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  1. Closeups available on request, I just can't fit everything in during one sitting. . . -PJ
  2. Great proposal! I support adding as many removable accessories on the figure as possible. Extra detail, added character, more stuff to play with (cough, "inspect"), it's a win-win idea everytime! -PJ
  3. You know that's not half bad. I agree. I think it's a very constructive idea. When I first saw the 25th Flint proto, I was VERY supportive of it. He's my fave Joe! Any criticism related to sleeves, his grin, etc. bothered me a little, but I was still able to get over it. As a matter of fact, I was able to passionately argue against criticizing Hasbro about it. Then came the gloves. That was a bit too much for me. @hmmm@ It finally put me over the top, and I finally relented and then suddenly sided with the Hasbro critics. Yeah. Over one figure. ONE! The rest are still pretty awesome IMO. But the most hilarious part came when I had announced that I'd finally caved in favor of the "Flint-Is-Cheap" crowd, they suddenly got all suspicious. @loll@ #WTF# Wonder if some day they'll unblock my PMs and believe me. It's getting kinda lonely. It's not about you personally, it's not about headgames or forum one-upsmanship. I am simply that passionate about debating GIJoe. I am simply THAT passionate about Flint. We go a long way together. He is in many ways a real part of my family. I passionately discuss everything I care about, even face-to-face with my best friends. If you fail to recognize it, I just feel really-really sorry for you. I love this hobby that much. -PJ
  4. VH posted an interview earlier in the thread that sez different. All I wanna know is how many figures they planned from the very beginning. Heh. . .nope. Sorry. I don't think fans are used to seeing other fans on the board who place the original designs and the Hama continuity at the highest priority over everything else . . .period. :extends hand: Hi! I'm PJ, Filecard Pharisee. That's my position and pretty much always has been. Hope you understand. This doesn't mean I'm intolerant of other continuities. Just bought my fourth S6 figure recently, so I'm alot more tolerant than I appear. -PJ
  5. Well now that you mention it. . . YES, of course! It's filecard continuity. I stated that the very first time the protos showed up. Laughing Batman anyone? How about Han Solo in a tutu? Sorry. Least I'm consistent about what I want. -PJ
  6. By skipping the majority of post #139? Denial is not a river in Egypt. The fact is in one case, there are sleeves. Tangible sleeves. In the other case, there are no gloves. One exists, the other doesn't. Fact; not opinion. I can't opinionate something that just plain tangibly exists. Another Opinon...again nothing wrong with it. The tangible costume or accessory adds to the overall character. If they made a Batman character without his signature spikey gloves, the DC forum would have the same valid complaint. What if the next Boba Fett just had bare hands? No big deal to you, but like Flint, it does detract from the overall character (rescue helicopter pilot). We're talking about original filecard continuity here. LOL! WAIT! You state that short-sleeves are more a part of Flint's character than the gloves. . .then you don't write anything telling us why! @loll@ You simply tear down gloves when sleeves are just. . .there. Which is my next argument actually. Because even when all is said and done (which you fell short of actually doing). . .you still have sleeves. Ah, but it's not hypocrisy if you are the one simply projecting the behavior upon the other poster. You can make up any fallacy of intent that you want. The only way you can make it stick is by saying stuff like "basically saying that it is silly. . .blah blah," when that never happened. If I'm saying all these things you want me to say. . .why don't you go for broke and project something real sinister on me like, accuse me of calling the admin a liar or something? Yep! You got exactly 2 sleeves; I have exactly zero gloves. That's the fact that is exactly what it is. Cast in plastic no less. Think harder. See above. Um, I can't ban you. You have the right to your own opinion, including the right to state it. . .but not your own facts. Sorry. But that's okay, you got VH's approval! :thumbs up: So don't give up yet! -PJ
  7. Yah, that's what I think. Less than normal amount of two sleeves = still got two sleeves. Loss of two gloves = zero gloves. Gee, tough. See above. Keep saying it until it's true m'kay? Flooding the board always helps. IF?!?? Are you calling Jay a LIAR?!?? @smilepunch@ Of course, you were just kidding around when you said it, right? Of course, I didn't say that. You're getting almost as good as VH at jumping to conclusions there. -PJ
  8. Sleeve length is just that. It can be overlooked as minor; plus it's easily justified. Gloves are part of the character. Flint's a chopper pilot. It's like removing the beret for me. Poof! Hypocrisy gone. -PJ
  9. LAFFO! He clarified it for me, so no harm no foul. And like I stated earlier in the thread, I had my legal disclaimers all lined up in case someone wanted to put words in my mouth. I fold. . .let's deal another hand. @hmmm@ @cool@ -PJ
  10. Thanks! Noticed some weird stuff... Flint's now an E-6, and Cobra Officers are listed as E-4 or equivalent? Bad mistakes, tsk tsk... Yeah, I'm thinking that really is what the final figures are going to look like. So I'm canceling my Flint preorder. Had enough of this "last minute" switch business. -PJ
  11. You mean from. . .Jay at TNI. Right? Think about it. -PJ Oh, and just for the record, I knew I was going in with my statement on shaky ground. All I'm saying is I haven't seen anything official from anyone employed by Hasbro that says they planned a hard "25 for 25" from the beginning. But then I haven't read all the Q&As, nor have I been to any official sites or anything. All I'm holding is a pair of fours. . .and I call. -PJ
  12. You mean from. . .Jay at TNI. Right? Think about it. -PJ
  13. U sure? Links plz? Quotes plz? From everything I had read, it was assumed on the part of the fanbase that there were 25 for the 25th. -PJ
  14. You'd actually do that? I'd be upset having to customize both a regular figure and an exclusive just to get a regular Destro with a chromed head. #WTF# I thought they didn't do chromed heads anymore?!?? I wonder if my preorder non-con Destro is going to have a painted head or not. @grumpy@ That just isn't cool! -PJ
  15. Out of my carded figures (of which there are only like, six) I have a carded UK Storm Shadow, and a carded Tiger Force Psyche-Out. I have no idea which one is more valuable tho'. I know the Psyche-Out is in high demand, but I don't remember seeing very many UK carded Stormies either, so I'd say that one is slightly rarer. -PJ
  16. I agree. He beat me to it pointing out the Scarlett. -PJ
  17. My well-informed guess would be that it would be the same versions as the Scarlett figure that was recently bought overseas and posted on YoJoe.com. I think you know the one I'm referring to. -PJ
  18. With...ME???? Maaaan...I bet that took EVERY ounce of strength to type, didn't it? @smilepunch@ Count me in as well. Word-for-word. A last minute switch like this can ba a valid case for Hasbro truly being "cheap," and it really would detract from Flint. . .since he flies with those gloves and all. -PJ
  19. Since I can't seem to get a word in edgewise around here, MOD EDIT: Just lie back and enjoy it. -PJ
  20. Yeah, MOD EDIT: Don't gang up; don't hijack the thread either. -PJ
  21. It was mentioned before, and I just happened to agree...the SE mold would work PERFECTLY for an original Stalker figure. Add appropriate colors.. I added that I thought it would serve equally for an original GRUNT, BREAKER, ZAP, Rock-N-Roll and others I'm sure, seeing how they ALL shared the same outfits from those earliest days of G.I.Joe ARAH. MOD EDIT: You need to learn your place. Appeasing VH isn't necessarily a bad thing here. -PJ
  22. I'm not sure which item you're talking about. Go ahead and describe it in more detail if you can. Do you have a pic? -PJ
  23. That's assuming there were only 25 figures planned for release. @smilepunch@ MOD EDIT: now that's flame bait, and was uncalled for! -PJ
  24. I wouldn't call that much of a troop builder pack. If there was only one title character in the set with the rest as armybuilders, then I could get behind it. But right now, I'm hoping for some serious changes on this. - Curious about the jet pack trooper (does this mean a Grand Slam or Starduster is on the list?). - Everyone (including myself) who wanted a Stinger Driver repaint so bad are prolly feeling a bit upset right now. A vehicle pack-in or single carded figure, I could understand. . .but gah. -PJ
  25. Just got back from my 24hr Wal-Mart. They just stocked 'em. On close-up, Neyo's not as bad as I thought. They had three shelves fully stocked in the middle of the floor; not in the actual toy aisle. The Vader w/coin album was there too. -PJ
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