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  1. Do you mean 'gay' as in fun and jovial or 'gay' as in homosexual? I don't mean Gay as in homesexual, that would be offensive to gays. I mean, like dumb, stupid, pointless, ass-clown, like that.... in other words its like saying, "My job is gay, it stinks, I hate it" Not a slap on homosexuals, I would NEVER compare them to a louse wanna be super hero trash heap like Tony Stark, the official Biotch of the United States Government. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought you meant "gay" like guys who talk as if they're starring in "Sex and the City"...you know...guys who say things like "bee-yotch"... ...that kind of gay... But clearly, you mean something else, right? @smilepunch@
  2. I would like this scenario. It would mean that all the painty-waist ninny "heroes" who wrongly followed Captain America in his wrongheaded battle agaibnst the completely rational REGISTRATION ACT were...DEAD WRONG!!! They were following a Skrull!! (...kind of like Liberals who think they support national defense...but I digress...) It would also mean that the REAL CAP could return...not the left-wing wussy that's been masquearding as CAP for the last few years. HOWEVER...I'm not that optimistic. The more likely scenario (given MARVEL's proclivities) is that Stark is the Skrull... ...but then...the real CAP would be really dead...which, of course, can't happen. So perhaps...the Skrull-Cap's strategy was a rational response to Stark...in essence, he knew Stark was "onto him", so he acted accordingly. ...my head is spinning...
  3. Here's what I'd like to see in a CIVIL WAR box-set: 1. Thor-bot 2. Dead Captain America...with lots of bullet holes. 3. Tony Stark...in civilian clothes, sitting in the Oval Office...where he belongs! 4. Sharon Carter, in tight-fitting SHIELD outfit...grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! 5. Spidey (there has to be a Spidey) with his mask off.
  4. Stella is good beer, but a tad heavy for my tastes. And very hoppy if it's not really cold. Have you tried FRANZISKANER WEISS? It's a fantastic, pure German wheat beer, great on hot summer nights!
  5. In retrospect, the only bummer (for me) is Valkyrie. Don't get me wrong - I love the character, have since the 70's, and I want a Valkyrie LEGEND...but HASBRO's female LEGENDS are...lacking?? It's a shame, because TOY-BIZ seemed like they were turning a corner with female figs, especially with Psylocke. Oh well...the She-Hulk wasn't bad...probably becasue she was over-muscled. Maybe that's the fix? Give these female characters a little more muscle tone, and the figs will look better??
  6. No idea either, but I've got a bad feeling it will need batteries... LOL!!!!! @loll@ I just pis**ed my pants!
  7. Why are they all openly gay characters? Electro is openly bi, I remember reading somewhere. A wave like that wouldn't sell in the red states... at all. It would move no faster then an all black and hispanic wave. No offense to anyone but I'm sure somewhere some point in time these things have been suggested to company executives and then everyone sits around listing all the detractors to the idea. Hell I bet an all female wave wouldn't even move much units. Wouldn't sell in the Red States?? Are you kidding???? I'm as Red a Red-stater as you'll ever find, and I'd buy each and every one of these characters as LEGENDS... ...and besides, there's lots of Toy-collectors who live in "red states"...so I don't think that would have any impact whatsoever. And the publicity!!!! The media would fawn all over Marvel for being "SO BRAVE!!!!"...I can see it now... Yup, the m ore I think about it, the more I think it's a good idea. THE RAINBOW WAVE!
  8. How about a "Rainbow" Themed Wave ?? It would include the following characters: 1. Northstar 2. Ultimate Collosus 3. Rawhide Kid 4. Moondragon 5. Quasar (the new one...Captain Marvel IV...Phyla Vel...) 6. Living Lightning 7. Vivisector (from X-statics) 8. Phat (from X-statics) 9. Sunfire (from EXiles) Alternatively (no pun intended!), HASBRO could include re-issues of Hulkling and Wiccan to save $$ on molds... I have no idea what the BAF would be...
  9. You don't like people who drink wine? @hmmm@ Mexicans make GREAT beer. Since when? I prefer Bud Light...over Corona's anyday. Corona is pi**. Please don't hold Corona up as the standard for great Mexican beers like Negra Modelo and Dos Equis. Negra Modelo is great beer! Get the darker version, not the lighter colored one. Both are good, but I prefer the dark, especially with a nice, spicy meal.
  10. That's easy...I'd call ML 14 and ML 15 freakin' AWESOME!!!! I got several Silver and Bronze-age figures I always wanted but never thought I'd get in ML 14 and ML 15... 1st Apperance Iron-Man, Baron Zemo, Luke Cage, Falcon, MoonKnight, Wasp, Captain Marvel, Modok BAF, Destroyer, two different Spiderwomans... yup...ML 14 and ML 15 were freakin' AWESOME!!!! ...Now what was your question again??? @loll@ MUHAHA ML 14 and 15 were easily the worst toy biz waves ever (14 in particular) Thorbuster Iron Man juat wasn't needed there are so many more important IM armors we need first. Modok and Captain Marvell was the only figures I'd claim to be of any real importance. The whole mojo wave sucked. Falcon is just plain goofy as hell and Power Man well @#$% power man(and iron fist too) Now what might have been? I would wish that Toy Biz made an all cosmic beings wave with a build a figure Eternity!!! The waves #1 star figure would be Adam Warlock circa 91-92 followed by Quasar, Magnus, Drax the Destroyer w/ pip the troll, Epoch, terrax, Thanos(i know the MS version was almost perfect but he's such an important character he deserves another plastic treatment), a new silver surfer(one that wasn't so vertically challenged, no little guys allowed) Anyways my main point is Adam Warlock deserves a figure more then any character remaining in the whole marvel universe. Sorry, but you're dead wrong. ML 14 and ML 15 rocked. They were among the best waves ever. Your inability to appreciate the greatness of Silver and Bronze-Age Legends like Power-Man, Iron-Fist (ML 12!) and the Falcon is probably indicative of your age. What a shame... ...however, you've redeemed yourself with what I would consider to be an EXCELLENT wave! I would kill for an Adam Warlock, Drax (in his 1970's outfit), and Pip...I could care less about Terrax as a character, although he'd probably be a kick-ass figure...and we need a Legends-scale Thanos. But ML 14 and ML 15 were great...you can't deny it...it's simply a fact. @firedevil@
  11. That's easy...I'd call ML 14 and ML 15 freakin' AWESOME!!!! I got several Silver and Bronze-age figures I always wanted but never thought I'd get in ML 14 and ML 15... 1st Apperance Iron-Man, Baron Zemo, Luke Cage, Falcon, MoonKnight, Wasp, Captain Marvel, Modok BAF, Destroyer, two different Spiderwomans... yup...ML 14 and ML 15 were freakin' AWESOME!!!! ...Now what was your question again??? @loll@
  12. Hey, if you don't like it, you can always start a really cool, really original thread like "The Legends I really want Hasbro to make!"... ...now that would be some fascinating, invigorating "outside-the-box" thinking! @smilepunch@
  13. When I'm ready to paint, I always start with a solid primer-coat of pale gray lacquer (spray it on). This can be purchased in most reputable hobby stores. Lacquer is tough, durable, and forms a strong bond with PVC plastic. It also has a natural "smoothing" effect as it dries, and can be sanded if need be. Then, I always add a second layer of lacquer primer-coat, this time with white. White primer brings out your colors better than grey, which can actually deaden the brightness. Don't prime with enamel or acrylic; sometimes enamel paints, especially metallics, won't fully bond onto PVC plastic, and they never completely dry. Acrylics go on smoothly, but they don't bond very strongly, and can flake off when dry. Now...acrylic or enamel as the outer-coat? Good question. Acrylics ARE easier to work with and easier to clean up...all you need is water. BUT...enamels are stronger when dry. I generally use a combo of both. I use enamels for the main color, and I wash and highlight with acrylics.
  14. Not bad, really. VALKYRIE...YES!!!!!!! Finally, a great character from the 70's...if they'd do Nighthawk, I can finish my DEFENDERS collection. Doc Samson...FINALLY!! I'm a bit underwhelmed, but I think that's because he's in a dorky, bow-legged pose. I'm glad he's in his original costume. He DOES need some paint-wash, otherwise, not too bad... RED KING...I didn't read PLANET HULK (I'm gonna' grab the trade...), but this is a COOL figure... WORLD WAR HULK...Knew this was coming...nice!! Conan/Hulk...???...don't know who he is, but he looks cool... McGuinness Hulk...blech...a throwaway...but there's one in each wave, so who cares?? All in all, I'd give this wave 7/10. HASBRO still needs to up the ante on paint and details...TOY-BIZ would've kicked a** with this line...
  15. It's not a "I hate Hasbro" thread...if you think that, then you obviously didn't read the first message. Mad about the WalMart wave?? Don't have any WalMarts near you? Bummer...I found them all, incluidng the variants, and an extra set for a friend , in one store. Oh, sorry...that sounds like gloating... @firedevil@
  16. You don't like people who drink wine? @hmmm@ Personally, I prefer beer...Negra Modelo, to be exact. Mexicans make GREAT beer.
  17. Sorry, but I'm not one to willingly bend over and accept a raw deal. I guess that you are? @firedevil@
  18. OK...here's the assignment... Based on how great 2006 was, let's have a little fun and speculate on what we might realistically have seen in 2007 if Toy-Biz still had the license for LEGENDS. So far in '07, HASBRO has only given us two (2) friggin' waves...if Toy-Biz was still running the show, I think we'd have had: ML 16, 17, and 18 by now, including some all-time requested figs, like... ...Adam Warlock (my fav), Black-Bolt (yes...he's coming, but with TB, I think we'd have him by now), Sunfire, Warpath, Penance, Nova...who else??? Box-Sets... ...Civil War...Annihilation...Planet Hulk (with his alien buddies)...the Mighty Avengers...what else?? Face-Offs Wave 3 (at least)...Modern Iron-Man vs. Modern Cap from Civil War...what else?? BAFs... ...Lock-Jaw...Goliath (RIP)...what else?? Others... ...at least 1 wave each of SMC and XMC... ...another WalMart exclusive wave? (Now that was FUN!) ...well-done, 6" movie figs of Spidey 3, Ghost Rider, and FF 2?? Yup...it would've been good. Instead, we get two (2) mediocre HML waves... To quote Dr. Smith from LOST IN SPACE..."Oh, the pain...the pain..."
  19. They can't loose the license they paid for it. It's theirs to do whatever they please. they only have the license for a cerain number of years, and once that is up then the license is up for grabs. so yes they can lose it after it expires. just like toybiz did. now just because they have it does not mean they have to make any marvel product till that time. they can stop making the product after next year if they want and still have the license for the rest of the time avoiding any other toy company to make the line. after all they have the star wars license til 2018 but that does not mean they have to make star wars toys till 2018. They have the Marvel license for 5 years. 2007-2011 MARVEL has the right to terminate this contract at any time. NO, I haven't seen the actual contract, but I don't have to. I've signed enough contracts to know that that is standard language, and is designed to specifically avoid the scenario described above where the licensee does not produce any product based on the license, and the client suffers as a result. NO client would be dumb enough to grant a license to any company under these conditions. It would offer no recourse whatsoever to rectify a bad situation, such as failure to fulfill the terms of the license. In other words, if HASBRO was habitually late in making deliveries, and produced poor quality product, MARVEL can cancel the license. There would probably be some legal wrangling, but that's how it would work. Again...NO...I haven't seen the language of the contract...but what I decribe is STANDARD.
  20. So let me get this straight, then...re-painting something DOES NOTmake it a re-paint ???? Man, that's weird...kind of like my friend Siwhe...who's been told he's NOT an African-American...even though he's from Liberia, and lives in New Jersey... ...so what is a "re-paint" then ??? ...and does this mean that a figure with no joints is "highly articulated" ??? ...weird...
  21. HOLY CRAP!! Those are REAL CRAP!!! I have never been so underwhelmed by 6' Marvel figs in my life. How soon 'till HASBRO loses this license? 1 year? 2? It will happen...
  22. The more you write, the more you project your ignorance onto other people. You sound like you graduated from the school of Bill O'Reily. Try thinking outside the box for a sec and maybe you'll see the world through a broader lens. Sociology is "meaningless" you say? That's like saying History or Math is meaningless. Dude, get a clue. @loll@ Comparing hard science like math or a true academic discipline like history to a pseudo-academic "non-discipline" like Sociology is about what I'd expect from someone whose "nom-de-plume" is "SatanLovesYou". By the way, other than attacking my position, let's hear you try and refute it. Go ahead...try. I'm all giddy with anticipation at what will most certainly be your stunning insights. Also...the phrase "thinking outside the box" is most often applied by folks who truly can't...as your reply illustrates. Thank me very much! @loll@ Bonz...stop wasting your time. He's clueless. #US1#
  23. ...You mean "gay" like half-naked, sweaty, overly-steroidal guys wrestling with each other, or some other kind of "gay"?? @loll@ I think he means what you said. @firedevil@
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