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  1. Hard to pick just one...so I'm going to select a "series", and to me, the best response is IRONMAN!


    ML 1 "Classic IM", ML 1 Gold Variant, ML 1 Stealth Variant, ML 7 Silver Centurion IM, ML 8 Modern-armour IM, ML 11 Hulk-Buster IM, ML 14 1st-appearance IM, ML 14 1st-appearance IM Gold variant, ML 15 Thor-buster IM, Hasbro Wave 1 Ultimate IM...

    ...all great figures, and in the wacky world of silly variants (like Hasbro's Silver Anniversary Wolverine), these actually make sense per the character and his many suits-of-armor. In fact, there's probably several more IM armors that Hasbro could and will do in upcoming waves.


    Plus, I think Stark is the best, most multi-dimensional character at Marvel right now...and I fully support his efforts on behalf of the Registration Act and the recently concluded CIVIL WAR.


    STARK '08 ! (sorry...I just had to throw that in there!)

  2. Don't worry, you'll find him eventually. He's packed two-per case, just like all the other figs in the line.


    He's probably harder to find than the rest because he was perceived by many as the best fig in a fairly weak wav. I liked HML 1, but I'm apparently in the minority.

  3. For me, that would be Jim Starlin's magnum opus on Adam Warlock and the Magus from 1974.


    We'd (finally) get a Legends-style Warlock (in his cool 70's garb).


    In addition, we'd also get a Magus (simple repaint of the Warlock figure, with a huge Silver Afro'...Bad-A**!)


    Also included would be a classic version of Drax, a Gamora (the Galaxy's deadliest woman!), an In-Betweener, a Pip, and an in-scale Thanos (slightly smaller than the monstrous Marvel Select Thanos).


    Anyway, that's my dream. It'll never happen, but I like it.


  4. Favorite Heroes (in no particular order)


    1. Captain Marvel (read and loved Starlin's work on Mar-Vell in the 70's)

    2. Adam Warlock (ditto above)

    3. Sentry. He's cool. I wish they'd ditch the mullet, though.

    4. Iron-Man: I have discovered a tidal wave of new-found respect for Tony Stark. He rocks.

    5. The Vision. Dunno' why. I just always liked him.


    Least-favorite Heroes:


    1. Wolverine. I despise this annoying, over-exposed, over-rated jackass with a passion.

    2. Spiderman. ....zzzzzzzzzzzz....he bores me. Always has.

    3. Daredevil. I used to like him, way back when, but the "grim-n-gritty" DD that's been the standard for the character since Frank Miller has become a cliche.

    4. Deadpool. Like all LIefeld creations, a total swipe-job. Deadpool is Spidey + Deathstroke = suck. Unbelievable that DC never sued over this character (Wade Wilson vs. Slade Wilson??)

    5. Captain America. Marvel turned a once-great character into a left-leaning wussy. I'm glad he's dead.

  5. Honestly, this is nuts, and I'll tell you why these will start showing up real soon in larger numbers than one case each (and if anyone else here works in manufacturing, please back me up).


    The manufacturing process is expensive. Breakdown and set-up times on the manufacturing line cost money, not only in parts but in actual labor. The employees are idle for a set period of time, but still being paid. For this reason, manufacturers hate disruptions in "the line."


    Therefore, I have a REAL hard time believing that they would discontinue production on these variants after making 1 case worth of figures. It's simply not cost-efficient from a manufacturing standpoint. More likely, TOY-BIZ would want to recoup the loss of the license by making as many as possible, and shipping them as soon as possible.


    We were told that these were effectively "dead". Now it turns out, per this guy on E-Bay with his mysterious "source" in Hong-Kong that they made 1 case (?!?!?!). Sorry, but it doesn't ad up.


    If this guy can make $2,500 for these, more power to him, but "Ex caveat emptor!" ("To the buyer, beware!")

  6. Interesting that the design they chose for the Yellowjacket sculpt is the early seventies design with the yellow goggles, but the images they show on the packaging are of the silver-age design, with the eye-holes and no goggles (the one that Marvel seems to have resurrected for recent YJ appearances).


    It would have been nice if the variant expressed this difference with a minor change to the head-sculpt.


    Oh well. I'm still extremely happy to be getting a Yellowjacket, one of my all-time fav AVENGERS.


    And IMO, the rest of this line looks really good to me, with the exception of the X-3 Jean Grey, whom I could not care less about.

  7. This decision makes me laugh!


    Does anyone remember Michelle Forbes? She played Star Trek hottie Ensign Ro on Star Trek TNG.


    Star Treek: Deep Space Nine was actually developed as a starring vehicle for her, but she backed out, claiming that she didn't want to be typecast as a science fiction character for the rest of her career. Career?!?!? Has anyone seen her since? What a dope! She gave up a lifetime of work and the all-important residuals (such as a lifetime of cash - free money! - from syndication deals) because she didn't want to be "typecast". Yeah, Shatner really worries about being typecast!


    Now, Maguire won't fade away like that, but seriously, why give up a good gig?? He's good, but he ain't Robert Deniro. Most actors toil in obscurity their entire lives, and if they're lucky, they can get a paying gig at a local dinner theatre.


    Oh, well. C'est la vie...

  8. Are you sure that's US Agent? It may be Steve Rogers...


    It's not Steve Rogers. Pick up "Civil War: Choosing Sides" to see for sure. Also, Civil War #7 has USAgent standing on an Omega Flight sign while Captain America is in prison.


    Oh well. Not the first time I've been wrong, and I'm sure it won't be the last.


    Cap in jail? Hah-hah!! Good. I'm totally on Iron-Man's side. And IMO, Peter Parker was a fool to jump ship.


  9. ML1_CaptainAmerica.jpg



    those two are just as cartoonish in my opinion.... looks like Toybiz had some growing to do with their first wave, too.


    I don't think these look cartoonish at all. They look exactly like Cap and Ironman. The Ironman especially looks like Gene Colan drew him during his classic Silver-Age run on "Tales of Suspense".


    Now, if by "cartoonish" you mean they're not over-detailed in the hyper-realistic style of 90's-type artists like McFarlane, et al, then I would agree with you. And I'd still prefer these.

  10. IMG_6611.jpg


    He reminds me of the Hamburglar...


    Holy cow! You're right!


    But I'm still psyched to get a Golden-Age Bucky and Cap. Could anymore Golden-Age Marvel greats be far behind??




    Original Human Torch (and Toro)?


    Black Marvel?


    The Angel?


    The Patriot?


    Flaming Skull?


    The original Vision?


    The original Black Widow?


    Hmmmmmm..... @hmmm@

  11. I Hate the cartonization of the ML line. I want my figures to look like little statues. Hence, I will NOT be purchasing any of the Hasbro ML. I will concentrate on the DC 13 inch & the toybiz 1998 Famous Covers. I will get the Hasbro Signature Mego style Doc Ock & Iron Spidey becuase they do not appear in the famous covers. I am going to make a homage to Marvel Mego shelf.



    Damn you Hasbro, damn you all to hell!


    You hate "cartoonization", but you're going to focus on buying the Famous Covers figs from 1998??


    Sorry...but I'm confused...

  12. You're comparing convention "Two-ups" to actual prototypes and making a sweeping conclusion.


    Sorry, but TOY-BIZ's two-ups always looked better than the actual figures. ALWAYS.


    Other than the fact that the Yellowjacket who debuted at last year's SDCC is metallic gold, I see no real differnece in the scuplt. Ditto for Quicksilver and Thor. Yes, the paint-apps are better, but again...they're "two-ups", intended to excite retailers and end-customers.


    Frankly, after all the QC probs I had with TOY-BIZ in '05-'06, the HASBRO Legends Wave 1 was a breath of fresh air. They're simply better made. And I'm not an articulation perfectionist, so I'm not bothered by the hands, etc.


    This year, I'm getting Quicksilver,Yellowjacket, Black Knight, Black Bolt, 1940's Captain America, Bucky, Moleman, and lot's of other figs I've been wanting for years. So I'm happy.

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