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  1. Same era, same sound that was rockin' the radio and early MTV video's...






    Actually, that sound was popular even in the late 70's with folks like Jay Ferguson




    Best line in the song:


    "The Captain laughed, she said you boys want some SEX..

    you can squeeze the sails, you can lick the decks!"


    Sounds like the navy alright! @loll@

  2. Here's an early 80's one hit wonder band I'd totally forgotten about, but this song played pretty heavy on the local rock stations at the time. I know I bought the vinyl record of it just for this song, but the other tracks weren't as good.




    That "sound" (heavy keyboards and guitars) seemed to be all the rage back then, and probably why people like (gulp) MICHAEL BOLTON could even rock out before he went soft...






  3. what is kinda weird is that the other guys all got "updated" looks so that the no longer resember Mission Brazil, but he is still rocking those yellow camo pants!



    @haha@ Yeah, the "CRAZY WEAR" workout sweat pants of the 80's and early 90's is all pretty passe' now. I didn't like these goofy repaints even back then. Trying to get a little extra mileage off the older molds by reissuing them with a new paint job isn't a bad idea, but they always made them so horrendous and fugly, and Claymore is a prime example.

  4. claymore.jpg


    That head looks a little familiar, but they're saying it's a "new sculpt"? At first I thought it was the same head they used for the Dialtone or at least the head they displayed for the 1st images of the convention exclusive Dialtone, but maybe not?


    He has that Man At Arms look to him though. A nice looking figure nevertheless.


    Makes for a nice looking group when all together.



  5. Once again, it takes a fan/customizer to show'em how it's done, or should I say HOW it should be done?? ^_^







    Adding in the missing figures (minus the Python Patrol fugly crap) the set is looking a little better...




    Dialtone was already a nice figure, and Wet Suit is an interesting switch. I like it.

  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/TURBO-TRACKS-Transformers-Reveal-Shield-Figure-2010-/130461638769?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e601ea071






    Here's a good one...








    or even...







    So what does this thing normally go for, if so lucky as to pull one off the pegs at a brick and mortar...$9.00? @hmmm@


    So what's the beef with the guys beef?


    Is it all part of the hobby now, to have something that others don't? It's another expression of having the biggest d!ck in the action figure collecting world, to have something others could not find? Others could not afford? Others weren't "special" enough to get? Others weren't smart enough to get?


    It's definitely a major pain-in-the-ass sometimes to try and find these toys. Of course, if we have an excessive disposable income and PRICE is of no matter, that's just another inch to our penis size when bragging. If we have "friends" that can do the hunting for us, I suppose that's a nod to our extra penis size in how we're able to manipulate people in order to get what we want without the effort of actually hunting for it. Hunting isn't as enjoyable as HAVING for some folks.


    My collection is HUGE and my investment is HUGE and my time spent hunting is SMALL, thus I'm the best collector is the WORLD!!!! 1ataunt2.gif


    C'mon now peoples. This collecting thing can most definitely be a major pain. It's like being a NFL fan, loving professional football and being a Cleveland Browns fan. Talk about FRUSTRATING!! ^_^ So what's the suggestion for something like that...start liking another team that WINS?? Yeah, suuuuure...so simple, why didn't I think of it. B!tchin' and complain'n isn't exclusive to toy collecting and isn't necessarily a detriment to our enjoyment of it.


    Whether it's a hobby, a career or a relationship.....something isn't going to go as we'd LIKE and a minor or major complaint is going to arise. It's all natural and all good, and all totally commonplace. Even the ANTI-complaint crusade is just another complaint about complainers, so who's foolin who here? ;)

  7. When the ARAH line came out in the early 80's I was 23 already and had my childhood years with the 12" Joes. I started collecting these little guys on a whim just out of sheer facination with them and all the characters that were coming out for them.


    Collecting back THEN was much more laid back and easy going. No rush, no outrageous prices and everything I ever bought was purchased at the brick and mortars and I knew I always had TWO FULL YEARS PLUS to complete a wave and pick up mulitiples of the Cobra guys. Before a new wave would come out, they'd mark down any figure from the previous 2 years, trying to get ALL the wave from 2 years ago out completely and then the new wave would mingle for another year or so with the one before it.


    Going from THAT experience, to how things HAVE to be done today, is certainly an "annoyance" and one that I can relate to. I don't know how serious the author of the article is and if he's just ranting to be ranting and have an article to share to begin with, so I don't know if it's just another collector thinking out loud and expressing some htoughts o nthe hobby and something we've ALL probably thought about or have done before. I just know when I was reading it, I could certainly relate to some of the situations brought up and no big deal. The funny thing with TOY collecting, is that if it can be said that there are better things to worry about and complain about than something like the "annoyance" of toy collecting, same could be said for collecting TOYS period, even if you're not complaing, but just collecting. To each their own I guess.

  8. -Asking Barney Frank to run your brothel.


    -Letting Steve Austin host an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.


    -Hiring MC Hammer as your financial consultant.


    -Putting the state of Florida in charge of a recount.


    Edited- May have been meant as a joke, but it's still considered a "personal attack". ;) - Capt.S.G.Wiseman



    OK! Somebody hit me with a PM. I missed it! ^_^

  9. While this individual rants about the often "annoyances" that toy hunting and collecting can inflict upon it's practitioners, they admit to still being in the the game. Unfortunately, some of these "annoyances" have in fact discouraged collectors and driven them out of the hobby.


    This business of toy collecting is all compulsion driven anyway, so the compulsive rants of a collector don't really bother me much. If "serenity now" works in dealing with the crazy ups and downs of trying to collect toys, I don't see why it isn't put to use in dealing with crazy and frustrated collectors? For sanity sake, I sometimes think it would be better to be interested in collecting something that nobody else wants to, instead of trying to play all the collecting games with hoards of collectors that want them as bad as I do. Low production numbers, scattered availability, scalpers, hoarders, army builders, customizers, online dealers and good citizens buying for their foreign friends or cross state collecting buddies. <_<


    Lots to be annoyed about, especially for a novice. Sitting in a room, on the computer is a big part of it already, so I think some physical excercise, getting off our lazy asses and actually going to the ol brick and mortar and finding some fun toys to bring home the old fashioned way, is a nice perk to the hobby. I can certainly relate to the headache that this hobby can give at times, but a headache is all it is and nothing to throw oneself off a bridge over. To me, hunting for the actual toys we played with as children is something that requires a lot of hours searching ebay and checking for toy shows and yard sales and having lots of "patience" with it until you come across the hard to find and rare VINTAGE item you seek, that is going to take you back to your childhood. Having to go thru all this for CURRENT brand new toys, just hitting retail, is a big pain in the ass.


    Out of all the ways one can acquire a new action figure toy these days, for me personally, I would still much rather walk into a toy store and pick it up off the shelves. When I'm 88 and in a wheel chair, and I want Snake Eyes version #210 that just came out, maybe THEN I'll utilize the social networking and online advantages a little more, but I still enjoy the thrill of hunting and finding these things for myself and locally.

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