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  1. Geesh! Are we talking about G.I.Joe action figure toys and what we like about'em and what we don't like about'em and so on...? Or is this some hidden political type forum, for solving the "problems" of the world? Are you that timid, that you can't enjoy something you like, without being surrounded by a bunch of equally blissful and enthusiastic people as you are? You don't enjoy sports do you? Not a competitive person maybe? I don't have as much fun on Sunday's watching football games with my buddies when they are all rooting for the SAME team, what's fun for me is having the teasing and joking and bickering back and forth over why our "favorites" are gonna whip YOUR favorites, and then enjoying the fun of winning or eating humble pie! :wink: But that's just me though. I can handle people not "agreeing" with me about my likes and dislikes of the many different toys that make up this G.I.Joe line, I'm not sure I understand why you let objectivity get to you so much. Is it YOUR "artwork" that's being critiqued? Is YOUR job in jeopardy if the idea didn't fly? What's all the huff? In the time that I've been reading or posting here (very short) I've only seen you post contentious remarks against another member for making uncomplimentary comments about the new Joes. Why not practice what you preach and simply ignore the negative crap and post what YOU like instead? There's just as many, if not obviously MORE, people that you can share equal sentiments with. You didn't seem to want to share IMO, you just want to complain about complainers! WOW! Riveting and very enlightening! :roll: psst...it's just toys, right?
  2. No way... C.C. might come in #2 or #3 but not #1... These things always go the other way and I bet someone like Quick Kick or Lifeline wins... Then we will all be saying what in the blue hell is ToyFare talking about??? NAAH...if it's not CC, then I'd guess it will most definitely be Zartan! Cobra's are the baddies we all "loved", they were unique, eccentric and loaded with some cool weapons and other neat features. No (dead) barefoot, fast-footed "Quick Kicker" or pill pushin' pansy of a medic, should even make the top 100. If they ARE however, I'd be thinkin' more than just "what the blue hell?" I would be thinking they're high on colored ink! @*-
  3. Too many "Buds" will give ya the runny shites! 8) How'bout we all call each other....FOSTERS? :lol:
  4. That's what she said when I asked her... :roll: ahh..the heck with her! Her body's out of proportion to her BIG head, and she's still got those big, plastic, bulbous..um..shoulders. I'd probably have to keep her under my bed with the other JvC stuff. :wink:
  5. No. I think he is too far gone already. You see, he used to be on the good side. But he is fading quickly to the drakside. I have even heard him say that some GvC figures are better than their RAH versions. :cry: There is no saving him now. We will have to defeat him. It is the only way to save the universe and keep the balance of the force. So, I am sorry Darthjoe. But when you read this, I will be choking you with my mind. :cry: LOL - Good to see ya back Clam. The boards were boring without you. :lol: Hey, if Luke can do it for Vader...we certainly can do it for Darthjoe. We just need to constantly bombard him with the FARCE..err..ahem, I mean the FORCE! 8) Darthjoe was once a RAH fan exclusively, before the JvC & DD with their nanomites took over his mind. We can save him with a Tiger force & BJ's exclusive sets, I tell ya. :lol:
  6. Krimov, Anatoly And a big fat "NO PRIZE" to whoever can tell us who that is? - Y
  7. ALRIGHT!...I think we're slowly but surely leading Darthjoe away from the "darkside" here Clam! :lol:
  8. TARGET....gets my vote again, for this round.
  9. Too late!!! I felt the wrath quite severly! Kinda cool to know I'm married to a "G.I.Joe God" though! :wink:
  10. I would rather have A NAC. I don't know what a Desert Strike is so I would rather have a Sand Razor. I like both the Hiss 2 and Strike Hiss (Hiss IV) equally. They are both really cool, but in different ways. oops, I meant a Sand Razor or Desert Fox. but a NAC over a Tomahawk?!?!?!?!?!?!? how is that even possible? The NAC's loaded man! Breakdown and get yourself one to play with, and I think you'll come into the light, my skeptical friend. :wink: The Tomahawk is no doubt awesome, but the Joes really didn't fit in it all that well (I thought). The twin blades made it cool also, and next to the NAC, look better in that regard, but I can forgive the bad rotor blades design on the NAC, with everything else this baby has going for it.
  11. Haven't cha heard? Apparently, this is the "look" that's hip with the NEXT generation of G.I.Joe 3 3/4" action figure collectors. To keep it real...they gotta make'em ugly, REAL ugly! -
  12. ...And released in such great numbers, that we ALL or so? :lol:
  13. I think we may just discover that he IS! My guess is leaning that direction anyway. The Joes are so numerous in different characters that standout, but Cobra seems to really center around the man, the myth, the legend HIMSELF...Cobra Commander!
  14. You don't have a blowup doll with redhair and a crossbow..do you? -
  15. Awww..well CRAP! :-? So much for me trying to be cutesy with some "originality" :roll: This game might be MORE challenging if we can't reuse the same items/names. How's it suppose to END?..and every "game" has an eventual "winner"...sooo, how do we accomplish that? :wink: anyway, in the interest of perpetual FUN.... Gyro Viper! R
  16. Excellent comparison shot's, and I believe the original Barroness is a much better version still. The new figures are just too dang skinny, "stick-figure" looking in all their body parts, except the shoulders, and the Barroness is afflicted just the same here. I may amass an army of secretaries that work for the original Barroness or something goofy like that :roll: but this new version will NOT work as a newer "better" version of her..for my Joes minds-eye! :wink:
  17. Amazing what just the RIGHT color scheme can do for these (or any) figure. :-? That painted custom is PERFECT
  18. RELAMPAGO 8) O and just so you know I'm not full of doo doo: http://yojoe.com/action/int/br-relampago.shtml
  19. I would rather have A NAC. I don't know what a Desert Strike is so I would rather have a Sand Razor. I like both the Hiss 2 and Strike Hiss (Hiss IV) equally. They are both really cool, but in different ways. Hmmm...ya know, I've had my Tomahawk around since it first hit the shelves at "Children's Palace" many moon's ago. So maybe this sentiment is based more on the fact I'm USE to seeing it around or maybe even a little bored with it, but I have to say that I'd probably still take the NAC over it, by only a small margin, but that NAC really is dang SWEET! I'd definitely still take a Hiss version 2 over the Strike Hiss, by FAR. I'm one of the few who actually LIKE the Strike Hiss, but not OVER any of the previous versions.
  20. No joke Outsiders! The same group that will try and explain off all this pansy colored crap, as if it's a way to "appeal" to kids, should take a long hard look at the Barbie doll success, and think about how long it would remain that way if they started making all her dresses Olive Drab..or Camo patterned and more like 12" G.I.Joe uniforms than like what a fashion model would typically wear. Stay focused Hasbro...it's mostly little boys and their military toys with some infusion of fantasy here and there....not the freakin' Smurf's Vs. the Teletubbies! @-@
  21. I have a G.I.Joe "survival beverage" just about everytime I hop on board the message forums here and start checking out the newest forms of the new fangled freaks of nature, called G.I.Joe! :wink: And the only way I can get threw it and "survive", is a couple of tastey beverages! They start looking pretty darn good about 2 o'clock in the morning, I might even take a couple of'em home with me then! :lol:
  22. What did you call me..? @-@ - Jest kiddin'...we're still on W W.O.R.M.S S
  23. Well, I seem to recall you rather vehemently wanting all-new vehicles in the line not too long ago. Well congratulations. You got your wish. #=$ Be careful what you wish for... I knew we should have stuck with repainted vehicles. This new stuff ain't cuttin it. There ya go again...RUBBING IT IN! @-@ The NAC still has me hopeful that better things can be achieved, but it certainly ain't lookin' too good at the moment. The 3 3/4" design team at Hasbro doesn't seem to be giving it their ALL. :-?
  24. I've gotta go with the Bruce campbell one :lol: That is the actor from the "Evil Dead"...right?
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