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  1. It's not Steve Rogers. Pick up "Civil War: Choosing Sides" to see for sure. Also, Civil War #7 has USAgent standing on an Omega Flight sign while Captain America is in prison. Oh well. Not the first time I've been wrong, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Cap in jail? Hah-hah!! Good. I'm totally on Iron-Man's side. And IMO, Peter Parker was a fool to jump ship.
  2. Are you sure that's US Agent? It may be Steve Rogers... @firedevil@
  3. I don't think these look cartoonish at all. They look exactly like Cap and Ironman. The Ironman especially looks like Gene Colan drew him during his classic Silver-Age run on "Tales of Suspense". Now, if by "cartoonish" you mean they're not over-detailed in the hyper-realistic style of 90's-type artists like McFarlane, et al, then I would agree with you. And I'd still prefer these.
  4. Completely different head sculpt, and better detailing on the 1998 TOY-BIZ product.
  5. Holy cow! You're right! But I'm still psyched to get a Golden-Age Bucky and Cap. Could anymore Golden-Age Marvel greats be far behind?? Destroyer? Original Human Torch (and Toro)? Black Marvel? The Angel? The Patriot? Flaming Skull? The original Vision? The original Black Widow? Hmmmmmm..... @hmmm@
  6. You hate "cartoonization", but you're going to focus on buying the Famous Covers figs from 1998?? Sorry...but I'm confused...
  7. 5" movie figs??? HASBRO made a big mistake with that decision. As I've yet to find a Venom that satisfied, I might have bought this one, but 5" ??? No thanks. I'll pass. @grumpy@
  8. You're comparing convention "Two-ups" to actual prototypes and making a sweeping conclusion. Sorry, but TOY-BIZ's two-ups always looked better than the actual figures. ALWAYS. Other than the fact that the Yellowjacket who debuted at last year's SDCC is metallic gold, I see no real differnece in the scuplt. Ditto for Quicksilver and Thor. Yes, the paint-apps are better, but again...they're "two-ups", intended to excite retailers and end-customers. Frankly, after all the QC probs I had with TOY-BIZ in '05-'06, the HASBRO Legends Wave 1 was a breath of fresh air. They're simply better made. And I'm not an articulation perfectionist, so I'm not bothered by the hands, etc. This year, I'm getting Quicksilver,Yellowjacket, Black Knight, Black Bolt, 1940's Captain America, Bucky, Moleman, and lot's of other figs I've been wanting for years. So I'm happy.
  9. Maybe this thread should be called "SLOW NEWS BLUES", because it's really got to be a dead day on the forum when we start debating the relative merits of "Old News"... ...BTW, this thread is old news. People have beeen complaining about this for months. @firedevil@
  10. Kangaroo Man Mountain Marko Cyclone Hypno Hustler (No, I'm NOT joking.) Jackal Gwen Stacy Razorback Skyboy (from the classic 1968 Spiderman cartoon. This guy had the goofiest helmet EVER in comics. Priceless!)
  11. And it will still make millions, despite what the idiot critics say.
  12. OK... Could someone please verify the following? 1. There will be an FF movie line, and a separate FF "Classics" line from HASBRO 2. The movie line is a 5"-line, and the Classics line is a 6"-line. 3. The Classics line has a BAF, and it's Ronan. I keep seeing this information popping up on this board, but I never see it in anything official. If the FF-movie line is a 5"-line, that's really stupid. If there is a separate FF-Classics line, that's great! (especially with the Ronan BAF, the Namor, the Moleman, etc) Also, are there any pictures of the Classic line?
  13. I don't remember reading that interview, but could it have really been that much worse than the heaping pile of crap that was 'Superman Returns'? What way did they want to go w/ it (just a brief overview is fine)? No need to worry...Cage just wants to pitch it...no way marvel would actually let him write the script or anything. Actually, I liked Superman Returns. But believe me...what Cage and Burton were planning made the Ben Affleck "Daredevil" look like Shakespeare. Here's a clip from the interview: WIZARD: Playing a superhero seems like it’s been a long time coming. After growing up a comic fan, you were once attached to star as Superman under director Tim Burton, but what’s it like now that you’re finally playing a character very different from the Man of Steel? CAGE: Well, I thought that Brandon [Routh] was excellent in the “Superman Returns” movie, and I knew what they were doing. When I was going to play Superman, and I have to be fair about this, I was going to try to re-conceive the character and do something with the role that would’ve been pretty far out. WIZARD: How far out? CAGE: I was going to have like giant black samurai hair and be really wild and bring out the alien aspect of the character and feeling his alienation of not being able to fit into society. I thought that was helpful to people who feel out of place. In their heart, they can all be Superman by definition. We all have the Superman spirit within us, and often these people who do really appear to have super-abilities in terms of their careers or their focus or their abilities to concentrate. People like Ozzy Osbourne, who on stage is just larger than life and fantastic, and in person he’s very shy and humble and quiet. We all have that sort of Clark Kent/Superman dynamic to us, and I really wanted to play up that feeling that when he was Clark, he really couldn’t fit in. Long, black-haired mullet? "We all have the Superman spirit within us"...??? Ozzy Osbourne?!?!? My experience is that whenever someone says they want to "reconceive" a character...look out!
  14. "It would be her in a bikini just kicking a lot of ass, throwing cars. I'm trying to put that together as we speak." May I add my two-cents? BARF!! Just what we need. She-Hulk, done '90's-style, with no brains...(in the script, I mean) Don't get me wrong, I think a She-Hulk movie would be great...but this?? If anyone thinks I'm being hasty, let me ask them if they ever read the Nick Cage interview in WIZARD # 184? In this issue, Cage discusses the script that Tim Burton and he had been working on for the SUPERMAN movie (prior to Bryan Singer and "Superman Returns"). If you read what Cage and Burton were planning, then you'll understand my dislike of this idea. If you didn't read it, then take my word for it - THANK GOD Burton's concept was killed! Nick Cage. GREAT actor. I'm looking forward to GHOST RIDER. But maybe he should stay in front of the camera..?
  15. This is awesome! To me, Conan will always be a Marvel Comics character, even though I know he was a licensed property. I can't wait to get this. It will perfectly round-out my 1970's Marvel characters. The rest of this line looks incredible as well.
  16. Bridges is a tad old for Happy Hogan. Remember, Pepper is played by Gwyneth Paltrow.
  17. Well, me either. The whole 90's-era X-Men thing leaves me cold, but I know that lots of folks out there love it, so I'm just passing on the info.
  18. Hmmmmmm.... I'm not especially impressed... "Smash-n-Punch Action"? Uggh. @hmmm@
  19. Apparently, some "insider" got hold of pics of the next HASBRO Legends BAF and posted them on FWOOSH an hour or so ago. Per my "source" (I always wanted to say that), Jesse Falcon quickly intervened, and had the thread removed. A follow-up thread asking for the pics was also removed...so it sounds like the pics were genuine, otherwise, why all the panic? Anyway...also per my source, the BAF was a BROOD QUEEN. He (source) said it will go nicely with the Marvel Select BROOD scheduled for '07. He also said she was pretty big...not Galactus or Sentinel BIG, but bigger than Annihiilus. So, that should make all the X-MEN fans out there pretty happy! Me, I'm still holding out for a BAF of the chubby chick from "Great Lakes Avengers"...
  20. Why has no one mentioned Storm yet??? @smilepunch@ She's one of the best/accurate sculpts in the ML series! You're right! She's one of the best. Props to ML 8 Storm. I forgot her...I hang my head in shame...
  21. I'm sure the gold paint on the legs and the silver "T" will all be there once the final fig is released.
  22. Ummmm...I hate to tell ya', but this poll is completely irrelevant. HASBRO has the license. It's done. Over. Get used to it.
  23. Okay, TB had plenty of QC problems (like EVERY toy manuf. does), but this is obviously an extreme (or maybe X-treme, lol) case, don't you think??? There are bad examples of all mass-produced products. You could go drop $30K on a car and get a lemon. You obviously got a bad figure...big deal. I've got 100+ loose figures in my collection and I have never had one single incident of anything breaking while I took it out of the package or even after falling off of a display shelf. Sucks that you got a bum figure that time, but don't act like it was the "norm" because that is a ridiculous exaggeration. X-Treme X-Men Rogue: Broken feet, broken hands, cracked torso. FO-2 Punisher: Two useless, floppy mid-feet joints that fell of. X-Men Avalanche: Warped ankle, foot fell off. ML 10 Mystique: Arm broke off at the left shoulder. Replaced her. The replacement's arm broke off at the left shoulder. ML 10 Spidey: Both legs fused at the hips. Fearsome Foes Vulture: Arm fused at the shoulder FO-2 Wolverine: Feet and knee joints so loose he can't stand up. ML 10 Sentinel upper-torso: Broken while in package. ML 10 Sentinel lower torse: Both legs fused at the hip. ML 13 Abomination: Left arm fused at the shoulder ML 13 Loki: Rubbery legs, loose hip joints. Sinister Six Green Goblin: Left hand and left leg fused at the wrist, shin. ML 12 Apocalypse BAF: Hip joints way too loose, he can't stand up. ML 9 Doctor Strange: Left knee-joint is loose, he won't stand up. ML 3 Magneto: head fell off. ML 4 Ghost Rider: Loose hand joint. Hand fell off. ML Walmart Wave Giant-Man BAF: Wobbly hip joints on lower torso, keeps falling over. ML Walmart Wave Giant-Man BAF: The left hand had a peg that was at a 45-degree angle, and wouldn't go into the forarm. Luckily, I had two left hands. ML 5 Colossus: Torso cracked at seem when opened. Had to be repaired with sculpey and crazy glue. SMC Classics Scorpion: Bought two. The first one literally broke apart at the pelvis after opening it, and fell to pieces. The second had a warped hand that wouldn't stay on the arm. ML 11 Scarlet Witch: Poorly attached hair/headpiece. And I'm not even going to bother getting into the horrendously uneven paint apps, or the debacle that was ML 6 and ML 7... It WAS the norm for TOY-BIZ. Their QC sucked, and I'm glad they're gone. Long Live HASBRO!!!
  24. Looks like a fake to me. The back of the card is not at all consistent with how HASBRO has been designing their packages. And even if it's not, who cares? HASBRO can do all the silly silver-colored figures they want, as long as they keep making regular LEGENDS, it matters not to me. And while we're at it, good riddance, TOY-BIZ! I finally found an X-Treme X-Men Rogue the other day, and was happy to have her...that is until her left foot fell off...and her left hand fell off...and her torso cracked...all in a span of 10 minutes. Sorry, but TOY-BIZ sucked at quality control. HASBRO LEGENDS Wave 1 may not have been the most creative wave, but the plastic and overall construction is FAR superior to TOY-BIZ. Everytime I opened a TOY-BIZ figure in the last years, the first thing I had to do was check all the joints and see if they were solid, or flimsy. Real fun. Something tells me I won't need to do that with HASBRO.
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