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  1. Pardon me if this is a tired topic, but...


    What's up with HML 2? THe first shipments were pretty ubiquitous, then...nothing.


    I was lucky enough to pick up Quickie, YJ, Thor, She-Hulk, and Xorn while on vacation (apologies to any local collectors near the WalMart in Hood River, Oregon!), but I left Jean Grey, Ult. Dumba**, and Juggernaut on the pegs so I wouldn't have to cart all 8 of them back to New Jersey (thinking, of course, that they'd soon be everywhere...)


    3 weeks later, and all I can find on the pegs are HML 1...still...again.


    I'm fairly confident these will soon be as annoyingly omnipresent as HML 1...but it's nonetheless frustrating.


    So what's up? What's with Hasbro's vaunted distribution?


    Again, apologies if this has been covered, but I didn't see any specific threads dedicated to addressing this issue.

  2. Original X-Men (from X-Men # 1, 1963)


    Timely Heroes (Golden-Age Namor, Human Torch and Toro, Destroyer, Blazing Skull, the Angel, the Patriot, the Whizzer, etc)


    Atlas Heroes (Marvel Boy, Venus, the Gorilla-Man, M-11 (the Human Robot), Namora, Jimmy Woo, and the Yellow-Claw)


    Marvel 1970's Kung-Fu Mania (Shang-Chi, Leiko Wu, Black-Jack Tar, the Shadow, Sons of the Tiger, Misty Knight, etc...)


    I know...none of this will ever happen...although some (Shang-Chi, Golden-Age Namor) may sneak in...and I NEVER thought we'd get a Marvel Legends Monster Box-set, so dreams can come true...

  3. How 'bout a "Tony-on-a-bender" figure? With 2-day's worth of stubble, a stained shirt and sports jacket, and ripped pants down around his ankles? With a miniature assortment of the finest adult beverages?


    I dunno'...I think it works...

  4. Oh well...saves me $12 on the cost of movie tickets.


    I loathed the first FF movie. It was crap through and through, poorly cast (Jessica Alba as a Genetic Scientist??? Yeah...right...), poorly acted, very poorly directed (by a guy who's previous "big" film was about a bunch of old guys sitting in a barbershop complaining about life...), terribly scripted (the whole Doom thing)... I could go on, but overall, it just felt small...an FF movie should feel BIG...


    And now, despite the great trailers with the Silver Surfer, we have this...a cloud...


    I'm hoping this is a ridiculous rumor. Otherwise, I can only think they're budget is over-run, and they need to cut back on special effects. Regardless...


    ...more crap.


    What a joke. MARVEL is becoming the GOLAN-GLOBUS of the 21st century...

  5. I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask a delicate question:


    Do we really NEED a Spiderman IV? Seriously.


    Don't get me wrong - I'm looking forward to Spiderman III - a lot! But I honestly think that after 3 movies, Raimi has probably said all that he wants to say about Spiderman, and perhaps all that there really is to say.


    Sure, there's reams of Spidey material to continue using, but I think that much of that, unless done EXTREMELY well, would appeal only to hardcore fans, not the rest of the public (just my opinion).


    I, for one, would rather that MARVEL STUDIOS re-focus their efforts on bringing the rest of Marvel's great characters to the screen. I'm looking forward to Ironman more than any MARVEL film in recent history (well...since Spiderman I, actually...).


    From a financial standpoint, the franchise will probably generate money into a fourth, fifth, and maybe a Spidey VI, and if so, they'll make those movies, too, with or without Raimi, Maguire, etc. But personally, I'd start to get bored...



  6. edward norton is literally my most HATED actor. He is such a bad, overactor that I can't stand to watch ANYTHING he's in.




    Wow! Talk about diversity of opinion. I think he's one of the best, most talented actors out there. He's played nerdy lawyer-types (People vs. Larry Flynt), psychotic, over-muscled neo-Nazi types (American History X), a deranged lunatic (Fight Club), and lots of others, and done it well.


    I'm happy with this choice.

  7. Also add me to the list that liked the first Hulk. Not my favorite Marvel movie by any stretch but it was not nearly as bad as people like to act. It's "fashionable" to bash it and Daredevil and neither one of the was as remotely as horrible as some people would have you believe.


    Bana was actually pretty good, but I think everything needed to start fresh if they feel the need to distance themselves from the first movie. And like everyone has already said, it is ridiculous to think they could do The Hulk w/o it being CGI. No human could do it properly and I don't want to see some lame over-sized body suit. 75%+ of the scenes of Spider-man in the suit are CGI and I don't see anyone complaining about that...


    Agree 100%. A body-suit would be horrible, and it woul feel too much like Michael Chiklis in Fantastic Four. IMO, the suit that Chiklis wears is simply not believable - it looks like rubber, not rocks - and kind of drags the FF franchise down a peg or two for me (including the bad acting, bad casting, and pathetic storyline in FF "The Movie"...but that's another topic for another time.

  8. I think you're being overly harsh; perhaps it's the curse of high expectations. When Quicksilver wore this costume waaaaaay back in the 60's-70's, this IS how it looked. Stitching on the boots, golves, etc, would have been a nice touch, but it's not really part of the costume design. Same for the lightning bolt - its not a "relief", it's painted on.


    Also, complaining that he doesn't look angry?!?! He looks pretty stern to me.


    I do think HASBRO has skimped on some measures of detailing (paint washed and apps) on this figure, though I think with the new survey, that will improve.


    I'm looking forward to adding Pietro to my collection.

  9. it really doesn't matter who plays banner as the real focus is ON THE HULK. he better not be more CGI garbage.


    In all honestly, how else are they going to show the Hulk if not with CGI??? Green body paint and a shaggy green wig (a la' Lou Ferigno?).


    The addition of a serious, known Norton tells me that the focus will be Banner, not the Hulk.


    I must be the only person in the USA who actually liked the first Hulk movie and the CGI. Sure, I have criticisms - the story was not cannon, and the Nick Nolte/Absorbing Man was stupid - but I thought the acting was top-notch, and the action scenes were pretty darn good (although Hulkie was a TAD big for my tastes).

  10. Cool! Takes me back to 1976, riding around town on my Raleigh Chopper 5-speed, hitting each and every 7-11 I could find to get those great Marvel Slurpee cups!


    Does anyone else remember those? My older brother still has all of them.


    Yeah, I know...I just really dated myself. Oh well...what can I say? I'm a semi-geezer.

  11. 6" movie figures would rock but judging by what we are getting for Spidey & F4, I'd say that's a pipedream.


    But I'd be willing to bet that 6" versions will show up in Legends Waves in '08, just like x-3 figs.



    That would be nice. ML movie figs that people might actually want, as opposed to the craptastic X3 figs.


    Hey i wouldn't say their that bad. i mean the idea for having 3 wave of a year or two old film is bad but the figure are at least desent, personally i can't wait for the x3 Collusus fig.


    As movie figs, they're good, but I don't feel that they're up-to-snuff with standard Legends figures. If TOY-BIZ still had the license, these would not be released under the LEGENDS banner. HASBRO is clearly trying to take advantage of molds they purchased from TOY-BIZ. Nothing wrong with that from a business perspective, but I don't think they're as interesting as either LEGENDS or the X-MEN Line figures.

  12. I think that Dr. Strange's cape is actually one of the best. It has lots of nice, genuine looking folds, it actually resembles classic images of Strange, and it has a balance point in the back that helps to hold up the figure.


    IMO, the worst is the too-heavy cape on the Walmart Wave Thor. Combined with the bizarre, very loose hip joint, it causes the figure to lean to the left, and fall over unless a really silly pose is utilized.


  13. 6" movie figures would rock but judging by what we are getting for Spidey & F4, I'd say that's a pipedream.


    But I'd be willing to bet that 6" versions will show up in Legends Waves in '08, just like x-3 figs.

  14. Thats pretty cool, i hope that isnt the suit for the entire movie though.


    I wouldn't worry. My guess is that that's Tony's prototype suit, similar to the classic grey design from waaaaaaay back in TALES OF SUSPENSE # 39 (and ML 14).


    I'd hazard a guess that we'll see several suits during this flick...more suits means more toys for HASBRO to sell!

  15. This news means nothing to me since Walmart put my KBs out of business a few years back. My luck KB will end up with a bunch of FFC2 later this year.


    You know how most people when asked who they'd kill if they could go back in time say Hitler? I'd say Sam Walton. F*cktard.


    So Sam Walton, a guy who owned a chain of low-price consumer-goods stores is somehow a bad guy because his stuff sold better than the same stuff at KB Toys??


    I realize you're being tongue-in-cheek (I hope), but sorry, but I don't get it. WALMART employs more people than any company in the world. That's not a bad thing, you know??


    But it's great to be an American! Gosh-n-golly! When I go toy-hunting, WALMART is the first place I go! And if they don't have it, I drive 2 miles down the road to TARGET. If they don't have it, I drive 3 miles in the other direction to TRU! And if they don't have it...why then I try good old KB TOYS (1/2 a mile from TRU!). So much choice...what's a guy to do?? FIND TOYS! (That's what!)


  16. It took DC over a decade to bring back Hal Jordan, despite a lot of anger and angst from the fanbase.


    But have no fear...Steve Rogers will one day be back. The guy who got killed was a clone!!! (just kidding! but wouldn't that be perfect?!?!?)


    Personally, I couldn't care less anymore. Captain America disappeared during WW II. The guy they thawed out was "Captain Sensitive", a conflicted, angst-ridden wuss.


    If the Steve Rogers that returns is more like the Ultimate Cap, the one who kicks a**, takes names, and doesn't get all verklempt about treating criminals and terrorists like the scum that they are, then I say "great!". But if it's Captain Sensitive, the one who quit after Watergate(??), drew comics freelance for Marvel (LOL!), and gets all misty about the supposed rights of terrorists, then I hope he never comes back.


    But hey...that's just my opinion...


  17. Iron-Man


    The Sentry




    The Vision


    Black Widow




    Black Panther


    ...brains and brawn...


    I wouldn't include Captain Sensitive...errr, I mean, Captain "America". He's not trustworthy. Sorry, that's my opinion.

  18. I've defended HASBRO many times regarding their acquisition of the LEGENDS license, but I'm beginning to think that I may have been a tad hasty.


    The lack of detailed paint-apps on this figure, as well as the non-removable helmet is, in my opinion, inexcusable.


    TOY-BIZ definitely excelled at paint-detailing. Sure, there were occasional probs with the quality of the apps, but at least the attempt to detail the figure was there. I've no doubts that if TOY-BIZ had held the license, this figure would look a lot like what was shown at SDCC last summer.


    Instead, we've get a great base-sculpt with very weak detailing. What a waste!


    I'm not ready to throw in the towell just yet, since I love Marvel figs. But I sincerely hope that HASBRO does not continue with this trend of half-a**ing their Marvel product. If they do, well...


    ...let's just say I've been admiring MATTEL's DCSH figs of late...if they'd open up the line to the entire DC Universe, it would be a huge hit. And also, I'm looking forward to MARVEL TOYS indie-figs later this year, too...


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