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  1. I saw the pics and his helmet looks different from all the online pics of Neyo that I've seen. The areas around Neyo's nose and face smooth, rounded off, and concave on the sides in his movie app. But the face on the figure's helmet has squared off; sharp corners. Looks very different. -PJ
  2. Dang, the anticipation is killing me!!! I love these threads. I'm also a real geek for those "ID this accessory" threads too, but that's just me. -PJ
  3. Weren't these pics on Entertainment Earth like. . .a week or so ago? -PJ
  4. Great link! Thanks a ton! Love it! -PJ
  5. That'd be cool. But I won't be disappointed either if they do release him early. I just don't think he was utilized to his full potential. Not only that, but they'd ruin the storylines even if they tried. The toon version was kinda silly with all the screaming and the steroids and stuff. I liked the comic version, but IMO as an aggregate clone of all those conquerors, he should have completely taken over the world. He was more of a superhero villain really. I think they had to "dumb him down" a bit so the Joes could take him out. Yeah, and turning him into a heavy to wrestle with Slaughter really was "out there" I agree. -PJ
  6. Does the DD series really "count" in this consideration? Heh, I hope not. Killing her off really bugged me. As for Serpentor, I don't really mind, but I hope they go all-out with the '86 art design. . .with mesh cape and such. -PJ
  7. Thing brought up a good point there. I wonder if we'll see any Joes that died in the comic. Since Lady Jaye has a fair shot, why not Doc? -PJ
  8. And JoeRhyno tags me with the flamebait. It was my choice, it was "just for fun," and it's not about tooling costs (which I never argued for anyway). You're ruining the thread VH, and you're campaigning again. -PJ
  9. That site is a personal fave of mine, glad to hear you're colorizing it. Some of the best comic stories ever are on that page. I loved the sense of real danger that the AF series tried to invoke. It seemed like good guys got shot up almost as much as the villains; really intense stuff. For example: In Operation Shield, Scarlett is acting as bodyguard for some VIPs and she loses alot of teammates, some of whom would have even made very interesting Joes in their own right. I also think that the AF comics had the best rendition of the origin of the Baroness. It really played up the "student radical" angle and reflected the US filecard quite well. Full force, lads! -PJ
  10. Wouldn't Snake Eyes Body work for Stalker & Zap as well? Triple savings! Nope nope. Because I said so. -PJ
  11. Lady Jaye Stalker Viper (with removable helmet) Zap (with little moustache) Rock & Roll (Snake Eyes' body with detachable bandolier straps) -PJ
  12. So I guess here's what we're down to. . . I'd agree with those above and support an end to this thread as well MOD EDIT: took out all the flame bait.
  13. "A-hem" According to whose standard? What if some of us thought that your agenda-driven repetition has gotten out of hand? Would it be fair to say it's the same on both sides? Well, as they say, "When in Rome. . ." If you can spend countless pages of text to it, so can we. This got out of hand long before I got here. You say you're just stating your opinion. Okay. But I noticed you state that opinion far more repetitively than anyone else. Your "from-the-stump" posting is a hard-sell meant to campaign a knee-jerk luddite hatred against Hasbro. That much is quite clear. As Pesatyel said, the #1 rule is to criticise. ORLY? Have you ever once stopped to think that criticism is sometimes "criticism just for its own sake?" It's one thing for Joebagodonuts Joe Collector to state his take on a new figure two or three times, but for VH, Pesa, and the rest of the gang, it's the criticism itself that is the true hobby. The posts and their monotonous frequency speak for themselves. When you "state your case" as a tool for being the loudest majority to cover up your minority status, then it does become political. The goal is to advertise one agenda the loudest and the longest; the toys come dead last. True, we are arguing an aesthetic which is purely subjective. And since we all understand that, why is there this tiny handful of old men in the art gallery coming in day in and day out to blast 2 or 3 particular pieces? And the same pieces at that. The drum-beating alone provokes others to wonder what their true motives are, because they sure are grabbing an inordinate amount of time and bandwidth to merely "share their opinion," while others are content with much less. So the question is, "Why must Viper Hunter be heard so much more often than other posters?" We can't simply change the channel, because when the subject comes up, he's on every channel. So in the end, a fair, civil, objective, and opposing view needs to be there. Still diverting VH? Your opponents have evolved their tactics. Well, you were close to a "light bulb moment" when you said it doesn't make any sense. Why? Because They didn't re-use the entire Duke mold. You have a case for torso and legs; that's still not 100%. You're stretching the truth to suit your anti-Hasbro agenda. Then why do you campaign as though this really were a vote amongst the fandom? Why are your negative opinions repeated so hard and so extensively as if you worked for the Mattel company or something? -PJ
  14. Done and done. I can't spoon-feed it to you; I can't make you look at the posts. Well, eventually I guess I will have to resort to quoting myself, because one of the online debate tactics I can't fight back against is the "I can't see it, therefore you didn't say it" defense. -PJ
  15. I'd like to see where that's written in the bylaws. . . @hmmm@ You're reduced to repeating yourself in the wake of new info. When responding to this, please don't play naive. You're propagandizing your side again. This also was already dealt with. Figures are only sub-par as far as your irrationally impossible personal standards, which include your arbitrary "rules" that include no repaints or re-utilization of any body part within a certain manditory time period. You have crossed the line from mere opinion to dictating "rule" as here and at the top. :spit-take: @eyerise@ Excuse me? Wonder if I have the stamina to cut & paste all the quotes. The main argument actually is against repeats and repaints because we can only assume for now that there's only a 25 figure limit!!! Are you even reading the other posts?!?? -PJ
  16. Now this is a reasonable reply! You have something other than "sux" to back up your opinion. This was all I was asking, but no one seemed to want to cut & past a statement I might have missed, or send me to a relavant post. That's all I wanted. Now the real discussion can begin! The problem is now the conflict between a fan accepting a pair of "monkey armed" Twins, as CT called them, and the "unnatural leg connections" of the 25th figures. Why accept the one and criticize the other? Well. . .that's what I'd say if I cared to pursue it that far, but I don't. I'm letting CT off the hook. I asked and he gave a valid statement. Nothing more, nothing less. Who's next? -PJ
  17. Yes, monkey arms and all. I've actually got two choppers. Okay, cool. I didn't buy 'em. Why? Well, Tomax and Xamot are my absolute favorite Cobra characters ever. It's my opinion that besides the heads, the T&X pilots were a cheap way to recycle the C.L.A.W.S. Commander. In other words, I'm saying they sucked. Hm, sound familiar? But according to you, they still fall within your standards of an acceptable "Crimson Twins" aesthetic. That is to say, you kept them when you bought the copter and you appear to accept them, despite the fact that nothing matches the originals at all, except maybe the heads. Now, wouldn't it bug you just a little bit if I continually hashed on my above "sux" statement day in and day out? @horse@ Wouldn't you take it a little personally, especially after this exchange today? @soap@ What if I added the irrational fear of Hasbro re-releasing the Crimson Chopper pilots at a future date? What if I put a banner at the bottom of my posts focusing in on collectors who were "duped" into owning them? What if I accused you of just buying the Twin pilots just to keep the line afloat? You just might think I was a Lil'-Debbie-Nutty-Bar. . .wouldn't you? @jump# All I'm saying is that's what I'm hearing with all the 25th hate out there. . .that is, until a rational justification can be made for it. That's why you have to justify your preference in this case. You're not always required to do this (nor would it be fair in every case of dislike), but given the drumbeat and propaganda pushed hard on this site. . .it's time for VH and his supporters to show their cards. -PJ
  18. Hey, Crimson Twins. Did you ever buy the Cobra Crimson Attack Chopper? Did you keep the pilots that came with it? -PJ
  19. Because they rub everyone else's nose in it on a daily basis? Why can't I do the same for the other side? So it's fair to say that both sides can lobby for it (loudly and extensively) on a daily basis. . .rrright? True. But at the same time you didn't really order a Big Mac, did you? That particular sandwich is its own trademarked recipe. I used that particular analogy for a reason. C'mon, you know the song! "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese. . ." Ohhhh, PWNT! I didn't think anyone would actually walk into that one. @lol@ Oh, please-please define for us how we line you up in front of a firing squad. @pun@ @cyclops@ @loll@ My opinion here is just as good as yours, isn't it? In all fairness I get to ride this as far as you guys usually do. -PJ
  20. Whoa, whaaaa??? Each wave doesn't deserve it's own shot to stand alone on it's own merits? Furthermore, this isn't even a wave, it's a revamp. Please tell me you're not judging this on history alone. How do you even know it's the same team of designers? How do you know it's not just one dude? HOW HIGH? I'll just keep saying it until you specify it. And you say "expectations" as if you're speaking for the glorious united front for UNSPECIFIED HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Who are all these people? Now, that would make a sweet convention badge or sig. banner, wouldn't it? Good. This is progress. Now with that statement you made there, you're going to have to grant Hasbro at least a little artistic license. Wouldn't you agree? Let's say for the sake of argument that for your Flint to be the ideal Flint, he must absolutely have a crooked grin. It's in the original '85 version, and it's even in the filecard. Now then, if Flint doesn't have the grin, would it fair of me to say that Flint is 100% in every way not Flint? YES or NO? Hope not. See, I have my limits here. It just takes some time to compare between the two of us how far they can go with recycled molds, correct? I'm not arguing tooling cost. I know you'd like to herd me in that direction though, wouldn't you? I don't do that. I vote with my wallet. I never subscribed to the mentality of, "Support the line and buy everything with the logo or else they'll cancel it." Total nonsense. Your apparent tunnel vision seems to show in this statement as well. You can make a very dead-on likeness of Bazooka with some recycled parts, but the original Shipwreck never really had anything recyle-worthy, because he was wearing a stock sailor outfit. See my point? I like the way you phrased that. But you're taking the originality thing to absurd levels. If Duke and Flint were both originally sculpted back in the day with life-jackets, would you still complain if they made the 25th anniversary versions with shared torsos? What if Flint's trademark life-jacket was black? Get it? You're seeking a support group? First you're not emotionally attached ("it's just plastic"), then you're making impassioned speeches and holding hands with your small but dedicated support group. C'mon VH, make up your mind. -PJ
  21. Did you really mean that, about "no one" getting to like Flint? I don't know when you're kidding around and when you're not anymore. Because you seem to really want to be the negative advertiser about it. . .for some reason. . .that I haven't heard yet. You seem to just want to exercise your "freedom" to repeat your (open?) hatred for a figure over and over. It's almost as if you're afraid that people will forget that you really hate Flint, so you need to remind them daily. Didn't say that. I am saying that. But I'm also giving you the option of showing us why your standards are rational. And you're stalling. See, you're the one doing it to yourself now; not me. This really could have been settled a long time ago. You're doing a great job of mixing truth and fiction here. I do see you giving others a hard time about their opinions. Not only that, but you're way more intrusive about it than I am with you. Your reply to Ashtalon was pretty rude, don't you think? However, I never said you threatened the continuation of the toys or anything like that. I am very familiar with the stock fanboy arguments and I'm actively trying to avoid them. I really am trying to have a serious discussion without the usual ad hominem fallacies or trying to put you in a corner. I don't believe that. I don't think you do either. Your reputation for argumentum ad nauseum is world-famous. Back when I was just a lurker, I've read some of your posts and literally winced in front of my monitor. You are very adept at coming up with new and creative ways of shutting down a civil debate in your favor by incitement and emotional manipulation. Trust, me. I know it when I see it because I'm the exact same type. I've lost count of the sites that have banned me, simply because the thought of continuing the debate made them physically ill. I even made one mod take a vacation after banning me. So how long do you want to keep it going? Think we'll get our own sticky? You have that option. No one is saying you can't be suspicious. But you and I both know that you haven't exactly been advocating a "wait and see" attitude. It's not my court, remember? @smash@ I'm not the type to rubber-stamp someone "right" or "wrong" until I have something to back it up with. And I haven't since this debate began. But that's my point. VH: Hasbro screwed us. VH: Wait and see. VH: I want to be wrong. ?????? PROFIT @smoke@ Mr. Hunter, een my clinic, zee patients are not patients. Rather, zey are clients. @couch@ And let the record show that I never gave you a final diagnosis. You always get a fair way out with me. -PJ
  22. I'm flattered. Not really. I'm waiting to take an AAMT final, I'm totally bored, and I've always dreamed of debating Viper Hunter on a hotbutton topic. Try me. I only asked for anything other than "it sux and Hasbro ripped us off." You didn't even bother to try. You have to admit it's quite unique. Nothing was accused without giving you an option to prove it wasn't true. And it still stands. By the way, it takes two to tango, and you have clearly stated you're not willing to end the debate on your side. Too bad I only have two weeks. Ah-ah, I prefer "potentially irrational." I am keeping it at a level of civility that you have rarely encountered. And this will only go on as long as you want it to. . .that is, if you're losing your patience, steam, cool, etc. -PJ
  23. I don't believe you are aware of your own negativity. Do you realize that if these were Star Wars figures, you would be arguing that the current offerings of Luke Skywalker "suck" because they don't match the original '77 Luke with wedding-topper-head, tiny feet, and only 5 pts. of articulation? Unless. . .(and I'm giving you a way out here) your ideal Joe design were based on something else. Then we would all have something rational to discuss. Get it? I'm giving you the option of "appearing" rational while still retaining your own opinions on the matter. Oh, well if it's all subjective, then why the crusade against Hasbro? Why is the bar set so high that they'll never jump it without a time machine? This isn't about the toys, c'mon. . . Actually, it's not. Here's why. Because my standard is set within the capacity for Hasbro to achieve it. As a matter-of-fact, I spelled it out with other fans in the past. This 25th line is in every way what I asked for 7 years ago, right down to the last detail. Better than Santa Claus, IMO. #US1# Words in my mouth again. Never said you thought Hasbro owed you. Wow, once is a mistake; twice is a habit. Yes. To whomever designed the 25th collection. Oh yeah, and have the guts to do it in public. You are publicly guilty of setting an unfair standard that is impossible for anyone to achieve, failing to define that standard, and then pissing on Hasbro when they "fail" you. This is public; widespread knowledge, and you have dragged it out long after the threads in question have been locked. However, if you can define your aesthetic standard to more reasonable levels, I'd let the accusation totally slide. You and I both know others on this very board that aren't as negotiable as I am. Both sides wear military uniforms, but only the Joes either mix and match real-world BDUs, or else throw them out altogether. So you're right. But I can take it on a case-by-case basis. Case in point? Duke and Flint. Therefore, both the two Cobras in question and the two Joes in question present a valid comparison. Nope, we're arguing recycled molds. One part of a mold was reused from one completely different character to the other, and another mold was reused from Duke to Flint. Officers are different from Troopers, regardless of their clones. Then what would you suggest? A totally handmade rehash of another of the same standard issue khaki shirt? CUSTOMER: Sir, I don't want this Big Mac. I want another that's totally unique to my standards. McD's: We can remake it for you if you tell us what you want on it. CUSTOMER: I want it exactly the same as this one, only more perfect. McD's: Koo-koo. . . Khakis, standard BDUs, Big Macs. You're arguing cookie-cutter clothes and not providing any solutions, VH. You need to step back and see how this is making you look. -PJ
  24. Arrogant compared to who? Are you saying (as Pesatyel seems to be above) that you have absolutely no valid reason for hating these figures, other than that they don't resemble your personal level of perfection (which you cannot define)? Good, this is progress. You really are saying, "it's just you" and there's no real reason for it then. No, have I? Oh, but it's clearly not. I merely called your hand is all. I'm sorry VH, did I overstep my "rank" in the fan heirarchy or something? You had a pair of pants and a shirt and then called them "iconic". I called your bluff with head sculpt, hands, paint, signature accessories, and "artistic license." In short, you're making the 25th anniversary Flint out to be like this was Michael Bay's version of Optimus Prime. So fold? Or play again? -PJ
  25. I'm really not trying to convince them of anything. I'm trying to find what they're hiding. I truly believe they have this idea of perfection in their mind, and they're convinced that Hasbro knows it and is willfully holding out on them. . .or something to that effect. Still waiting for the other side to come clean on this one. Maybe in a following post, one can always hope. Neither can I. I wonder if it's an attention thing. A thirst for internet infamy or something. . . @hmmm@ -PJ
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