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  1. The result - cold expressionless figures that resemble less of the subject with limited posing and playability. This is not a good thing.


    No, it is definitely not a good thing.


    I was adamant about takingf a "wait-n-see" approach to HASBRO.


    I waited.


    I saw.


    Some of the changes are good - better plastic, sturdier joints, better distribution (at least with Wave 1)


    Some of the changes are not good - "expressionless" plastic colors, poor paint apps, and sculpts that are hit-or-miss, and bizarre distribution on Wave 2...


    Is there anyone on this board who, if the had the power to do so, WOULD NOT give the license back to MARVEL TOYS (Toy-Biz)??


    ...Yeah...that's what I thought...

  2. It is a load of BS when Hasbro takes us back to the 90's with the 5" Action Figures and charge us more than the ToyBiz Marvel Legends with no extras like comic reprints, minimal paint and non-existent washes, mediocre sculpts, less articulation, inconsistent availability and BAFs that are smaller in comparison to their predecessors. Hasbro needs to take some pointers from ToyBiz!


    Agreed. I often feel like I'm in a time warp with Hasbro's figures.

  3. Uh, if wave 3 is cancelled it will NOT represent a failure of the license in Hasbro's hands. Marvel Legends is NOT the whole license, its maybe 10% of it, if that. If the ML line stops it'll mean nothing to the OTHER lines Hasbro has for the Marvel license.

    Hasbro has the license for 5 years, we are 6 months into the thing..........wait a year and see what transpires.

    Besides..........has no-one been paying attention? The Q&A's would have not been answered or even instigated if the plan was to cancel the wave. They'd have a lot more forewarning, because the wave is already in the manufacturing pipeline.


    Ask yourself some questions here: Who's making these rumours? What is their credibility, and can they be trusted? What/who are their sources?


    Honestly, any nitwit can make a rumour, which is unofrtunately why we see a lot of them. Put stock into truths and facts--which appear less often.


    I beg to differ.


    You are, of course, correct that "LEGENDS" was not the whole license. However, regardless of the actual percentage on worth to the license, a failure is a failure, and 10% is nothing to sneeze at. In addition, the Q&A's would not have addressed this, ever. No company offers bad news for customers in this format, especially ahead of a release schedule that demands they do so. Most corporate entities hold onto bad news until the bitter end.


    As I said, I don't think this rumor is true.

  4. I don't believe it, either.


    But if true, I'd be in heaven! There's no way Marvel would NOT want a Legends line in stores...the license is killer! If HASBRO is dumb enough to screw this up, then as you say, maybe someone else would get the license!


    And who might that someone else be???


    MARVEL TOYS, maybe???


    Think of it! Four waves per year...two more Face-Off waves per year...box-sets...6" movie figures...select lines dedicated to certain characters (SMC, FFC, etc...), everything a fan would want!!


    I'd even put up with MARVEL TOY'S creaky joints and spotty distribution...just give the license back to a company that knows how to please their customers!!!


    IMO...we MUST buy the "Legendary Comic Heroes" figs from MARVEL TOYS...all of them...whether we like the characters, or not. Show MARVEL what we, the fans, truly want. There's no way they'd fail to take notice.

  5. HML 2, to my knowledge, has NEVER been in TRU's in New Jersey.


    I checked agaian yesterday...nothing.


    Glad I already found them at WalMart and KB.


    Ya' know...distribution was supposed to be one of the main reasons for the switch to HASBRO. We're supposed to not notice the lack of paint apps and articulation because the figs are (supposedly) so readily available...but if HASBRO can't even deliver on what was supposed to be a core competency, then what was the point??? And don't say "money", because I see a hell of a lot more HASBRO HML's warming the pegs than I ever saw with TOY-BIZ, so I'm willing to bet that revenue from Legends has slipped since the switch...


    I was willing to take a wait-n-see approach to HASBRO. Two waves into their license and I'm less-than-impressed...


    ...I wish MARVEL would wake the "eff" up, and give this license back to TOY-BIZ...errr..."MARVEL TOYS"...

  6. OK...


    Here's my translation of HASBRO's response to the Q&A:


    QUESTION: Has there been any consideration to change the movie figures back from 5" to 6" scale?


    Hasbro: We are always looking at our toy offerings and scale is something we look at very carefully. Stay Tuned!


    Translation: No


    Question: In terms of paint and articulation, is there any chance for more paint applications or the return of some of the traditional ML articulation?


    HASBRO: Both paint and articulation are handled on case by case basis...taking into consideration the aesthetic of each character. Maximum articulation sometimes detracts from the overall appearance and quality of the figure. We know that many collectors and fans agree that the overall apearance of a figure ranks higher than the articulation point count.


    Translation: No


    Question: Any chance of a Fan's choice poll? Hasbro seems to handle them well on the Star Wars brand, one would be fun for Marvel Legends.


    HASBRO: Absolutely! We are looking at various possibilities for 2008 and 2009!



    Translation: '08 and '09 are a long way off. Hopefully, you'll forget about this by then.


    Question: Would you consider a supplemental line that would re-release older, harder to find Marvel Legends figures from Toy Biz's run?


    HASBRO: While we can't talk specifically about future waves, yet, we can say this --- There is a strong possibility that several old favorites could be revived. Stay tuned in 2008!


    Translation: We love this idea! At minimal cost, we can make old figures from old molds, and re-release them as part of a Legends BAF Wave! That way, EVERYONE has to buy it...even the folks who were lucky enough to find the figure in the original wave! It's what we call "leverage".


    Question: Will flying characters in the future come with holes in the back for flight stands and will flight stands be made available to purchase off Hasbro.com?


    We are always looking to improve our toy offerings. Stay Tuned!


    Translation: Shut-up.

  7. It depends on how you look at it.


    IMO, if you take the word "Legends" literally, and apply it to the Marvel Universe, there's really only a few characters that match the description:


    Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron-Man, the Hulk, the Thing, Thor, and maybe Sub-Mariner


    ...these are characters who resonate BEYOND the comics world. Most people have heard of them. Therefore, from this persepctive, they're really the only "Legends", so you could say that we ran out of "Legends" with Waves 1-3.


    Then, at the next tier are the characters that are HUGE to comics people and people familiar with comics, but not necessarily "Legends" in the sense that we described above. These would be (IMO):


    The X-Men (yes, non-comics people have heard of the "X-Men"...but they probably don't know much about the original team, who they are, team-member names, etc...sorry), Daredevil, most of the Avengers cast and crew...basically, a lot of A-Level comics characters who are maybe not well-known outside of the comic's world. Can we consider these "Legends"?


    I say "YES".


    Then there are characters who may be considered as "Legends" for several divergent reasons, and often on a persoanl level, but are not A-Level. As an example, I love Adam Warlock...to me, he's definitely a "Legend" in the Marvel Universe...but I'm sure others would disagree.


    So he's a "Legend"...with an admitted "*"....


    In addition, I think that we've seen many a Legends-toy based on characters who are simply not "Legends" by most people's estimation...case in point being (IMO) "Blackheart".


    But to get back to your original question,no matter how you slice it, MARVEL has a universe of almost 5,000 characters...so as long as the line sells, we'll be seein' "Legends" on the pegs for a long, long time.


  8. He's hot because he's righteous, and he rocks. I support Stark's position in Civil War; always have, always will, despite what the editorial staff at Marvel will try to say. Cap was wrong, wrong, WRONG!


    (Also, IM is hot because he comes in a plethora of cool costumes, all of which can be made into l'il plastic figures.)





    Adam Warlock...preferably in his 70's-era costume, a la' Jim Starlin


    Shang-Chi...preferably in his 70's-era costume, a la' Paul Gulacy


    Ikarus the Eternal...preferably in his 70's-era costume, a la' Jack Kirby


    Warpath...preferably in his 70's-era costume, a la' Dave Cockrum


    Classic 60's FF villains: Wizard, Blastaar, Psycho-Man, Mad Thinker, Molecule Man, Diablo, etc.


    Classic Inhumans...all of them...


    Classic 60's X-Men in original costumes...all of them...


    Classic 60's Captain Marvel...a la' Gene Colan


    Classic Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo...


    ...anyone detect a pattern here? Yes...I'm kinda' old...emphasis on "kinda'"...but I know what I like..


    And I'm realistic. Most of these will never be made. But some will. So that's cool.

  10. Any Iron Man excluding a reissue of his modern armor.



    ...Disco-Ball Stealth Armor?


    Disco-Ball Stealth Armor?


    Disco-Ball Stealth Armor!!!


    Hey...if you're from the 70's. like me, and you read comics during the "Disco Age", like me...then you'll understand how absolutely cool this would actually be!


    Disco-Ball Stealth Armor!





    Please tell me you're kidding. I'd hate to think this actually exists.


    Oh well, I'll predict Disco Armor within three waves...


    It doesn't exist. But I'm not joking...I WOULD buy one.


    Think how cool this would be...


    ...Tony Stark creates a huge, mega-rotating-repulsor-ray weapon that resembles a gigantic Disco ball...


    ...and takes out an entire army of invading Skrulls/Kree/Brood/Doombots/Hydra henchmen/AIM weenies/Badoon/name-your-choice invaders, etc.


    ...it's so 70's...How can it fail???


    ...I want one...



  11. Any Iron Man excluding a reissue of his modern armor.



    ...Disco-Ball Stealth Armor?


    Disco-Ball Stealth Armor?


    Disco-Ball Stealth Armor!!!


    Hey...if you're from the 70's. like me, and you read comics during the "Disco Age", like me...then you'll understand how absolutely cool this would actually be!


    Disco-Ball Stealth Armor!





  12. OK.


    Instead of talking about the LEGENDS we really, really want...let's take a different approach today.


    Let's think of the LEGENDS we don't ever want to see, or have no interest in, BUT are convinced will appear in future waves for whatever reason.


    Nothing is out-of-bounds. If you have reason to believe that HASBRO will reissue the TOAD from the X-MEN Movie Figs: Wave 1, then say so!


    But...don't just say it. Back it up with some explanation. That way, if your prediction come true, you'll look like a genius...and we'll all pay homage to you...


    Here's my 1st prediction: (hmmmm...this is actually harder than I thought...)


    1. Ultimate Cyclops (in the Frank Quitely/Grant Morrison costume, NOT the one in HML 3).


    Reason: We have a Xorn. We have a maskless Daredevil head. Customizers are all over this idea. I think it will probably happen...and I have no interest in it.

  13. I think the standout 2006 product was the Face-Off sub-series.

    I find myself wistfully wondering why they didn't do it sooner.

    Great sculpts throughout--THE Best Hulk figure ever done, imo. Sabretooth is fanatstic, Red Skull and Baron Strucker are great figures.

    Good concept, very good execution, lots of stuff for the $$--it really was the pinnacle of the ToyBiz run.


    I agree, Face-Offs was excellent.


    I never thought I'd get a Sal Buscema-style Hulk, a Leader, an original Sabertooth, a 70's-style Punisher, a Kingpin, a maskless Cap and Daredevil, or a Baron Strucker. This line was clearly intended to please collectors...


    ...HASBRO...Please TAKE NOTE!

  14. OK...


    while I'm ecstatic to finally receive a Black Bolt, a Mole-Man, a Namor in l'il green swimmy trunks, and a Ronan BAF, I still have some gripes which I must air...


    1. Why (WHY!?!?) the Byrne costumes, instead of the classic Kirby costumes (the neck-less costumes, with the simple, black collar)? Personally, I don't like the Byrne costumes...not classic FF to me.


    2. What makes everyone think that the HASBRO Surfer in this wave will be anything other than a re-issue of the re-issued Surfer they JUST released as a TRU (or was it WalMart?) exclusive? What?!?!


    3. The Invisible Woman costume is wretched...'nuff said...hopefully, they'll release a variant Invisible Woman who's actually <gasp!> invisible.


    4. Yet another Thing figure that I'll have to buy. Lemme' guess...orange, rocky skin, skimpy blue shorts...sound about right?


    Still, I must admit...it's way better than a 6" Legends wave based on Spiderman 3!

  15. If (if!) true...awesome lineup!


    But I'll believe it when I see it.


    As Ronaldus Magnus said "Trust, but verify."






    SWEEEEEEET!!!! My fan-boy heart is beating wildly! I remember when she first appeared as Tigra in 1974...a hot chick in a bikini with a tiger's tail, fangs, and fur...to quote Garth..."I felt kinda' funny..."

  16. In contrast to TOY-BIZ, with HML, all you have to do is wait a few months...and they all show up in the stores...and everybody gets them.


    Now, I'm not complainin' about availability...missing out on variants and hard-to-get characters was a bummer...


    ...but much of the excitement seems gone...anti-climactic, even...


    Does anyone know what I mean?


    For me, HASBRO has sucked some of the life out of it...some of it...not all...

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