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  1. I'm not an Internet traffic expert but yesterday seemed extraordinarily bad.


    That, and quite frankly, it's impossible to please fanboys, so it's a wonder why they even bother trying.



    Here's why...





    Last time I checked, with all the bitching and moaning those exclusives sold out. Fanboys always think their the center of the universe.


    And the funny thing is it's just gonna happen again next year.



    Nature of the beast my friend...nature of the beast. ^_^


    Collectors (aka.."fanboys") are inherently obsessive compulsive to begin with, and should something interfere with that obsessive compulsive desire to possess what they're obsessing over, of course the sh@# is going to hit the fan. Now just you watch and see...if these Zaranna "exclusives" ever hit mass market at retail, these cocky fanboys that managed/planned/prepared/pre-ordered/went to the Con and got them....will be the ones screaming bloody murder about it, because their precious, high priced, and limited production "exclusive" will no longer be an investment, but just another action figure in the collection of thousands already owned by them...no added "value" for that possible retirement fund whatsoever.


    I learned a long time ago that this toy collecting hobby has it's fair share of nutcases and anal retentive blowhards, and I might as well join the crowd, because it ain't EVER changing. ;)

  2. I'm not an Internet traffic expert but yesterday seemed extraordinarily bad.


    That, and quite frankly, it's impossible to please fanboys, so it's a wonder why they even bother trying.



    Here's why...



  3. I haven't picked up a G. I. Joe figure in a long time, but I'll definitely pick this up for my Dreadnoks


    You do know she sold out really quickly right?...


    Yeah...what's that theory of Hasbro's again, about female figures not selling as well?

  4. man i got so much neg its not even funny just cuse some ppl cant handle the truth.



    We're the Jack Nicholson's to their wimpy wimpy Tom Cruise. @haha@







  5. Good to Go was the beginning, then the store became Tri-Gate with it's own forum(right?), while the original forum split off and remained as GTG. Then, as far as I know, when the contract for the websites weren't renewed both GTG and Tri-Gate shut down. That's when Slayer Design Studios came in, offering everything from Tri-Gate. I don't know for sure if there were management changes or anything like that.


    I see, and seeing is half the battle! ;) Here I was thinking they were all different customizing sites, but as long as they're still in business as Slayer, that's all that matters to me. Thanks for clearing that up and thanks Pharmacoviper for the info on the Onyx site.


    Oh, and +1.



  6. Whatever happened to Good To Go Customs? I just noticed I had a link saved in my favorites on how to "convert the GTG heads to fit the 25t style necks" and the link is dead now and on search, just about everything associated to that name is dead also?


    that site died along time ago.and turned in to Slayer Design Studios



    Geeesh! How many different names have they operated under? It was Tri-Gate Creations, then Good-To-Go-Customs and now Slayer Design?? Now I've got some knuckle-headed crackass giving me negs for simply asking about it? @haha@

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  7. Whatever happened to Good To Go Customs? I just noticed I had a link saved in my favorites on how to "convert the GTG heads to fit the 25t style necks" and the link is dead now and on search, just about everything associated to that name is dead also?

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  8. Numbers only show whether something has sold or not, it doesn't really show WHO bought it. I can't say for certain WHO is really buying the majority of these action figures, but I know that collectors certainly scalp and hoard a good portion of them. Collectors all seem to be on a similar brainwave, and if there's an action figure worth owning, even if it's amongst an entire series of crap figures, that ONE figure will never be spotted at retail (by the average collector or child) and even online shops will be OUT OF STOCK of it within a day or marked up to a ridiculous price.


    Most of these movie line action figures warm the pegs and end up at Big Lots or something. I can go to any retail store today and pick up practically any Iron Man figure I could want, Star Wars figure almost as easily, Thor, Green Lantern action figures and even the majority of the Captain America stuff, save for those ONE or TWO COLLECTOR must haves, that we'll never see anywhere like a Crossbones. Anybody need some Pirates of the Caribbean toys?? @haha@ I can hooky ya up! Anything ya want! I got a direct line to getting a hoild of anything and everything ya want! I have contacts! I can grab up some Terminator and even a good portion of the Avatar line! @smilepunch@


    Kids aren't biting all that much on the G.I.Joe stuff, yet Hasbro keeps putting it out there? Why? Somebody has to be buying a lot of it, and if the kids are still the "target" and they still haven't hit the bulls-eye yet....that would tell me that collectors are still keeping the line above water, but that's just a theory, since (like I stated before) we can't see actual stats on the WHO is buying, just that the product was bought.

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  9. What are all the options out there these days, besides Mauraders (for weapons) and Broken Arrow for OUT OF STOCK stuff? I thought there was a Tri-Gate site, but they seem to be on hiatus? Just wondering if there's others in the casting business that might have more available product?

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  10. This is off-topic, but since this picture is from the SDCC, I'll just marry in here....





    Is that an Arashikage tattoo ol' Seth Green is sporting, and is it permanent or one of those temps they seem to pass around for sale at these conventions?

  11. Hard for me to get all too worried about what new product is being shown at conventions and comic cons when I have yet to see any new product on the shelves at the retail chains. @haha@


    Retail pricing alone has pushed me away from the collecting part of the hobby and online options are even more ridiculous price wise and almost as bad availability wise. If I even wanted to spend $10-$15 for a new action figure, the window of opportunity to do so is pretty brief before OUT OF STOCK underlines any I might splurge on.

  12. I think the early poster was right, it was based off of sigma six's more uniform designs. I think one of the "realistic" elements they wanted to add to create a more military feel was the uniforms. I'm sure it saved a ton of money on set as well.



    I don't know about everyone else, but I didn't even get into Sigma Six until they started getting away from that "uniformed" look and liked the later additions MUCH better. Not that a "uniformed" military is a bad thing, but the designs they come up with are Fantastic Four-ish or Robo Cop like. Not really what I want to see for G.I.Joe as a whole, maybe just ONE characters specific uniform (like Sci-Fi or Barbecue) but not the whole damn team.

  13. ARAH was more like Kelly's Hero's, The Dirty Dozen, A-Team, the Colonial Marines from Aliens and Sgt. Rock and Easy Company all rolled up into one, with eccentric characters in their own costumes, old, new, in between and lasers. I never got that they were super heros that needed spandex and bulky armored suits throughout. ROC even ruined Snake Eyes with that stupid rubber suit.

  14. Hasbro and all the retail outlets should just cut out the middle man altogether and just put all their Star Wars, G.I.Joe etc.. toys on ebay directly. Everything with a 100% mark up for a buy-it-now price and let the auctions begin. I mean, it's almost that way now isn't it? @haha@ I haven't seen new Joe product at retail for 7 months and online shops are always OUT OF STOCK and ebay is the only game in town it seems? Why let scalpers reap all the profits off collectibles?

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  15. Sadly, the only thing in that set I want is Nick Fury's trench coat to use on a custom Joe, but I cant justify paying $20 for the set just for that.



    Well the Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury figure is pretty cool altogether but even the Ground Assault Drones are worth picking up just for reasons of a great custom option for them as seem here...




    At first i was ressitant to the race change but it's really stuck and now I just can't imagine old fury without thinking of David Hasselhof!


    I still don't accept the new Black Nick Fury over my fond old memories of Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos even pre-Avengers, pre-eye peatch era,


    but the Jackson figure is just a cool addition to the collection. I'll make him something else. Hasselhoff and Nick Fury never cross my mind as being related in any size shape or form either...never! @haha@

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  16. Lanard Corps has the perfect head for a custom (comic accurate...ie White) Nick Fury and as much as I like the Samuel L Jackson head sculpt, I splurged back when and pick up two of the Iron man movie TRU sets, so I think I might try this...





    Just have to cut the head to fit the 25th style neck and viola! I kinda like it! :) Or maybe somebody has already beat me to it??

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  17. I didn't know Firefly was suppose to be a stealthy midget? @hmmm@


    I've liked pretty much everything I've seen of Stevenson and would hardly consider him (the actor, not a character he's played) to be a big dumb oafy dope. I agree, he would have been better for Destro over the skinny British pimp they picked for the first movie, but he'll do a mean Firefly me thinks?

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