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  1. Hey Shido, Do you have any of the Neesis Bulid figure parts on hand? I need 3 of the back spikes. Since you have the "altogether" version and I have the build one , and since you have some of the MD figures that came with Nemesis parts I just thought I'd ask. Starman
  2. Corrections/Additions Palisades Nemesis variant: There is no wounded version, it is a new head sculpt and tentacle coming out of arm Chris Variant: Camo Claire statue and Nemesis bust aren't vinyl Dragon 12" Claire 12" Chris A few more minis, but who I can't remember Moby Dick A Special Edition William that came with a DVD Also there are models for Cerebus made as a giveaway in Japan if you pre-ordered some RE game. Also a Licker model. I have statues of RE:CV Chris, Claire and Steve. Don't know who made em though. I'll post pics. Starman
  3. I can take some pics later and post them in the morning. Also PM me about the Regenerator and Claire on prices and such. Starman
  4. DANG!!! Where are you guys getting these?? HOOK A BRUTHA' UP! Starman
  5. OK. Toy Biz Chris Jill Hunk Ada Leon Claire Forest Sherry Zombie 1 Zombie 2 Web Spinner Crow Cerebus Chimera Licker Hunter William G1 Willaim G4 Tyrant Mr X Ivy Moby Dick Jill RE3 Drain Deimos Jill Regina Brain Sucker Jill Stars Hunter Beta Carlos Nemesis Type 1 Claire biker Chris X Claire CV Super X Hunk Leon Licker Rebecca Tyrant Nemesis Type 3 Palisades Chris Chris Variant Wesker Hunter Tyrant William G4 Alexia Nosferatu Leon Claire Cerebus Zombie Cop Zombie Cop variant Zombie Solider X Licker Nemesis Nemesis variant Nemesis Vinyl statue Jill Vinyl Staue Dragon 12" Chris 12" Claire Claire mini Chris mini NECA RE4 Leon Leon Variant Chainsaw Ganado Garrador Iron Maiden Krauser Ada All 4 monks Verdugo Mini Ada Mini Leon !0th Anniversary Chris Jill Hunk Zombie Cerebus Yutaka Leon Unknown Chris CV staue Claire CV statue Steve CV statue And I think that covers it. Starman
  6. Awesome, but OW!!! Rub it in my face what don't ya? @smilepunch@ Starman
  7. Yeah, fairly consistent for the most part. Starman
  8. Yeah, I've got all the MD figs except Ivy and Nemesis Type-2. Starman
  9. Sorry, I meant I need Type-2, I have the HUGE Type-3. By the way have any of you seen the limited edition William that came with a DVD? Yeah, me neither. Well, I decided to post a few pics of some figs that I haven't seen on here yet.
  10. Do any of you have the MD Nemesis Type-3 or the Ivy? They are the only ones I don't have and I was wondering how they stack up Also which company do you guys think did the best job with the property and why? Toy Biz: Cool then, not-so-cool now. Great variety, but by todays standards, a little lacking. Palisaides: Great assortments, scale and articulation. Moby Dick: Alot of figures. But they are a #$#@# to track down, EXPENSIVE, have weird articulation, and scale-wise don't fit in with anything else. NECA: The pre-posed stances and limited articulation have very little appeal for me. Dragon: Well, only Chris and Claire, but they are SWEET!!! They also made some little Kubrick-type figures, but I only have the CV version of Chris. Oddities: (Let me know if I left out anything) 1.Vinyl Nemesis and Jill 2. Claire Statue 3. Nemesis Bust 4. Cerebus model kit 5. Licker model kit 6. CV statues of Chris, Claire and Steve (maybe more, but these are the only one I have) 7. Various models of RE3 Jill from Japan. 8. 5-Inch RPD Leon with a cloth outfit, made by some Japanese company. If anyone wants me to post pics of any of the stuff I have, let me know. I don't have them all on display, so I'll have to pull some of these out of storage, but if you wanna see something specific, I'm glad to help. Starman
  11. I guess this is sort of a companion piece to Draven's Batgirl figure, since we were working on them at the same time and there is a very strong history between the two characters. So, I used: ML Havok body Movie Mr Fantastic gloves and boots Movie GR Blackheart head, which I spent HOURS dremelleing so it wouldn't look like Shia Lebouf (and yeah, I know it's Wes Bentley, but it still looks like Shia!!!!). Starman
  12. Looks good B! Glad I could help you in your quest. Starman
  13. Well, I like the leader class for scale purposes and SOME of the gimmicks but ther is too much kibble, but the voyager is much more posable, has less kibble in robot mode and isn't hindered by gimmicks. I don't know, it really just a matter of taste. If you like the scale or gimmicks go for leader class, but if you prefer more posablity and less kibble issues with a smaller price go for the voyager. Starman
  14. Can ANYONE post pics of the Attack Armor Bats and the UK Bats???? This thread is driving me nuts, because I have no idea what those figs look like! I have the DCSH Batman from the Batgirl Batman 2 pack, and the Zipline Bats and the DCSH Series 1 blue and gray Bats. The only one with "full" articulation is the Batman from the 2 pack. The Series 1 blue /gray one has ankles, a mid torso twist, wrists and elbows, but no thigh cut or extra hip joints like the DCSH Series 3 Bats. Are any of these made from the same molds as the UK Bats or Armor Attack Bats? Any help would be appreciated! Starman
  15. Hey Rollo, Here's how I made it. Torso and upper arms are an Ant Man. Dremeled down the belt. Lower arms and elbows elbows are from a Captain Marvel. Head and legs from a Pyro. I dremeled down the boot tops and the pins that connect the ball joints in the legs to the upper thigh. Removed fingers from right hand and replaced them with fingers from a Wolverine so he could hold the staff. Staff from a Lady Pendragon Merlin figure. Then I just painted him up. It was difficult to decide on the right look for him. In his only 11 apperances in this costume from 1981 until the 1990's Starman series he was drawn by Steve Ditko. So I used those issues of Adventure Comics as reference. BUT, I also used the painted cover by Alex Ross for Starman #60. In the Ditko art (and the JLU cartoon and figure) he has large black areas around the star on his chest, black around his eyes and black lines seperating the red and yellow on his upper thigh. In the JLU cartoon and toy the black star on his back was missing. The Alex Ross cover has NO black on the front of his costume at all, no lines, none on the mask or chest. So I compromised by using the black lines on the boots and black star on his back, but for the most part made this the Alex Ross version of the costume. Starman
  16. Oh!! Well I made my own... Starman
  17. Starman


    Well I'm gonna have to go with Goku on this one!!! Just Kidding!!! Actually , I think Unicron would take Galactus. Starman
  18. Uh Rollo... No image! Starman
  19. ANY Starman-related characters!!! As far as everything else... heck anything besides repaint after repaint of Supes and Bats! Starman
  20. Jase, I assuming you don't need me to find you the Batgirl wave now, right? Starman
  21. Jase, I'll see what I can do!!! When I went to BL today I was short on funds, so I could only grab 1 Cyborg. They had at least 3 more, although the cases weren't opened at that point. They also had the JLU 3-packs wave with the Joker, SuperFriends, some old Batman Joker/Batman 2-packs and a few cases of The Batman stuff. Draven, you are SUCH a smart@$$!!! @lol@ Starman
  22. Thanks to Draven, I got mine today. These things kick major butt!!! Starman
  23. @purpbananna# @purpbananna# @purpbananna# Got mine today!!! @purpbananna# @purpbananna# @purpbananna# Yeah, I'll see what I can do! @smilepunch@ Starman
  24. Here is a new entry. RagDoll Made from a DCSH Scarecrow, which I've included in the pic for comparison. Used hair from a He-Man figure then just painted him up. I tried really hard to get a grimey paint wash on him and I hope it shows. I was going for the version that appeared in the Starman series, in which RagDoll is a creepy Manson-type manipulator/killer. Here's a couple more pics. Enjoy!!! Starman
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