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  1. WJ's first post is still working, but YouTube has been pulling this off the menu saying it is violence against minors or some crap.



    Seems like a good tool ("teachable moment") for educating punkass wannabe's (as in...wannabe bad but couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag) that if you act like a fool and bully people, THIS is the risk you take. I was a lot like the bigger kid in school (not in size, I was small like the little prick) but I didn't like to rough house and wrestle or play "rough, and others would see that as being a wimp and taking sh@#...so they'd push and push and tease and rough me up (usually in fun) until I got to the point where I'd had enough and then I'd snap and fight back and not in a "foolin' around" way, but in anger. I'd get thrown to the ground and leaves stuffed in my mouth so many times, and then I'd see read and whoop some butt. Of course, I'd be the one that got i ntrouble afterwards, because they didn't know all the crap I put up with, but that's the bad thing about taking sh@# all the time and not standing up for ourselves right from the start.


    I don't know for how long this kid took sh@# from the little twirp, but I was glad he slammed his butt and then walked away. Swift justice. @haha@

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  2. XHAIRS....do us all a favor, and next time you have some random thought or incidental circumstance (G.I.Joe related) to share, make sure you take into account the potentially serious impact it could have on OTHERS feelings. Nothing ruins this hobby more, than somebody making compulsive and inaccurate comments about G.I.Joe and what we think of them, how much they cost and whether or not we're finding all of them or not. ;)









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  3. Isn't it about time everybody knocks it off with the asinine war between the "naysayers" and the "fanboys" once and for all?


    This has to be about the dumbest damn argument, even between geeks and nerds. <_<


    Unless there's something more personal going on here (somebodies panties are still in a bunch about some disagreement from the past) then I don't see the need to be stinkin' up the topic with jabs and insults at people over G.I.Joe toys that don't seem to be getting re-stocked at a few Walmart locations. If yours has'em..GOOD FOR YOU! If they don't....BAD FOR YOU! Out of the two choices, I can only think of one that has any reason at all to be p!ssing and moaning (god forbid they sound negative about it) and it's not hard to figure out which one that is. P!ssing and moaning about somebody else claiming their Walmarts have "officially dropped G.I.Joes" seems like an uncessary complaint to me? What's the worst that could happen...we all run out to make sure it's not the case at OUR Walmart and we find out it's not? Hell that's GREAT news, so let it go people.


    Unless, like I stated earlier, this is more of a personal beef, and the whole thing about ripping into people who claim that Walmart is dropping Joe is just an excuse to pound on people.

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  4. I think my ego went out the door when I realized I was an adult that stills buys toys for myself. @loll@ I don't think making emotionally based inaccurate or personal comments (about the hobby) can do any more damage to an ego....than that simple fact alone?


    In here, we can all say, "gee..that so and so is pretty sharp" and out in the real world people probably say "yeah, but did you see his house? It's full of f@#king TOYS!!" @haha@


    What do you do all day?


    "Oh, I complain about action figures, their cost and the stores that stop selling them."


    How about you?


    "Oh, I complain about the people that complain about action figures, their cost and the stores that stop selling them, and try to bring logic and reason to the hobby of collecting toys."




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  5. Not sure I understand why X here has to be "crapped on" at all for his comments?


    Because some people don't agree and so he must be thoroughly harangued to the point where he can't get to sleep at night for shame of his folly @smilepunch@ X is only lucky that his plasphemy is being met with harsh words. If we saw him in real life, we'd surely come at him with lasers like with this rarely-used Emoticon @ray@


    "All Walmars" indeed!




    (There are no Joes at my Walmars either.)






    Just seemed like everyone was being a little testy and showing as much aggrevation at his choice of wording as he was about no Joes at Walmart. Sorta like b@tchin' about the weather and having people jump our bones and argue with us that it's beautiful where THEY'RE at. @haha@

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  6. This place is just BOOMIN' with so much daily G.I.Joe discussion that GOD FORBID somebody waste our time bringing up the lack of Joe product at their local Walmarts and thinks it might be that they've discontinued ordering in new product?


    Not sure I understand why X here has to be "crapped on" at all for his comments? If he's wrong, he'll know soon enough and be glad that he is. For now...he's right, there's no G.I.joe product on the pegs at HIS local Walmart, and there's none at mine either, so there's SOME truth to what he's saying, even it it's store to store. Is everyone that has a slack ass Walmart suppose to take comfort in knowing that Chicago is still getting them in? Maybe if you f@#king LIVE in Chicago. I don't recall X calling anybody a liar for saying theirs still has them, so I still don't understand the flap he's getting?


    I mean, being the voice of reason is all swell and whatnot, but sometimes it's just not necessary, in the extent that it's sometimes offered......or crammed down our throats.

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  7. It looks like Ohio State may have reasonable cause to get rid of Jim Tressel,




    it will be interesting to see what Ohio State will do. Maybe they will only suspend him for the first five games if he promises to come back next year.




    I don't have an issue with these kids selling their memorabilia, or Ohio State. I just think it is funny how large institutions such as OSU will overlook transgressions of their respective programs as long as they keep winning. Unfortunately, Tressel has had questions about issues like this in the past (Maurice Clarett, for example).


    FYI, I just read that Tressel got suspended for the first two games next year pending the outcome of an NCAA investigation.



    I tend to think that Ohio State gets just a little MORE attention paid to it, over this kind of crap, because they are winning....not overlooked. This kind of thing probably goes on in 9 out of 10 colleges but with little to no "investigation" done, simply because they're not on the radar. Controversy is much spicier when it surrounds people and places we know and people at the top.

  8. What's going on with that alternate Snake Eyes head? It looks like it comes with a bandaged head or something.

    They both kinda look like the masks Slice and Dice wore







    I think it'll make for some awesome customs of the two characters, if people haven't already followed with these examples? I like the Dice head best....should look pretty damn intimidating. ^_^

  9. There are ways to open these toys, without damaging the packages or boxes. The word "mint" obviously refers to something never opened and in excellent, almost new-like, condition, which is a term used to evaluate an items value, as in re-sale value.


    I never throw away the cards or the boxes for any of my stuff, even from back in the 80's and have it all nicely saved, but the toys inside are definitely out and loose. I have small displays of the figures standing in front of the cards they came in and it looks just as nice as if they were still in them. :)

  10. Most TV programs today are fake "reality" TV shows and for most of those, I just want everyone on them to DIE! Too hard to get all choked up over the death of a$$holes and b!tches and other worthless walks of life, but if we are allowed to include a few MOVIE scenes, this one from CLICK gets me...





    and the whole beginning of UP!







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