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  1. What about those of us who no longer have time to stay current and up-to-date in terms of toys, but enjoy coming here to chat with people they've known for well over a year...? I left here for a year and came back because it's a heck of a lot of fun talking about random goofy things with people you "know" who share common interests... and I missed that. I don't mean to turn this into a sympathy story, cause quite frankly, I'm not looking for any. I just wanted to say that save for one or two trolls, all you guys (and girls) rule, it's been fun, etc. ...And will somebody please toss me a line when they get GD back up? @wink@ @lol@
  2. LET'S GO RED SOX!!!! @yipee@ @horse@ ##1# (cowboy up!!)
  3. MASK and Centurions, definately. #joecool# I mean, my older brother and I had a bunch when we were little kids, but we've never seen them around since to really "collect" them consciously. They were pretty much skipped over during this whole 80s-toy revival thing. @hmmm@
  4. Of course not, Tom!! @wink@ I discovered the Dusty one not too long ago and nearly peed my pants laughing. They're supposed to be incredibly low-brow, puerile humor, and yes, some of them are pushing the limit with their profanity, among other things. I'm guessing that's why Hasbro's making such an effort to go after these guys than other parodies that aren't so provocative. @razz@
  5. THIS made me laugh for an HOUR. @loll@ @loll@
  6. Oh MAN--I'm talking to a buddy of mine and he just told me that there's more of Dusty in VvV than there is of Snake-Eyes!!! @bounce@ I don't know if he's just trying to get me to buy the movie, but man, I can't wait to see it now! @smilepunch@
  7. Wow!! I may not agree with you on everything, Ken, but that was very well-stated. I've seen more than my fair share of anime... and while I believe there are a few decent anime shows out there, I think the genre/style as a whole gets way too much credit, for what it's worth. Anyone convinced that anime is the best animation out there seriously needs to go out and see an old-school Disney flick... pre 1970s, back when animation was fuller, richer, and ripe with subtle human expression. Nowadays animation factories--not necessarily just the Japanese--churn out cartoons as if they were cheap plastic toys from Taiwan. Quality has undoubtedly been sacrificed to quantity. But hey--that's not the topic at hand, is it? @razz@ I just had to give a thumbs-up to that little piece of insight. Having said all that, I don't think I'll surprise anyone when I say that I would rather not have an anime GI Joe cartoon, thank-you-very-much, if given a choice. Anime has advantages, like its reputation for handling darker and more mature storylines, but I don't think it's worth all the other characteristics of the genre. Who knows... maybe, if all of this goes through, some wonderful fluke will happen and we'll get a kickass show everybody loves. And maybe Tom Brady will show up at my door tomorrow and propose. I do prefer to think optimistically. Hey... anything could happen! @lol@
  8. LOL Clam! Hey, Samus! What's up, darling? Haven't seen you in a long time. Actually, I think it was right after this site did the change over from ADC to TNI. How's school goin? You still posting in the music forum? School's great... I'm loving it now that I'm officially an American History psycho. @lol@ And I posted a few times in the music forum, but now that I think of it, I should probably post more. @razz@ Good to have you back! #joecool#
  9. I guess this is where I rejoice because Dusty's shafted so often he doesn't count as a "major character"...? @lol@ But anyways... the three major characters I'd say (easily) 1. Snake-eyes. 2. Storm-shadow. 3. Snake-eyes-with-Scarlett-clinging-to-his-arm.* *Yes, I'm convinced that they're one entity, save in the cartoon. Never cared much for Scarlett whenever she was around/obsessing about Snake-Eyes... and that's also just in case #1 didn't work the first time around. @razz@
  10. Well hey!! I just "came back" to TNI a week or two ago, DJ, and I'm in the same boat as you... trying to get back in the loop here after a long time away! That "sixth spot down" threw me off too. What, did our forum drop in rank or something?! @lol@ Meh... there's not really any more purpose to this post other than to say that you're one of the posters I really missed! Welcome back!
  11. That episode scarred me so deeply that I wasn't allowed to watch G.I.Joe for like a year. I was about 6 when it came out, and I kept having nightmares. It did cement Shipwreck as a favorite, though. That's exactly what happened to my older brother... he was really freaked out by the Springfield episodes but Shipwreck is by far his favorite Joe. I'd have to agree with all of you, by the way. Personally, I think it's kind of cool to have one of the "secondary" characters have the spotlight. I thought the toon put Snake-Eyes in his proper place. @razz@
  12. LOL... that happened to me, too. I saw the Hello Kitty stuff and was like, "nooooo!!" @lol@
  13. AAAAHH!!! NOOO!!!! @bH@ This guy knows what he's talkin' about... oh man. I remember a few years ago when all the hardcore Transformers fans (myself included) were so excited for the "great new TF cartoon series" that we were going to get. I think RID and Transformers: Armada are some of the biggest, crappiest, and most terrible letdowns in cartoon history. #yuk@# Plus, I don't find "A Real American Hero" drawn in a Japanese-anime style to be very palatable... @eyerise@ Of course everyone would want another GI Joe cartoon, if it was done well enough. Same goes for the comic--which we actually ended up getting. I don't think continuity would be much of an issue; GI Joe doesn't have a crazy insane-o timeline like all the Transformers toons/comics do. And as for CGI versus cell animation, I'd prefer the good old-fashioned 2-D stuff (I guess I'm just an old fogey like that. @wink@) Justice League is a good starting point, but if we're talking ideal, "Batman: The Animated Series" is unquestionably the best example to follow. #joecool#
  14. Geez... I love 80s nostalgia shirts... like that one with the GI Joe logo in it... but they NEVER have it in adult small. EVER. @cussing@ Same goes for all those awesome NES and Transformers logo shirts... gahh!! *shakes fist in air*
  15. Wow... I like!! @bounce@ That's something I'd buy in a second if there were any way I could get my hands on one... heck, one of my friends is an Indiana Jones nut and I know she'd love it too. #joecool#
  16. Well, no, I don't live in Western PA myself, but I have a ton of relatives there, and just came back from a long stay there a week ago. Don't know if you've ever been in that area before, but I just want to tell you it's an absolutely beautiful part of the state. Not sure if you have any kids... but the public school system in the suburbs just south of Pittsburgh are among the best in the country. My family lives in the burbs and about an hour south of the city, in Greene county (little rural coal towns, stuff like that). I kind of envy you, it's lovely out there. @wink@ But good luck with packing... I don't envy you in that respect. @razz@ @lol@
  17. Paramount bought the rights to Hasbro's entire media library, including Gi Joe. Any future releases as far as new titles will be released through Paramount. I have heard no word about Paramount re-releasing the Sunbow series down the road. But I can tell you this, I spoke with someone who has the set and they told me there is no mention of Season 2 Part 2 coming soon anywhere. Hasbro has said we would eventually get it, but it doesn't look like Rhino will be putting it out. With this set, they're overpricing it so bad in retaliation for Hasbro selling their library to Paramount so we lose. Okay... yikes! Thanks for clearing that up. I'm thinking that ideally, Paramount would do a much better job in releasing the cartoon eps... maybe if we're lucky they'll do the second half of Season 2? What a fine little mess this is. @razz@
  18. http://www.geocities.com/djdustinmcfinkles...timedia/Singlez Let me know what you think. Dustin, I'm a little busy right this second but I'll listen to it as soon as I'm not and give you my two cents. And Wayward_rogue, when you say you play by ear, do you mean you break up the chords on the piano (rhythmic) or is there some melodic improv going on there, too? Just curious... I'm a piano player myself (perhaps a little too dependent on reading and memorization). I think it's cool having other musicians on the board. We're all a talented bunch here, aren't we?
  19. Really now!! I never heard that before... I also never got the impression that GI Joes were ever originally marketed as being "Soldiers of the Future." Still, that's very cool. And yes, as we all know... they still rule. @bounce@
  20. Hmm... okay, I've been out of the GI Joe "current events" loop for a long time, and I've heard all sorts of things, so this may not have any truth to it: I heard that Paramount is buying the rights to the GI Joe (Sunbow) series and is going to re-release them on DVD sometime down the road. Has anyone else heard anything about that? Cause if that's true, I'll be patient and wait. IMO, Kid Rhino's currently doing a craptastic job with the DVDs.
  21. *sigh* Yeah... I get that a lot. I kid, I kid. I know... but I'm not, lol. Whenever I hear a great song I just sort of say all this musical mumbo-jumbo, and, well... yeah. @razz@ It's all good, NMX. #joecool#
  22. Umm... "Pachelbel's Canon in D?" *runs away* @good night@
  23. Hey, just wondering if there's anybody here who's taken (formal) music theory courses or anything like that. I've taken several, and I'd just be interesting in talking about crazy theory topics like musical analysis and composition. Why? Cause I'm a REALLY geeky audiophile like that. @doh@ And I'm also an amateur composer myself (I use Finale software), and I wouldn't mind a thorough critique/analysis if anybody's willing. If you know about things like deceptive cadences, or a vi-IV-I-V chord progression, or transposing, and other incredibly dorky things like that, then that's what I'm talking about. @lol@ Thanks! @wink@
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