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  1. I don't think anyone mentioned that the 2 vehicles shown have different insignia on them. It would lead me to believe that it comes with 2 sets of stickers. This would be a plus.
  2. I think this is like Hasbro's answer to the fact that the Hulk movie figs aren't in the 6" scale. They did the same thing, with Silver Surfer, for Wal Mart for the F4 2 Movie. I've had an opportunity to see the Hulk squad vehicle and an open case of basic figures the scale on these is pathetic. So all I need is a 6' movie fig or a reasonable facsimile thereof and I'm good to go! Just like the WM Silver Surfer it fits in "pretty Descent" with my F4 Movie figs.
  3. I like Ewoks they taste like chicken. Oh, and good job!
  4. It looks like Hasbro will have another rerelease line this year. I have never seen a vehicle or playset that didn't show figures available in the pictures on the package. Usually if the figure is not available at the time of the vehicles release they just won't show them.
  5. You know the more I look at this thing, the more I'm questioning it. 1 It still has those over sized boxes underneath it, yes I know its to add room for playability, but it looks like crap. 2 The landing ramp is too close to the ground so obviously the landing struts are too short. 3 From the front angle the cockpit looks to large. Which leads me to #4 I could almost swear that the outer hull is a retooled mold from the original. Except that they have upped its size just like they did for the Toys R Us ceiling display from years ago. Now don't take me the wrong way, I will be the first to admit to my mistake if it is so, the problem is that I can't get to mine right now to compare. Other than that yes I will be buying one, some things just look odd to me. About the Price point, the 150.00 mark is simply the manufactures suggested retail price. Sure anyone who wants one right away will pay that much but the price will drop after awhile. There are always sales and of course after Xmas clearance deals to be had. With the exception of basic figures and 2 packs theres not much I haven't seen get marked down at some point. I still remember getting AT-AT's and 12" Han with TaunTaun for $25.00 at TRU way back when. Oh, and does anyone remember the Royal Starship? That was around $50.00 too after Xmas thats why I own 2. So thanks Hasbro, I might end up getting 2 Falcons as well!
  6. Whether E bay is there or not there will always be scalpers, if they're not selling them on there they'd be at your local flea market or toy show. Before E bay I remember things used to cost a lot more on the secondary markets. Sure when stuff first hits it usually is more expensive on E bay but in time the prices level out, at least, if you are patient. A couple of times when Toybiz lost the rights I bought figures I was worried about finding! Then later on when I did find them at retail I sold them on E bay to recoup my losses. Overall it worked out quite well for me.
  7. Ha this kills me! I was expecting this. Hasbro finally has an answer to their Batman problem. Does anyone even remember how many Batman figures they actually did in the 90's, I think it was well over 300. This is the perfect cash horse for them, they only have to do a new sculpt every year or so, the rest is just paint applications and accessories! AHHH crap, who am I kidding I'll selectively buy some!
  8. Enjoy the midnight madness if it happens again. It maybe the last time. I thought that after the ROTS midnight deal so I hope they do it for CW. I've been out there for E1 and E2 as well, they are a lot of fun. What an awesome feeling to go out and buy close to a hundred figures in one night! I mean 32 figures released at once for ROTS? What else would stem this kind of response other than Game systems and you're not even guaranteed to get one if you're not in time to get a number! For days before I have trouble sleeping! Usually I sleep most of the day then get up at around 11pm and go hitting stores. It's such an adrenaline rush once you're in there. For E2 the TRU I went to didn't put there stuff out, they just had 2 huge skids on the floor so we all got to rip open case after case! For E3 the end of town we were on didn't get any Red Royal guards so we had to drive out to the other end of town to find them at another TRU. It seemed that not every store got the exact same case ratios. Then you get to go home and open figure after figure and vehicle after vehicle and and..... I digress, I'm getting a little carried away now! I think I need to go open some toys, HMMM, I think I still have a couple of Kashyyk clones to open...........
  9. Just to let everyone know Toys B Us broke the street date this morning, so did Kay Bee.
  10. Yep. She is, so is Polaris. Doesn't anybody read X-Men anymore? Yes, I do and frankly that's the problem. I think it's obvious that Marvel Legend's target demographic is adult collectors. The kiddies have their movie lines like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four etc and frankly it's suited to them. I think it's also safe to say that of the adult collectors that aren't scalping on ebay, most of us are comic readers or at least comic fans. There are some characters that are popular enough that Hasbro can feel confident that they can release multiple (i.e. dated) figures and they will sell. Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Hulk all fit this category. Some figures, however, are probably only going to be made once, and what costume they are wearing can go a long way towards making that character appealing. For example: Bucky: Can I get a show of hands of anyone who wanted a WWII Bucky as opposed to a Winter Soldier? Luke Cage: This throwback to the 70's made most people laugh or vomit, take your pick. Most I've talked to would've preferred the cooler badder Luke Cage in the comics currently. Sadly because the 1st Luke Cage was such a joke in sales, I doubt Hasbro will waste their time. Ultron: Did anyone like the ML11 Ultron? Especially when there is a cooler, meaner version rocking the pages of Anniliation: Conquest right now? Havok: Here again most collectors wanted Havok in one of his more recent costumes (like that unreleased prototype we've all seen pictures of). Instead we got the suck 70's costume I just think that collectors will be happier and Hasbro will make a lot more money if Hasbro paid more attention to what is going on in current comics and used that to benchmark character popularity and what would make a MARKETABLE figure. Actually, I was an avid comic reader back in the early to mid-90's, and still read older comics. The last time I picked up a new X-title, was probably '04 or so, and from what I could tell of the early 2000's X-titles sucked, IMO. The secondary mutations were ##$%$#ed, the mutant looking characters sucked (Beak? lol), the artwork wasn't very eye-catching, the stories were uninteresting...it was just all ##$%$#ed to me. I think some of the best comic-style artwork came out of the early 90's...especially the Jim Lee art. It was just all very nice to look at, and still is...which I want translated in the form of the action figures I buy. If you mention an X-character, I guarantee 9 out of 10 people in the 20-30 range will first picture the character in their mind the way they were represented in the comics during the 90's era. I'd also love to see all of the X-Force team from the 90's, but I know I'm probably a minority there, and it will probably never happen. @lol@ I could care less about current looking figures, because they mean nothing to me. Given a choice, I'll take an older look over a new one...and that's why I didn't buy anything from the X-Men Classics line...I already had those figures in MY most preferred style in the regular ML line. On a side note...I'm only referring to the X-titles in my above statements. Some of the newer stuff, like New Avengers, I've really liked. Anyways, if I could make an X-themed line, it would probably look something like this: Polaris Shatterstar Jim Lee Jean Warpath Multiple Man Stryfe Silver Samurai Jubilee Domino I agree with the other guy we need some new costumes the ones we continuously see time and time again are getting ridiculous. I've been collecting since 1991 and I've lost track of how many Wolvy tiger stripes I have. The thing that kills me the most is that they keep beating the crap out of these core characters but we still have not seen stuff like Jubilee or J.L. Jean Grey. Theres no reason why they can't try and finish the Morrison run uniforms Xorn has been done at least they could slap a Cyke head on the thing. About the goofy ass characters you are reffering to they were there for two reasons. The first: Introduce a slew of new characters to see which ones the fans like hopefully generating more sales when the mutant went to a new team or their own title. eg. X-23. The second: they needed characters to kill off like the one from Gen-x (can't remember his name right now) and they needed a whole bunch of characters to mess with for crossovers like Extinction Agenda and so forth. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the old uniforms but that doesn't mean they can't slip in a few new ones every so often. The one I was looking forward to was Havok in his new duds, Toybiz cancelled it though. Anyways, going back to the original question, I don't think I have any preferences for waves right now. The line is still in it's infancy and Hasbro didn't just sign a two year contract. They just haven't found the right formula to keep everyone happy yet. They will though, thats why they invest so much money into research.
  11. I think it's because there is not enough room with the way they make the articulation in the feet now.
  12. BBTS now is offering a variant Hasbro Legends case thats due to ship in the summer. It has 2 Yellowjackets, 3 Quicksilvers, 1 Jean Grey and 2 Lord Thors. No pictures of the packaging but I would have to say they will definitely be on new backer cards for Hasbro to get away with this. Imagine, shelves full of MHL variant peg warmers!!!
  13. Is that available to the mass markets yet, or are you just one of the luckiest people in the galaxy at this moment?
  14. What i do when I have this problem, with most of the earlier ML's, is put a larger male character behind her to one side. Extend his arm out a little and then lean her back on it, you won't notice the other characters hand or fist and she will stay up! It works well. It would work even better if Gambit didn't have the same weak ankle problem then he could put his arm around her!
  15. Great another movie where we get 10 different sculpts of the same figure. I wish Marvel would pick a character that has a little diversity in the story lines. I can already predict what the Iron man figs will be like too. 10 different Iron mans 2 sculpts of the same villain and if we are lucky the lead female character who will be one per case. Oh yeah and a Terrorist henchman. Don't get me wrong I'll still buy some but not as many as I would if they had more villains to offer. Or if they offered more main characters. EG. Spidey movie, no Aunt May, no Uncle Ben, no Harry Osbourne etc. If they don't think they would sell then offer them in 2 packs. 'nuff said! Oh and EXCELSIOR, of course!
  16. x-66


    I've been collecting marvel action figures since 1991 and have continued until now! I still own all my 5" stuff including vehicles, playsets and about 500 figures. I just got a chance to view most of them and they've held up well, in their storage boxes, since I phased them out a few years ago. Unfortunately, they are obsolete in every aspect except one. I like the fact that they don't have a zillion points of articulation, their bodies are smoother around the hips and shoulders giving them a more realistic look. The face sculpts are less then to be desired though. Overall they are still a part of the collection. I just wish companies would pick one scale and stick with it for more then 10 years at a time.
  17. Uhhh, can you guys start a firestar link because I'm sick of thinking someone found something new when all you are doing is discussing a piece from roughly 10 years ago! GREAT FIND NOW GET OVER IT!
  18. x-66

    Stupid case ratios!

    Heres a suggestion Buy a variant case from BBTS, (I'm picking up mine from my PO box tomorrow) Then return them for credit to Walmart or Target! There return policy is more lenient then TRU
  19. Hello, the way I've always been able to tell is to drop them on a table. The original ones were made out of a softer plastic and the repros are usually more brittle. The repros will make a slight clinking noise and the originals won't. I haven't bought any in years but all the ones I was getting in the mid to late nineties did this. Good luck.
  20. I think what everyone is failing to see here is that Hasbro is a company that is in business to make money. They are doing so so sculpts for a reason, it's called longevity. Does everyone remember the first few waves of Star wars from the mid nineties? They were crap!!! Know lets look at he amount of resculpts, re-releases and repaints they have done of that same character, in the same outfit, from the same scene, over and over again. Just off the top of my head I would say there has been at least 21 ( I'm sure someone out there will chime in on my innaccuracy) of Luke Skywalker Tatooine outfit. Yet me and other Star Wars collectors continue to buy at least two of each figure that ever comes out. The main reason for me being that the sculpting does get better on each one, but there is never ever one that is completely perfect. Either the head is too big or the colour of the the jacket is off or any number of reasons . This my friends is called marketing! As to whether this tactic will hold true is completely up to us, the fans themselves. Toybiz was smart starting the BAF thing, it almost guarentees the complete sale of at least one of every set. However, there will always be "peg warmers" and these figures will make or break the future release of another one like it. I think the poor sales on Spidey 3 5" figs has shown Hasbro what we want in one area at least. Which brings me to one last point. Let them know how you feel by not buying that last crap character or sculpt hanging on the peg just beacuse its down to $2.98 now. Case in point all the Toybiz Psylocke and Longshot clingons still out there. No BAF in the world could make me buy 2 of each of those!!!!
  21. Please, if anyone has a upc for these, please, please post it. Is there a link somewhere on these boards where I can get upc's from? It has become increasingly difficult to get the toys I want these days. I thought it was hard to find stuff when Toybiz was calling the shots, I was "unlike most" happy to see Hasbro taking over. However, I am seeing the error of my short lived glee. It sure was easy to find wave 1 though. Thanx, for reading!
  22. rehash? i think hasbro is making these more because they f***ed up the spiderman line. They didnt have to make these. People wanted em and so they made em. Hasbros slowely learning what to do. They imo made 5 inch figures because i think theyre cheaper and that didnt work so they go back to 6 inch. To me theyre basically making up for what they did and so i wouldnt complain about it but thats me You know I don't care whether people like them or not, I would love to find a set at retail. For those of you who have found them can you PLEASE get me a upc or sku from tru or target or walmart? The toy gods will bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. How many threads are you going to say this in? Post something original please. I've been an action figure collector since 1991 and have never broken away from it. I like Hasbro and dislike them at the same time. But some of you people really kill me, they should give the line to Mcfarlane or Sideshow? You've got to be kidding me, first of all probably 60% of every Mcfarlane figure I've ever bought broke on me "cheap plastic used to cut corners". Secondly do you really want to pay $20.00 a figure from someone like Sideshow? Please, I'm enraged enough about their ridiculous prices on their Star Wars dolls. So now that I've gotten that off my chest lets get down to the reason I'm writing this. I am sick to death of hearing people complain about stuff. How many times have I heard people whining aboutnot being able to find Marvel Legends on the shelves when they were made by Toybiz or how much someone had to pay for even a non chase figure on Ebay. Well, now Marvel legends are easier to find for everyone and you people still find things to complain about, the paint jobs not as good the sculpting sucks etc. Give me a break!!! I'm happy just happy that were still getting a 6" scale figure. I know there are collectors out there like me who own all the 5" Toybiz figs too, and I know you were as upset as me when they went to the new scale. But now most of the main characters have been done decently and all my 5" figs are happy in their retirement boxes. I would like everyone to take an opportunity to go look at these old figs and you tell me if the sculpting is even close to what were getting now. We should be happy and if you are not then Hasbro will eventually listen, just don't ruin it for the rest of us. I'm worried that Hasbro will try to go to 5" scale again, they're already testing the waters with Spidey3 and F42. If the sales aren't there for 6" the marketing reps in all their genius could get their way and everything will be small, it saves them money on plastic . I've been following Kenner/Hasbro for many years now and believe me when I say this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to action figures from this company. They're in business to make money not to lose it. Heres the proof that Hasbro wants to keep us happy "Hydra Soldier" I want at least 4 of them so how many do you want? I haven't heard anyone complain about that one yet. And quit ripping on the Spidey3 6" they're just prototypes. When I first saw the MLH pics for wave 1 and 2 they looked like bunk too but they weren't that bad. I can't wait to add these figs to my Spidey movie shelf! Thats about it, I could say more but it seems that most of the pessimists have made their minds up already. The way I look at is, ALL THE MORE FIGURES FOR ME, MOO HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Okay, lets talk scale. I started collecting marvel action figures from Toybiz in 1991, I amassed about 600 different figures all together and man was I pissed when they discontinued the line to make a 6" scale. However, since there was nothing else out there at the time I started collecting the larger ones. I was quite happy with the awesome detailing and better sculpting. I now own about 300 from Ml and other Marvel movie lines. So yes I am pissed if they continue on with the 5" scale. I've been contemplating buying the Spidey figs and I broke down and did get a couple for $5.00 each when toysrus had a sale on them here in Canada. They are very nice but the main thing that throws me off is they make the old Toybiz 5" stuff look like crap, I can't even stand them next to each other, so that isn't going to happen. The whole thing on a couple of bucks cheaper doesn't make sense either because the smaller ones should cost a hell of a lot less then they do. They're only 2 bucks less!!! One of the reasons Hasbro wants to go 5" is to make playsets etc. yet the only thing I've seen in a rep's release book is a dumb ass construction playset, big deal. I'm not falling for this malarkey again there is no way i'm changing scale. This time I'm learning from my mistakes. One last thing to think about if the 5" scale is doing so well then why has Walmart in the states lowered there prices and now Walmart in Canada has lowered there prices from $9.94 to $5.94. This tells me that even the kids aren't buying much of them, probably because for 5 years they been buying the 6" scale. So let the kiddies have there mini figures while us real collectors buy the nice stuff, I'll build my own playset and dioramas from scratch. If you would like to see that I am serious collector look at my pictures at www.photobucket.com look up 66jedikiller66. And if anyone from Hasbro ever has the guts to listen and stop being a "yes person" all the time then heads up because I've spent over 50,000 grand in the past 17 years on toys and I'm NOT CHANGING SCALE AGAIN. IN THE WORDS OF THE GREAT ONE HIMSELF NUFF SAID!
  25. I'd love to have people over for a tour, unfortunately the room is very small. I'm moving both my Star wars and superhero collections into one large room in the basement in the fall. As far as getting displays posters etc. I have many more then shown. Always remember it never hurts to ask and the worst they can say is no. Always be nice to people, every time you see them, employees remember this and will give you stuff more frequently than if you hum and ha about things or whine in front of them. Just because the guy at your local blockbuster says he's not allowed to give stuff away doesn't mean the person at the one 3 streets over won't. It's called networking I've been doing this for 17 years now and what I've shown you is only about a quarter of my collection. I'm sure as most other collectors will agree it is difficult to display everything you own all the time. I try to keep my main displays down to one of each of the best sculpts released to date, afterall you wouldn't see the same character standing next to each other on the street would you? I would like to say thank you to everyone for the compliments, I'm a little too critical of the things I do and it took a lot for me to show you what I do for my obssession, umm I mean hobby. Happy hunting out there.
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