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  1. In my neck of the woods...the story remains the same! There ain't jack sh@# to be found anywhere. Between price, p!ss poor distribution in my area, scalpers, too many other collectors, price (yes, I mentioned that twice because it bites twice as hard as the other issues, whether at brick and mortar or online shops, it's all eBay prices these days) I've just about thrown in the towel on G.I.BLOW! ;)


    I use to collect fireflies as a kid, they're free...maybe that's a good hobby to start up again and if any scalpers try to get to'em before I do, I can shoot'em for trespassing! @firedevil@

  2. Just wanted to know what your reflections are in this arena? I know were all tired of seeing Arctic Destroy cutting a devastating path through the Americas


    Just returned from a local Target.....11 Arctic Destro's and 2 Jungle Vipers were all that adorned the pegs. zzzzzzzzzzz

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  3. I hear it doesn't mesh well into past continuity. Maybe this is the original path that started the Apes? before the time travel ordeal? Just a thought.



    Going by the original storyline, Ceasar was the son of Zira and Cornelius in the 3rd movie (Return of the Planet of the Apes) and they switched their baby with the baby Chimpanzee of a monkey at a zoo that was run by Richardo Montalban, which was a good thing, because they all three (Zira, Cornelius and the zoo's chimpanzee baby) were gunned down by a nut who found out they eventually take over the world. You realized Zira made the switch at the zoo, at the end of the movie, when they show Richardo standing beside it in the cage and mentions something about how smart his parents were, and the little chimp was already saying "mama...mama".


    This new version obviously takes a different storyline in how it all gets started, which when you think about it, makes more sense than the confusing perpetual time continuum theory (apes come from future Earth, to give birth to ape that starts the whole thing and one big clusterf@#k of loop) that they went with in the originals....which would mean that loop would be constant on ongoing thru time. @haha@

  4. It reminds me of those stupid looking monkeys in Jumanji....not very impressive compared to the full sized apes and gorillas in the originals. I have yet to see it though, so I'll have to wait till then to give a final thumbs up or thumbs down.

  5. Haven't seen it yet and not sure yet of whether or not I'm going to like the CGI crap for it? Kinda hard to be a fan of the original Heston flicks, and then assume this all transpired between Escape from the Planet of the Apes and Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and how they went from this....




    a real life looking chimpanzee created with a computer, to THIS....




    a cool ass looking man/ape of the future after the apocalypse and created with awesome make-up and real humans underneath?


    I'm a big fan of the original flicks (grew up with'em) and Burtons version was a joke and incredibly boring and typical of Hollywood these days to create characters we couldn't care less about, but this one looks good in preview, so I'll probably wait till it gets to the $1.50 seats and catch it then. Hell, I just finally got around to seeing Thor and waiting on Captain America, which all I've heard has been great...so far.

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  6. That really need to do away with that Stalker figure and get rid of the card art image of him as well. The hair is a joke and the model they picked to sport it, looks NOTHING like what a Vietnam veteran would have been sportin' in 1982. Some things work better under modernization attempts, but the dreadlocks for Stalker and some baby faced Black model with a goatee, who looks more like something that should be on a soap opera called the Bold and the Beautiful is not one of them.


    I was thinking he looks like he should be a back-up dancer for Lady Gaga. @lol@



  7. And what's the deal with two different versions of the Cobra Trooper AGAIN. Do we really need a 15th variation of the Cobra Trooper with a three year time span? That is getting old. I'll likely pass on them.



    I think the only difference (variance) is in the packaging and nothing whatsoever with the figure itself? One packaged Trooper is holding his rifle, the other isn't?

  8. I'll see what I can do DH.


    Hey VH, any luck getting the parts you were looking for?



    I've spotted several items I wish to purchase here soon, for a couple of custom projects and yes, I think I'll be able to round up pretty much all of what I looking for, so I appreciate all the help I received here in locating them.

  9. I think it looks pretty cool. Starts out as just another military themed type drama on board a "battleship" (not sure if there's any connection to the game beyond them claiming "based on"??) and suddenly they're dealing with an alien craft of some sort. I see a couple of familiar faces from the HBO show True Blood in there.

  10. The face on the box art looks like some sports star...can't put my finger on who...



    Not sure about who the sports star you might be thinking of, but I thought it looked a bit like Boris Kodjoe?




    Just add some dreds of course. ^_^

  11. That really need to do away with that Stalker figure and get rid of the card art image of him as well. The hair is a joke and the model they picked to sport it, looks NOTHING like what a Vietnam veteran would have been sportin' in 1982.


    Er... the modern versions of these characters are no longer Vietnam vets. Stalker and company would be sixty + by now. Just because it's 30th Anniversary doesn't mean it's the same character.


    @haha@ Yeah, that wasn't a very good angle or reference to use to make my disdain of Stalkers card art and action figures look. I guess the bottomline is I don't care for the new dreadlocks and the youthful appearance of the character in the card art. Stalker was a more mature character when he was NEW in the 80's and even though this is (apparently) a newer version of him, I think he should still have tenor over the others, as he did before.


    That being said I agree in principle that the dread look doesn't do much for me. I didn't mind the one Resolute version, but I don't really want it to become the norm.


    Exactly! You've put it much better than what I was attempting to. ;)

  12. That really need to do away with that Stalker figure and get rid of the card art image of him as well. The hair is a joke and the model they picked to sport it, looks NOTHING like what a Vietnam veteran would have been sportin' in 1982. Some things work better under modernization attempts, but the dreadlocks for Stalker and some baby faced Black model with a goatee, who looks more like something that should be on a soap opera called the Bold and the Beautiful is not one of them.



    Also, is it just on my computer, or does the Brians Toys pop up ad block part of the Right side of the image? Here they are without the blockage if so...



  13. Didn't they say we were going to see Sgt. Slaughter again at some point? Its been over a year now and I haven't seen any plans to get a Sarge anytime soon? (I have one from last years con that I got off ebay, but still) I don't trust Hasbro when they say we'll see a figure again.


    Like Zaranna...the rumor is that Hasbro doesn't feel a Sgt Slaughter will sell well enough at retail, but just well enough to sell off an entire short production run for a Con exclusive? @haha@ It's very hard to figure out what's rumor and what's fact. I couldn't even snag a Build & Brawl Slaughter figure, let alone the high priced Con versions, and yet Slaughter has always recieved a lot of negative feedback from many fans as being either extremely hated or somewhat loved. Either way...he was quickly scooped up buy SOMEONE?

  14. I've been thinking of ending my G.I. Joe collecting anyway. I'm not even going to buy the new Sky Striker or any of the new figures that are to be released in the future. Figures like Sgt. Slaughter and Zarana just make me tired of collecting. They're both such simple figures and yet they had to be SDCC exclusives. Why have Sgt. Slaughter and Zarana in the POC line when we can have a repaint of Croc Master and the same Blowtorch with a few more accessories?



    Don't forget a dozen more Dukes, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commanders, Destro and various conglomerations of some "trooper" they can pump out and throw at us at a dime a dozen?

  15. I really think we're going to see that Zarana again. Regardless of what Hasbro says about female figures (which I honestly don't ever remember seeing a comment about, but I could have missed it),


    Well, I took a shot at it, and couldn't find an actual quote, by any Hasbro rep at a Q&A session, to link to for you but the controversy over the popularity of female action figures and how well they sell, or don't sell, is something that has been kicked around, discussed and rumored about for a long time.



    I'm about ready to just give up on Joes for good. Maybe I'll use my RAH collection to help finance my vacation when I get home on R&R.


    I'm just about there with ya. Rising costs and low distribution along with collectors and scalpers quickly grabbing up what product IS out there...has sucked the joy right out of what use to be a casual, fun and entertaining hobby. The "competition" aspect of it has never been for me. For me...it was almost more enjoyable back in the 80's when it was CHEAP and done so in a vacuum.

  16. My guess is that if it's something you're looking for, someone else might be looking for it too.



    Always...always! Doesn't matter what I have a hankerin' to pick up, when I go to shop for it (at retail or online) it's..









    Even something as simple as a custom cast head for a custom figure project or a Marvel Universe or even Star Wars figure to take apart for accessories of custom parts.....THAT particular item and it's uses has crossed the minds of others before me. @haha@

  17. There hasn't been new G.I.Joe product to be found (around here, in central Ohio) since wave 3 of POC. Not at Walmarts, not at targets and not even at TRU.


    Last night I spotted a sole POC figure for the first time in months at Walmart and of course is was a Croc master figure. I would have left it, but it scanned at $2 so it was too cheap to pass on. Apparently SOMETHING is being put out in these stores, but the collectors and scalpers are beating me to it and cleaning house.

  18. It's a shame that something that is intended to be a fun hobby (we all undertook at some reckoning or calling in our lives) has to be something of a competition between us. To have something others don't and to pay more for it, than what is reasonable, just for that bragging right sucks the fun out of collecting for a lot of people. I didn't start collecting these toys back in 1983 (or so) as a competition against other collectors, hell I didn't even know I had company until the invention of eBay and the bidding wars started, in trying to snag a few missed items or added troops for the "armies".


    I have no shame in admitting that "exclusives" are a bit beyond my expendable income or allowance, and while I'm never heartbroken or tortured over not having EVERY one of'em...there are times where it would be nice to have a particular item to compliment the collection. Anymore....it's ALL out of range for my budget, so the entire hobby is losing it's "fun" for me, but I guess at the end of the day, the ones with the most-est WIN? <_<


    Anybody here eat wild morel mushrooms in the Spring? Talk about some crazy people GUARDING their hunting spots and showing off their prize stash at the end of the day. @haha@ Just sayin'...every hobby has it's quirks and jerks. Now I have to go do some edging and trimming in the yard, so my lawn looks better than the neighbors. ;)

  19. Most excellent! You've told me as much before, but I always feel like "special" requests are kind of a nuisance, and I know the kind of work and cost that goes into casting this stuff, especially if just for 1 order, and I hate to be needy and a nuisance but I definitely appreciate this. :)

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