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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/GI-JOE-ARAH-1982-COBRA...1QQcmdZViewItem Okay, this one really has me scratching my head. AFA really approved of this? But he started out loose. . .before he was slabbed! You can't really call it an "accessory error", can you? I mean--seriously. I used to be somewhat suspicious of AFA, now I'm downright paranoid. -PJ
  2. I'm still holding on to the hope it's just a difference in camera quality and lighting when comparing pics. We'll see when they finally arrive. If they're not "Cobra Blue" I'll be just as upset. Never forget the bubblegum Vipers. -PJ
  3. Per the latest review: I agree. I think it's a great idea not only for that reason above, but also: 1. It makes the figures less individualistic. That's good for both army-builders and customizers. 2. This is closely related to the first point, in that it makes the Cobra organization look more fanatical and shows off a sense of. . .cultish loyalty. They gave up their individuality for the sake of the whole. Very-very innovative. -PJ
  4. Don't you mean brown paint? Since Flint's gloves where brown. Sorry, I was staring too long at the 25th prototype that was first featured (see post #63 above). I really fell hard for that one and naively assumed there would be no drastic design changes. But yeah, if I was a real purist, I'd have to go with the brown. -PJ
  5. Look, I'm just quoting the review man. This isn't personal. All I got to go on is the information that you're putting out. Why didn't you include what you just wrote above in the review? Why all the love for the attention to detail on Destro's gauntlets in your previous review, while you blow off Flint's gloves in this one? Either it's "just gloves" or it's an iconic accessory that adds to the character. Make one case or the other. . .and stick to your guns. Either way it's like I said, I agreed with what was written in the first quote, and I'm still buying the figure. No, not really. 1. You can re-think your position and choose to retract the points that I disagreed with. I promise I won't hold your feet to the fire on this. OR 2. You can elaborate what you really meant to say, or point out any flaws in the way I staged the quotes to make my point. OR 3. You can go full steam ahead and assert that the Sunbow toon is in fact the #1. priority template for all the 80s characters over and above the filecards or the comics. See? It's not like I'm trying to pigeonhole you. All I'm saying is: Prove that statement right there. Prove that I'm reading into it "too much". You still have my utmost respect in that you don't abuse your status in the community. And you're somewhat more emotionally stable than most online fans. I'm considering the whole package here, Justin. You're welcome to have the last word on this. And I will listen. Thanks. I'm glad he's finally getting some real recognition after being kicked to the curb all these years. I wish I could be there to ask him to share more about the "iceberg" style of writing (and where the term comes from), or give his opinion why comic writers as a whole don't follow the Wally Wood style much anymore. I also wish I could ask him why Gladstone hasn't yet given him a guest spot writing some Scrooge McDuck stories like he always wanted. But maybe you could do it for me. . .pretty please? -PJ
  6. Anyone know if anyone actually won the contest for this? What was the prize again? -PJ
  7. Yeah the more you think about it, the less it makes sense. Why couldn't they have used Roadblock or Cobra Officer's hands again? Did I miss a Q&A here somewhere? And you totally know that I wouldn't be in the minority here, or reduced to some kind of fringe fan sect, if they had forgotten say. . .Destro's gloves. Or what if they did this to Airtight? Or Snake-Eyes? All I'm sayin'. . . . And in the end when all is said and done, I decided against canceling the pre-order on the 25th Flint (as I once threatened to do). I am determined to buy it and like it. Nothing a little OD green paint won't fix. -PJ
  8. From the Flint review: I agree with this, especially with the glaring omission when compared to the card art. However. . . So while the reviewer(s) agree that it would look better with the gloves (apparently because that's what the first figure had), to them there is really no other reason this would "severely impact" the figure. Or is there? Note the filecard for the 25th Flint has the same secondary MOS as the original. Being really true to the character, this would be a noticeable break with one of the functions this Joe was originally meant to serve most realistically: A rotory wing stick jockey. Stay with me on this. But as the review elaborates further, we get this somewhat telling revelation. . . You mean that half-hour commercial where. . .anyone and indeed everyone could fly an aircraft and even dogs could fly co-pilot on F-14s? Okay, I see where the priorities are now. @grumpy@ Say hi to Larry at the con for me. Oh, wait. Larry who? Nevermind. -PJ
  9. Is the Hasbro Q&A still on? That would make a very good question. Wonder if anyone's already asked that, like at a past con or something? -PJ
  10. Just some quick questions: 1. What would you have thought of the 25th ann. Baroness if she had real rooted hair? 2. What would you have thought of the 25th ann. Baroness if she had say. . .the plastic "poseable" hinged hair, like the Microman Supergirl and Batgirl? -PJ
  11. Thanks, I'd love to. He's everything from an animation expert, to teacher, to all around genius. . .and yet he's no taller than a smurf! @smilepunch@ @loll@ -PJ
  12. Um, didn't anyone else preorder these and then factor it onto their credit card bill after marrying an accountant? Oh is that just me? @smilepunch@ -PJ
  13. obiwanjacoby


    Was that meant to be rude? He's prolly a newb, cut him a break. -PJ I think he's just making a point. Why not ask there? Because he's one of Joecustoms' most active members? @hmmm@ Just a hunch. But judging from the caps, the brevity, and the obvious knowledge he's not willing to share. . .along with the fact that he's not being a very newb-friendly mod, leads me to believe otherwise. Not a difficult or unreasonable conclusion to make. -PJ
  14. obiwanjacoby


    Was that meant to be rude? He's prolly a newb, cut him a break. -PJ
  15. LOL! EDIT: Oh snap! L'Ombrageux already has it! Oh well. . . -PJ
  16. Congrats VH! "You've just taken the first step into a larger world." An 8-inch one, that is. Can't wait to see the customs. The ones from JBL looked great. -PJ
  17. Thanks for the pics, Hawk! Those do look nice. EDIT: Found the info I was looking for, thanks anyway. -PJ
  18. @firedevil@ How utterly delicious and truly evil. Some have been in the online community for 10+ years to establish the coveted "geek rep", now at the con they will have to either bow out of the spotlight altogether. . .or choose sides. @loll@ Truly, only the "best sports" and the "nicest guys" will be in on this one. Those with FLAGG-sized egos just won't be able to deal with the potential public humiliation, the possible loss of online cred, or both. My hats off to whomever came up with this. I'll be rooting for Gen. Hawk, Recondo, C-Jack, and Mark Bellomo. -PJ
  19. Wow, he fits in a FANG? Maybe they really will be 3&3/4" on average. Thanks for the link, Hawk. -PJ
  20. Wow, that is a nice find. How rare is it? Is this a sales sample or a prototype, or what? -PJ
  21. Were any prototype filecards released for this wave? Leo? Hawk? Just wondering. -PJ
  22. Assuming version 1 is the non CG version I actually like that figure. My bad. We were talking about characters after all. I like 'em both. -PJ
  23. Thanks! It finally got taken up last week after sitting there for 7 years in the same room. I decided to put in an office. The Joes will return tho', this time to modular shelves and everything will be more eye-level. I'll take pics when I'm finished. -PJ
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