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  1. I can't even go back and pick up the ever so elusive Pursuit of Cobra General Clayton Hawk Abernathy figure for less than $29.95 off Amazon. That, along with a half dozen other figures that I never spotted on the shelf before going straight to secondary markets for an asinine price from there on. It's definitely a discouraging development for the hobby.
  2. I see the empty pegs at all my Walmarts where the Joes SHOULD be, and the $6.97 price sticker....but absolutely no Joes hanging from the pegs. I was at Target today and saw the $10.99 crap, and even laughed at the fact that the Artic Destro was still hangin' there and priced just the same.
  3. Right there with ya Rev! You don't see me around anymore just for reasons like this. When my favorite hobby is no longer an enjoyment for me and becomes more of a competition with others, than something fun and exciting, then it's just another pain in the ass I don't need. Driving around trying to find this sh@# is making the oil tycoon rich and resorting to online measures to obtain it is only padding the wallets of scalpers and other annoying types I just generally don't like. I can honestly say after 30 years of collecting G.I.Joe action figures, that my hobby was most pleasurable in the 80's and early 90's when I htought I might be the only 20-something immature SOB doing it?? @loll@
  4. That was awesome! I mean funny as hell!! Okay, it was awesomely funny as hell!
  5. I've been f@#ked over by this kind of BS (whether deliberate or just circumstantial) that it's to the point of I don't even care anymore. The "holes" in my collection have gotten so big now, that it's on the verge of total disinterest for me. Collecting is fun, but not if it's a competition to get it FIRST and/or get it EXCLUSIVELY from others. Having a HUGE G.I.Joe collection has yet to impress the ladies and get me laid, so I sometimes wonder just what the high strung effort is all about in trying to pull teeth to get some of this stuff?
  6. Isn't this just going to end with the Bane character breaking Batmans back and ending him...as Batman? Not sure I'm even interested in this one.
  7. http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810159433/video/27648275
  8. He's a little too old. and ugly and a lousy James Bond and should stick to playing character roles and not starring roles. He plays a better bad guy like he did in Road to Perdition. The Six Million Dollar Man should be a highly likable fella and not the anti-hero types that Hollywood keeps shoving in our face. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to shove Will Smith in the role.
  9. Distribution was for...SH@#! Lost a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the hobby this past year. I'm kinda stubborn and if I can't collect my toys in the fashion I'm accustomed to (at the good ol brick and mortars) I'm bored with it. Cost and crappy distribution ruining the hobby for me, is what I chalk this year up as.
  10. What might've actually been a decent sequel (which would've reportedly included appearances by Brainiac AND Bizarro) was wrecked when Warners decided to make it as a starring vehicle for comedian Richard Pryor. Thankfully, the plans to include a laugh track (I'm not kidding) were dumped at the last minute. Not saying that's what's going on here, but with Johnson getting the lion's share of screen-time, and the VO monologue, I kinda worry. G.I. Joe isn't a one-man show, you know? And like I said, this isn't an anti-Rock thing. I'd feel the same way if Willis or even Park got all the screen time. But as you say, this was just a trailer. There's still a lot of movie waiting to be seen. OOOOOH how could I have forgot the Richard Pryor debacle! Yeah, that was so bad, I don't think I've ever been able to sit thru an entire viewing of S3. Yeah, I don't think the Rock will take as much screen time as it might seem, just because he's been the most vocal during the filming and dropping us all the teasers, but he'll be a far cry better than Ripcord and Duke from the first movie.
  11. Wait... Did I just log on to TNI about 4 years ago? what is with all these long excited posts passionatly sharing their viewpoints on this messageboard? I might actually need to read all of them now! I'm grabbing the popcorn, I missed this much interaction on here, even if it is a disagreement. Been so boring for so long....I figured it was time to spice things back up.
  12. in my opinion that is how he should have looked but I'm not complaining about the rubber suit I mean at least the rubber suit looks close to how he was potrayed in the cartoon and comics and doesn't have that stupid molded mouth on his mask personal that cloth doesn't look protective enough to me. Yes I know it could have Kevlar beneath etc. but it doesn't LOOK as imposing. But I'd place on equal ground with the POC one, and both are light years ahead of the ROC one. I think we need the knight visor look, it's more iconic, (even if I have grown to like it a little less) and that won't work with a cloth mask... and a hard helmet like that would look strange on mostly soft goods outfit. Does that make sense? Imagine this picture, with a biker helmet, dull or shiny, it would look out of place right? Snake Eyes doesn't need any more protective gear on than any other Joe, as a matter of fact, he can get by with much less. He's a Commando NINJA with stealthy skills beyond compare and when he runs into the unprotected (by 75 lbs of protective armor) Storm Shadow....he needs to be a loose and flexible so that they can sword fight with each other. I don't know why everyone thinks Snake Eyes has to be so wrapped up in armor, heavy Kevlar and ninja gear so much, over a basic uniform and weapons of choice? I'm a SE the Commando fan over the nauseating Ninja crap they took him into. The goggles are awesome, the visor is....well, kinda cool but silly at the same time.
  13. Yes, but it's been a long while. What's the correlation? That's what the previews lead us to believe, but it's kinda up in the air as to whether ALL the Joes were in that ambush or not and it's not clear if others (along with Snake Eyes) were taken prisoner? Lots to be revealed yet.
  14. Hadn't thought of him, but that would have been a GREAT choice.
  15. Agreed. Wonder if they're going to leave Destro out of this one as well? Christopher Eccleston was a lousy one. Rather see him back as Destro, Then arab version of Breaker.@wink@ I was more indifferent to the Destro than I was to Breaker, although the whole "Arab's can be Real American Hero's too" crusade launched by Hollywood (at the time) was pretty annoying, I'd still take Breaker over Destro.
  16. Agreed. Wonder if they're going to leave Destro out of this one as well? Christopher Eccleston was a lousy one.
  17. Wow! Do you practice what you preach or not? You could have ended the rant yourself, but decided to go on another quote by quote rant of your own (act like a hypocrit much?) and then you have the arrogance to accuse me on the very same thing you are doing? @loll@ You blowhards are a dime-a-dozen and I'm not talking about people that post nasty criticisms about toys and movie characters, but the ones that want to criticize people.....for criticizing toys and movie characters. I have no "sour grapes" towards Buzzchuck KJ. I made my position pretty clear (right?) and if I have "sour grapes" over being told to "get over" my dislike of the rubbery look of the movie SE, what the heck is your excuse for taking on me? Just what I thought. You like to dish it out, but can't take anything in return. Maybe if you people would learn to make your opinions non-personal and without beating somebody over the head about theirs, you'd get along much better with the other members. If people don't mind the rubbery suit (and many here have said as much without any personalized attack on it) then that's all they have to post. You apparently don't like being criticized or told what to do...so why should you begrudge others for the same thing? Practice what you preach and treat others the way you DEMAND to be treated yourself. Fair enough?
  18. While looking up some various images of Snake Eyes, I came across this image of a fan's costume (mock-up) of SE and maybe I'd be the only one thinking this, but i find it to be way more appealing in looks than what they've come up with for the movie version?
  19. and whiners are gonna whine, crybabys are gonna cry, bitches are gonna #@$#@, blowhards are gonna blow, suck ups are gonna suck, know-it-alls are gonna think they know-it-all! It's a vicious cycle I tells ya.
  20. What I like so far in the movie trailer: The ROCK! CC in more traditional outfit! Ray Stevenson as Firefly! New characters showing up like Jinx, Flint and Lady Jaye! No Ripcord or at least no Wayans fool playing him! Bruce Willis! The theme music (by White Stripes) is pretty cool! Traditional vehicles making an appearance! Less Channing Tatum? I like the character Duke, but not as Tatum plays him! What I've criticized so far: Rubber clad Snake Eyes! oh my!
  21. @loll@ If I can put it as "tactfully" as I possibly can......it SUCKS! @smilepunch@ Now ask us how we feel about people that get all bent out of shape and indignant to our opinion about that rubber suit.
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