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  1. To me, keeping a toy unopened is like having a girlfriend you never have sex with, hoping one day to sell her off as a virgin, "unopened" play thing. @haha@

    Did you just compare having a relationship with a woman the same thing as collecting a figure? :huh:


    In a roundabout way...yes! @loll@


    In simple terms, to have and only VIEW, is not the same as to have and HOLD, and yes, having a toy to only LOOK at, is (in my opinion) the same as having a "toy" (use your stunted imagination here) to only look at.


    In other words....


    I see little thrill, enjoyment or "value" in either of these two scenarios...










    and if ANY of this discussion over "to open or not to open" is taken serious, someones got an anal retentive serious lack of humor problem. Our hobby and collection is ours to do and keep as we like. ;)

  2. Depends on the purpose of collecting them to begin with? Is it an investment of sorts? Something to one day be sold away and profited off of? To me, keeping a toy unopened is like having a girlfriend you never have sex with, hoping one day to sell her off as a virgin, "unopened" play thing. @haha@


    They're TOYS...open them, play with them, pose them, accessorize them and even paint, customize or swap parts on them for enjoyment beyond having a wall cluttered with unopened toys, for mere bragging rights or future retirement investment. An unopened toy has no more (personal) value than a PICTURE of an unopend toy. ;)


    My retirement plan...




    My TOYS...








  3. ...is that it used to be the old GD forum, and now all of those super old, and awesome threads from years long gone are no longer viewable. :(


    Sometimes, it was fun to go back through them and read all of the things we used to talk about and post.


    Is there any way we could get those old topics merged back over here?



    Yeah, that whole situation was boneheaded from the getgo. Instead of isolating the political discussions into a brand NEW forum of it's own, they changed the title of the entire history of GD discussions into politics and made a nEW forum for the GD discussions. <_<


    I agree with you, it's fun to look back over old topics and sometimes even bump them, for further updates and whatnot. Just goes to show the lack of giveash@# for any of the people that have hung around over the years, thru thick and thin and much a ridicule and belittlement, in favor of the trolls that would pop in JUST for the heated debates that made a stink and then vanished once again in the aftermath of causing trouble and changes to be made.

  4. Seems odd that the Renegades figures will not look like the characters on the tv show. Really dropping the ball on that one, IMHO.


    I'm glad they don't look like the cartoon characters. That cartoon is nasty looking....don't like the style at all.


    So far, I'm pretty excited by everything I'm seeing. Some nice surprises. :)

  5. I think the biggest thing that distracts todays kids (attention) away from G.I.Joe, is the video games. Kids today are not forced to use their imaginations as much as they once were. Why round up a handful of your favorite action figures and head for the backyard, when all they have to do is fire up the video game player and blast some baddies for themselves in almost real-like fashion?

  6. Whats funny for me is that I only had a few G.I.Joe figures as a kid(But I watched the cartoon and collected the comic books).


    I was all over collecting Transformers.


    Now as an adult, I perfer G.I.Joe and just really can't get into Transformers at all.



    Yeah, even as a young adult (and still to this day as an even OLDER adult) I can get into G.I.Joe like I was still a kid, but I never did understand the hype over Transformers? It just always seemed dumb to me and I was never a big Tonka truck kid anyway, and if I had anything in the sandbox, when I was a kid, it was my G.I.Joes or little green army men. I liked the Star Wars movies, but the toys were crap compared to G.I.Joe, so even when I started collecting ARAH, I didn't pay any attention to the SW line and like I alreadt stated, transforming trucks and airplanes was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard of, but the kids sure the hell liked them.

  7. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news%3B_ylt=As4aVNdKuN9bxhC6r4oxaEc5nYcB?slug=ys-cnbcchristinaanthembets020711


    Now this is funny... I guess they knew she was going to mess up...



    Any attention (controversy) is better than none, I guess? <_< Just like Janet Jacksons "wardrobe malfunction" was planned and not an accident. Flubbin up the National Anthem (over just singing it AMAZINGLY like Whitney Houston once did) is a sure way to get you name in the news non-stop for another week or so. "Aguilera this and Aguilera that!" :rolleyes:





  8. Now we get to listen to the poor millionaire players argue about how unfair the billionaire owners are and vice versa. Just get a deal done and move on. The NFL is the most popular sport in our country and just recieved the highest rating EVER for this weekend's Super Bowl. Don't screw it up like the MLB, NBA, and NHL and go on strike/lock-out the players. In our current economy, neither side is going to find any sympathy from Joe Q. Public, so they need to find a way to get a deal done.




    "OH, POOR ME! I only get paid 3 million dollars a year to catch a football."


    Ya...they get no sympathy from me...



    HAH! That's no guarantee either! All that money and how many times do we see them NOT catch the damn football? <_<



    For me, I can forgive an honest nerve induced mess up, but what I thought sucked, is just her style of singing it. If she hadn't been so over focused on singing it like some top 40 power pop hit, JAZZY "this is MY way" style, she probably wouldn't have messed up. <_<

  10. I'm not offended I just thought the jokes about the dead were inappropriate



    What's the difference?



    Well too me offended would be like if I took it personally and went ape


    Inappropriate is more like I cringed when I heard the joke and thought it was distasteful but I won't go overboard about it



    and what is the natural response to seeing or hearing something we deem "inappropriate"? Whatever personal sense (we may have)of appropriatness is then "offended"...right? Offended doesn't have to mean going ape sh@#..it just means we find something to be morally inappropriate or wrong. Like when you read the word r e t a r d e d and are offended by it's use on these boards, enough so that you requested it be one of the blocked words. You've decided it's use is inappropriate and you are offended by it.


    If you deem that a joke about the Challenger disaster is inappropriate, it can ONLY be because you find it offensive. Doesn't have to be a personal thing, just a personal point of view about this...thing.

  11. Ya know, as a musician, I can appreciate what she's trying to do...but there's a difference between putting your own spin on something, and going overboard.


    I don't think her singing was all that bad, and she only messed up one word that I could tell...she just needed to tone it down a bit, IMO.



    Yeah, her over exaggerated and prolonged high octaves, draggin out those single-syllable words into whole paragraphs of vibrating vocalizations, reminded me of Pablo Fransico's bit about the "boy bands" and how everything is "soft, smooth and silky..she's so FIII EI YIIIINE!!" @loll@



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