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  1. I have the original set, and trust me, it was worth EVERY PENNY!!!! I will be getting those add-ons as well. They are too sweet to pass up. Starman
  2. You know, I was with you until, you decided to attack me for an opinion. I didn't feed any lines about scaplers. It was an honest estimate of the market share taken up by respective groups. I know because I see it all the time. I take that info and extrapolate it to a larger scale and reached a logical conclusion. Seriously, it was one word mentioned twice in a lenghty opinion. You gonna go after me for using the word squarely too? I don't use scalpers. I don't need to. I WORK at a toystore. As far as gving them up? I may. I'm not interested in 5 figures up through wave 12. Your type of response, and others like it have been what has kept me away from this site for over a year. I got sick and tired of all the negativity and slander. I didn't cast any doubts or opinions on your diatribes, so why do that to me? Have the decency to give others the respect they give you. If you are treated badly by someone, feel free to treat them in kind. I said nothing offensive to you, so I expect the same treatment. If you can't provide that, I will cease to respond to your inquries. Stars
  3. I have some issues with DCUC as well, but I don't recall Mattel ever stating this. Do you have a reference for it? Not off-hand. Just things I've read or heard here and there. I work for a toy retailer and know our Mattel rep fairly well, maybe I heard it from her. And no disrespect meant, but I won't track down that info, as I don't have several hours to spend pouring over every Mattel article or snippet on the web or in print. And again as I said, it may have come from my local Mattel rep anyway. Stars
  4. Just a personal note. For my part, I have not bought any of the MOTUC figures. I don't think the price is justified by the product. I don't like the way they are distributed. I think that Mattycollector as a website is a joke. DCUC on the other hand, I do collect. I have very serious issues with the way they have handled this line as well. Mattel says that they don't depend on the collector segment to support this line. That is a lie, plain and simple. With the upcoming and current price increases, who do they think will be buying the DCUC figures? Certainly not little Billy's mom. Not at nearly $15 a piece. No, that price increase is aimed squarely at the collectors. Also, is little Billy gonna want Deadshot? Desaad? Iron? Silver Banshee? The answer is NO. Those are again aimed squarely at collectors and their wallets. Now, with MOTUC being DEFINED as a collector line and DCUC being TREATED like a collector line, you'd think that Mattel would be a little more concerned with the collector market and it's opinions. But, the bottom line is they don't care. If we as collectors don't buy their product, scalpers will. Mattel doesn't care WHO buys their product, as long as it's bought. They got their money, so why would they care who it comes from? The BS factor here is that they have continued to screw the collectors, because they insist they don't need us. But we make up at least half of their sales, with the other half split between scalpers and casual shoppers. Mattel will continue to do business as they have, even if it kills DCUC. The MOTU200X fiasco taught them nothing. They did the same thing with the DCSH line. They will kill DCUC too. All because the opinions and concerns of several thousand "collectors" mean nothing to the dozen or so in Mattel who manage these product lines. Despite all their BS, Mattel NEEDS us. They need to realize that before they lose the support of those of us who drive sales and keep them in business. Stars
  5. Great marketing ploy for them. Bad news for us. Congrats Hasbro, this is another great way to alienate your fanbase.
  6. Uh...Tyler Mane isn't dead. He was Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween and is going to be in the sequel H2. Starman
  7. Sweet NC!!! He and Colossus are my all-time faveorite X-Men, so hopefully we'll get them from Hasbro soon. Hopefully, their version will be as cool as yours! Starman
  8. Yeah, Maverick is Agent Zero. In a revamp of some of the X-Books, the Maverick identity was dropped and Nord became Agent Zero. It seemed pretty pointless at the time since he was killed off shortly after anyway. Starman
  9. As a Wolvie-hater, I liked it. All of the Deadpool ruination aside, it was a decent flick. I do agree with the "old" vs "new" Sabretooth though. They just seemed like 2 different characters to me. I liked the "new" versions attitude, but the 'old" versions look. Wraith was bas-ass! Blob was OK. Bolt was completely wasted, he should have had more screen time. Maverick was a complete tool. They didn't do justice to the character at all, Completely disregarded the source material! Silver Fox was OK, but could have been played better. Gambit was cool, but his accent sucked! I REALLY liked the young Scott, and I generally hate Cyclops, for the same reasons I hate Wolvie: too one-dimensional. Why was Emma even there? She was a complete waste of a character. The Prof X cameo was cool, as was Banshee and Toad. I'm thinking the twins were the Monets. The plotline of giving Logan the adaqmantium just to harvest his healing factor was weak. It seemed like the plot was just injected to make for the big fights and action sequences. Oh, I got the Weapon XI arm reaching for his head and smiling ending. As I said, I liked the movie. My expectations were low to begin with, so I was pleasently surprised. So, overall I give this flick a B. It was better than I thought it would be... Starman
  10. I HATED The 90's X-Men cartoon! The animation sucked, all the characters looked too "beefy" for my tastes, the team was too "90's" and the storylines were adapted haphazardly to say the least. The show ran for so long that they could have easily expanded or changed the roster, yet they stuck to the same 8 members. That bothered me alot, since there were SO MANY other X-people out there that were overlooked. I would have loved to seen others featured at some point. Rahne, Illyana, Kitty, Sunspot, Cypher, Rachel, Madrox, the Hellions or any number of others. Some of those appeared, but weren't really important to the show in any way. I loved Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends though. The animation was 10x better than the X-Men cartoon. And Pryde of the X-Men absolutely blew it out of the water. Of course I was a kid at the time, and just SEEING the X-Men ANYWHERE was awesome beyond belief. You have to understand, at the time I was WAY purist when it came to the X-Men. From around '86 through '97, I was a hardcore X-fanatic. If it didn't follow canon, I couldn't stand it. As I matured, I had to let that go. And because at the time, the X-Men comics themselves were sucking pretty hard. I realized "MY" X-Men were gone, so I had to adapt. I still hate the 90's X-Men cartoon though. My favorite X-Men ever are Colossus and Nightcrawler, and since they were barely ever on the show, I gave up on it after 2 seasons. Strangely though, I liked X-Men: Evolutions... Starman
  11. Yeah, Mongul is a 5 inch figure. I saw him a few times and passed. Metallo, on the other hand is a 6 inch fig, and I 've got him displayed with the DCSH/DC Classics, and he fits in fine. Starman
  12. Check em out. As always, feedback is welcome. Original and repaint... Justice Lords!!! Nightwing X 2!!! Starman
  13. Yeah, the Metamorpho left leg pops out on mine too. Otherwise it's agreat line and let's hope Mattel can keep up the good work. Starman
  14. I KNOW I'm gonna get bashed, but, I REALLY like the X3 Colossus. As a huge Colossus (and Nightcrawler) fan, I was just happy that the figure was made, and the TB style articulation made it even better. I'm NOT saying I'm a fan of movie figures in general, but hey, it's Colossus!! For that reason alone, he was my most wanted, and enjoyed Hasbro fig. Starman
  15. DC Superheroes Series 1 Batman Killer Croc Scarecrow Bane Series 2 Superman Supergirl Bizarro Doomsday Series 3 Batman (New Sculpt) Robin Azrael Mr. Freeze (retool Version 1) Series 4 Superman (2-pack version) Superman (black “S” shield) Supergirl (black “S” shield) Luthor Brainiac Darkseid Series 5 Supergirl (retool) Darkseid (repaint) Bizarro (repaint) Doomsday (repaint) Series 6 Superman (Black suit) Cyborg Superman Kal-El Steel Parasite Mongul Series 7 Bane (camo) Batman (Knight Shadow) Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) Two-Face Series 8 Batman (black) Bruce Wayne The Joker (repaint) Nightwing (repaint) Catwoman Clayface SDCC Man-Bat Two-Packs Clark Kent & Superman Bizarro & Superman Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) & Batman Batman & Robin Batman & Robin (repaint) Also try this site. It's pretty comprehensive: http://www.batmanytb.com/actionfiguresanddolls/index.php Starman
  16. Picked up variant Rachel, 2 variant Hydras and metallic Colossus last night at Wal-Mart. It seems we are FINALLY getting them in GA. Still gotta find a regular Rachel and Hydra though. Starman
  17. In the following order: 1. Lusiphur from Poison Elves @jump# 2. Grendel (Hunter Rose Version) 3. Grendel Prime 4. Hellboy 5. Backlash (Image) Starman
  18. I need all of HML series 3. Starman
  19. I can get 2-packs, FF AND LCBH series 2. Starman
  20. Wait... the image you showed isn't the one you're trying to find? Well that changes things. If you're looking for a piece that was done at the time of the Outback team, it probably didn't have Cable in it, and probably wasn't Jim Lee. The artist for the Outback period was Silvestri, and - I think - it was before Cable was introduced. Any info you can provide would be helful in tracking this pic down. Starman
  21. Well, that is an Arthur Adams Rogue. It looks like its from the cover of an annual, since AA did alot of those. I'll look for it in the morning and let you know where its from. Starman
  22. I found several of these at the local Fred's (which is a regional chain for those who don't know). They had the Ford GT and the Montero (Pajero) in the smaller size and the Hummer and something else in the large size. Quite a bit cheaper than ANY online retailers too. Starman
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