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  1. Gee, thanks for the review... This figure came out, what? 6 months ago?? His costume is blue??? He has white hair??? Ya' don't say!!! ...Old news...zzzzzzzzzzz...ZZZZZ...zzzzzzzz ...but hey...that's just my opinion... And HASBRO sucks.
  2. I'd TOTALLY support this...even if HASBRO produced it...provided that they used the Classic versions of the characters. My choice for the First Wave? 1. ODIN 2. BALDER 3. Classic LOKI 4. SIF 5. FANDRAL 6. HOGUN 7. ENCHANTRESS 8. HELA 9. Re-do of Classic THOR VOLSTAGG BAF...yes, he's a "fat guy"...but he's not gross, like the BLOB...maybe because he has the decency to cover his rolls of flesh with some clothes, instead of a spandex bathing suit...gross... (I'd also like to see a new THOR, a la' Copiel in the latest THOR # 1...in a later wave)
  3. I like the image you describe...although I'm far more handsome than MODOK. I think I chose him as my avatar because no one else was using him. I don't mind colored plastic if it's done correctly. For example, I'd always use flesh-colored plastic for...well, for flesh (whatever tone/color that may be...). I hate it when they paint flesh-tones over "colored" plastic...it just looks cheap. I, too, would eliminate the HASBRO-joints, and reinstitute the tricep-cut, which HASBRO seems to have abandoned. And I agree about the BAFs...that "price-of-oil" excuse is BS.
  4. LOL! It's true...I could easily do a better job on an FA Storm figure than the clowns at HASBRO...but if I were in charge, I would NEVER do an FA Storm. First of all, we already have a Storm from ML 8...once is enough, Secondly, IMO, she's a boring, over-rated character that I'd never waste plastic on. Again...that's my opinion, and I'm entitled to it.
  5. Yes, but he'll probably be the NAZI-loving Thor from the 1970's INVADERS comics...Hitler loved Norse Mythology...
  6. So...you're a Jedi??? WTH????
  7. So this is how they'll bring Cap back from the dead. Time Travel...how original...
  8. Absolutely, 100% WRONG. If they have all this history to look at, why aren't they executing to that standard??? If you think "only the name of the company has changed" then you need to go back and look at some of TOY-BIZ's LEGENDS to realize how rong that statement is. Not all of them...just waves 1-15, all of the Box-Sets, all of the Face-offs, all of the SMCs, all of the XMCs, all of the FFCs, and the WALMART wave...that should help.
  9. Big Deal...he's only doing the covers. And you can bet that this will be filled with Alex's special brand of squishy, left-wing politics, a la' that horrendous POS he did on Uncle Sam a few years back at DC.
  10. THIRSTY.... Neee...more...KOOL-AID! Aaaaaaahhh! Much better! Wow! These sub-standard HASBRO LEGENDS are greeeeeeaaaaaat! @firedevil@
  11. Personally, I hope that Hasbro NEVER re-releases these figures, as that will seriously devalue my MIB sets of KANG, DRAGON-MAN, and STEALTH IM...not to mention my out-of-box display versions. Real collectors don't collect toys for the value of them. And I doubt that the value would go down that much, as any true collector would still want the superior, Toybiz, versions Which is why I have one set on display, one set MIB...and also why I sold a Dragon-Man to a guy at a Comics store for $80! Collecting is fun, especially if, occasionally, I can make some serious scratch off of it! Now that HASBRO has totally sucked all the joy out of MARVEL LEGENDS (9 months...two mediocre waves...wow...), what else is a guy to do?? @smilepunch@
  12. Personally, I hope that Hasbro NEVER re-releases these figures, as that will seriously devalue my MIB sets of KANG, DRAGON-MAN, and STEALTH IM...not to mention my out-of-box display versions.
  13. I'll take that challenge. 1. Yellowjacket: Painfully under-detailed. The TOY-BIZ body-sculpt he's based on has better defined musculature. In addition, the plastic colors are boring, the yellow is monotone. The paint of the face is also montone, and too shiny. TOY-BIZ was much better than HASBRO at detailing faces. As I write this, I'm looking at a TOY-BIZ XMC "House of M" Wolvie (or whatever he was called...but's he's in a "House of M" costume), and the paint-apps on the face are phenomenal. Yellowjacket is only an OK figure. TOY-BIZ would've done way better, and in fact, HASBRO did a bait-n-switch at SDCC 2006 by showing the TOY-BIZ prototypes for this wave. 2. Quicksilver: Same as above, but worse. The face has zero detailing, and a pale, shiny, bland beige color. Same for the costume...BLAND...no color details, not even a wash. AND...it's the wrong color! Quicksilver's Silver-Age costume, on which this is based, was more of a powder blue...this is a Columbia blue...it matters. Quicksilver is a lame figure. I'd give it a 4.5/10. 3. Blob: Again, the montone skin color is boring. The SDCC prototype was perhaps too detailed, but this is another extreme. They tried to fix it by adding some speckles, but that only half fixed the problem. No knee articulation - CRAP! Honestly, I'm not as bothered by this one, as he's a disgusting fat guy, and a character that I can't stand...he's not being displayed...so whatever... BOTTOM-LINE: TOY-BIZ woulda' done better...and I hope they fix these when they get the license back...
  14. seriously, if all you are going to do is complain and be pissed off at hasbro then you need to stop cloggin up the threads. it's because of you they are unpleasant for others to read since they have to see you constantly saying the same thing over and over again. we get it,you hate hasbro, get over it already. no one really cares anymore what you think or want to complain about since we have heard the same things over and over again. now onto the upcoming marvel lines. i have to say that i think they are getting better. i like just about all of the upcoming lines. the daredevil looks cool and so does the tigra and punisher. all in all they look better. Seriously...if you don't like my posts, don't read them. Frankly, I think we need to censor all the posts that say "You need ta' stop postin' 'cause I don't like what you say!"...
  15. So...in other words...you'd dump HASBRO. And that's the only conclusion one could draw from that post. Doing everything you say would entail dumping HASBRO. But be careful...the "I-HEART-HASBRO" crowd will go BESERK if they see that! HASBRO - gone in 2 years!
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