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  1. Keeping with Arrow's train of thought here. When ARAH was first in the R&D stage, they had: - A basic figure design and scale to compete with Kenner (that's you profit angle). - An articulation and sculpting angle to try to surpass the quality of Kenner. - A marketing plan that had to compete with Kenner. So now the question is. . . 1. What exactly was that marketing plan, and who's responsible for its success? 2. Moreover, who in that marketing group came up with Cobra? Since GIJoe was all Hasbro could think of. Hasbro never invented Cobra. -PJ
  2. Not unless I was given a fair chance to prove that this connected directly to the old vs. new debate. And it does. . .if I am given the opportunity to state my case. -PJ
  3. Yes, we're still on-topic. This will all snap back into focus just fine if I can get a fan to answer my easy question without me arm-twisting or making anyone feel icky or uncomfortable. And it will land on an objective non-idealogical point if I'm given half the chance and not prematurely banned or something. -PJ
  4. Thank you Arrow. I'm impressed. Almost gave up there. Good, hold that thought for a sec. Good!!! GREAT!! Run with that! Now who came up with that idea? You mean in 1980? Okay, but how did they "capture" that same essential spirit? You're saying a theme song and that's it all the way up to the '82 release? We're still missing something very obvious here. -PJ
  5. I'm pretty relieved as well. I was hoping it would be either a red ninja or like the blue ninja-viper. -PJ There's no possible way this "Red Ninja" is Jinx right? If I'm not mistaken she was originally red? Ooo! I didn't think of that. That would be cool. -PJ
  6. See above. I made a change-up in tone, so now everyone can participate in a more relaxed manner. -PJ
  7. Okay. . .let's try the same thing from a different angle. :erasing blackboard: It's 1979. You're a member of Hasbro R&D. Your company is planning a new incarnation of GIJoe. All you've known is the original 12" Joes, Adventure Team, and Super Joe. There's an oil crisis going on that effects the cost of plastic and you really wanna compete with Kenner and their little 3&3/4" Star Wars figures. The profit maker is the space ships and playsets. So you want to incorporate all that into your new vision for GIJoe. Based on the production history that you all have claimed to read in books, magazines, and interviews, what is missing from the above scenario and why? -PJ
  8. I'm pretty relieved as well. I was hoping it would be either a red ninja or like the blue ninja-viper. -PJ
  9. It is stupid. Hence my complaining. Who cares? The members who'd like to participate here without getting their own personal opinions or fan preferences bashed. You never noticed the members who just float in and float out after being pushed around by the jocks in the locker room? Correct. And it's just not a fair comparison. More visible and tangible effort was put into the 25th than VvV, and it's meant to depict the characters in the most iconic way possible. These are the action figure versions of the Palisades busts, IMO. Or at least to say, with the 25th's minor flaws, this is the same effort that is attempted as the Palisades busts. So then, I shouldn't be allowed to overanalyze it. . .? Am I making you uncomfortable? Sorry about that, but there are other members here who make me just as upset as you appear to be in your post. You just made a sweeping generalization about the motives of the company who designs the figures. The figures that are now being designed by fans who you are accusing me of overanalyzing. -PJ
  10. I'm guessing it's either a giveaway comic for the 25th convention set, or a remake of the '83 Viper Glider. As for the latter, it's just a shot in the dark, but (a.) it's not a figure, (b.) it might be cheaper to produce than a comic, and (c.) it's compact enough to be made into a mass giveaway item. -PJ
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 Take note of the bid history in particular! What the hell is that. . .??? @eyerise@ -PJ
  12. Good, I agree. This ^^^ means then. . .that these people would then have no reason for liking something. That's all I'm saying. I am only calling a spade a spade here. However, the 25th anninersary collection is a "looped" collectible that is intimately connected to the original ARAH characters. It's an homage thing. Many even claim to see aspects of the Sunbow toon in them. You see it clearly as well. Aren't we allowed to oppose and argue against individuals that do just that? Why is it that some are allowed to rub my nose in their opinions and I can't give pound-for-pound? -PJ
  13. Sorry, you need to re-configure the example. Cartooning is a medium that takes many-many forms. It's even blurred with standard animation so much that it's hard to tell where one begins or ends. Cartoons do not have an inherent subject matter or premesis other than that which is created with the cartooning form. I'm saying that either there is a cartoon you do like or it hasn't been made to your standard yet. But at least being in the business you would be able to define that standard against something? Uh, I had asked you earlier if. . . But at the same time it drives the chef nuts. You're putting the food he spent years in school to prepare on the same level as well, a sammich with Miracle Whip. This assertion means that I can simply claim. . .well, anything. I can claim to be a fan of Pink Floyd without having listened to a single track. Of course no one really has to know unless they start quizzing me. I can claim it all day, but in the end I wouldn't be honest with myself. Oh, by the way. . .which one's Pink? See above. And you're also arguing the point retroactively with AT. ARAH has things that Hasbro deliberately implemented into the toyline that AT never had. Well, it's a good thing I'm taking the argument only one direction then, isn't it? So you're saying that if I claim to be a fan, I can endlessly poop on anything at will, 100% free of risk of confrontation? I think if I did that, then it would be only fair for others to question, "Gee, wonder if PJ's as much of a fan as he claims to be." Only fair. -PJ
  14. while agree with that 100%, at some point, for any conversation to really have any meaning, topics need to be discussed objectively, and not dependent on subjective criteria such as opinions. the figures themselves should be the point of conversation, not our opinions. RIGHT! That's all I'm saying. I could be a total weasel and spend all day here hitting and running, hitting and running--to tear down the figures with nothing more than "sucks", "cool" and "you're stifling my right to opinion." That's all I need. It's manipulative and inflammatory. -PJ
  15. Not at all. Allow me to clarify. They can't say they suck at the same level of "suckery". That is to say, they would have to try much harder to make a hate list on a 25th Cobra Trooper than they would for a VvV Alley Viper or butt-plug Duke. -PJ
  16. See above. Hope it makes more sense now. -PJ
  17. That's a part of it. But you're also a fan of the characters, right? I don't think you see the same absurdity that I do. For example. I have an in-law that I met at a family reunion. He was wearing the Superman shirt with the big "S" logo on it. So, attempting to strike up a conversation, I asked him if he was into Superman. "No, not really." He said. #WTF# He just thought wearing the shirt looked, "cool". So you have a valid point in the sense that while "aesthetic fans" do exist, that's all they are. I'm not trying to start a "true fan" argument (gawd forbid). What I am saying is that hypothetically, if you don't care about the characters, toss the files in the trash, and hate on anything new that comes out. . .what are you here for? Why even bother to participate in the new threads? Why not just discuss the old Joe threads? If I were doing such a thing, my only conclusion would be that I am: (a.) Possibly starved for attention. OR (b.) On a single-minded campaign to "tear down" everything due to my sense of. . .[blank]. "Nostalgia" perhaps? @hmmm@ That can't be it. But the problem with the nostalgia motive though, is some of these guys never even played with the figures to begin with. So then one could only conclude that this is a some new form of embedded troll. Hate for hate's sake. The opportunity to play a dominant role in any online community that will permit it. Take myself for example. I was an adolescent when the first wave of TMNT figures came out. Aesthetically speaking, I think they're all "cool" and everything, but I don't follow the comics, the toon, or the plot. I have even been tempted to buy the figures a few times just because oh, I dunno. . .I think they "look cool." Does that make me a TMNT fan though, just because I would slap a few bucks down on a figure or a logo T-shirt? I think. . .such a claim would be dishonest, that being simply my own opinion with all opinions being equal. Furthermore, for me to still dishonestly claim to be a TMNT fan and then to go on the TMNT boards just to tear apart their latest waves and other fans who like 'em. . .would be the absolute height of douchebaggery. But to exceed even that level of rudeness? Wow, I'd have to really have a pair to actually guilt-trip anyone and everyone who questions me by saying essentially, "How dare you question another fan?" -PJ
  18. Same here. I'm still trying to digest it. "Afro Kabuki" -PJ
  19. I agree completely. Whereas I have a sincere childhood nostalgic attachment to the old figures (down to the O-rings and rivets), I'm not blind to the fact that the 25th toys are an homage to the characters at a level of detail that the old figures couldn't reach at the time. I had an art instructor in college that told me something that I'll never forget. "You must learn to separate your ability to recognize skill from your personal preferences." The oldskool ARAH is like family to me, but at the same time I give credit where credit is due on the 25th figures. The designers are fans like we are (some even the same age in fact) and they busted their asses on this project. It's incorrect to mischaracterize them as cigar chomping middle-aged execs who are "out-of-the loop" just looking for a buck. I think this time they really did it for the fans and put in some of the same love that Kirk, Wayne, and Larry put into the originals. -PJ
  20. If I'm hearing you right, it's as if some wish to make mountains out of molehills. I agree that arguing a few minor flaws with the 25th figs (like say, Flint's gloves) are not even within the ballpark of comparison with say. . .a VvV Alley Viper. Nitpick? No problem. "SUCKS". . .? Well now then you're just being silly. Remember that in order to push a personal negative agenda, it is necessary to wildly exaggerate the little flaws in the thing you wish to attack. http://www.shortpacked.com/d/20070528.html Throw-away one-word labels and stuff like that. -PJ
  21. Well, in my opinion. . .when you're in a forum where there are no absolute opinions, then the only wrong opinion is the one pushed on everyone else as an absolute (i.e. a vain power-trip). http://www.shortpacked.com/d/20070502.html Thus, as an individual--I am totally free to assert that fans who continually claim to have no emotional ties to ARAH render their own opinions invalid. I can also assert that fans who claim to have no emotional ties to the product, but at the same time post here every day, are displaying the most absurd form of contradictory (or if you choose "irrational") behavior. -PJ
  22. Open da damn thing! There's a spot, on the left-hand side, where there's a back troop hatch and a side hatch--the two compartments are open and connected. That lil' space there between them is one of those sweet spots. Makes me all shivery. YEAH!!! And there's one on the other side where if you stand a Joe on the peg, close it up, and then push a button. . .the Joe "jumps out" to attack! I agree it's really one of the best vehicles in a long time. -PJ
  23. You said it Jack! They thought I was acting ridiculous about Flint's gloves. . .ain't seen nothin' yet! @horse@ -PJ
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