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  1. These are the new ones I've been working on. S.T.R.I.P.E.----made from an Omega Spawn David Knight Starman----made from an Ant-Man with a shaved down Moon Knight cape Stargirl ----made from DCSH Supergirl Stripe needs some work on the shoulders and a some silver highlights among a few other small things. Starman needs his cape painted Stargirl needs the stars on her arms Then they all need clearcoat. Let me know what you think!
  2. Oh and by the way "bubba" I was in Calhoun a week. I stopped to do a little shopping at the KB outlet in the outlet mall there. I asked about the ML figures too due to their conspicuious absence, and was told they had sold out the day they came in. This was last Friday Feburary 16th. See I live in Georgia, just like ASH and Glaken. For such an observant and opinionated guy, you missed that, so don't assume anything.
  3. Check here: http://www.reprolabels.com/ You'll have to look for them, but it's a start.
  4. Wow, I guess you do have to get the last word and critize everyone who doesn't agree with you. Very mature. And I love how you can write an essay over a sentence you don't agree with. You have taken over this thread, and are certainly taking this topic personally, and it's not your issue. WWWWAAAAYYYYYY too much free time. But you know, I've seen the light. Arrow has posted SEVERAL VOLUMIOUS well reasoned and thought out options that have nothing to do with him personally, just him showing all of us the path to enlightenment. Make sure to read the response to this post that is sure to come for EVEN MORE enlightenment!!! I'm waiting in anticipation, please make the superior knowledge forthcoming!!! Can we just change the title of this thread to "ARROW'S FORUM: all Arrow, all the time!!!"? Because that sounds about right.
  5. What did you use for the collar?
  6. I agree with Draven, these figures are great but reapacks and repaints abound. Mattel is treating this line worse than they did MOTU. Great pontential for the lines but they keep shooting themselves in the foot. Look at Avatar, no one female figure when the show has at least 4 female leads. So yeah, this line is gonna die.
  7. Just to clarify: In my original post I was merely pointing out the way the store manager acted and how it affected every consumer (not collectors, because I don't want this to be misconstrued) within her area in a negative way. I was taking the point of view that if this ever happened to any of us as consumers (not collectors, because I don't want this to be misconstrued) of said product, we would be understandably upset by it. I posted an opinion from a consumers point of view, not a monetary one. The problem here is, I'm an advocate for the consumer (not collectors, because I don't want this to be misconstrued), not the corporation. This, in turn means I 'm on the side of everyone on this board. If you are lucky enough to have a connection, which means you don't have to find these things in chain stores like the rest of us, great, BUT, that is an entirely different situation, and realise that most of us DO NOT have that option. Most LCS that where in the US 10 yrs ago are gone, and 75% of the one left are a joke. Out of the 7 LCS in a 45 minute drive from my home 2 remain, one which doesn't order toys, and the other is run by an immoral pervert you gouges prices (and in regards to this seller, that is no joke, ask DRAVEN79, he know's the guy). That means that most of us have to rely on Target, TRU, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and KB. Deals don't get made at these places, as others have pointed out, and if they do, it is most likely under the table. That is what is frustating. First come, first serve, yes. But in the case of this topic it was first come, get all. That is wrong. For all of the other CUSTOMERS (not collectors, because I don't want this to be misconstrued), although not the store. Everyone is viewing this as a good sale for the store, and it is, BUT it was bad for customers (not collectors, because I don't want this to be misconstrued), that will go to that store searching for ML figures to find nothing but empty pegs. My post was an opinion piece not a debate. Yet out of every post here, mine was the on picked apart line by line and refuted. That is taking it out of context. If you can't refute the idea and jist of the piece then, in my opinion, you missed the point. I can take any opinion and refute it by taking it out of context. Anyone can. Arrow, you failed to grasp the whole idea behind the opinion, in this case consumer rights. I didn't write it to argue and debate, I wrote it as an opinion. If anyone fails to grasp that, then I'm sorry. I will not argue the point, that's not who I am, and I will not take part in it.
  8. I do buy one of whatever I want not 200+ therefore not making them ... wait a minute. You know what? Whatever... I won't waste my time on this with you. You REFUSE to see my point, and I will NEVER agree with you. So if you wanna post any little snide remarks, go ahead, I'm an adult with a life to attend to...
  9. Rhinoman, good call on there Arrow... First off: What contract? There was no mention of a contract. Where did you get that?!? I guess you may know about it though since you are the type of guy who does this. The point is the other customer was a greedy pig who screwed EVERYONE else that shops at that store by getting EVERY ML fig and leaving none for anyone else, and the manager HELPED him do it. Those figures WEREN"T ordered for him, he caught wind of the shipment, called her up and made a deal. The manager screwed every kid in that town with $10.00 of birthday money. She screwed every collector, except one, who has disposable income. The guy's a scalper, and you know it. How can you can feel justified defending him? Second: I am entitled to my opinion, and if you don't agree, fine. You DON'T KNOW ME. YOU have NO RIGHT to judge me and decide what my SENSIBLE points are. And since you've decided you think I'm an idiot and posted it for everyone here to see, how about this? I find you deplorable, because you are a the equivalent of a schoolyard bully taking the other kids lunchmoney. When you were a kid, life was wonderment and every promise of a new toy made you happy. Do you remember that? On the occasions you didn't get what you were promised and waited for in anticipation, you were hurt, because someone you loved and trusted, broke a promise to you, EVEN if it was beyond their control. All because someone else beat them to it. NOW, you are the guy that does that to other peoples kids, by deprieving them of getting what they want. And the bad part is you don't care!! How self-centered and selfish are you? It seems I'm not the one with my head up my ass here. Third: I WORK at a toystore, and you know what? I see kids buying Marvel Legends EVERYDAY. So Ml figs, and by extension, TOYS aren't for kids...right. So you speak from personal experience? So you never had any toys as a kid? No G.I. Joes, no Big Jim or Action Man? No Star Wars, or Megos? Well, that explains alot. I don't care who's buying what, if it's in MY store I sell it to them. BECAUSE IT IS POLICY. Not because I favor them. My freindly and helpful attitude bring people back to my store. They ask for me by name, because I made a good impression on them. And long-term business from a family help my store better than some "investor" who will be there maybe a year. And you know what? I'd rather see a smile from some kid in my store that a crappy attitude from some overweight, filthy, lives with his mom, greaseball who thinks he owns the place. And my conscience is clean at the end of the day because I did the right thing. Good karma. You reap what you sow.
  10. Time to chime in. OK, I see the point of view that the store would make a profit. I mean it is a business and that is the goal. BUT, think about it. If this happened to ANY of us, we would raise h@ll!! Without basic customer service and fair policy, there wouldn't be a customer base for any store to begin with. When I go to the store to pick up something, I don't expect them to roll out the red carpet, but I DO expect a fair shot at finding what I want. What the manager did was immoral and repellant from the perspective of any toy collector. It also reeks of favoritism and a kind of "F You!!" attitude to customers. Here's another thought we as collectors too soon forget: toys are for kids. If I took my child in any store to buy her, let's say, a Ben 10 Ghostfreak, and was told "We have 20 cases of Ghostfreak but we CAN'T SELL YOU ANY OF THEM", I would lose my s#!t, and be ready to go at it with the manager, district manger, regional manager, WHOEVER! Why? Because it is bad policy to alienate and piss on your customers.
  11. I'm trying to get a listing of the current post-Crisis JSA figures that have been made as Justice League/JLU toys. I know the following: Wildcat Hawkgirl Atom Smasher Dr Fate Stargirl Wonder Woman (close enough anyway) Stargirl Any others I missed?
  12. Found WW Starscream and RID Prime last night. Last week I found Rodimus and Soundwave. Am I missing something, but wasn't Cheetor and The Fallen supposed to ship between those 2 waves?
  13. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has found this yet. Also, will Stargirl be released single-carded?
  14. Here's the deal. I'm the Event Coordinator at a the only TRU in an 80 mile radius. In late January ALL TRU stores did their inventory. The inventory was done by an independant company that charges us for the service. That means we hardly had anything shipping to the stores, since the more merchandise you have in the store, the more in costs to do inventory. That said, new product is slowly leaking into the stores, so give it a month, and if nothing then, order it online.
  15. Hi guys, I was just wondering as a line, how would you rank the 6 inch Titaniums? I think all of them had pretty good potential, but only around half of them had good or better execution. So here is my ranking system, based on what we got, not on concept or execution. The Good!!! 1. Rodimus - GREAT on all points! 2. Optimal Optimus - Maybe not the greatest character choice, but he does what he's suppossed to do 3. Scourge - A shellformer, but an awesome shellformer. 4. Thundercracker - Not a fan of the design , but it is a sturdy TF. Maybe not so good... 5. Jetfire - Too loose and backheavy, good design though. 6. WW Prime - Great design, Loose joints and chipped paint make it a pain to deal with. 7. Soundwave - WHY?? I LOVE Soundwave, but super-crotch and bad legs kill this design. 8. Megatron - What version is this supposed to be? It isn't WW, cause were gettin that later. Bad design, bad execution. Agree? Disagree?
  16. That's weird, considering Speedy was on JL, and TT. Stupid DC marketing, isn't the goal cross-pollination? "Hey the kids like them Titans, so let's NOT promote them!! Great Idea huh?" Greeted by thunderous applause at the Warner Brothers boardroom.
  17. This is the 2nd time I've read the term "bat embargo". What are you referring too?
  18. Yeah, Jack's the man. I was around 23 at the time the series started and I saw alot of me in Jack. Same tastes and viewpoints. He had the kind of father-son relationship I wish I had. We matured together. The series ended around the time my daughter was born, and that meant alot to me, the way it ended. Jack growing up and becoming a man, for Teddy. Same for me and my Rahne. Kinda paralleled my journey, from know-it-all smart-@$$ to responsible adult. Before that I loved comics, but never really connected with any characters, before or after, like I did with Jack. As for the jacket, just acrylic paint, bachelors degree in art, and about 3 days.
  19. Well, with the name, sig, and avatar tat and hand painted jacket can you tell I'm obsessed? @lol@
  20. I bought these years ago. They are very rare now. BWII is Beast Wars II, a japanese extension of Beast Wars,with all different characters. It was a cel animation show made to run between season 1 and 2 of Beast Wars in Japan. This was neccessary because there was a significant lag time betwwen season airing in Japan, due to translation, dubbing , etc.
  21. Here's mine. It's Jacks chest tattoo with Kanji of my daughters initials in the center.
  22. Here's the ones I have The Lion and Red bird are from BWII. The Silver one is an old Microman. The blue bird is from a Takara line, that isn't Microman or TF. The BWII ones are called Eggleo, Dark Eggleo Eggbird, Dark Eggbird, Eggbot, Dark Eggbot. Here's areview: http://www.eyrie.org/~dvandom/BW/Japan/eggbeasts
  23. Check the images on the first enty in this thread: KISS Players Sparkbots Revealed! It is on the second page of TF syuff here on the board. The pink lion in the image is a reissue and recolor of what you are talking about. They were originally Microman items. They were later released in Beast Wars II in Japan, each in 2 different colors. This is one of mine from BWII
  24. X2 Mags, Iceman and one of the Wolverines are HAHTCB (hard-as-heck-to-come-by). They were only sent to KB toystores for some reason. I saw them once. and snapped them up.
  25. Thanks to Draven I got the SHS Juggy and Silver Surfer! Good to meet you bro!
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