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  1. What's so whacked out about it? You don't remember debates about other aspects of Joe toy minutia like I dunno. . .laser rifles, laser cannons, jet packs, the windshield on the HISS, STUN cockpits, Siegie uniforms, Viper faceplates, Viper goggles, Frag-Viper cestas, neon paint jobs, action attack, spring-loaded missles, etc. etc. ???? Nooo. . .course not. This is just so different and "whacked out" and "surreal". OMG. @loll@ -PJ
  2. You weren't so positive about the 25th Storm Shadow 6 months ago. As long as you're consistent. How on earth did you come around on so many of these issues? Cripes, you even Photoshopped a diagram! You want I should hook up a PowerPoint presentation? @loll@ Cerebral? No. Dubious? 24/7! C'monnn, you've reconsidered on so many things already. . .the 25th Stormy, Sigma 6, what next? Are you some kind of shill for Hasbro? Hey, don't mind me, it's just my opinion, right? Don't get all threatened now, like I'm wearing socks with my sandals or something. . . Like you said you "don't care" about such historical or practical details. It's a real puzzler why you even care about realism in action figures at all. Of course you do! Why? You just have to! You couldn't do otherwise even if you tried. Oh wait, was Viper Hunter the only member that's exclusively allowed to reply to topics ad nauseum until everyone gets tense and upset? Oh, wait. . .is that a bad thing? I'm just doing this because the other members get to. -PJ
  3. Sure, according to your standards, you seem to see an odd link between the figure and your little picture link. You threatened by men who wear sandals? Does that mean anything? So when you buy it, it's not a ninja to you anymore? Is that what you're saying? What is it then? According to your previous edict in another thread, I think that shows poor imagination. Why no pat on the back for my solution VH? So just cover it up if it makes you feel icky, regardless of history or culture. Good luck on that sandal insecurity thing, maybe you should see a therapist. @loll@ -PJ
  4. Aw hell you're right, you know what, neither do I! IMO, he'd look way better with a lightsaber, a rocket pack, and a radar dish coming out of his head. . .so screw characterization, realism, and continuity! I M a induhpendant thinkr! #US1# @smilepunch@ Am I being imaginative yet? -PJ
  5. From the review: Um, what? @hmmm@ They even have them standing right next to each other. I don't get it. -PJ
  6. Swear I'm not taking this off-topic. This has everything to do with justifying Stormy's sandals. . .or not. One page I went to asserted that zori would never be worn with tabi socks because they made a flapping noise when you walked. But then on another page, I read the following: My working theory? Stormy wears two sets of footwear at once. Remember what your mother told you about not tracking mud into the house? Well, there you go. He enters the target in regular shoes, prepared for the inclement weather and trying to make as little splash as possible. He reaches the target, hides or destroys the sandals and moves in with "clean" feet. Upon escape, he leaves the target with false tracks on the bottom of his socks. -PJ
  7. That one almost sparked a full-blown debate on one of the forums (forgot which one) until someone pointed out that ninjas do indeed wear them for certain reasons. Then the topic faded. . . Me? I don't have a problem either way. -PJ Tried to find the thread so I could cite it, but all I could find was VH posting about how much he hated the 25th Storm Shadow. @loll@ So I found a little wiki (check the history, I promise I didn't alter it or anything): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninja#Associated_equipment See: "sandals" -PJ
  8. That one almost sparked a full-blown debate on one of the forums (forgot which one) until someone pointed out that ninjas do indeed wear them for certain reasons. Then the topic faded. . . Me? I don't have a problem either way. -PJ
  9. My notice just came in from BBTS as well. They also have a link to pre-order the Lady Jaye wave. OMG, I'm saving a ton of gas. . . -PJ
  10. In issue #24 of the Marvel series, the Joes capture Cobra Commander for the first time. When they discuss taking off the helmet, CC cautions them against doing so because the helmet is booby trapped with plastique (he's just that scary). He also uncovers a portion of his helmet to prove he means business. This is also covered in his '87 filecard. And according to the YoJoe 25th figure review apparently, it says this was featured in not only the comic, but the toon as well. I just got done watching alot of the Sunbow series and must have missed it. Still waiting for someone to tell me the episode on that. -PJ
  11. Sorry, I gotta break with some of you guys. But this is my sincere; honest opinion. . .I swear. Please don't freak out. (1.) I. . .like the big gloves. It compensates for other, smaller things. (2.) I really like the clenched fist. DON'T HURT ME!!! While I agree it limits playability, I'm obviously so "trapped" in the CC characterization that all he really should be doing is screaming orders and ultamatums. I imagine there would be some great poses of him sitting on a throne with his fist tightly clenched against the armrest. IMO, it's a unique feature that should be kept to a minimum. Use it only for CC and that's it. (3.) The features on this guy are really great. Love the faceplate/explosives (which episode of the toon was that, anyway?). I like how the front rim of the helmet dips down like that, it make him look SO angry. Although yeah, I gotta agree that the entire helmet looks "too tight" around his head and there's no room for his nose. Thanks for the review, guys! -PJ
  12. No, it's not. In the end, James defers to the filecard as plainly stated. Joes won that day. #US1# This is an "At first we used to, but then we decided to. . ." example. Again, as plainly stated. -PJ
  13. If that's really the way I'm coming across, then I should seriously hang it up then. -PJ
  14. Exactly! I never said Hasbro had a problem with it, just some of the kids. And apparently very few of them at that. -PJ
  15. But it sure made the characters "come alive" and saved alot of time during the sleepover--by not having to hash out what every mystery figure's name, rank, and serial number was. We actually started out where Snake Eyes could talk and Flash had rocket boosters in his shoes. But we needed help. And there was a writer out there who didn't talk down to us. We learned things from those files that we were more readily able to use. Geez, some of it was on the level of a Tom Clancy novel. All that does is encourage imagination, not limit it. "Wow, what the heck is hypoxia?" "I dunno, but now we have to figure out how Ace can fly high enough to get that Strato Viper, any ideas?" "Let's build something out of this McDonal's cup!" "YEAH!" Yeah. . .as a matter of fact, we did just that. @smilepunch@ You saying that's a "bad thing"? We bent a little bit and allowed substitues for established characters that we hadn't bought yet. Say if a kid down the block wanted to bring his Frankenjoe or something. But back in the day, customs was largely viewed as ruining what your own mom bought you (about as bad as an M-80), and so in order to play with us, you had to have the right limbs on the right guy. You saying that's a "bad thing"? That's why no one ordered him that I knew of growing up. And the Steel Brigade trooper filled the role that you're talking about nicely. He was our "loophole". "I gotta?" It's how we played. All I'm arguing for is the right to state it. I blame all of this on Bazooka Syndrome of course. -PJ
  16. I really am not doing this to "push buttons". It all depends on who you're getting your gossip from. Actually, you alluded to it in the same post. See below. * Okay, see. . .here I am being told for the upteenth time that debate is bad. But in order for there to even be a debate, there must be opposing opinions. This is why I draw the conclusions that my opinion is "less valid" according to some in the community. You're merely making me more convinced this is true by these statements. How can I try to get under anyone's skin if it's not too thin to begin with? That was an easy conclusion, no? Why do I elicit so much hostility from editorializing an editorial? After all, apart from the big-scoop-1st-look preview pics, they're about the same thing, right? What you did was a very nice thing. Nothing less, and nothing more. I honestly wouldn't for a minute think it was anything else to make other collectors feel they "owed you" for the very nice things you do. * Af if to say, "I'm not bringing up your rep Paul, but I'm bringing up your rep." LOL! It goes a little something like this: (a.) Forum X encourages discussion, but "debate is bad, don't rock the boat." Naturally, no one sees the huge contradiction in this unwritten rule. (b.) Thus, PJ attempts a little discussion/debate without looking like a troll. After all, he's just discussing. (c.) Debate gets intense and PJ doesn't back down from being ganged-up on by his peers (after all, he's quite used to it already). So it just escalates even more. (d.) PJ looks like a troll because he can't stop finding holes in other's reasoning (though I'm learning to curb that, notice I'm not going after the General's review anymore). (e.) The mod starts getting leaned on, usually from people he's obligated to for favors (this being a collectibles forum and all) and folds to mob demand because they're too angry to effectively reason. (f.) PJ gets banned. (g.) PJ moves on and notices a forum that claims to have an inclusive group of diverse opinions and welcomes discussion. He decides to put down stakes and give it a sincere go. (h.) Wash, rinse, repeat. No problem, I just hope my comments are seen as constructive criticism as well. -PJ
  17. Me and my friends. Yes, we DO exist. Don't deny it. @loll@ Then you're sadly marginalizing those who did. Maybe we saw it within a kind of "Star Wars" structure. On my block, Han Solo stayed the collectors case for a couple years until he was "unfrozen" in '83. Sure it was anal, but we thought "everybody" was doing it that way, and we didn't know there was anyone that played otherwise. Get it? -PJ
  18. 1. You 100% sure about that? 2. This is what I'm talking about. Maybe, but to go that route, you'd have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. "Bad imagination" is an incredibly vague and equally subjective label to throw around (see my previous post). -PJ
  19. No, not blasphemy. . .because there's nothing really to blaspheme. That's the problem. It's just needless confusion about the identity of a toy that was initially sold with an identity. We'll get into discussions about our personal opinions about Joes, but the bottom eventually drops out because we really have nothing to base it on (like you're saying). For example, we complain about the 25th Baroness' more "cartoony" look about her, but we don't have any opposite to argue for other than our own indie creativity and opinion. It cuts both ways, see. I also played Star Wars as a kid, and sure there were a few of us who were "creative enough" to imagine Chewie could speak English and had rocket engines in the holes of feet. But the unwritten rule was that there was some creativity you just didn't share with you buddies. -PJ
  20. Okay, shutting up now. :shivering: I'm just a peon that forgot "my place" in the fan hierarchy there for a sec. @loll@ -PJ
  21. This is actually a prime example of the problem. See from my POV, there's only two interpretations. Hama and. . .everyone else. Why? Because the Marvel comic and toys were their own united canon (see your 2nd paragraph there). The Sunbow toon and DiC had rotating writers and thus, don't constitute an individual entity. That's mandatory? True, you're establishing a trend here. But that still doesn't make it a mandate. My point exactly. My grandfather who served in Italy was neither rocket scientist, nor a team player, but he still became the best sniper in the company. See the difference? While Tripwire is chilly on the job and Wildcard can be trusted with only the toughest of armored vehicles. . .Sunbow Bazooka nearly kills his own team-mates. True! But why should he have to resort to doing that to begin with? Sure, it settles the problem in his mind, but what happens when it comes up against say. . .an opposing opinion online? That's the point I'm making. In 1986, I was part of a childhood "Joe club" of sorts that didn't have every episode of the toon and few comics. So to avoid arguments, we settled on following the filecards to the "T" (yes, really). We didn't have the money to get every comic, and we didn't all sit in front of the TV every-single-day. Between the four of us, we had all the filecards. For us, it served to settle the old, "bang you're dead/no I'm not" dilemma. James: Firefly planted three bombs, who do we have to disarm 'em all? PJ: I got Tripwire. Paul Allen: I got Zap. Jase: Joe team is gonna lose. PJ: Bazooka's an EOD like Tripwire. James: No he's not! He almost blew up Alpine in the toon. He's dumb! That's why I gave him to my little brother. PJ: Lookit the filecard. James (scrambling): Hold on, I think he's under my brother's bed. . .! I agree Pesatyel, I just wish all fans had your level of insight. -PJ
  22. LOL! Okay that was just too funny. My sentiments exactly. What I don't get is the fact that I have this online rep as some kind of crazy, obsessive fan when. . . (a.) I don't run an active fansite. (b.) I don't help advertise the product. (c.) I don't demand extra status or respect when I catalogue something for posterity. (d.) I don't demand extra status or respect when I am the first to review a new or obscure product. Do I appreciate the reviews? Well, I read 'em, and everyone's opinion is indeed equal. . .rrright? @hmmm@ Do I appreciate the pics? Sure I do! What's a review worth without pics? Are they really necessary though? I dunno. I mean, it's okay if you're really-really trying to decide whether you want to buy them or not. If someone feels like they need reimbursement in some form, it's not mine to give. BTW, this is not a hijack, but has anyone seen the movie "Almost Famous"? Yeah, that was one awesome film. - PJ
  23. Never heard of it? Well sure, it's a label I just made up. But I use it to describe something very real that has been in the collective mind of the GIJoe fan community for about the last 20 years or so. Anyone ever notice those little filecards that came on the back of the carded Joe action figure? They were dossiers meant to establish each individual character. Disagree? Please just hear me out for a sec. Take Bazooka for example. According to the filecard, he is a tank driver who has an epiphany about anti-tank weapons. He is a "decisive fast thinker" and a qualified EOD expert. Later on, this well-established; functioning piece of someone else's creativity was reduced to a mere "comedy relief" role in the Sunbow cartoon. This newer, dumbed-down version of Bazooka was barely able to chain a coherent thought together, much less disarm a simple bomb. Now then, can anyone tell me which version of Bazooka was the most memorable? Correct. The one that got the most "airtime", regardless of the individual who originally established it. This leads most, if not all in the fan community to think, "Well, this is the true Bazooka." Hence, Bazooka Syndrome: The cognitive dissonance in the overall Joe fan community. Tell them the filecards were first; someone is bound to blow a fuse. But there's a small minority of us Joe fans out there that sincerely believe when someone firmly establishes a fictional character continuity, it is a real poke in the eye when someone else comes along and hijacks it to suit their own purposes. Especially in cases of parallel fictional mediums (comic vs. toon). Whether it's for commercial reasons or not, it doesn't matter. Making sudden and arbitrary changes with character continuity destroys the audience's suspension of disbelief, changing the character(s) in question to mere visual templates to empty and then refill. They become fuzzy concepts without any "soul" other than the "writer du jour's" whim of the day. So then as you may have already noticed, "Bazooka Syndrome" is a rampant well-established POV in the Joe community that is (sad to say) a potential source of conflict and misunderstanding among individual fans. To many collectors, it doesn't matter at all if a Joe was originally fully fleshed-out on a typewritten sheet of paper, edited for content, and then turned into the main "selling point" to a child in a toystore. This is exactly how it was in my case growing up. Let's be honest here. Not everyone bought the figure just to get the most accessories. Many kids like myself bought the figure for who they were on the back. And as you can well imagine. . .this was a little upsetting later on when we watched the toon. Even at that young age, some of us indeed felt a bit of bait & switch was in play. @grumpy@ Furthermore, fans like myself took even more notice when the DiC series came along. "Because they were GIJoe too" ??? Well, at most perhaps in name only. In my opinion, DiC fans represent those with the most severe case of Bazooka Syndrome. And of course, this problem isn't limited to just GIJoe. You can see it in all forms of movie, cartoon, and pop-fiction. It's really not even a problem when you're talking about characters that have been around for 50+ years like say. . .Superman or Batman. As always, change happens. I can easily concede to that. But the complaint from many in my (teenie tiny) camp is that it's detrimental when the change comes too quickly and in a more radical fashion than you would imagine. So in cases of parallel continuity conflict, the winner is the one with the most mass appeal, and not necessarily the best writer (or even the creator himself). LOL, does this make any sense at all, or am I coming across like a nut again? -PJ
  24. Please-please don't become another one of "those" fans and jump to the easiest concusion available. That's just not the way it is. These really are my true; honest feelings on the matter. I thought you were emotionally above all this Justin; I still think you are. And as previously stated, I'm letting you have the last word. I really didn't mean to hit a nerve and I'm not going to argue any of your conclusions or explanations. Take care. -PJ
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