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  1. DSmith

    DC Hauls

    JUST received the final release of the Marty Collector's Club, for DCUC: Damian Wayne Robin. Kinda love it! He comes with a cool Batarang. My only gripe is he's on the same body as Tim Drake Robin, and I wish Tim was a little bigger than Damian. But you can't win them all, and we have Red Robin for help in the evolution of all the Robins. I might like the Damian costume best out of all the Robin costumes released under DCUC. Cape is really cool too, but wish we got a "hood up" alternate packed in with it.
  2. So we've all detected the pattern so far. Three from BTAS, one from TNBA... or the other way around. One hero. Three villains. Of the three villains, one regular size, one bigger size, one woman. Following that pattern, let's continue! And let's try to guess some accessories while we're at it. What we know so far: Wave 1 - November/December 2014 TNBA Batman - hands, alt. Cape, grapple gun, batarang TNBA Two-Face - hands, jars, case, Tommy gun, handgun TNBA Mr. Freeze - hands, Freeze gun, mechanical legs BTAS Catwoman - hands, Isis, diamond necklace, whip, camera Wave 2 - January 2015 BTAS Joker - hands, helmet, makeup sponge, knife, pearl necklace, telescope, Joker card, brick, comb, cologne bottle BTAS Robin - hands, alt. Cape, grapple gun, bola BTAS Man-Bat - alt. Wings, pill bottle, tape recorder TNBA Poison Ivy - hands, assorted chemistry bottles Wave 3 - April 2015 (educated guesses on release date and accessories) TNBA Killer Croc with Baby Doll - hands, doll with gun eyes??? TNBA Robin - hands, alt. Cape, grapple gun, batarang??? TNBA Creeper - hands, cape, video camera??? BTAS Harley Quinn - hands, cork gun, purse, mallet, steak, a pet hyena??? Wave 4 - July 2015 (accessory guesses based on press photos) BTAS Batman - hands, grapple gun, batarang BTAS Penguin - hands, umbrella, teacup, spoon, hat? BTAS Riddler - hands, cane TNBA Batgirl - hands, grapple gun, batarang AND to start the REAL guessing................. SDCC 2015 Exclusive Boxed Set BTAS Bruce Wayne, BTAS Dick Grayson, BTAS Barbara Gordon, BTAS Two-Face Wave 5 - October 2015??? (guesses on everything!) TNBA Nightwing - hands, grappling gun, throwing stars, alt. Winged arms TNBA Bane - hands, broken bat-signal TNBA Mad Hatter - hands, alt. Clown face, teacup, whip, small zoo animal... snake? BTAS Talia al Ghul - hands, gun Wave 6 - December 2015??? (guesses on everything!) BTAS Commissioner Gordon - hands, gun, bullhorn, handcuffs, alt. Head without glasses BTAS Ra's al Ghul - hands, sword, alt. Cape, alt. head BTAS Clayface - alt. Arms, clay cube, jar of Renu cream, alt. Melting leg, alt. Head with exploding grapple gun through it TNBA Roxy Rocket - hands, gun, alt. Head with goggles on, rocket Wave 7 - March 2016??? (guesses on everything!) TNBA Bruce Wayne - hands, briefcase, stack of money, shopping bags TNBA Joker - hands, Joker card, TNT/bomb, a pet hyena TNBA Scarecrow - hands, staff BTAS Batgirl - hands, alt. Cape, alt. Cowl without hair, grapple gun, batarang Wave 8 - June 2016??? (guesses on everything!) BTAS Alfred - hands, serving tray, hat, umbrella BTAS Clock King - hands, hat, watch-hand cane, pocket watch BTAS Lock-Up - hands, specialty lock, car boot TNBA Catwoman - hands, whip, TNBA Isis, Jade cat statue, rare jewels SDCC 2016 Exclusive Boxed Set TNBA Commissioner Gordon, TNBA Det. Bullock, TNBA Det. Montoya, TNBA Ventriloquist & Scarface Continue...?
  3. Excellent inclusions! I figured Supergirl and Livewire would come along with the expansion of the line to Superman the Animated Series and then JLU... Don't forget Firefly. And do we want a Rupert Thorne? Mayor Hamilton Hill? Does that cover all of them? Can we get Nora Fries in a cryo-chamber?
  4. Still, by my count need to see releases for plenty!... TNBA Roxy Rocket (read that this was announced, but not shown at either SDCC or NYCC) TNBA Penguin TNBA Riddler TNBA Joker TNBA Mad Hatter TNBA Clayface TNBA Nightwing TNBA Catwoman TNBA Bane TNBA Scarecrow BTAS Mad Hatter BTAS Killer Croc BTAS Clayface BTAS Alfred BTAS Commissioner Gordon BTAS Ventriloquist & Scarface BTAS Poison Ivy BTAS Batgirl BTAS Baby Doll BTAS Mr. Freeze BTAS Two-Face BTAS Ra's Al Ghul BTAS Talia Al Ghul BTAS Bane BTAS Red Claw BTAS Scarecrow BTAS Clock King BTAS Zatanna BTAS Hugo Strange BTAS Lock-Up BTAS Maxie Zeus What else? Grey Ghost? Veronica Vreeland? Bruce Wayne? Dick Grayson? Barbara Gordon? The Fox, The Shark and the Vulture? Professor Milo? Feral Catwoman? The possibilities are endless! And PLEASE tell me Joker and Harley each come with one of the hyenas!!!
  5. I'm excited for Robbie to play Harley, but the first live-action Harley Quinn was already played by Mia Sara on the short-lived Birds of Prey television series. She was a main cast member for the entire one season that the show ran. Just saying.
  6. LOL I got her for 20% off on a black Friday sale. The Catwoman figure, that is.
  7. Cat and the Claw part 1? I forgot to add my favorite accessory and slight surprise is the articulated Isis pet that comes with her. A cat figure with a ball jointed neck! Legendary!
  8. DSmith

    DC Hauls

    Just received my Mr. Mxyzptlk figure from the DCUC Super Powers 30th Anniversary send-off set. With the brown Kalibak CnC piece. Mxy is a crucial character for me, even if he's always been a "gag" character or imp. It's Mxy! Gotta have it. Probably will get the rest of the Super Powers 30th set cause I'm a closet completist and wanna build that brown Kalibak. Mxy has limited articulation but the face sculpt is dynamite. Definitely looks good on the shelf with the collection!
  9. She's amazing!!!! Great design, great aesthetic. For her frail frame she still seems quite sturdy, and I switched out both hands for a whip-holding hand and an open palm. Wouldn't have minded an unmasked head with some long blond hair, but that's my only "what if" for this figure. What's the square gray plastic in the package with the yellow highlights? Is it some kind of high-tech but simply-designed binocular set for her?
  10. Just bought this! Haven't opened it yet... Very excited for the interchangeable cape. I hope that Robin and Batgirl have similar alternate pieces. I had to pick through about 8 figures to get a bat symbol that was in line with the sculpted detail and not damaged or scuffed by being packed into the plastic. Also the paint on the line of Batman's mouth was off on several figures. But I was happy with the one I ended up with. Does this mean each figure is going to be released individually, rather than in case assortments? I'm hoping we'll get both versions of characters released, in the "Animated Series" and "New Batman Adventures" styles. Would be strange to have a half and half collection. And I like both styles, so that's fine by me. Wonder if they'll expand this line into Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Since it's all in the same DC Animated Universe... I think EVERY classic superhero TV show I watched has now started releasing 6 inch figures! I have comic and movie style X-Men and Avengers (Marvel Legends). Comic DC characters (DCUC). I have Power Rangers (from Tamashii Nations). Batman 66. And now Batman Animated! My entire world is being completed!
  11. DSmith


    9.1 Batman R.I.P. Grieving the apparent death of Batman, Nightwing is vulnerable to an attack by The Joker, who kidnaps him and places him in captivity at Arkham Asylum under an alias, and schedules him for a lobotomy, to be performed by Harley Quinn! Can Oracle get Robin and Huntress into Arkham to save Nightwing from The Joker before it’s too late? 9.2 Serious House The origins of Arkham Asylum are pieced together when inmate and founder Amadeus Arkham dies in his cell. Dick Grayson traces the Asylum’s history back to the mysterious presumed suicide of Elizabeth Arkham, Amadeus’s mother, and through the deaths of Amadeus’s wife Constance, daughter Harriet, and one of its earliest patients, Martin “Mad Dog” Hawkins. Will Jeremiah Arkham carry on the family legacy of madness and evil? 9.3 Cowl Battle Tim Drake urges Dick Grayson to take up the mantle of Batman, but he refuses. But a mysterious new and lethal Batman appears in Gotham, creating a mystery for Nightwing and Robin to solve. Dr. Jeremiah Arkham implants devices in several Arkham inmates which will kill them if they don’t follow his orders. Implants that Arkham obtained from Talia al Ghul. Meanwhile, Talia al Ghul’s son by Bruce, Damian Wayne, arrives in Gotham but is quickly attacked by Killer Croc at Arkham’s behest. Nightwing rescues Wayne, but is then in turn attacked by the new Batman. Damian attempts to prove himself to Grayson by jumping into the battle, but Batman shoots Damian. Fortunately, Alfred is able to save Damian. Tim Drake takes on the mantle of Batman and tracks down the violent impostor, who also shoots Drake. The impostor awaits Nightwing, while Damian secretly rescues the injured Tim Drake. Nightwing and the impostor Batman have a battle atop the Gotham elevated subway system, and Batman is revealed to be a lethal Jason Todd. Todd vows revenge and disappears by falling off the subway, leaving Grayson considering the necessity of taking on Batman’s mantle in order to uphold its dignity and protect its value. 9.4 Spoiled Brat Stephanie Brown, the daughter of Arthur Brown, the criminal Cluemaster, is thrilled when he is released from Blackgate Penitentiary, apparently rehabilitated. Dick Grayson assumes the mantle and responsibility of Batman, and keeps tabs on Arthur Brown, ensuring that he is, in fact, reformed. When Stephanie discovers her father’s deception, and that he isn’t walking the straight and narrow, she adopts the costumed identity of The Spoiler, to spoil her father’s criminal plans. 9.5 Death Knell Gotham’s new Batman is visited by one of Nightwing’s gravest foes from Blüdhaven, Deathstroke the Terminator, a mercenary who previously uncovered Nightwing’s secret identity. Will he be able to determine that Dick Grayson is now operating in Gotham as Batman? 9.6 Grandeur Delusions Maxie Zeus escapes Arkham Asylum, planning to rule Gotham as a new Athens, but King Tut is already planning to remake Gotham into the new kingdom of Thebes. Which demented ruler will rise to power? Tim Drake abandons the mantle of Robin, believing that Dick Grayson’s Batman should accept Damian Wayne as his new Robin sidekick. Grayson wants to protect Bruce’s son from their dangerous lifestyle, but the young Damian gets a chance to prove his mettle when a war erupts between King Tut and Maxie Zeus, and he takes it. 9.7 Out Cold The Spoiler gets in over her head against Mr. Freeze, but is rescued by Red Robin, Tim Drake’s new heroic identity. 9.8 Artful Dodge Warren White, a crooked financier, who embezzled millions from his company’s pension fund, plans to evade jail time by transferring his case to Gotham and pleading insanity. Sentenced to Arkham Asylum, he becomes the target of the inmates, who abuse him, even disfiguring him when Croc slices “gills” into the new “fish” in the pond. White bribes Dr. Anne Carver to okay his transfer to a minimum security prison, but Jeremiah Arkham, who lost his pension due to White, destroys his transfer papers and Anne Carver is revealed to have been killed and replaced by Jane Doe, who is doing Arkham’s bidding. 9.9 Ten Nights A trained KGB operative is sent to target ten U.S. government officials, potentially sparking an international incident. Engaging in battle with the new Batman, KGBeast is ensnared by a batrope and chooses to cut off his own hand to break free. KGBeast quickly gets it replaced with a cybernetic gun. 9.10 Batgirl Returns Several priceless diamonds go missing from the Gotham City Museum’s exhibition of rare gemstones, and while Batman (Grayson) suspects Marsha Diamante, but the curator of the exhibit Margaret Pye is the real culprit. David Cain’s daughter Cassandra uncovers the identity of the true thief, and adopts the Batgirl identity to take down the kleptomaniac villainess Magpie, landing her in Arkham as Poison Ivy’s cellmate. 9.11 Great White A riot at Arkham provides Jane Doe with an opportunity to kill Warren White and claim his identity, like she did with Dr. Carver. Doe locks White in Mr. Freeze’s sub-zero cell, where frostbite horrifically disfigures him, turning his skin a pale white, and causing his nose, lips, and several fingers fall off. Driven mad by the continued traumas he endured at Arkham, White files his teeth into sharp fangs and christens himself The Great White Shark, planning to become a new kingpin of the underworld in Gotham City. 9.12 No Evil A devastating threat in the form of new villain Jericho catches Batman off guard. Unraveling the history of his mute opponent leads to a startling connection between Jericho and Deathstroke the Terminator. Batman is attacked by Deathstroke as revenge for apprehending his son Jericho, and through flashback we learn the story of the collapse of Slade Wilson’s family, and how Deathstroke lost his right eye. 9.13 Midnight Massacre Batman (Grayson) and Robin (Wayne) unravel the mystery of multiple murders at Arkham Asylum, determining it to be the result of a turf war between The Great White Shark and The Penguin. (Mid-Season Finale) 9.14 Hush Again Catwoman discovers Bruce Wayne is actively pulling money from Wayne Enterprises’ subsidiaries in Australia and Vietnam, she investigates, discovering Hush is alive and posing as Wayne. Catwoman must face down her crippling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (from Hush’s removing her heart two years before) to defeat him. Capturing him, Catwoman delivers him to Batman (Grayson) and Robin (Wayne), who decide to keep him locked up in a secret safe house. 9.15 Shattered State Jericho escapes from Arkham Asylum, mentally unraveling and diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Completely out of control and posing a threat to Deathstroke, Deathstroke kills Jericho in self-defense, devastating him. Traumatized by killing his son, Deathstroke adopts a part of his son’s personality, possibly dissociating as well, himself, as expressed by using sign language (as mute Jericho did) to sign the American letter “J”. 9.16 Siren Song A vexing vixen has the ability to hypnotize men with her voice. Can Batman resist her power and prevent her from taking over Gotham City? Hush uses The Siren’s influence on Batman (Grayson) to facilitate his escape from the safe house, and stages his own “return” to Gotham as Bruce Wayne, offering to donate a billion dollars a month to Gotham until its financial crisis is over. Robin helps break Siren’s hold on Batman, and then Batman and Robin remind Hush that he may be “free” but as Bruce Wayne, he is their prisoner and they will always be able to control them. Batman uses “Bruce Wayne’s” return as a way to disprove the theory (of Gordon’s) that Wayne and Batman are the same person. 9.17 Smells Sweet Rose Wilson takes on the identity of Ravager to get revenge against her father Deathstroke the Terminator, over her belief that he was responsible for their family’s collapse and her brother Jericho’s death. 9.18 Lethal Mutiny Deathstroke and Talia are teamed up, and using an implant in the new Robin’s spine based on The Mad Hatter’s technology to control his thoughts and actions to betray and kill Batman. 9.19 Crazy Town Hush, as Bruce Wayne, plans to push the boundaries of his identity, and recommends that convicted criminals be released. Jeremiah Arkham takes over the identity of Black Mask and releases the inmates, but controlling them with chemical implants in each inmate’s head, implants he acquired through The Mad Hatter. Jane Doe is one of the inmates released, and, believing she owes Bruce Wayne for her release, becomes fixated on him. She first kills “Wayne’s” new assistant, and takes her face, and then cuts off Hush’s face with the intention of becoming Bruce Wayne herself. Batman and Robin capture Jane Doe and Hush and confine them both back in Arkham Asylum. 9.20 War Games Spoiler, in an attempt to prove herself, gets wrapped up in a mob war that lands her at death’s door. Dr. Leslie Thompkins claims to be unable to save her, devastating Tim Drake. 9.21 Clued In Batman (Grayson) has an encounter with The Riddler that leaves him with the possibility that Batman (Wayne) is alive. Grayson seeks out help from a similar twisted mind, The Cluemaster, to discuss his theory. 9.22 Serious Earth Grayson’s search for Batman (Wayne) leads him back to Arkham Asylum, where Riddler has been trying to break him down psychologically. Grayson finds Batman in the depths of Arkham, but they must fight their way past all the inmates to escape while Wayne struggles to overcome the psychological demons that have been tormenting him for the last several months.
  12. DSmith


    Season Nine / Year Nine Featuring "Batman R.I.P.", "A Serious House on Serious Earth", "House of Deathstroke", and "Return of Hush" Season nine follows a Gotham City where Dick Grayson and the rest of the vigilante heroes believe Batman is dead. Grayson steps up to become Gotham’s new Batman, defending the city in honor of Bruce Wayne’s memory. Wayne’s death is concealed from the press, in order to protect Wayne Enterprises stock, but Thomas Elliot tries to take advantage when he learns Wayne is dead, since Elliot still has Bruce Wayne’s face. Grayson’s Batman faces off against one of his main enemies from Blüdhaven, Deathstroke the Terminator, as well as discovering his fractured and dysfunctional family, like children Jericho and Ravager. At the same time, the new Batman is challenged by new villains, like Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, Cluemaster, The Great White Shark, Jane Doe, KGBeast, and Magpie. Grayson’s Batman is supported by Barbara Gordon, who has grown to accept her new role as Oracle, and Tim Drake, who evolves his identity into Red Robin, but the identities of Batgirl and Robin are adopted by Cassandra Cain (daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva) and Damian Wayne (son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul), and they are still supported by Huntress, and joined by the rebellious daughter of the Cluemaster, Stephanie Brown, who adopts the heroic identity of Spoiler. Series Regular Cast This Season: •Selina Kyle / Catwoman – Morena Baccarin •Commissioner James Gordon – Bryan Cranston •Alfred Pennyworth – James Cromwell •Dick Grayson / Nightwing / Batman – Lenny Platt •Tim Drake / Robin – Blair Redford •Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle – Lucy Hale •Slade Wilson / Deathstroke the Terminator – Not Yet Cast Supporting Cast Introduced This Season: Dr. Jeremiah Arkham / Black Mask II – Wes Bentley Damian Wayne / Robin – Noah Ringer Cassandra Cain / Batgirl – Eileen Boylan Not Yet Cast: Mayor Daniel Danforth Dickerson III Arthur Brown / Cluemaster Stephanie Brown / Spoiler Martin “Mad Dog” Hawkins Dr. Amadeus Arkham Elizabeth Arkham Constance Arkham Harriet Arkham Warren White / The Great White Shark Jane Doe KGBeast Margaret Pye / Magpie Joseph Wilson / Jericho Adeline Wilson Grant Wilson / Ravager Billy Wintergreen Rose Wilson / Ravager II The Siren / Lorelei Circe
  13. I never saw Surf's Up Joker live in a store, but have been periodically checking eBay for these items and once I saw it I "Buy it Now'd" instantly. The only difference besides the board shorts is that his hands are both open fists, neither was on the original Joker. Really makes me ache for more from this line. Will always feel incomplete to me without Mr. Freeze, Egghead, King Tut, and Mad Hatter. Eartha Kitt Catwoman and a Batgirl-Cycle would have been nice also.
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