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  1. Went to Target with wife and kids today. The action figure aisle was completely wiped-out - they obviously hadn't restocked yet from the Holidays. Anyway, on the empty pegs, I noticed a tag that read: "MH Legends - Figures". My gut told me that the "H" was askew, and stood for "Hasbro". My intuition also told me that since they hadn't restocked then maybe - maybe there was an outside chance. I grabbed a store employee, who zapped the zebra-stripe on the tag with his l'il stun-gun thingee. After an audible "beep", he looks at me and says "Yeah, there's one more case in the back." I asked if he could get it, 'cause I wanted the whole thing. (BTW, I like to contrast this with the surly response I generally get from TRU in the same situation...) Anyway, after about 2 minutes, he comes out with a big box, and BINGO! One entire case of Marvel Legends Wave 1, courtesy of HASBRO! I bought the whole case. No, I didn't scalp them, I immediately sold half to my Legends-Collecting partner at cost. I haven't yet opened them, but just by looking at them in the package I can tell that they're different, and by different I mean "Good". The joints and seams all look nice and tight, the paint apps are good (IMO, I know some disagree...), and they just look sturdier. I had a lot of problems with the last few waves of TOY-BIZ - loose joints, stuck joints, half-detached feet, too-soft plastic, poor paint apps, etc. If MARVEL has solved this by switching production to HASBRO, then I'm a believer! So long, TOY-BIZ!!! Also, as another post-er pointed out, it looks like HASBRO has solved the distribution problems, as these seem to be popping up everywhere. Oh, I almost forgot (if anybody cares): 2 of each fig per pack, 1 Ironman with helmet, 1 Ironman without helmet, and neither Hulk had the silver paint-apps on the left arm (which was the only bummer, aside from the ugly Emma, which I still think was a missed opportunity). Also, the "H" stood for "Heroes"...but I'm glad I went with my hunch!
  2. Supply and Demand... If enough of us demand it, they will supply it. I think that since they have a ton of "blank body types" (the Iron Fist and Ant-Man body, the Captain Marvel - Havoc - MoonKnight body, and the Sentry-Black Panther-Wonderman body, as well as many, many overmuscled Hulks and the semi-generic female bods) that producing box-sets wouldn't entail much of a sunk-cost from a production standpoint. I hope they do box sets, and if so, I'm praying for an INHUMANS set...it would be SO easy...
  3. DRAVEN: Thanks for a truly positive (finally!) review. Your assessment runs completely counter to many of the opinions and reviews we've seen so far, and should put to rest the idea that HASBRO will ruin this line. I think HASBRO will do fine provided that they maintain a solid variety with character selection, and do the occasional box set. I'm not really bothered that the Emma is (IMO) still a clunker. There was usually one clunker with each TB wave anyway, so big deal. SNT
  4. I always thought that this one looked good in the original pics. Looks even better now. A much needed addition. Now if they'd only do a 70's-style Angel (in his funky yellow-red-and blue outfit), I could display THE CHAMPIONS!!
  5. Well I'll give you that Captain Marvel IMO is uber lame, Moon Knight? I love Moon Knight to death, always have. I couldn't disagree more BTW, I think the Marvel Select Moonknights hood is goofy looking and ML's Moonkights is done well. I was thinking of getting the MS version for the accessories alone, but that figure is just to ugly for me to pay that much for a few batarang ripoffs and an egyptian statue. Captain Marvel...lame?!?!?!? I beg to differ. He's a great character from the Silver and Bronze-age who was in some of the best written comics of the 1970's, with some of the best art, too, both by Jim Starlin.
  6. If he's written to be powerful and dangerous, he's powerful and dangerous. If he's not, then he's not. All depends on the writer and the editor. Given the right situation, Nightcrawler could kill the Hulk with his bare hands, destroy Asgard with but a thought, punch-through reality into the DC Universe, make Batman wet his pants with fear, crush Superman with his tail, and cause a whole 'nother Infinite Crisis... ...it's cuz he's fake...fictitious...anything goes...
  7. If the thread seems so boring to you why even click on the link and even more to the point why post in it? Anyways, I'd like to see; Holocaust and Tri-Sentinel 'Cuz like you, I have an opinion.
  8. Doesn't this thread topic appear at least once a month?? zzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
  9. He's not the worst figure in the world, but he ain't nuthin' special, neither. I wish I didn't have to buy it to build the Annihilus, but that's life, I guess. Bummer. I never liked the ML 4 Beast...waaaaay too big, IMO. Now this. Oh well...
  10. Hmmm. Dull green costume with a "splash" of yellow. Fair-skinned...like an Irishman...with reddish-blonde hair. Mouth open in a sonic scream. I dunno. Looks like Banshee to me. I'll buy it. Emma is horrible, but this one ain't really that bad (except for the missing collar). Seems to me that some folks just WANT to hate HASBRO, and conveniently forget the many, many screw-ups and complaints about Toy-Biz during waves 1-16.
  11. No way. THis is the REAL Punisher, as he looked in his first appearance. He'd eat ML 4 Punisher's guts, and ask for seconds!
  12. Depends. Right now, I'm still buying the complete waves to get the BAF. I really want the Annihilus. The Blob - not so much, especially since the new pics don't look nearly as good as the ones from SDCC. Since the BAFs are small now anyway, I wouldn't mind if they ditched them altogether. I'm hoping that HASBRO will be smart and release a future wave with the "Henchmen" figs that Toy-Biz was planning to do. In summation...I'm still on board, unless quality and character selection take a nosedive when HASBRO is fully responsible for the Waves (my understanding is that Waves 1-3 were all planned by TB).
  13. I have all the comparison shots you need on the second page of the gallery, here is the link: http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=alb...st&start=20 Good grief!!! She's tiny! And her head is the size of a pea! What garbage. She's coming out of the box, and into storage. No display for this HOC. This is the first ML Wave where I've looked forward to the BAF more than the figs...
  14. I can't stand this character, so I really wasn't that bothered by the pics we've been seeing since SDCC. But...having said that...this is, IMO, a real waste of an opportunity for HASBRO on their debut ML wave. Yes, I know that they inherited the sculpts, but they obviously tweaked them, and this one could have used a lot more tweaking. Put plainly, even though I don't personally like the character, she's supposed to be HOT! Done correctly, this would have been a very nice, HOT figure. As it is, she's butt-ugly..."plain" at best...Her hair is weird, and her face? Blech! She was alsways destined for my storage bin anyway, but I feel for the guys who are die-hard X-Men and Astonishing X-Men fans...you got gyped.
  15. The scary thing is that I had a boss that looked EXACTLY like her... She had visable joint hinges and dressed like the Monarch? What business are you in? No to the costume, but yes to the hair, the vapid, empty look on her face, and the long, spindly body...its freakin' me out, actually...
  16. Ultimate Sabretooth. He looks friggin' stupid. The scary thing is that I had a boss that looked EXACTLY like her...
  17. Looks sweet! Definitely worth the price I paid - RETAIL!!!!!
  18. I guarantee that if you stop looking for it, it will turn-up where you least expect it. Put it out of your mind for a day or two, and then "voila", you'll see it, and you'll say "Oh, yeah! I remember putting it there!" Good luck.
  19. Thanks! I like your avatar, too. It's a perfect choice for you.
  20. "Noob"??? Is he/she an associate of "Rouge"??
  21. Can someone help me with this one? He/she is constantly mentioned on these boards. I've been reading comics for years, and I've never heard of him/her. @hmmm@
  22. Nice find(s) of a rare figure. But I can't shake the feeling that if it WASN'T a rare figure, it would be a peg-warmer. It just doesn't do it for me.
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