayor of Columbus? @loll@

  9. I also have seen the reset... so I guess the blanket statement of "they don't" is incorrect.



    Not when it's past tense. It started out as they WEREN'T, which in many cases, they wasn't. Then it was they DON'T, which in many cases, they DIDN'T, and now it looks as though they WILL...again! ^_^

  10. If we get political here it will be shut down


    If it's not "political" then what is it?


    If I may...


    1.The activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, esp. the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power


    2.The activities of governments concerning the political relations between countries


    3.The academic study of government and the state


    4.Activities within an organization that are aimed at improving someone's status or position and are typically considered to be devious or divisive


    5.A particular set of political beliefs or principles


    6.The assumptions or principles relating to or inherent in a sphere, theory, or thing, esp. when concerned with power and status in a society



    Web definitions:


    social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power; "office politics is often counterproductive"


    the study of government of states and other political units


    the profession devoted to governing and to political affairs


    the opinion you hold with respect to political questions or actions


    the activities and affairs involved in managing a state or a government; "unemployment dominated the politics of the inter-war years"; "government agencies multiplied beyond the control of representative politics"


    Politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. The term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in other group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. ...





    Plus I have noticed how both sides have started to move apart after we were all as one on sunday



    That's politics for ya! @loll@

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  11. I didn't care about it, but I didn't care about it's coverage either. With all the CRAP that's going on in the world and with the way the media covers asinine nonsesn daily (Charlie Sheen was a great example) I don't really care that they jump on the Royal Wedding bandwagon and give us a break from the other garbage. At least THIS story was a positive one.

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  12. Is it just Wal-Marts, though?


    All the Wal-Marts in my area have tiny sections for leftover joes from the arctic Destro wave, but the Targets in my area are pretty much in the same boat. The only place that gets anything new is the local Toys R Us, where I was able to get the cool Snake Eyes (the one with two heads and lots of gear) last month.





    The Targets and TRU stores haven't exactly been bursting with new product around here either. Only wave 2 still remains on any of the pegs and of Wave 3 here...




    I was able to snag a SE, and a Duke, I passed on the SS and never once spotted a ST and wave 4 here...




    I've never spotted ANY, ever, at all! Not at Walmarts, Target, TRU, Kmart or Meijers. So while Walmarts seem to be cutting back on anything new, the other brick and mortars aren't exactly restocking on a regular basis either, and I have access to a large variety and number of stores in my area. It's hard to get them online even, before the dreaded OUT OF STOCK shows up and even then, the prices are a little painful. Good thing I'm fairly bored and mostly discouraged with the hobby right now anyway. I'm a procrastinator, a LOUSY planner, and entirely too impulsive when it comes to my Joe hobby and the majority of my collection was obtained by being in store, having the product in my hand, and buying it on impulse because I had it, and had to HAVE it and all it took was a trip to the checkout lane. If I have to work any harder than that, to buy a damn TOY...I'm bored already. I'm in it for the joy of collecting and building my collection, but if it's always going to be a contest, to see who has the most, and who gets what FIRST??? Not for me. :(

  13. "Hurt" is the operative word here. Compared to what "sticks and stones" can do to a person physically, just how bad could harsh and offensive words really be...in that context? Just like in real life, I'd rather somebody cuss me out and call me every name in the book before raising a hand to me or taking their anger out on me physically or even taking it out on something personal of mine, like my home, my vehicle or private property. Scorned women that key your car or an angry ex boyfriend that flattens your tires or threatens to kick your ass and even tries to actually do so? I'll take the hurt feelings of being yelled at, cussed at and called nasty names over any of that. Yes..it hurts, but that's life in the FREE world. Bullies suck, nobody likes one and we all would like to see more people stand up to them, but that's life also and probably better prepares us for other disappointments in life and having to face problems in the social world. If you can't stand up to some harsh language and hurtful LANGUAGE in life, then you're in for some serious disappointment in life. A bully that physically assaults someone is already in trouble and will face a more serious punishment, than what a "bully" who verbally abuses a weaker person who won't (or doesn't know HOW) to stand up for themselves. Children (in particular) can be very cruel and have no filters to siphon out their compulsive thoughts and will SAY whatever pops into their heads, especially when angered. This is probably where the expression stems from? To let the would be victims of verbal abuse, teasing and taunting know that they are just WORDS and the people using them are not to be given a 2nd thought to, not are we to ALLOW those words to influence us in any way shape or form. Same goes for the expression "opinions are like azzholes..everybodies got one". We can't enforce anti-hate laws anymore than we can penalize people for their opinions, just because they're disagreeable to us.


    Case in point. One of my students was being bullied a lot. It didn't happen in my class (as far as I know) and I didn't find out about it till it was too late. But he eventually snapped and stabbed another student (who apparently wasn't even involved in the harassment)on the bus. Now if the kids taunting the kid hadn't done that, had decided not to use slurs and what not against him, he would be in my class getting an education and not in juvenile hall also the other kid wouldn't have been stabbed (he is fine btw).


    The student who physically stabbed someone is far greater the problem than even the so-called "bully" who may have taunted and teased them. That's outrageous and exactly the problem today, with how we're teaching our children to respond to such things. Being "bullied" is no excuse for stabbing someone. If this distrubed individual reacted so violently to teasing, then they've got serious mental issues and would have eventually taken such a drastic action against another who might hurt their FEELINGS. A cheating spouse, an angry boss an unruly and smartass child, who knows?


    Bullies aren't getting WORSE, it's just the way our children are being raised these days, that makes them more susceptible to it, and enacting new LAWS to try and curb bully-type activity is heading in a direction we don't want to go. Education and awareness of how to deal with problems in life, from bullies to bad debt and marriage problems, is still the best option for raising responsible children. Wouldn't hurt to throw every TV in the house out the window either, but that's another issue altogether. ;)

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  14. I agree DarthJoe that he shouldn't need to give extra apologies.


    But I do think there are some that would disagree with what I said based on some of the comments in this thread. It may not have really related to the Kobe Bryant situation but it does relate to the direction this thread has taken. At least that is how I took the comments!



    That's the direction of taking peoples "FEELINGS" into consideration, which I addressed in my "sticks and stones" comment. We're free to insult people in this country, unless the manners police get created and sent out to arrest people for hurting other peoples FEELINGS and get accused of being rude and mean or of being bullies out to make people kill themselves? Is that the direction we all want to go, because some people can't handle criticism and ridicule? A pansy state? This has nothing to do with being critical of RUDE and obnoxious people that use crude language and have bad tempers and say hateful things that are intended to hurt other people, because we (generally) already ARE critical of such people, and what Kobe is going thru is proof of that, but there has to be a limit to how far we want to take this kind of reaction to such behavior. Of course (as a society) we want people to behave properly, and respect each other, and be kind and generous and loving and caring and treat people as we would like to be treated....the Golden rules of society. Nobody is promoting bad behavior, but I'm certainly not going to support some of these outrageous ideas about how to stop it. Somebody can call you every name in the book but that's not a crime. The person doing the name-calling can suffer some serious repercussions in how they're reputation is tarnished for such behavior and they'll have to deal with that, if they decide to fly off the handle on somebody. Where the LAW comes in, is when somebody takes a "stick" or a "stone" and causes you physical pain and damage, or as they saying goes....."breaks your bones" THAT is intolerable and why it's a crime to begin with. If somebody wants to go off and kill themselves for being treated poorly, I have no sympathy for them and I do not hold the rude person who insulted them accountable for anything other than being the #$## they probably already are.


    Kobe's getting fined for his unacceptable comments to the ref, and that's how it should be, but taking his choice "insult" and trying to make more out of it than is necessary, just to protect a group of people perceived to be singled out as people worthy of ridicule and show us all a lesson in social civics 101 is what I'm in contention with. Once Kobe decided to address the ref with a derogatory comment and nasty slur (of any kind) he stepped over the boundaries of conduct in sports and he's being punished appropriately for it. If the ref runs out and jumps off a bridge, then God bless his poor soul, but that's on HIM and not Kobe. Policing manners is not saomething I want to even HUMOR the concept of.

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  15. Why is it being made MANDATORY that homosexuality NEVER EVER EVER be used in a negative connotation? If people don't like homosexuals then that's their right to feel that way. If they think being gay is something BAD or something to be ashamed of...that's their right to think so as well. If they want to use a gay slur to insult somebody, because in their mind that's even an insult at all, then that's their right to do so. I know a lot of men that call women all kinds of nasty and derogatory names, from b!tches, Ho's to sluts and worse....yet they still LOVE'em and chase after them. People say nasty things about religion and the people that believe in God and think them to be the root to all evils in the world, and people say equally nasty things about people that don't believe in God and so on and so forth. I think once a person resorts to calling another person a nasty name WHATEVER it is, they've lost the PR game, but when they try to single out SPECIFIC insults and make them comparable to calling a black person the n-word, then it's just getting plain silly. <_<


    Hell, they even ran those dumbass GAY anti-using the word gay to describe something as being BAD public announcement ads on TV for a while. Really? I remember when old folks use to call something "queer" if it was odd and out of the usual. Now it's "gay" if it's not cool or manly, or considered kinda wimpy and lame. Can't control what people say and which words they come up with to describe what they like and what they dislike. Hell, even BAD became GOOD and so did WICKED.


    I'm old school...."Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us" unless we have to take FEELINGS into account, and I'm still old school on that one too, and I plead the "I'M A MAN" amendment. I have no feelings. ;)

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  16. they were supposed to be at Toyfair in Feb... but they said they weren't ready yet... I really hope that they make it to SDCC.. I am worried that they are going under already..


    I was going to buy their stuff for certain



    Same here! Everything I've seen of it so far looked pretty damn good, but I just had heard anything more baout it, and wondered it they had any new news on them at this years Con?

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