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  1. Really? I think you're the first person I've ever heard who likes that figure. How can you overlook the neck issue? But I do agree that a lot of the other figures have been good. Sure, some have sucked, like Mystique, but probably an equal percentage of male characters have sucked as well. Maybe it's just more noticeable with the ladies since there aren't as many of them. I don't even notice the neck issue. Costume: Perfect Sculpt: Excellent Articulation: Just right Hair: Perfect. Very 1960's I actually thought Mystique was a good sculpt - I mean, she's looks like Mystique looked in her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men # 141. The problem for me was that the finished product was physically flimsy. No sooner had I taken her out of the package than her left arm broke off at the shoulder. I returned her to Toys-R-Us, and found another one. And guess what? No sooner had I taken her out of the package than her left arm broke off at the shoulder! To this day, I don't have her in my collection. I refuse. TOY-BIZ really soured me on her.
  2. I think it's because, being "women", the figs are made thinner and more slender. This makes the joints look knobby, so to counter that, the make the joints smaller, which makes them delicate. Personally, I would sacrifice some articulation for a better sculpt, which is why I prefer the FF Classics Wave 2 Invisible Woman to the other incarnations of that character done by Toy-Biz. FYI, IMO the following female figs "do not suck": Black Widow (IMO, the best female Legend...) Warbird Invisible Woman (as above) Wasp (red & blue variant) Psylocke (excellent sculpt, and well designed, if a bit small...) Phoenix Kitty Pryde (even though I don't like the character, it's a good figure...) X-Treme Rogue (outstanding sculpt...I finally found her the other day at K-B Toys...) X-23 (not great, but not "sucky", either...she looks like a teenager, which is what she is...) However, the afore-mentioned Scarlet Witch and Emma Frost belong in the "suck" HOF...
  3. The news is that Bridges will be playing Jarvis!
  4. Didn't he also save the universe...twice??? Once during the Kree-Skrull war, and once during the "Avengers Forever" series?? Rick Rocks. Give him a Supreme Intelligence as a pack-in, and I'm there!
  5. Wyatt Wingfoot Rick Jones Gwen Stacy Flash Thompson Harry Osborne Foggy Nelson Karen Page (pre-porn...) Donald Blake (with wooden cane...) Jane Foster Betty Ross General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross Major Glen Talbot Lady Dorma (OK...she's not human...but she's still a cool supporting character...) Betty Brant Robbie Robertson Jarvis Wong Clea (same as Lady Dorma...) Willie Lumpkin (as portrayed by Stan Lee in Fantastic Four: The Movie!) Bolivar Trask Lot's of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents: Dum-Dum Dugan (with trademark brown Derby...) Countess Vanessa Fontaine (Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!) Gabe Jones Jimmy Wu Jasper Sitwell (with suit and bow-tie) Clay Quartermain Gaffer Sharon Carter (as Agent 13) FYI, the J. Jonah Jameson from the Spiderman: The Movie figures set is PERFECT for a Legends display. He even has a l'il desk...
  6. Actually, if you re-read the thread carefully, you'll see that your assumption is incorrect. I haven't been "rubbed the wrong way". To the contrary, others have chosen to air their hurt feelings (based on my original posts, they had apparently been "rubbed the wrong way"), and their responses begged for replies...which they got...and which they didn't like. Too bad. As I said before, I really could care less whether someone disagrees with me. I simply find all of the huffing and puffing to be highly amusing.
  7. That's real nice...a "sexy" statue of a woman who's been gutted, with her entrails and blood dripping all over her dress. Does anyone know the definition of "MISOGYNY"? This is a perfect exxample. Sorry, but it's beyond me how anyone could, or would want to display that piece of trash.
  8. Maybe. Unfortunately, I don't think you ever will. Wisdom only comes with age to those predisposed to it. Just because you have more candles on your birthday cake does not mean you have any more insight than someone else. Need an example -- how about the United States senate? Lots of old guys with a combined wisdom equal to that of a dead cat. Wow, that sounds REALLY deep. I'm so impressed. Are you a student?? You must be to utter such sanctimonious profundities. And of course, you place yourself in the latter camp - those "predisposed" to wisdom? What a surprise! Regarding the US Senate...you know, you're probably right. But I prefer our Senate to any limp-wristed, appeasing, socialist "Parliament" (such a funny word!) of Europe...so I guess we're doing OK! #US1#
  9. Well Sir, you obviously do, or you wouldn't be branding "Practically everyone" who disagreed with you as having "Ingrained predjudice". Don't get me wrong, I think it's cute that you're this passionate about toys. You're completely misrepresenting what I said. Here's the quote you're referencing: Come on! In all honesty, if Marvel announced that they were giving the license back to TOY-BIZ, and TOY-BIZ showed these pics, practically everyone would be overcome with joy, and would talk about how TOY-BIZ had "improved upon what HASBRO had started...". But since it's HASBRO, I can't help but think there's an ingrained prejudice. The recent poll on this board said that 16% of LEGENDS collectors were not going to buy HASBRO figures. If accurate, all I can say is AWESOME!...more figs for me, and easier to find. Nowhere in this quote do I say anything remotely similar to "Practically everyone" who disagreed with you [me] as having "Ingrained predjudice". You either never learned the fine art of critical reading, or you're purposely attempting to distort what I said. In any event, you failed on both counts. Now...do you actually have any insight to add...or would you prefer to flail away blindly?
  10. From a source on FWOOSHNET.COM: (http://www.fwooshnet.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36154) 1205 MVL LEGENDS ICON FIGURE PUNISHER 6-53569-20554-8 1206 MVL LEGENDS ICON FIGURE THOR 6-53569-20556-2 1207 MVL LEGENDS ICONS DOCTOR DOOM 6-53569-22134-0 1208 MVL LEGENDS ICON WOLVERINE 6-53569-21186-0 1209 MVL LEGENDS ICON HUMAN TORCH 6-53569-23110-3 1210 MVL LEGENDS ICON SILVER SURFER 6-53569-23111-0 1211 MVL LEGENDS ICON CYCLOPS 6-53569-25352-5 1212 MVL LEGENDS ICON MAGNETO 6-53569-25353-2 1213 MVL LEGENDS ICON DAREDEVIL 6-53569-25355-6 1214 MVL LEGENDS ICON PHOENIX 6-53569-25358-7 1215 MVL LEGENDS ICON COLOSSUS 6-53569-25357-0 1216 MVL LEGENDS ICON NIGHTCRAWLER 6-53569-25354-9 1217 MVL LEGENDS ICON HUMAN TORCH 6-53569-25350-1 1218 MVL LEGENDS ICON DAREDEVIL 6-53569-25356-3 1219 MVL LEGENDS ICON PHOENIX 6-53569-25359-4 1246 HAS78162 MVL LGNDS F4 BLD A FIG ASST 6-53569-25320-4 8 1247 MVL LEGENDS F4 MR. FANTASTIC 6-53569-25321-1 1248 MVL LEGENDS F4 INVISIBLE WOMAN 6-53569-25322-8 1249 MVL LEGENDS F4 THING 6-53569-25323-5 1250 MVL LEGENDS F4 HUMAN TORCH 6-53569-25324-2 1251 MVL LEGENDS F4 SILVER SURFER 6-53569-25325-9 1252 MVL LEGENDS F4 DR. DOOM 6-53569-25326-6 1253 MVL LEGENDS F4 MOLE MAN 6-53569-25327-3 1254 MVL LEGENDS F4 NAMOR 6-53569-25328-0 1421 HAS69242 SPDRMN BUILD A SRS FIG ASST 6-53569-24828-6 8 1422 SPD BUILD A SERIES SANDMAN 6-53569-25823-0 1423 SPD BUILD A SERIES BLACK SPIDER-MAN 6-53569-25824-7 1424 SPD BUILD A SERIES VENOM 6-53569-25825-4 1425 SPD BUILD A SERIES HOBGOBLIN 6-53569-25826-1 1426 SPD BUILD A SERIES DOC OCK 6-53569-25827-8 1427 SPD BUILD A SERIES GREEN GOBLIN 6-53569-25828-5 1428 SPD BUILD A SERIES MARY JANE 6-53569-25829-2 1429 SPD BUILD A SERIES SPIDER-MAN 3 6-53569-25830-8 Looks like we'll be getting a Namor in the F4 movie figs (green swimmie-trunks?!?!?) and a Mole-Man (yes!!) and a BAF!! The Spidey assortment is also BAF, and comes with a well-deserved (IMO) Mary Jane! Here's hoping she's true to the original Romita pencils!
  11. I don't think so. Other than the pics in TOY-FARE, these are the first pics of Quickie without the dark-blue short-shorts. That is definitely a new pic.
  12. Age? I'd love to hear how 'age' makes you more or less capable of knowing how many people in a given group have a particular prejudice. Experience and careful observation -- in what? As I said to another post-er, with age comes experience and wisdom. The beauty of wisdom is that it can be extrapolated to ALL things...also, the older you get, the wiser you get, so it never stops coming! I'm sure I'm not the first person to discover this axiom, or to say it. And, like I said to the same post-er...one day, you'll understand.
  13. And you didn't think ppl would express their opinions about them? @loll@ That is priceless. Look, I'm glad you think the line is flourishing and there will be more figs for you (well, actually if ppl stop buying them there will in fact be less figs for you because it's hard to sustain a line that ain't selling). Actually, I never gave a second thought as to whether others would express their opinions. I guess I'm confident enough in my own opinions that I don't get bent out of shape if others express theirs, and especially if they disagree. You, apparently, are different in that respect. With age comes wisdom, experience, and sound judgement. Wisdom is priceless; one day you'll understand. To quote the great Ronaldus Magnus: "I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience." I'll follow suit. Have a great day!
  14. Wow, what do you base that statement on???. For you to presume that "In all honesty......practically everyone" has an ingrained prejudice towards Hasbro is arrogant. The fact is, one of the favourite toy lines for collectors has been taken over by another company, some people love the new sculpts, some people hate the new sculpts and some are indifferent. If you're going to post a thread that will (by it's very nature) inspire other boarder's opinions, then the very least you can do is respect them. Ummmmm....the thread was started to tell people that new pics are available. FYI, I base my statement on age, experience, careful observation, and knowledge of human nature. If that comes across as "arrogant" to you, so be it...and too bad.
  15. Something in these figures lack that thing that brought the toybiz figures to life. They are missing something and I can't figure out what it is exactly. Its like when you forget to put that secret ingredient into your cookies and you can taste that something is a little 'off'. Come on! In all honesty, if Marvel announced that they were giving the license back to TOY-BIZ, and TOY-BIZ showed these pics, practically everyone would be overcome with joy, and would talk about how TOY-BIZ had "improved upon what HASBRO had started...". But since it's HASBRO, I can't help but think there's an ingrained prejudice. The recent poll on this board said that 16% of LEGENDS collectors were not going to buy HASBRO figures. If accurate, all I can say is AWESOME!...more figs for me, and easier to find.
  16. NOTHING is ever as good as the prototypes shown at SDCC, regardless of the line being displayed. That's how it was for TOY-BIZ with Waves 1-15, and that's it is with HASBRO.
  17. Grab a head from an XMC-Wave 1 Cyclops and you're good to go.
  18. ...look pretty good to me. http://www.toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=23&itemid=10769 Quicksilver has his all powder-blue costume on (instead of the one with the dark blue short-shorts) with a slight sheen, and the detail looks better. His head doesn't look as big, either. Yellowjacket also looks more highly detailed, more similar to the first pics from last year's SDCC. X3 Jean Grey looks more like Famke Jannsen than that freakish image released in November. Again, it's more similar to SDCC. The detailing on Thor, She-Hulk, and Xorn also looks way better. Xorn looks a little thicker, too. Lookin' forward to May!
  19. They're made better than the Toy-Biz Legends. The joints are tighter and sturdier, and the plastic is better quality. The paint apps are more consistent than Toy-Biz, although the detail is less. To me, that's not necesarily bad, as I think over-washing the colors and shades can look poor. It's pointless to fault the Hasbro sculpts, since these sculpts came from Toy-Biz. However, Hasbro did downgrade some of the articulation (particularly the hands). But again...I don't care, as my personal opinion is that Toy-Biz was over-articulating, and the sculpts were suffering as a result (perfect example: My FO-2 Punisher's feet are both falling off at the toes; it's a very poor joint design). Overall: Hercules: Awesome. Looks great, feels great. The best of the wave. Iron-Man: Nice sculpt, if a bit small (I would have preferred it to be thicker, bulkier). The head is so-so, but since he wears a mask, who cares? (and it's better than the ML 14 I-Man head, lemme tell ya'...) Planet Hulk: The body is a simple repaint of HC-2 "War-Hulk". The accessories look nice, but the head looks funny without the helmet. Still, it looks good on my shelf, and that's all I care about... X3 Beast: A pleasant surprise. The sculpt is nice and finely detailed. My only complaint is that it seems a tad small. It probably would have worked best in an X3 movie line, but it wasn't meant to be... Banshee: Also a pleasant surprise. I don't understand all the whining, I think this figure is fine. Emma Frost: Admittedly, a hunk-of-crap. Too short, too skinny, tiny head, and UGLY. Truly a lost opportunity. If you can customize her with another head, do so. Annihilus BAF: Excellent. Not too big, not too small, and all the pieces fit (without breaking!) I love 60's characters, especially FF villains, so this one made me happy. And mine stands w/o difficulty. Overall, I'd give HASBRO a B+. The shipping and distribution were great, these look to be easily obtained. So why not an "A"? Emma. She stinks so bad, it affects my grade. I'm looking forward to Waves 2, 3, and beyond. I still love Legends!
  20. ARe you in the States or Canada? Also.....the silver arms are warming the pegs around here. I'm in New Jersey...that's in the USA...I think...
  21. I haven't seen the silver-armed version. Mine is green.
  22. You make some valid points. I think you are right to say that much of the readership demands the nostalgic link to the past in today's stories. Don't get me wrong - I'm a sucker for nostalgia, but conversely I think that very issue may be what's hurting comics. In other words, where's the originality? I remember in the 60's and 70's that new characters were invented constantly. Today, for the most part (with some exception) we're still looking at the same characters we read back then. The top-selling titles at Marvel all deal with those legendary characters. That's not to say that all the goood stories have been told, but new characters provide artistic freedom. In that regard, I'm not really impressed with the lack of originality I see at Marvel. I especially like the statement: "They want to keep reading the "kinds" of stuff they have always been familliar with, but they also want the sophistication they like [to] think their lives hold". Very insightful. But ultimately, I think the sophistication is what's lacking. The art is different (better, according to some), but I find most of the stories to be trite and predictable. But that's just my opinion.
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