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  1. Having had these for several weeks now, I have to say that in the mad rush Toy Biz was in to get out as much product as they could before the end, these figures suffer more than any others. Out of the 6 standard figures Sabretooth, Punisher and Jigsaw fare the best. Not to say that they don't have their problems, but in comparison to Mandarin, Iron Man and Wolverine they are awesome. Sabretooth: Standard ML articulation, great paint job with very little slop and a dead on sculpt really make this figure THE version of this chap to own. Punisher: Not a fan of the Punisher in general, the "anti hero , bad ass, gun toting, take no prisoners" thing really got on my nerves during his heyday in the 90's and it hasn't left me yet. Still a great figure with enough general themes to be any version of this character. I mean the head is clearly based on the 70's version, but it works and it looks great. Standard ML articulation and a good sculpt. Paint can be an issue on this figure as I've seen some white from the skull insignia bleeding onto the chest on some specimens. Still, a decent version of a character I don't care for. Jigsaw: GREAT sculpt!! FANTASTIC paint and standard articulation. Really this figure comes to life based on the awesome paint washes over the stitched together flesh and clothes. Still don't like the Punisher or his cast, but this is one bad mutha! WTF HAPPENED??? Wolverine: Paint apps suck. The yellow paint is so thick it looks like a bad custom. The articulation and sculpt are good , but the paint absolutely kills any enthusiasm for the first apperance of this much debated X-Man. Mandarin: Same as Wolverine, except worse. The rubber kimono is so thick that it restricts any useful movement. And the head...the detail is completely lost in the mishmash and bleeding of the green and yellow. The kimono paint is just ...ugh. Hey I learned how to color in the lines in kindergarten, I guess TB forgot how. Iron Man: Again the yellow is too thick and makes the figure look cheap. Articulation and sculpt look good. The gold center piece on the chest isn't even filled in all the way and the mask is missing the red on the chin. Everything else is basically the same pros and cons Wolverine has. Whoever was responsible for this wave has a 50% success ratio as far as I'm concerned. Any thoughts?
  2. http://www.eyrie.org/~dvandom/BW/Japan/reviews.html Full reviews, but no pics. Scroll down the page about halfways for the reviews.
  3. Yeah, and it's pretty craptacular. They don't make them anymore ... @smilepunch@
  4. I just checked my Black Panther and there isn't a problem. My figs are in a dark, cool, dry room and I keep it fairly cold in my house (in Georgia is there a choice?). Although, there is a slight purpleish wash on him, so maybe you're just seeing it for the first time?
  5. Well, they're not really TF's. The TF brand took a year off in Japan and during that time Webdiver was introduced. They are Takara, and they are transformable robots. They are even roughly the same scale as the various Tf size classes. To me they are just an oddity, a new kind of TF with new designs and functions that would fit with what WE call Transformers. Same company, same concept, same coolness, different name. Brother, that ain't a 20th of the crazy stuff I've got!!!
  6. Oh...those are just stuff I've taken down and haven't got room for at the moment. Sorry, they aren't for sale, just part of my collection.
  7. Does anyone out there have any Webdivers? I have the whole line with the exception of Wyverion, which I 've seen all of twice on ebay in the past 3 yrs. There's one on there now but it's incomplete so it's no good to me. Anyway if anyone has any thoughts on this line or creative ways to integrate them into your TF mythology LMK. As for me, I use Gradion as Sentinel Prime. I suppose Jagua-on could be a reformatted Cheetor, but he's a little too cartoonish for that. Daitalion is cool too, he's friggin HUGE. He's a headmaster, so He could be substituted for someone I'm sure. Anyway, a cool Takara transforming line that's gotten virtually no attention, so any thoughts?
  8. I 've got like 5 huge palstic tubs of these each individually bagged with all inserts and cards. These were so cool!!! But I, like everyone else made the changeover to ML. So off the shelves they went!!! Every once in a while I'll crack them open and see stuff I forgot they even made!! Pip...Nova...Leader...Century... Kane (all 3)...Grizzly...Wendigo... Drax...Dragon Man...Gen X Banshee..."Memories of the way we were" Ha Ha!
  9. UPDATE Here's the new jacket, and my jacket , the one I wear that I painted up about 2 years ago.
  10. I'm filling in the "S" with paint since I am doing several coats. Once it's filled you'll never know it was there. That's one of the touch-ups I mentioned. Also, I didn't really like Jack's jacket, the paint wasn't smooth enough, so I stripped it off today and am doing the last detail work now. I'll post the new jacket later tonight.
  11. Here's Starman... Complete!!! I just need to seal him. I've started Stargirl this week as well, she's almost there. Needs the stars and a few touch-ups. Oh, by the way, on the right side of her face that's not white paint , just a glare.
  12. I know what re-purposed means. I was pointing out that the Toad mold had never actually been used. Whether it was intended for another line or not, ML 1 WAS it's first appearance. So essentially this does nothing to prove your point about repaints in the first wave. Since Toybiz had few other ML scale molds (Avengers, Blade, Onslaught, Hulk lines, and ironically they did a NEW Hulk in series 1 instead of repainting an existing figure) to use there at the beginning of ML there were very little possibilities for repaints, whereas Hasbro has 16 series of ML, not to mention boxsets and associated lines such as X-Men, movie lines, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four to choose from. Totally different starting points. Hasbro was supposed to WOW us with their lines and I feel less than wowed. That was the point of the post, not some arbitrary nitpicking. I KNOW all of the stuff you pointed out, I've been collecting toys since the late '70s, I've seen all this stuff, I know the history of all this stuff, and that is why I have a well-thought out opinion of the way this acqusition is going. I just didn't want to act like a big-headed know-it-all and complicate the issue with useless knowledge. And no, that isn't an insult aimed at you.
  13. 1. Wasn't the Stealth Iron Man a variant? 2. And remind me, had the Toad figure ever been USED before? I did realize the things you mentioned, but it isn't the case with everything thats been put out by Hasbro since the license went to them. For example, the Superhero Squad wasn't a ToyBiz idea. That is a Hasbro concept ie Galactic Heroes. Emmas elbow joint designs are also a Hasbro tooling concept ie Sigma Six. So, no not ALL of the things we've seen from Hasbro Marvel lines originated with ToyBiz.
  14. Yeah... there are 2 test shots with some other X-Men. I think those are the ones you are talking about, the ones next to Angel and Beast? Or are you referring to something in the Nightcrawler collection?
  15. Here's Starman... Complete!!! I just need to seal him. I've started Stargirl this week as well, she's almost there. Needs the stars and a few touch-ups. Oh, by the way, on the right side of her face that's not white paint , just a glare.
  16. Yeah, it fits in pretty well actually. Thanks
  17. Torch is a 12 inch rotocast movie version. Kitty's are customs I did. If you wanna see em they are on a thread called AOA Nightcrawler, etc. from a few days ago.
  18. Here's what I got... I don't have the Palisades variants on display nor all of the NECA monks. I don't have any of my Moby Dick figs on display...no where to put them. I've got all of em and they take up alot of space. No Toybiz versions out either, although I do have them. My 12 inch Dragon Chris and Claire are also boxed I think you can see the Chris' box in one of these pics. The only things I don't have are the new 10th anniversary set yet, but I will soon #mrsauve#
  19. Ya know DRAMA you echo alot of the sentiments I have. The Spider Man line is OK, but, if you have all of the TB versions, then its a waste. The metallic paint was a turn off because, like you, I want my toys to be accurate representations of the character. I pretty much agree with you on the initial release of HML, though I think it was a decent assortment. Except for Planet Hulk... Ghost Rider is, again, a great line. Draven , I didn't say I didn't like the HML, I just think they are different and therefore,need to be taken as such. Spider Man origins, see my response to DRAMA. Spidey and Friends - My 5 yr old daughter loved the line, she has all of them. She could care less about the SHS. That's my point, well articulated toys for small kids ,verses little chibis with minimum articulation. I mean they are cool, but not the same. And my kid hates 'em.
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