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  1. It's towards the end of it and parallels Ken's take on it. To sum up, Hasbro lost everyone that were originally attached to the oldskool ARAH Joes, and the 90s became a policy of "play it safe" copycat maneuvers. I think there's also a section in there talking about Kirk Bozigian taking his kid to a toystore in the early 90s and noticing his disinterest in the Joes. If I recall correctly, it's somewhere between the covers where it first mentions TMNT and Power Rangers. Yeah Derryl is a nice guy, isn't he? -PJ
  2. :puts on Karnak hat: I predict the SDCC giveaway will be either a little comic book detailing the plot surrounding the convention set, or one will be later included as an add-on to the con set, kind of like the little VvV comics. The con filecards seem to allude to a more extensive back-story just begging to be told. Furthermore. . .Trimpe and Hama are special guests. Who would pass up an opportunity like that? -PJ
  3. ZOMG! They PUT UP THE FILECARDS!!! Someone up there must really like me. Is that the same Doc from the DD comic? EDIT: Ohhh. . .she's from Reloaded, an "alternate Joe-universe" version of Doc, like the Ultimate Marvel Universe continuity. She's so good, she can cure the zombie virus!!! @loll@ Her FC text is a fun read. And like Gun stated above, it's pretty realistic. And before anyone scoffs at the "family relation" angle, it's actually more realistic than you think. It's not uncommon for an entire family of doctors to work in the same hospital, especially minorities. No, I can't prove this, HIPAA won't let me. Just take my word for it. That part of her file only adds to the realism. The female trooper cards are pretty kewl, but they need someone to proofread and re-edit. -PJ
  4. I dunno...it STILL advertises them as being appropriate for ages 5+?? @hmmm@ Foul! Objection! Flag on the field! Prosecution is using a safety warning to argue against the changing culture of child recreational development. @nono@ 15 yard penalty. $15 fine. @smash@ @smilepunch@ -PJ
  5. I think this is the part where someone asks VH if he's read Toy Wars. @hmmm@ -PJ
  6. I dunno, but they've been floating around online for several years now. The last time I saw them, someone was selling these as T-shirts on ebay. -PJ
  7. Yeah, she does. I do so love the medics especially. And they're getting alot of seriously great mileage on that Lady Jaye torso! Those accessories are so awesome. Who's designing these things??? It's like they read my mind! She's even wearing a freaking caduceus and the orange cross!!! The only problem is. . .the Doc in my Joe-verse isn't dead!!! @cry@ What am I gonna do? What if the filecard continuity lists her as a. . .replacement??? I'm pretty anal about that. Crap-in-a-hat. @grumpy@ -PJ
  8. Y'know, I'm gonna READ that interview, because I honestly admit to not being very informed about the industry. -PJ
  9. Wow thanks guys, if it weren't for the hijackers, this thread would have died a long time ago. . . -PJ
  10. See previous thread. . .which discusses the figures. -PJ
  11. They could make the Jaye design based on the cover from Yearbook #2. Sorry, I can't find a big enough pic. But if you got that issue (the poster is a better example), you'll notice her hair's not only a bit longer--but she's also got a head that would accomodate a removable hat. Win-win. -PJ
  12. "Flight of the Navigator" . . .? I haven't seen it. Can anyone confirm? Also found an old thread. http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?showtopic=1953870 Also, this would make a sweet YouTube montage with all the relevant clips in one video. -PJ
  13. Nice, those are new to me. Oh, I forgot one! Theres a few shots in Robin William's TOYS with aisle displays of the 90s vehicles. I remember seeing the Battle Wagon in that. -PJ
  14. Oh no. It's not as rare as I was led to believe! I wanna white one. Knowing my luck, I'd get stuck with a black one. Sorry if I mislead you there, Preach. It wasn't intentional. Heresay on new items and all that. You know how it goes. -PJ
  15. Here's a message I got, and I decided to share for everyone else's benefit. See, this whole time I'd been using Buy It Now on Ebay up until recently. Hard to keep track of all these changes when you're not on there all the time. @grumpy@ -PJ
  16. Did you want one to open? If so, then sell the variant while it's still hot. -PJ
  17. So I'm bidding on an item. Dude comes in an outbids me. I look to see who the competition is and. . .the bidder's ID is private. #WTF# But mine isn't! It's not a private auction! Furthermore, while the guy I'm bidding against doesn't have a name, his rating is over 1000-5000. So how do I know for sure that the seller isn't shilling? Or that the lister isn't the front for the shill? -PJ
  18. @doh@ VH; EKB, both your points are very well put. I totally spaced those details for a minute there and needed a reminder. I'll have to think of another reason why the designers made the decisions they made articulation-wise. Makes me wonder what the Q&A will look like at the con this year. -PJ
  19. AWESOME!!! @bounce@ @bananna@ This is something I've always wanted to see in the YoJoe archives for posterity's sake! The figure line really made a mark on the culture in so many ways. I know a few other fans that would kill to see all Joe references in other media on one site. I'll have to add this FANTASTIC FIND to the list then. - That one movie with Fred Savage (The Boy Who Could Fly). - That one ep. of Diff'rent Strokes with Danny Cooksey playing with Joes. - Then there's a couple more out there that I forgot. Help me out here. Please get some more pics up. This would make a truly original Joe site all on it's own. -PJ
  20. After thinking about this, the "old vs. new" debate is hazier than I thought. If you were comparing an '82 SA Grunt with say, Major Barrage on figure quality alone, then you would have a clear winner. But what if you took say, a VvV Alley Viper and compared it to say. . .Gnawgahyde or Outback v1? The quality winner would go to oldskool. Then the new vs. old argument would be nothing but a comparison of raw numbers and "hits" versus "misses". Poor QC, paint, and/or proportions may be the downfall of many of the new, but raw nostalgia is the bane of the old. Don't forget that numbers of characters and versions made are unbalanced between the two eras as well. Annihilators, anyone? #yuk@# -PJ
  21. people would be swapping them either way, regardless of whether it was the officer or trooper. I am more excited to hear the NCAA 08 is out already! must get to the store a satiate my football fix! Don't you believe the swapping would be less prevalent though, if the Trooper were on a card, as opposed to the 5-pack? Don't you believe the trooper in the 5-pack actually adds to the temptation to swap? -PJ
  22. This response isn't really directed at El Kabong (tho' he's welcome to weigh-in), but his comment made me question exactly who the whole line was directed at. Sure, we know that the 25th was aimed at "collectors", but could it possibly be that it was aimed more towards carded/MISP fans, as opposed to loose collectors? Because I'm wondering how much personal exposure Hasbro designers actually have had to loose collectors and/or customizers, and whether this affects their decisions with the figure designs. EDIT: But then that's going OT, apologies. -PJ
  23. The paint job on him looks especially good. @cool@ If there's one thing I can't stand, is a customizer who goes to all the work to get some really nice parts together. . .and then slaps on a sloppy-assed paint job. But you sir, went the distance on this and we appreciate it. ##1# -PJ
  24. @loll@ Oh - HO! She's gonna have to borrow Big Boa's. -PJ
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