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  1. How do you make your Akuma's come out so beautifully?
  2. I was thinking that, but then it would look wierd what with the Oxford shirt being purple already, I think the purple lines on the suit worked good though.
  3. Jude Law is psychotic.. I just saw that picture and it really reminded me of Joker for some reason. I'll try to find a picture of him later, I gotta do some stuff now. But he's definatly my number 1 choice for Joker.
  4. This is my first manip ever so go easy. This is how I hope he looks in the sequel to Batman Begins. Please critiuqe it and tell me what you don't like so I can improve on it if I do something else like this in the future. Thanks.
  5. Me and someone on another message board I go to got into a big discussion about comic time a few months ago. We concluded 50-75 issues equals a year in comic time.. And it sucks, because the board just wiped out every topic over 100 days old because of a update to the server. If it didn't I'd post a link.
  6. Jesus Dan... Did you type all of that? You're like a comic handbook all in one. Good job.
  7. Cable and Deadpool did nothing for me. I liked parts of issue 1, particularly some of Deadpool's one liners.. Issue 2 just bored me out of my skull, so I decided to not even bother picking up the 3rd issue to finish off the arc. And yeah, issue 3 came out like a week or two ago. At my local shop, it's spot on the rack looks untouched. I don't see it lasting much longer. I hope it gets canceled, Cable sticks to X Force and Marvel makes an Agency X book with the Agent X creative team. That'd be swell. JMS made ASM good for the first time in a long time. The totemistic stuff is great and I love how JMS isn't saying, "Spidey's powers are mystical and magic based, accept it!" He's leaving it up to what you want to think, same with what Ezekiel is doing with Peter. I'm noy going to spoil anything for you, but there's some good standalone issues after 500 then it get's right into "The Book of Ezekiel." I won't spoil anything for you, but I will say that it's been incredible and I am on the edge of my seat for 508. I'm with you with liking Humberto. I think his style goes good with Jenkin's writing... It really showed in "A Death in the Family." But so far SSM has been okay, but not as good as Jenkin's PP: SM story. "The Hunger" was good. "Countdown" was great, IMO. I thought it was one of the best Ock stories in years. "The Lizard's Tale" was just flat out bad with lots of continuity errors. I really liked SSM14, though. There's another mutation arc in the horizon for the book, though... I was kind of hoping that this book would be one that dealt with classic villains. That way it could be a good balance between classic and new. Oh well though, we'll see how well the Disassembled tie in's do. The Ultimate titles are okay. They're really starting to lose their steam though. I think the USM: Carnage arc will kickstart USM again and Ellis on UFF will be good, but UXM has been pretty boring lately. Ultimates is probably the best Ultimate title, but Hitch is too slow.. I know his wife was very sick and all, but he should've told Marvel earlier so they could've attached a new artist to it. He handled the situation very unprofessionally. Bendis is wearing himself out. He's doing too much. If I had to drop anything he was on right now.. Hmm... I don't know what it would be... Probably USM or just not pick up Avengers. I actually like The Pulse a lot. It's something new and I love to see Urich and Jonah, so it's great for me. I always thought it would be cool to see a book based on the Bugle and it looks like I finally got my wish.
  8. Bendis has been really hit or miss with me lately... It seems like he has a cultlike following with his Ultimate work, though. Lots of teenagers really enjoying USM, thinking everything else out there isn't worth their money. I've found USM very boring since the 40's, right after the Venom arc. On other boards, talking to them is like talking to a brick wall so I've stopped bothering. But back on Bendis, I absolutely love Bendis's take on Daredevil. I feel like the book is hardly underrated. His Secret War mini has been great so far, too. His Avengers though.. I'm real worried about. I got my Wizard yesterday and was surprised to see the preview for Avengers 500. Some shoddy dialouge then all of the sudden (SPOILERS) He brings Jack of Hearts back (Out of nowhere... It seems like he must have it in for Jack, what with killing him 2 times now) and blows him up like a suicide bomber, taking out Antman I don't know. I just think his run will sell well because of shock value and that his name is on the cover. I also don't like that Marvel gave him the opportunity to pick all of the creative teams on the solo books. Oh well, time will tell. I think that DC is fair with the covers. They just have alternate covers for different printings, which are pretty much easily available to all if you don't really wait on it. Marvel seems to be getting ridiculous about it though. The Astonishing X-Men alternate covers were just nuts.. The two comic shops I go to didn't even see the alternate covers, only because they didn't order Amazing Fantasy in excess. And I really don't see Amazing Fantasy hanging around either. And I wanted the Cassidy cover, too.. I thought it looked great. The titles I'm currently reading monthly: 4 Astonishing X-Men Amazing Spider-Man Daredevil Fantastic Four Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Fantastic Four Ultimates Secret War Batman Superman Identity Crisis Identity Disk The Pulse Marvel Knights: Spider-Man The Incredible Hulk Spectacular Spider-Man And a few more that I probably forgot. My favorites right now are ASM, DD, and FF by far. I think ASM is amazing. (no pun intended) I love what JMS has done with the book. He's brought something new to it.. Made it exciting again. Some might not like the totemistic arc but I for one absolutely love it. And I love how all of his 2 years of writing ASM are climaxing right now. Ezekiel is one of my favorite characters and he just looked so badass last issue. JMS is the best writer to be on the book since Roger Stern and he is definatly one of my favorite writers of all time. Daredevil has been great, too. This is the only book that I feel that Bendis has been consistently good at. Maleev's art is fantastic and completely goes with the whole entire feel of the book. The Underboss and Hardcore arcs were fantastic. I also loved the last arc. The cameo'Hs were a lot of fun. And Waid's Fantastic Four has been awesome, too. I love how he showed just how evil Doom can be.. And a little wink to Kirby by essentially making him (SPOILER) God of the Marvel universe. It was ballsy, but it made me happy... Great way to respect a great man. I've already dropped Cable and Deadpool. That title bored me out of my skull. I love Brook's Deadpool but it's just not enough to make me shell out 3 bucks for the book. The only reason I'm buying Hulk is to see him and Iron Man fight. After that, I won't bother until PAD makes his mini. Supes I'm only buying because I loved Azzarello's Broken City arc. I don't even like Jim Lee that much. I'm happy with the rest of the titles. In a nutshell, that's basically my whole view on the comics market.
  9. I'm just interested in what titles that you read monthly. Your favorite? One's you going to consider dropping? What you make of the alternate cover/panels Marvel is getting into again. What you think of Bendis coming onto Avenger's and totally just messing with things.
  10. You really think so? Hmmm...you're the first person to dislike the head. Most of the praise I'm getting is for her head. The face is that of Elektras, so that "stare" belongs to her. Hehe. The headpiece was sculpted by me, along with the hair. This is the first major sculpting I have ever done on any of my csutoms, so that might be why is seems not quite right. *shrugs shoulders* Thanks for the constructive critisism though. Don't get me wrong.. It's very nice. Maybe the hair going over the top of the middle of the headpiece? Can't put my finger on it.
  11. Sorry Mando.. Just not digging this one.. The body is great, but the whole head just seems off... Her expression looks confused and the head piece just looks off.. Maybe try something instead of sculpey? Foam rubber cut? It's worked before.
  12. I remembered I had an extra Punisher body from my failed doc ock and a magneto body from the x-men boxset. I decided to make some mercenaries. Deadpool was fun to make... But something is missing.. i can't put my thumb on it.. he just looks plain. Taskmaster was really fun to make. i've wanted to make him for awhile. and i love the way he came out. the head was a pain to make. Jeff Hardy with all the facial features sanded off and resculpted the lower jaw.. the hoody took awhile to sculpt, too.. anyway, here's pics.
  13. Eh, I don't know. I just wanted to make a Cyclops.. I know he's coming out soon, but not in this costume which is my fav one. Plus, he's not being released in US cases as of now. and I'm really pleased with how it came out. I might not even buy an XMC Cyclops.. Well.. if I see him in stores I'll pick him up, but i won't scramble to buy him online like Archangel. Check out the blue wash.. I love the way it came out and you can actually see it in these pics. Also, a little more effort went into Iceman's icesled. Some sanding, more sculpting, chopping pieces off, repainting, and hanging. Looks cooler now. here's the pics.
  14. Parachute Spidey body, Harry Potter head... HEY IT WORKS! http://www.imagestation.com/mypictures/inb...&caption=iceman And for the hell of it, my X-Men shelf. http://www.imagestation.com/mypictures/inb...ption=xmenshelf
  15. Yeah, my mom got me an extra Ghost Rider for Christmas and seeing as how I already have one and will probably never see a ML5 Red Skull I've decided to make one. I loved the way NAD's look so more or less I was just copying his with the exception of the head which is an ML3 Ghost Rider sanded down (By hand, with a nail file, mind you.. I seriously need a dremel..) Sandman was more or less just me having fun.. I always loved that recipe and didn't like Mr. f's hammer hand so I said wtf and had fun with it.. I like both of them a lot.
  16. Yep, this is by far my favorite.. Long story short, a custom Lowe gave me fell off my shelf and broke so I used it as custom fodder. The torso and arms are Human Torch, arms X2 NC, head Lowe's NC, legs are a random spidey with feet from an X2 NC. Base, repainted Lowe base... So yes.. Mad props to Lowe. @smilepunch@
  17. I threw this together today.. I'm happy with it.. The logo was a #$##.. Lot's of attempts on it... I like him.. Looks nice with my other ML. Enjoy. http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SgALAz0X*oB...451890500608013 http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SwDTAm8XmZF...451890504780494
  18. Alright, I looked at my Avenger shelf and saw it was seriously lacking. With not Avengers in ML5 and an extra MOTU Heman lying around, I decided to make either a Wonderman or Black Panther.. After deciding Panther, came to sanding off the boot cuffs.. WITH A NAIL FILE.. Gotta get a dremel. Then I sculpted the chest piece and head. Then I painted and WALA, Black Panther. My first time trying to do a navy blue wash to highlight some of the muscle features.. I like the way it came off.. Not too strong but noticeable. The cape was made from vinyl from a cloak of a random fig for the head piece and just cloth for the rest of the cape. Gotta say I love this one and am very proud of it. http://groups.msn.com/HakatoXfriends/weezi...oto&PhotoID=510 http://groups.msn.com/HakatoXfriends/weezi...oto&PhotoID=511 And just for the fun of it... AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! http://groups.msn.com/HakatoXfriends/weezi...oto&PhotoID=509
  19. Thanks a lot man. I felt the same way. I like the way this Custom looks so much, I think I may just keep it with my X-Men and hang up my XMC Angel.
  20. AGAIN... Lemme try this again! @grumpy@ http://www.deviantart.com/view/4132464/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/4132472/
  21. It turned out okay. I like my Sue a lot better.. IMO, he looks like a reg fig from a distance.. Up close you can see the many quirks, IE: the eyes... I had a lot of trouble with them. The halo on his chest looks a lot better in person... It didn't photograph well. Without further ado: http://www.fanartists.com/gallery/data/505/63angel.jpg http://www.fanartists.com/gallery/data/505...05/63angel2.jpg Critique, Bash, Praise.. Whatever. Just gimme some insight please. And oh yes, the brown on the wings is intentional.. I was experimenting with drybrushing to give them a worn look.
  22. After making my first custom (Sue Storm.. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/27523/p/5...36878060_vl.jpg) I've been wanting to do a lot more.. So here's my to do list, which you can expect to happen after Christmas. Angel- After being pissed off about how wierd looking the Archangel in XMC turned out (Wings and all) I decided to make my own in my favorite costume. After a little thinking about it and some inspiration from fellow customizer Lars, I'll be starting a Angel with a Gambit and some Spawn wings in this costume. Goliath- I've come to terms with more then likely NEVER finding a Goliath. (Watch me find one after finishing this. ) So, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. First of all, I'm going to do TRU a favor and take a 13 inch movie Hulk (Straight faced) off their hands. Sure, I know Goliath was never buffed out like Hulk, but still. I think it'd look better then the ML one and more in scale. If all goes well, expect me to **** out some other customs from excess figures from the XML Boxset and maybe a experiment custom of Bullseye from wrestling figs.
  23. Seriously, thanks a lot guys.. I'm definatly going to do more customs.. Just need to get some fodder parts.
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