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  1. BEACH HEAD (even despite the bow-leggedness) BLOWTORCH (with Duke customs written all over his head sculpt) MINDBENDER and of course, O-ringed COBRA COMMANDER are definitely, the ones I am MOST looking forward to getting my hands on, and seeing if the new JvC line has me in it's fold at last! FLINT
  2. Not "kicking" you, and in all seriousness Samus, you need to go to the home page here at ADC, and browse the G.I.Joe section. Most all of this stuff should be covered in some form and fashion for you there. ... Homepage...? Wow, you know, I've never seen the ADC homepage... my friend Sgt Duke recommended this board to me... I've only been browsing the message boards this whole time... Now you can kick me!!! Wow, okay! >_< Talk about oblivious... :oops: Well, that hopefully should stop my annoying newbie questions then! I'll check it out... thanks Viper! :lol: No problem and glad to help.
  3. Speaking of 12 inches........ I was at K-Mart looking for some "bonus paks" and spotted a 12" Gung-Ho with a kayak, boxed set. Hadn't seen anything beforehand on this baby, and was it ever SWEET lookin'! I've got a fair amount of the 12" RAH stuff, and this ones a definite keeper! (and you thought I was gonna talk dirty or something) :wink:
  4. Oh YEAH? Well I agree with what he said X 20! :wink: :lol:
  5. I just checked out the latest pics of the wave 3 figures in the ADC G.I.Joe section (hint, hint, Samus? Go there..see'em! ) All I got to say, is DANG, how long has Beach Head been ridin' his horse to work? Whazzup wit dat? :roll: Baroness has been critiqued enough already, so I'll leave her alone, nothing different. Flint looks better in these pics for some reason, the boots are always going to seem a bit oversized for my liking, but doesn't his facial sculpt look a tad more bad-ask? 8) I like it! - Snow Serpent....COOL BABY! But he's lookin' a bit pin headed to me still, about the size of Firefly's shrimp noggin'. And what the heck is Snake Eyes tryin' to do to poor ol' Timber (or Order) ? That's not particularly a good pose for "promoting" the new leg and ankle articulation on him (or Firefly). Looks like he should be yelling...."WHEEEEEEEEE"...I just love my new tippy-toes!!" :lol:
  6. BIG BOA has to goa! Don't cha Knowa? He's kinda slowa! :roll:
  7. Problem resolution: HASBRO MAKE MORE JOES! :wink:
  8. Viper Hunter


    That's if somebody will finally admit to whether or NOT they're aiming these mostly at the "fans" or "collectors"...or truthfully at the kids and/or NEXT generation of TRAH fans! I've wondered, much in the same manner you described above, about this, and if it's for the "old" fans and collectors, I thought it might be possible. But if it's for the kids..? Well, seems like alot of happy horsecrap, fiddle fartin' around with a really cool toy action figure. :-?
  9. Are you taking percentages of "like"? While I'm not 100% pleased with all the stuff that's been put out, I'm not totally UNpleased either. I try to insert elements of what I do like as well as don't..in my posts. I'll say I like about 35% of what's been available so far of it, but hopeful that percentage increases with time. Fair enough?
  10. WOO HOO! I didn't make the list (I must not be TOO bad a critic) - I would be willing to bet that there is some serious lurking done by Hasbro personnel, in and around many of these forums. DDD has posted on occasion at the Usenet board, but I would gather that most of the activity from any others, besides himself, is..."research"? I know I would be curious to read what people are saying about my idea to add sound tabs to the figures individual weapons, and my idea to remove the O-ring and add oversized plastic rivets, and my other idea to bring the O-rings BACK and...oh you get my drift! :wink: I too, would be interested in reading some different explainations to the "whys" and "what for's" on some of this stuff. An explaination from the maker's themselves might make you stop and think..."ah haaa, so that's the idea eh? Well heck, that makes sense now! I guess it's not as bad as I was thinking." We're all left to sort it out amongst ourselves, and a few "self proclaimed" know-it-alls. :roll:
  11. ummm...CHILL the attitude fella! Nobody's telling you to STOP buying these new Joes "because they ain't like they used to be" or did anybody call you stupid for admitting that you actually DO like them? If not, then I'd say it's all good, and let the discussions continue...good or bad!
  12. I "leave em"...then I come straight here to "whine" about WHY I left'em! @-@ Group therapy kinda thing. @*-
  13. Not "kicking" you, and in all seriousness Samus, you need to go to the home page here at ADC, and browse the G.I.Joe section. Most all of this stuff should be covered in some form and fashion for you there.
  14. Viper Hunter


    Very true Doc! I make my dissatisfication's known (quite often) about some of the features and design's, this "overhaul" on the Joes is showing, but I wouldn't want to bail out yet. Not as long as I keep seeing honest attempts to fine tune and tweak them back into perfection.
  15. I know where you live Outsiders....don't make me come over there and SMACK you! @-@ (you don't know karate or anything..do you? )
  16. The figures released after 82-83 started getting a little bit bulkier, and didn't fit as well in the Tomahawk, plus, them having to be seated with legs straight out, looked silly to me. Now go out and get ya a NAC, so you can prove your "squished" theory!
  17. We all ARE being buds! - He's leaving the party cuz the DJ won't play only HIS music! :wink:
  18. WHOA! Is that accumlative overall? Once a character gets 8 votes throughout and not just per round..they're GONE? SHIZA YIZA! Poor Snakes :cry: I'm bashing Col. (hee hee) the Col. (ha ha) I can't hardly type it... Colonel Courage! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: that kills me!
  19. Excellent work on that as well. You took care of the collar issue with your own sculpey work, whereas I cheated and took the easy route, by stealing Stalkers torso to accomplish a similar look. COOOL! -
  20. I've not read this anywhere to suggest it's fact, but I'm thinking that each subsequent repaint of the wave 2 figures will have a different weapon with the sound tab on it, and the one that has it on it from the first set, will then be free of it. For example, the repaint of Scarlett will have the crossbow without the tab and another weapon from the pack will have it. Might be interesting to get a confirmation on this somehow, and save ya all the hassle of cutting away on'em.
  21. That's SWEET! This is the kind of stuff I freakin' live for, I think! Seeing what other fans are doing with their collections, be it customizing like Darthjoe here (and I do a bit of as well) or making Dio's with them, or editing music video's together, etc. etc. I LOVE THIS SHIZA!! Excellent Zartan custom Darthjoe! I'm using a Zartan head sculpt painted chrome, on a repainted Stalker body, with wave 1 Destro's arms attached and Zartan's torso and legs repainted as well, for a..get this..DESTRO!
  22. I don't think Tom was making a "how to properly conduct yourself in a message board forum" statement, I think he was just reassuring me, that TheOne's sentiments weren't really worth losing any sleep over. 8)
  23. Yea... I rib Viper Hunter all the time but thats because him and I are cool with each other and help each other out with toys... Right bud... Right?!? You know it! When the Joe finds are gettin' low...I can always go on a MOTU hunt for my buddy Outsiders! Of course, then I get hooked on them as well, and have to find MORE, and the wife see's them and threatens to kick me out if I "bring one more TOY into this house!" and...oops, I'm rambling again. :wink:
  24. Right on. Take me for example. I may think that Viper Hunter's opinions on the JVC line are nothing more than biased thoughts coming from the mind of an old fart who doesn't accept change, but he's still a cool guy IMO. - LOL (Sorry, Viper Hunter. I just had to throw that jab in there.) Yea... I got your back DarthJoe... Umm... Viper Hunter... Old Fart... Doesn't like errmmm accept change... Yea... That's it! See there TheOne..? All that jabbing at me, and making fun of my "grumpy old man" routine....and I'm ready to come back for MORE! @-@ btw...YOU GUYS...my farts are never "old", I get rid of'em as quick as they're developed! :wink:
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