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  1. Hehe... that's actually where I picked up that classification system! @yipee@
  2. Traditionally, there are four classes of super beings: Mutants are those who are born with their abilities or develop them naturally later in life (e.g., all of the X-men). In the DC universe, these are refered to as 'Metas'. Altered humans are those who gain powers or abilities through various circumstances (often accidentally) such as the fantastic four (cosmic storm), spiderman (radioactive spider bite), Captain America (super soldier syrum) and so forth. Aliens are those whose abilities are natural for their race, or whose powers result in one way or another from being non-terrestrial (e.g., superman, Thor, Galactus). Though alien in origin, technically, by this definition, the silver surfer would be an altered human. Finally, artificial super beings are those whose powers are derived from mystical or technological sources (e.g., Iron man, Batman, Dr. Strange, Juggernaut (at least in his original form)). They may not always be refered to in the same way, and for all I know there may be some other distinctions by now, but this is how it's been since I can remember. Which is a long time.... :-( So to awnser your question. The FF are DEFINATELY NOT MUTANTS. Not by any definition. they are Altered humans. Yes, they mutated, but their powers were gained through a cosmic event, not naturally. Hope this helps!
  3. I'm so confused... I keep seeing sites listing the series as cancelled, but they were on display at comicon... what's the deal? Are we expecting them or not? Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere...
  4. Hmmm... well, I have been using it for over a year, but you do have that whole theme thing going! The D will muse over your request... @hmmm@ I believe this new avatar is sufficiently menacing.....
  5. Hmmm... well, I have been using it for over a year, but you do have that whole theme thing going! The D will muse over your request... @hmmm@
  6. Wow! The Jim Lee Forge and Wolverine look awesome!!! It looks like they're both using the same body sculpt, but who cares?!? I'll just be happy to finally get a decent Forge figure, and maybe this'll mean me might finally get a Jim Lee Cyclops and Jean Grey 2-pack somewhere down the line.... That'd be freakin' sweet... I know the Elektra/Ronin and Ultimate Cap and Fury packs were unveiled at the last con, but have the 2 new packs been officially announced anywhere yet?
  7. Yeah, it just depends whether you're asking in terms of collectors value or monetary value....
  8. I think you need to o out and et yourself a new keyboard....
  9. I just took a look at the newly posted First appearance Capt. America and Bucky, as well as the other series 3 stuff... I've bought some crap figures in my time just to complete a set, but this is just too much. That's it, I'm out. game over. I will not buy these. No more money for Hasbro. Say bye bye money...
  10. I have a lot of issues with Hasbro's production. I picked up series 1 and, while they're not terrible, they're certainly not worth the price hike. There's just too many backward steps from all of the advancements made by Toybiz... Limited articulation (especially in the hands and wrists) cheaper paint ops (the lack of texture in faces especially... everything's just too shiny!), and I for one miss the comic books! I'll keep buying them for now, but mostly because there are a few character's I want in the next wave. But if they change the scale or if the articulation gets any worse I'll be through. Especially since i just took a look at the great work Marvel Toys (formerly toybiz) are doing on their Indie line over at Figures.com. These look fantastic, and being a long time indie comic reader I'll be putting the bulk of my money into these!!!
  11. These look MUCH better than the last released images! @afroman@ I'm still not happy about the loss of mid-hand or finger articulation, but at least some of these guys have more appropriately sculpted hands (fists and such...). Not sure if that's the 6" or the 12" Xorn though, his finger articulation looks a little TOO good... I hope they add some texture to Thor. a simple wash or something... He looks too shiny...
  12. Forgive my naivety, these figures aren't available here yet, but does the new knee articlation replace the double joint or work with it? The ability to bend the ankle right up behind the leg is pretty important to me. I'm an articulation junkie and, for my own personal taste, articulation should mimic human movement as closely as possible. If the new joint still bends back all the way I'm all for it! If not, I'd rather have a couple of unsightly lines or bulbs if it means I can get natural looking poses. On the other hand, there is such a thing as unneccessary articulation... Like the early ML female figures that had that free rotating upper arm piece (e.g., Elektra)... I mean, you could turn it all the way around independant of the rest of the arm! I thought it was a bit cheeky of Toybiz claiming this as 2 extra points of articulation! @poop#
  13. I'm so glad to finally see someone else who wants silver sable! I think she'd make a great figure and is a cool character who is too often overlooked... Most of the other suggestions I've seen have been greta too. Mind you, I'd pretty much buy nearly anything they put out... I'd love to see some of the morlocks and the reavers as well as Sinister's Marauders.
  14. Toybiz ran preliminary budget analyses to see if including build-a-vehicles was feasable. They had plans for a quinjet and the mockingbird but couldn't crunch the numbers enough to keep it within their budget. And if Toybiz concluded that it wouldn't be profitable enough, there's NO WAY on Zod's green Earth that Hasbro will fork out the dosh... But on another note, I would buy SO MANY Multiple Men clones! @yipee@ And how I'd love an army of trainees for Taskmaster... @bananna@ How about some simple S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives? @pun@ ... oh the possibilities... But they've already done a Doombot. Pity he was a stupid chase variant...
  15. Yeah, these suck pretty hard... I got a little excited when I first saw the thumbnail of a new Kraven skulpt, but then I enlarged it... looks more like Kraven Jr. and... OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENNED TO HIS LEGS?!? HE CAN'T MOVE HIS LEGS!!! SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE! At least I have the new Indie licences from Marvel toys to look forward to, and I might save some money now that I won't be buying Hasnothing's products. Then again, I'll probably just buy more SOTA and NECA stuff... Do you think anyone at Hasbeen reads this stuff?
  16. What's confusing about that? Mint-in-box and never been opened are not contradictory phrases. Um, are you sure about that? Because MIB (Mint In Box) and MISB (Mint In Sealed Box) means two totally different things to most people. Mint in Box only indicates item comes w/ the original box...NOT that it is sealed. BIG difference. Well, I think we're debating semantics here -- my point was that it's not saying something contradictory -- like he's not saying "loose with box" and then saying "never opened". I think it's very common for people to use phrases like MOC - mint on card or MIB -- mint in box to denote that an item has never been opened. True, MOSC or MISB are more descriptive, but it's not the only way to say it. That's true, I have seen MIB used to denote item is sealed (even though it's not correct). And most times I am inclined to assume it is sealed if it looks like a trustworthy seller. But from a seller that says things like "not actual item" and lives in Sweden but only ships to N. America and only has 3 feedback...well, one has to wonder. To me, him saying MIB is a good way to draw in a buyer who assumes that when he says MIB he means MISB...and when they ask for their money back he will say "Well, I said right in the title of the auction it wasn't sealed." You know what happens when you assume... Had to put my two cents in... Technically, advertising a product as 'Mint' should be sufficient. This SHOULD denote that the item is in the exact condition it was in when it left the manufacturer and, as such, it should be sealed. If it has been opened at any stage it isn't technically in mint condition even if it's perfect. I know people don't use it this way though.
  17. These are awesome! I'll be more interested in buying these then I will the Hasbro Legends! I've been reading a variety of Indie comics for years and always wished someone would put out some Legends style figures. To have Marvel toys (formerly Toybiz) making them is a dream come true! Madman was originally one of the figures slated to be produced by Shocker toys but they've changed their line-up several times. They claim it was due to collector interest but most speculation suggests their licence deals fell through due to their managing director's poor professionalism.,,, Dredd was also in their original line-up, so hopefully this means Marvel Toys is free to pick Madman up too! @bounce@ Can't wait to see who's in the full line up. Do you think there'll be a BAF?
  18. Awesome!!!!!! I got me a tree sitty, a wii and a PSP, so I'm set no matter what they Do! I was hoping from day one that they would offer some downloadable content for this game. Personaly, I'd like to see the hulk and maybe the Punisher as playable characters, but what I'd really like is for them to unlock all the NPC villains as playable characters.... DOOM..... Loki... Bullseye... need I say more? I'm salivating on my key board now...
  19. Filthy D

    Review: Banshee

    I don't mind the figure as much as I thought I would but there are three things I really don't like: 1 - the absence of texture. Whinge all you like about Toybiz's figures but one thing they did really well was detail. Whether it was through dry brushin, air brushing or just detailed sculpting, Toybiz made faces and clothes look good. Hasbro seems to have reduced the level of painting and sculpting so that most of their figures have a simplistic mono-tone finish which is usually too shiny or too matte. 2 - no finger articulation. I'm not talking about individual fingers, just the ability to close the hands. Static hand sculpting severely reduces the poseability of these figures. 3 - the wrist joints. As well as removing the swivel in some figures (which is bad enough), they've started to make the hand joint cut into the wrist rather than the wrist into the hand. This gives them an unnatural looking range of hand movement that only looks normal when the hands aren't bent at all. Still, I'll be buying the full set (if they ever make their way to Australia!)
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