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  1. If anyone can send me an invite too, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. This figure popped up at our local TRU this past weekend, for $9.99 each - for anyone looking for it. If we have them here in Nebraska, I'm sure they are hitting elsewhere.
  3. Yeah, the inevitable flood of Superman figures is probably a sure bet. I've picked up the "Clark to Superman" figure, because I wanted to have one "regular" Superman figure from the line, and I've heard that is the best option. I was mainly curious, aside from possible future Lex Luthor figures, if we'd be seeing any Superman (or Clark) figures better than the quick change version. I've read/seen pics of the "Up, Up, and Away" (or something to that effect) flying version, that has articulated ankles, so maybe that figure won't be too bad. Thanks for any info everyone.
  4. I was just curious if anyone here knew of the waves/assortments of figures from the Superman Returns movie line. The first figures have shown up locally at WM and TRU, and seems to be composed of 4 different Superman figures if I remember correctly. I've only picked up Clark to Superman so far, but I was wondering what else is coming from the line in the future? I know there is a Lex figure (or two) on the way, and possibly another "generic bad guy" figure, as well as countless Supermen - but does anyone have a listing like Wave 1 is this, Wave 2 is this, etc.? I didn't know if this information has been out or not, but just thought I'd ask. I've thought about picking up another Clark to Supes figure just to have an extra "basic" Superman, but I didn't know if a better one would be coming later in the line or not - or how many waves we were getting. How many were there for the Batman Begins line? Thanks for any help/info.
  5. I'm kind of wondering about the line's future as well. I'm happy that we're getting Superman/Batman figures and villains, but disappointed that we won't see the rest of the DCU. Superman is my favorite from DC, so at least we'll see those, and Batman is among the top as well, but I'm disappointed I won't be able to add a "DC Superheroes" Flash to the collection...as well as the rest of the Justice League. It just seems like this line had a lot of potential, and its too bad its not going to be happening (at least for the next couple of years). On a side note, for those who are interested, I got a notice that my preorder for the Series 2 Superman and Bizarro has gone through and will be shipped (from BBTS). Locally, our Target is pretty much buried in Series 1, and WM doesn't even have pegs for this line, so I thought I'd be safe and order online just in case. Last time I checked the BBTS site, they had Superman and Bizarro in stock, at $8.99 if anyone is interested.
  6. Draven, thanks for sharing the pics, I look forward to seeing more. Its good to hear that these are starting to trickle out. I mainly wanted to pick up one "good" version of Superman, and then a Lex later on when he's released. I wasn't sure which Supes to get, but this Clark to Supes version looks pretty good from the carded shots you've shared. Although many weren't real pleased with the scale of these figures (and some of the figures themselves), I'm now hoping that Mattel will continue with the DC movies so we can in the future add Wonder Woman, Flash, Lantern, or whoever else to have a scaled "movie" Justice League. It'll be nice having Supes and Bats side by side.
  7. I was curious if anyone here buys/collects the Spider-Man and Friends line. I personally have never bought any, but I've been thinking about getting a "regular" Spidey to just add my collection of various Spideys. I don't know if I'll go beyond that, but it does seem like a kind of neat line...if nothing else to pack away for future kids or something. Anyways, I was curious for those of you who know...which waves are in stores right now, and is there a "normal" Spidey available at retail right now? Even one that just has extra accessories that can be removed? I was looking at ToyBiz's site, and a figure like "Air Launching Spider-Man" looks like this could be done. I have no idea if that wave is still at retail or not. I really have no idea what is out there right now, and was just curious if anyone could provide any advice. Also, what are your thoughts on the line in general, if you do collect it?
  8. I didn't see it posted anywhere else yet, but it looks like this week's ToyFare (104, on sale tomorrow) has pics of the upcoming Superman Returns line, and the cover features...according to the caption...a "Hyperposable Superman" by Mattel. You can see the cover HERE. Doesn't look too bad, might have to pick up a copy just to see what is in store for this line.
  9. I know most people aren't usually that crazy about "movie" figures with these comic book films, and although I prefer comic figures (such as ML) as well, part of me is a little disappointed we're not getting X3 movie figs. I never picked up anything from the X1 or X2 lines really, aside from a Wolverine, which is pretty much all I saw for the most part. I thought going into X3 I'd get the rest of the characters, and was especially looking forward to characters like Beast and Colossus in movie form. Like I said, I enjoy the comic figures, and we can still have most (maybe eventually, all) the characters from the movie in their comic incarnation, and that's great too. Part of me was just hoping we'd see an X3 movie line. Having the characters from the Spidey and F4 movies, it would have been nice to have a whole shelf of movie figs.
  10. I know this has been talked about on here before, but I wasn't which topic it was in. I was just curious if there has been a figure in SMC that sort of represented the Bagley-ish style "Ultimate Spider-man". I know there have been a few Ultimate Spidey villains in the line now (Ock, Lizard, Rhino, any others?), and I've started to get back into reading Ult Spidey (and some other Ult books) and thought it might be fun to get a small "Ultimate" figure collection going. Anyways...long question short...is there an Ultimate Spider-Man figure out, or on the way, or one you could recommend being close? Thanks for any advice.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I didn't want to start a new topic for it. I was just curious, although I'm not necessarily a completist with the JLU line, I do pick up the majority of my favorites. One character I missed at the time was the single carded Green Arrow. I know he is now available in 3 packs, but without the accessories. I was wondering if figures like this would be singled carded/re-released again anytime soon, or if I would be better off just getting a 3 pack (especially with them being on sale this week at Target). The one that is currently out at Target (with Black Canary and Supes) is tempting anyways because I could get another new figure (Canary), and I wouldn't mind the extra Supes anyways since he's my favorite from DC. Anyways, just wondering what might be my best option, in your opinions? Another I'd like to get is Aquaman, but his single carded version is supposed to be showing up now, so I'm hoping to find that one. Anyways, any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. After appearing, then being bought up, the Target 3 packs have been stocked pretty full here once again. Not much in the way of new singles, although I did see a Starman the other day. I'm mainly looking for Aquaman, who I haven't seen yet. Aside from that, I'd still like to pick up Green Arrow, but I realize I might have missed my chance on that one (aside from 3 packs anyways). A little off topic, but does anyone know (or have) a complete list of what characters have been released or are coming up in the JL/JLU figure lines? Aside from all the Superman/Batman/Flash/etc. variants that is. I'm just curious how many different characters we've seen in the span of this line. I have far from a complete collection, but it does seem like we've gotten quite a few.
  13. I searched I didn't see a topic on this already, so forgive me if there is. Did/does anyone here collect the 80s Super Powers line? I remember it being one of my favorites, and still have some of the figures from my childhood. My Superman and Batman figures didn't make it through, so I've been watching ebay to pick some of these up, one at a time, starting with Superman. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone here was/is interested in this line? Do you collect it, or maybe have a complete set already? Any thoughts on the line are always welcome. Maybe it was in part because I was a kid, but this was one action figure line that seemed like the "action features" were actually kind of neat. I'm looking forward to putting together a small, loose/mint collection of these, starting with Superman (my favorite), and moving on with updating any of my vintage ones that are a little worse for wear. Any Super Powers comments or memories?
  14. OmegaHarbinger - thanks so much, those were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
  15. Hi, I'm new to the Transformers board here, although I have lurked around in the past. I haven't really kept up real well on Transformers lately, but this weekend picked up a Alternators Sideswipe since that was my favorite TFormer as a kid, and I thought it would be neat to see how the modern ones are. Anyways, it really brought the nostalgia back, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a site(s) where I could find listings/photos of the past and present Transformers. I was specifically looking for the 80s ones (Gen 1, etc.) and also to see what was out in this Alternators line, or any other line that uses the Gen 1 names/characters. Sorry if these are dumb questions, like I said, I don't really know much about the modern line at all...aside from ones that we've picked up for our nephew, and those have been from "Cybertron". I just wanted to look up/look at some of the ones I had when I was a kid, trying to think back. Is there anywhere you could point me to? Thanks for any advice you might have.
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