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  1. I'd be tickled if they ever reissued Wave 5, NEVER saw that in the stores, and foolishly tried to work with Walmart to see if they could help me...dumb...dumb...dumb....
  2. YES!!! Hit me with a wave 5 release please!!! Do it on either Walmart.com or Mattycollector (seriously, a new He-Man figure every month, but only one or two DCUC figs a year there...COME ON!!!!!).
  3. If you listen carefully, Hal Jordan is voiced by Kevin Smith as well. What a great episode!
  4. Um...I think there are only 5 in the Walmart wave (Atom, Black Lightning, Eradicator, Riddler, & Amazo), so 5 x 11.88 is almost $60. Add Tax and shipping and you're around $70 or $75, so you pocket between $25 and $30 for your troubles. I'd gladly pay $100 for the set of series 5 as well. They're going for around $130 to $150 on Scalper-Bay, but I just checked and there are a lot more out there than last week so maybe the price will ease down a little bit into sane levels.
  5. Wave 6 is starting to hit the WM's around here, but no wave 5. NEVER SEEN it in the wild in Northern Illinois. I sent notes to WM corporate and I've had a couple of different managers/assistants at WM contact me in the area, and they have NOTHING for wave 5.
  6. Can someone going to the Forum at NYCC ask Mattel what the hell is up with the Wal-Mart wave???? I complained up to corporate and they had one of their local managers call me and left me a message that the reason these are so hard to find is lead paint in the product so they've recalled most of the wave. What's the story????
  7. Can someone help me get my mitts on DC Universe Classics WAVE 5 (the rumored wave, exclusive to Wal-mart and nobody else).

  8. I expanded my search last weekend and chased around to three other WM's a little south of my home and came up empty again, other than the Shazam I snarfed. I'm pursuing the Corporate complaining at WM as well (sent a note late last week) and haven't heard anything yet. I'm REALLY hoping they'll find a way for me to buy a case.
  9. I have the exact same problem as Chopz. I'm trying to raise hell via targeted e-mails first to Walmart.com, and then they sent me to another site that services the stores (l'll let everyone know how THAT turns out). I can tell you this, the four stores near me have not had any of these. I spoke to an assistant manger in Round Lake Beach, Illinois (VERY FAR northern Suburb of Chicago) and he stated that he has no control over what he gets in, it's all in the hands of his distributor and the warehouse. He also stated it was doubtful he'd get them in (this discussion was like two months ago) as they weren't carrying the line at that point. Fast forward to this weekend and his store had in wave SIX (I know this because I bought the only one they had left, a lone hawkman). I have a number of suspicions about this wave. ONE: Scalpers feasted on it. I'm thinking no, because they are not plentiful on E-Bay. There's only like two complete waves out there right now and only about a half dozen individual figs as well. TWO: Mattel didn't have a large production run on this wave. Entirely possible, but I have no idea if it's true or not. THREE: There's just piss poor distribution where I live, and the figs are plentiful in other areas of the country. I'm claiming false here too, otherwise, there'd be a bunch on E-Bay, and there just aren't. FOUR: Mattel had a standard run and these are just sitting in warehouses waiting for Walmart to sell off all their old Wave one stock. Entirely possible, I still see Orion's and Batmans in Wal-Marts that do seem to carry the lines. ALSO, could just be piss-poor distribution across the country. Which is it? Any other possibilities? I'm in need of this entire wave as well. I'd be willing to purchase outright for a reasonable cost. I have to go through what I have and what I can trade. I think I have an extra MOC Stealth Iron Man from Marvel Legends Wave One... Thanks!!!
  10. I'd be happy if I could FIND them in Northern IL. All I'm seeing is Cyborgs, Wonder Women, and an occasional Ares. Wally Exclusives???? Yeah, exclusively NO WHERE TO BE FOUND AROUND HERE!!!!! I'd take a Riddler with two left arms at this point. I haven't seen ANY!!! Wally did there resets all around here and they have the little ones all out, right next the empty pegs where DCUC SHOULD be. What the hell??!?!?!?!?!?
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen neither hide nor hair of EITHER in the northern suburbs of Chicago. The Walmart Exclusive wave hasn't surfaced here (that's 5, right???). The distribution of this product is apparently almost as bad as their quality control.
  12. The KB by me (at Gurnee Mills, FAR NORTH suburb of Chicago) is pretty much done. I found a Cyborg there about two weeks ago, but hit it two days ago and they barely had any shelving left. Between their going out of business and NO WAL-MARTS around here carrying the DC Universe Classics exclusive wave, it's enough to make me throw in the towel and give it up.
  13. I have no problem with the idea of the exclusive waves, SO LONG AS THE MANUFACTURER insures a plentiful order commitment. I'll drive to Target, TRU, or Wal-Mart RIGHT NOW if I know they'll have what I'm looking for in stock. When the manufacturers commit to creating an exclusive, the retailer should commit as well. The fans/buyers are the only ones who get hurt in this.
  14. WAITAMINUTE MARVEL FANS!!!! What about One More Day where Spider-man makes a deal with Mephisto to keep his old, fragile, Aunt May alive at the cost of his marriage to MJ? And at the same time they "re-masked" him? I dropped that title cold at that point because they basically p!ss#d all over the last 10 years of my reading that title. NO MORE! BOTH HOUSES are doing STUPID, STUPID things to either "fix" or mess up years/decades of continuity. The only books I actually read the day I get them any more are the Green Lantern books. They're building up to an interesting story about different rings and powers and what not. I do like the Ultimate Spider-man series (see I like some of Marvel's offerings too). I'm going back to my geek cave.
  15. CRAP IN A HAT!!! I've been hitting Toysrus.com daily the last week or two looking for DC Classics, and no "coming soon" with these or anything. First time I see them and they're OUT OF STOCK!!!! GAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Done. I'm sure nothing will come of it. I'm frustrated with Wal-Mart, but REALLY annoyed with Mattel. Why have a wave exlusive to one store when there is apparently no massive minimum order? It should be like GNR selling Chinese Democracy through Best Buy. Axl cut a deal that Best Buy would either sell 3 MM copies of it, or they'll buy them. Why wouldn't Mattel arrange to have Walmart buy a minium of 5 or so cases per store, regardless of whether or not the store had an earlier wave? If Mattel wanted to really re-launch this product by giving the largest Toy Retailer (sorry TRU, it ain't even close) an exclusive, why not insure they were stuffed to the rafters with them? Stupid.
  17. Crap in a hat. I'm SOOOOOO irritated at the stupid Target in Gurnee, IL (FAR NORTH suburb of Chicago), they have the same damn figs from series one (two Tornados, three bats, and two of that dude on the hover chair-is that Orion?-). They have YET to put out anything from series two and now three is hitting. There's no DAMN WAY they'll ever get on the stick and get the Red Hulk Legends series out. Why the hell doesn't Mattycollector sell the regular DC Superheroes? It had to have cost some money to put together that site, and now they're out of product (save Giganta). W....T.....F??????????????????????
  18. So, the front part of the hood doesn't close right now on the Stealth Bumblebee, ANY ideas how to fix it? I forced it to transform him into the robot and now it just doesn't close right.
  19. There hasn't been much out there worth buying, until recently. About two weeks ago I scored a Wal-Mart exclusive transformer (looks like they took one of the older Autobots with the Key feature, repainted it and put it new packaging) at the WM in Round Lake Beach, IL (FAR North Suburb of Chicago), then this weekend my kids and I found a Stealth Bumblebee at the Target in Gurnee, IL. It looks sweet in vehicle form and robot form, but the transforming was a little wonky and now in car mode the front hood won't go completely in the right way which bums me out a little.
  20. I found the remaining figs from DCUC I needed at the Target in Vernon Hills, IL (FAR Northern Suburb of Chicago). I snarfed the Classic Aquaman, Firestorm, and Black Manta, left behind the Supes and Harley. HAPPY HUNTING!
  21. http://www.theonion.com/content/video/wild...ron_man_trailer HA!
  22. Ok, 16 rather than 14, so NINE more figures (rather than seven) unaccounted for. Stealth Iron Man will be one of them.
  23. From what I've read, I'm pretty sure they'll be putting out a Stealth Iron Man in the second full wave. I think there are supposed to be a total of 14 figures for the movie related line and we have (and have confirmed): Wave 1: Mark I Mark II Mark III Snap On Iron Man Iron Monger Wave 1.5: Titanium Man Iron Monger (with opening hatch) That's only HALF the number of figures they're making. I'd bet a paycheck that a Stealth Iron Man will be one of the remaining unnamed seven figs. COUNT ON IT!
  24. None found in the Northern 'burbs of Chicago. I've had my eyes peeled for these and the Iron Man figs. Only TRU in Gurnee had some of those this morning, NOWHERE ELSE. I'm digging these DC figs!
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