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  1. Kinda arguing the reasoning behind why a bunch of cartoon writers... looking to crap out some quicky cartoon "commercials" for a Hasbro toy, in order to try and attract the normally short attention span of most kids, with some idiotic storylines to merely showcase the MORE popular characters...did what with who and why? I doubt the comic book even kept on the straight and narrow with regards to "real life" military conduct or rules, between the chains of command. But I still like the "booger eating morons" part! - -
  2. Viper Hunter

    lady j

    You know how long I waited before I saw someone finally said something... 8) Just trying to keep ya in suspense there awhile. - Of course, when you said "hit it boys".... I thought you wanted us to break into a quick rap of "A real American hero...G.I.Joe is there...G.I.JOE!"
  3. I never would have guessed I'd be stating this, but....I also wish they would release a NEW Viper figure, similar to the looks of the "classic" mold, but in the new style. And dang nabbit, no freakin use of another Neo Viper or Claws body with a new Viper lookin' head on it either!! :evil: ALL NEW..ALL NEW and hopefully it'll be..ALL NEW! :wink: If they're going to continue releasing mixtures of "classic" figures along with the new (which I hope they do) then either broaden the assortment of the older ones or just get more creative with the new. That's not too much to ask for is it? really? anyone? :oops:
  4. Road Rebel @*- @*- @*- ??????? What the hell is that ridiculous contraption suppose to be? What's the hunk'a crap of a cannon thingy suppose to do also? :-? Star Wars has better looking vehicles than this, if you're looking for super, far out, goofy-arse, sci-fi crap. #--- (@)------{splat} The cycle I can handle and looks much more promising than the RR.
  5. Viper Hunter

    lady j

    Oh crap! I'd be the first he bumps off! :wink:
  6. I'll second that notion.... Throw me in for THIRDING that! Considering all the Alley-Viper's (blue AND red ones) I've bought, I have waaay more Benji's than I care for. But how about adding to the list of "DESTROY THE MOLD"...the likes of Claws and Neo-Viper? 8) ENOUGH already with them being the only form of any Cobra soldier we're getting as of late. :roll: As far as the Venom cycle and Viper.....hmmm, the picture of it doesn't "WOW" me, with the pink camo and purple looking wheels and all, but it may look different by the time it hits the shelves (hopefully) The design concept of it, is fine for me, however...I MAY take to using them for my Drednoks! It has that look to it, like something slapped together for a street fight with the Road Warrior, which is befitting the junkyard style of the Nok's!
  7. That was incredible! Excellent job on the G.I.Joe video, you edited it perfectly so that the action sequences matched up with the beginning of the "WOO HOO's" VERY COOL!
  8. Not to fear my Snake Eyes supporter (that's not a black snake-skinned jock strap either :wink: ) Snake Eyes will stick around awhile YET, as his detractors are few, and his fans are MANY -
  9. Have you checked out the new Freedom Force stuff from Chap Mei..? The vehicles are awesome and work perfectly with the Joes, and the figures, although limited severly in articulation, have some very cool sculpting to them. These would work fairly well, for your extra's on the battlefield, I should think, and they're VERY cheap.
  10. WHOA NELLIE!....You duh man Clam!! Nice assortment.
  11. Just to add a word of CAUTION for any "youngsters" on this forum, don't try this yourselves, and get an adult or parent to do it for you. Don't know how many *under the age of 10* readers may be lurking here, but doesn't hurt to be careful..just in case. :wink:
  12. Welllll...HOW 'BOUT THAT!! - Good news there Clam, and hope you hang around a good long while. Whadda we ripping up on the JvC Joes today? :lol: Btw...Kudos to JayC for givin' ya a 2nd chance...err..3rd? Maybe 4th or 5th?..whichever it was, glad he seen it through to let you back in.
  13. Viper Hunter

    lady j

    Kenner tried to kill'em all off. @-@ I think the Joe continuity from then till now should have been seamless, with none of this aging crap. Continue telling the many UNTOLD adventures of G.I.Joe and it's battles against Cobra. Think of all the fictional characters that writers have written about, and just because it might be years in between the books, the characters don't age with us via "real time". James Bond should be 90 years old if that was the case, make it so with the Joes, I don't want Hawk battling alzhiemer's diease along with Cobra! :roll: Anyway, the answer to your question (before my rant) is yes! :wink:
  14. I look at it like this, adults are obviously the ones who are using their creative imaginations to come up with these great toys, not the kids. I would have a blast working for a company like Hasbro, trying to come up with cool ideas for action figures and their weapons and vehicles, or using my artistic abilities to draw designs for sculpts of new figures..what have you. What I'm trying to get at, is that to come up with this stuff, I'd only imagine that you have to HAVE some level of that childlike toy lovin' imagination to begin with. I don't make a living using MY childlike imagination, so instead, I'm enjoying a hobby that still allows me to have fun with it.
  15. This isn't so much a prediction as it is a "wish for", but I certainly hope that the use, overuse and abuse of the Neo and Claws figures, ceases to be the only Cobra trooper type mold we'll ever see. It's pushing the envelope of "fan abuse" currently, but hopefully it's just a stalling tactic till some other molds and sculpts are completed. I don't even care if they skip retrofitting them with an O-ring, leave'em as is, and move onto bigger and better things. I'll predict a positive end to this rant and say "It'll happen!" 8)
  16. That would definitely be fun.................while it lasted! - I'm afraid I'd probably run them right into bankruptcy though, so it's probably best let them handle the "making of" department, and I'll handle the "buying of" and "critiquing of" and hope they occassionally take some pointers! :wink:
  17. Astro-Viper! Wasn't that the JETSON'S dog anyway? I have this vision of him in my head with a jetpack and helmet on flying over some Joes letting out a Scooby-Doo kinda wail.. "RUTT-ROW...Astro-Viper to the rescuuuue..ruff ruff! 8) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  18. I think that was just a product of the "SLAM, BAM..THANK YA MAME" nature of Hasbro desperately grabbing for whatever molds were readily available, slappin' new names on'em (if copyrights were lost) and getting them OUT THERE for collector consumption. I doubt ANY thought was given to the fact that the original Undertow's were part of the Iron Grenadiers, and not Cobra.
  19. Yeah Doc! What'cha trying to do, ruin my "return of the Iron Grenadiers" party? @-@ Destro needs his army back, as much as I think ALL the Drednoks need revamped and released for the new line. These were the elements of G.I.Joe that I really thought was COOOOL man!
  20. AGREED! This is the kind of area that can start flame wars, when you question the idiotic concept behind these types of gimmicks, because it usual offends someone who generally supports anything and everything that Hasbro comes up with for these toys. In anycase, this "gimmick" of attaching sound tabs on the individual weapons that belong to the figures, is IMO...an idea that has me scratching my head and wonderin' "what the heck is Hasbro thinkin'..?" (note: that no comments like "Hasbro sucks" were made, just a little question of WHAT FOR?...WHY? and...HUH?? @-@ ) Scarlett has to run along upside a Sand Razor, shove her crossbow in a slot on it, and fire it off then and only there? :roll: I think your suggestion of using only bombs or missles is RIGHT ON and really makes complete sense, and on top of that idea, it should be added that each vehicle with the sound attack feature come packed with the various different bombs, missles or large guns, that can be swapped for whatever sound and armament you want it to have.
  21. I think you've been eating paint chips off your Funskool figures or something. @*- Jest kiddin' ya Nasburado :lol: Nevertheless, that sounds like a horrible idea. Don't they already make little chunks of all green plastic army men that comes in a bucket? Maybe you were just being satirical?
  22. Viper Hunter

    lady j

    Excellent points Dieselboy, and I agree! New characters can still come into play with the original members without aging them onto death or killing them off in some way. I have to deal with my own mortality, I don't want reminders of the inevitable in my fantasy oriented passtime. Also...I think Bazooka needs redeemed from that idiotic portrayal as a fat balding slob :roll: Whaada DISGRACE! :lol: BAZOOKA ^|
  23. EIGHTEEN!?? Good Lord...now I feel OLD! 8) Isn't it great though how the span of age differences doesn't seem to matter in this hobby? You're into Joes, then you're INTO JOES!...period! -
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