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  1. I don't usually post the "first Joes" stories myself, but since everyone else is doing it. . .here goes. I'm part of the Star Wars generation. Practically cut my teeth on the '77 figures. And the first Joes I ever saw were from the TV commercial preview for the comic. I was at my friend Paul Perry's house. I was stunned. I had to scrape my jaw off the floor. It was a modern day good vs. evil story that was even more plausible than Star Wars' claim of "this could all be happening. . .right now." Then the commercial for the figures hit shortly thereafter. Wow. They all had names and abilities that our veteran uncles and grandfathers never talked about. My friend Paul got his Joes first. Flash and Snake-Eyes. No, they didn't look very realistic, but Paul was a little older than me and kept selling me on it. He'd read the filecards like Orson Welles or a TV announcer. "A Commando is a guy who goes out at night by hisself on covert missions to sabotage stuff! I'll be him! He's wearing black so he won't be detected. You can be Flash, he knows everything about electronics and lasers!" Yeah, I liked lasers and I didn't complain. Paul was the leader of our club and a total military enthusiast; he knew what Uzis and M-16s were. That was a huge deal for a generation that hadn't heard of The A-Team yet. I thought, "Okay, I don't know much now, but I could learn to play war really well if I lissen to him and read all the filecards." Paul, James, Jeff, myself. . .we didn't want to just play Army. Any idiot could do that with a stick and a bucket on their head. We wanted to know Army so we could play it better. Tell better stories. The filecards were kept safely with the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Mork and Mindy bubblegum cards. That shoebox was CLASSIFIED!!! What was Project Gamma?!?? What the hell was an M-1911A1?? It sounded HUGE! We didn't have Grunt yet, so we imagined that the more letters and numbers, the bigger the gun) What was a Ka-Bar, an or-di-nance, an artillery azimuth. . .and why was it all important? Then we got issue #2 and #3 of the comic. Tons of info there for the impressionable youngster! I was convinced that this is how it really is! We didn't have a VCR yet, so the comics and files were just as good, if not better than a TV show or movie. That's the wave we rode at the time. And every day we'd watch the toy and comic commercials praying for a Saturday morning Joe toon that was just like the comic. (well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad). The first 2 Cobra figures hadn't been released in my town yet, and getting enough flag points for the mail-order CC was a ways off (we kept losing them). So the GIJoe team fought, "The Bad Guys" from the Sgt Rock line (still got one of 'em). Then I finally got my first Joe. It was Short Fuse. I didn't know what he did, I just thought the card art looked really complicated and technical. I wanted the most detailed, most unique Joe I could get to add to the realistic play environment with my other friends. Who remembers "choosing up" characters when they were a kid? We did that. I wanted my own Joe so I wouldn't get stuck with Snake Eyes, who didn't talk. If you were Snake Eyes, you couldn't talk. That was the rule. So I finally had Short Fuse, but I didn't even know what a Mortar was. So I asked my grandmother. She brightened up real quick and said my (step)grandpa Bud might know something about Short Fuse, "Go ask him." Grandpa Bud didn't talk to me much. He watched Price is Right, the soaps, and then he'd go play pool or work on his classic cars. But when I asked him about Short Fuse, that was the first day my grandfather actually talked and interacted with me. He served on a mortar team in WWII (my real grandpa was a sniper). But Grandpa Bud knew all about small field artillery, its assembly, the charts, and why artillery was so important. I was really impressed that I had the only Joe on the block that could shoot over hills and walls and stuff. There would only be a handful of other times my grandfather would talk to me like that before he died of colon cancer. One of those times was when he assembled my first Dragonfly copter. So yeah. To me, my Joes are very much "alive" in a sense (thanks Larry) and that's why I'm so personally attached to the old ARAH. . .how about you? -PJ
  2. I'm pretty sure "sandwich" and "mayo" is code for something. . .isn't it? @hmmm@ Hey, I've proven I can play fair. And it takes two to tango. I can keep this civil and still express an opinion that is truly a part of my own fully fleshed stack of convictions. Some would want to mischaracterize my motives away from the issues. I don't want that. I'm yanking the ostrich's head out of the fanboy hole. My "agenda" is much more extensive than others would have you believe. -PJ
  3. Thanks man, back on track. Crystal. When GIJoe made the switch from the 12" "blank-Barbie-counterpart-fighting-tabula-rasa" (with a handful of vehicles) to many 3&3/4" inch "individuals" with loads of vehicles. . .it was taken to a different level. That level was media and fixed individual characterization. It's not about accessories, level of detail. . .or a vague, subjective, (dare I say "liberal") non-objective "coolness factor". You can get that anywhere. All that does is serve to further confuse the issue. GIJoe went from a blank slate to media-based character because Hasbro was following the trend of media based characters (see: Star Wars). The most necessary addition to that was the comic and the cartoon as "bargain basement movie tie-ins" to put the figure up and over the 12" Joe. Instead of a "Barbie-based" blank slate, you now had a "real" American hero that you could actually look up to. Why do you think they had to add disclaimers to the filecards later on? Thus, the movie is going to be the one factor to take it to the next level. Since '82 the toy is, and has always been the secondary accessory to the character*, and not the other way around. If you're not into the mythos, you're just one of a million in the larger pool of generic toy soldier enthusiasts. But that's not just my opinion, that's where it's going. And I hope it's as successful as Transformers is now. -PJ *EDIT: This should not be in any way confused with the GIJoe property or brand label itself. While ARAH is made of trademarked characters, they are still separate entities under the brand name.
  4. So. . .are you saying you're in it for the vehicles? Because I don't see the connection with your initial question and the way you answered it. -PJ
  5. What I don't understand are the opinions of certain fans who: 1. Have stated no interest, emotional investment, or attachment to any current wave that comes along. 2. Have stated no interest, emotional investment, or attachment to the ARAH mythos. Whether it's the toon or comics/filecards. 3. Claim to have a vague; subjective attachment regardless (to validate their existence), but continually fail to define exactly what that is. The dossiers and character development are what separated GIJoe ARAH from being just another generic army man. Giving each one a "soul" is what revolutionized them in '82. The size was only a secondary matter to the Star Wars generation. You can argue articulation and accessories and gimmicks all day, but that's not what kept ARAH going for over a decade. Where do you think dossiers on the backs of all the other figures in the 90s came from? There's alot of better looking, more durable, more realistic 1:18 scale toy soldiers out there (BBI for example). But is it possible to have any valid participation here if one is so flaky on all of the above, but at the same time hangs on so desperately to their "fan in name only" status? -PJ
  6. The 25th line is a fusion of both Hasbro and fandom. This has what the line has been evolving into for some time now. Kids that used to play with the figures are now the ones designing them. The problem is that many are in denial about this little nugget. There is an underlying conflict beween (a.) fans, (b.) fans who have ascended to legitimate "player" status, and (c.) the wanna-bes in between who like to warp this fundamental truth. Most of fandom is in denial about this, but it pretty much covers the action figure spectrum. Star Wars made the transition easily (just copy the movie as close as possible and borrow from EU.), Transformers maintains mostly a fan following that can keep up with the latest model (Beast Wars, RID, Alternators, Michael Bay, etc.). This has a direct impact on how the figure is designed, received, and then reconsidered for another wave of release. Think about it. You can't have this debate without considering these core fundamentals that form the basis of our business relationship with Hasbro. It's more complex now than simply "us vs. them" & "old vs. new". -PJ
  7. He's been on some kind of winning streak with TNI's edition of his Shortpacked strip ever since the mid-40s or so. Number 48 was especially great! @loll@ Thumbs up! -PJ
  8. The review from YoJoe magazine seems to have overlooked it as well, despite mentioning the re-used weapons. My other question is if they're really aware of the history ^^^ on that visor. The review appears to hint at it, but then it could just be a guess. What was the name of that World War I museum again? I bet Mark Bellomo would know. I gotta get around to getting that book of his. . .bet it's in there. EDIT: No, I'm not nuts, It's just that I should have taken notes during my conversations. It just so happens that during WWI, they were still using plate armor and visors on something of a limited scale. http://www.diggerhistory.info/pages-equip/...emet-experi.htm The rumor is that Kirk Bozigian (or one member of the Hasbro '85 design team) was at a WWI museum in Europe when he came across a similar helmet with a black iron slotted visor. This is then what became the model for the '85 SE visor. Or so the rumor goes. If anyone cares, I'd love to hear it confirmed. -PJ
  9. Hm, during the entire time the 25th collection was being hyped, I never noticed anyone complaining about the re-used mold for Timber. Maybe it was a little blurb on like. . .a really old post. Or. . .maybe no one noticed. I have to admit that I didn't realize this myself until the 25th collection arrived on my doorstep. I actually had to pull out SE version 23 for comparison just to make sure. --And as of 7/16 YoJoe.com doesn't even mention it. Even though they note the re-use of the parts for SE v.28. But then, they're submitted by different archivists (?). Nah. . .of course they know. It's just too obvious. No worries. No wait on the update. It'll be taken care of. -PJ
  10. Too big you think? I can't tell, I don't have that version of Bludd or Balrog. I think between him and Zap, Lt. Moore got the better looking rocket launcher. -PJ
  11. @loll@ Okay, I get it now. Didn't before this figure was revealed. -PJ
  12. I really think that a lot of people that collect MOC are gonna hate these Joe figures. Seems to me that just about all of them I've seen so far have creased right sides. Doesn't really bother me since I don't collect MOC, but I know it can be frustrating for those that do. To try ease everyone's fears a little, I got mine in today from BBTS and all the cards are flawless. I didn't even order their carded-collector's upgrade. . .or whatever that is. @bounce@ -PJ
  13. The back of Clutch's jacket. That's just a beautiful touch right there. Love it. -PJ
  14. Agreed. I like the little details too, like on the buckles. -PJ
  15. AWESOME JOB! Thank you! I have to say I'm very impressed with the dedicated response to this. Thanks again! -PJ
  16. Great job! Fun read. Your contribution to the site is greatly appreciated. -PJ
  17. Here's one you might not have yet (hat tip to bloodforthebaron.com). I'll be on the lookout for more originals for ya. -PJ
  18. And with all due guilt-tripping aside, all I'm saying is, just finish opening your damn figures already, and get back here quick as you can to writing your great American novel. We're all breathless with anticipation. -PJ
  19. Just keep that thought and we'll be fine, okay? Ohhh. . .don't make me break out the quotes. But in this case, no one really wants to debate with you because most of your points (when boiled WAY down; trimming the melodrama) are pretty much the same issues with the figures that everyone else is having. Those that have issues, that is. Simply because you obsess with continually having to editorialize all the time, and always at 5 times the ratio of other members' posts. My past attempts to match your need to hog the spotlight with equiv. posting just infuriates the mods, which underscores my point nicely. Play dumb about my motives all you want and keep attempting to psychoanalyse me. Anything is better than career-oriented attention-whoring. @soap@ Sorry, I forgot this was VH's own private blog that totally revolves around him. Wait, I forgot. . .it actually is!!! @loll@ -PJ
  20. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 Am I looking in the wrong place? If it's not in the archives. . .think it'll ever make it there? -PJ
  21. One side of me is actually relieved to read this, because it shows you're mature enough to admit that. That line there is probably worth more than everything you've ever written, mate. The OTHER side of me is cringing at the prospect of reams and reams worth of more ranting. One volume-per-figure as each one is opened! It's like opening The Seventh Seal or something. @loll@ I'm spinning the scroll-wheel on my mouse so much, you're making my fingers cramp! @smilepunch@ -PJ
  22. I was thinking about getting the scenes all together on one long YouTube vid. But I don't know how to do that. . .yet. -PJ
  23. Cool! I was going to say that Charles still you got was from season 1, but you figured that out. I noticed it had the actors that were later replaced. Here's the rest of the candidates from the other thread: Toys 1992 (scene in a toy store) BIG (Tom Hanks) At least an additional ep. of Diff'rent Strokes (that's gonna be tough) Rosanne (apparently DJ is playing with a couple) Pump Up The Volume (Sgt Slaughter) Uncle Sam The Cure (1995) "I'm with Busey" (TV show featuring JvC figures if anyone cares) Look Who's Talking 2 (commercial on TV) Indian in the Cupboard (not sure about this one) Pulse 1988 Haggard (2003 Indie film) That's all I got. -PJ
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