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    Does Anyone Know How Many Jedi Were Released?

    The Dark Sith Lord
    By The Dark Sith Lord,

    Since Phantom menace and AOTC,


    How many Actual Jedi made it into figures

    this is the list I have


    - Qui Gon Jinn

    - Yoda

    - Mace Windu

    - Obi-Wan Kenobi

    - KI-Udi-Mundi

    - Saesee Tin

    - Luminara Unduli

    - Aayla Secura

    - Kit Fisto

    - Shaak Ti

    - Agen Kolar

    - Plo Koon

    - Nikto

    - Eeth Koth

    - Barriss Offee

    - Pablo Jill


    Jedi Younglings


    - Chian

    - Ashla

    - Jempa



    also two questions, What happend to Barriss, Nikto, and Eeth, where they killed during the clone wars?


    which jedi am I missing (that are figures)




    After 56?

    By sunshine,

    What other ROTS Figures do you want to see made from clips and Book Images we've seen?


    Bariss Offee

    Yoda (Battle with The Emperor)

    Emperor (Battle with Yoda)

    Commander Cody


    Clone Trooper (All Color Variants)

    Nute Gunray (Demise of the Trade Federation)

    Padawan 2 Pack #1 (Male and Female)

    Padawab 2 Pack #2 (Two Aliens)

    Security Droid (New)

    Padme (Senate)

    Padme (Nightgown)

    GH-7 Medical Driod

    Anakin Skywalker (March to the Jedi Temple)

    Anakin Skywalker (Mustfar Duel)

    Anakin Skywalker (After Nightmare)

    Obi Wan Kemobi (Mustfar Duel)

    Obi Wan Kenobi (Jedi Robes)

    Bail Organa's Wife w/Leia

    Commander Gree

    Commander Bly


    Coruscant Firefighter

    Cpt. Faytonni (Opera)

    Waks Trode (Opera)

    Rystall Sant (Opera)

    Jar Jar Binks (Padme's Funeral)

    Mace Windu (Palpatine's Arrest)



    Guanta (Battle on Kashyyk)

    Lachichuk (Battle on Kashyyk)

    Sheltay Retrac

    Bail Organa (Jedi Temple)

    Kit Fisto (Palpatine's Arrest)

    Wat Tambor

    Po Nudo

    San Hill

    Poggle the Lesser

    Shu Mai

    Yoda (Dagobah)

    Owen Lars

    Beru Lars w/Luke

    Batman Begins

    By JayCueBatman,

    Hey guys...i have been to many targets the last few days...and i have seen some intresting stuff...the Batman Begins toys arent warming the shelves here in South Florida like i thought they would...i have seen them in only 1 Wal-Mart as of yet but in Target they seem to be selling...is this the same trend you guys see in your area?

    Post Your Clones

    By g-hero,

    Don't know if anyone else is feeling the same way as I do about this, but seeing all these new clonetroopers with different paint schemes makes me want to design my own. So I was going to see if anyone else is doing this yet. If so, lets see some pics. I'm waiting to get my Clone Commander or the SA Trooperbefore I do mine.



    Do You Have A Rock Band Or Can You Rap Or In A Rap


    If you are, plain and simple here is your chance.


    Click below




    Open oppurtunity to show what you got.


    The winner gets the following: (courtesy of the website)


    Benefits for the winner include:


    One full-fledged recording contract with Psychopathic Records featuring:


    Recording your album in full at the Lotus Pod studio in Detroit, MI with a variety of Psychopathic Producers on hand to make sure your #$## is as good as possible (airfare and hotel stay provided for those outside of the Detroit area).


    A nationwide release throughout the United States and a worldwide release in Canada, the United Kingdoms, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and more.


    Your own music video, done up just how you've dreamt it.


    Also, you will hit the road. That's right, the road is calling and the tour bus is waiting. You will go out on a Psychopathic Records major tour. Don't worry about the expenses because Psychopathic Records will foot the cost for you (this includes per diems and weekly salary). After all, there's a whole world that wants to see you.


    And the #$## doesn't even stop there. You also get a merchandising deal with HatchetGear (hoodies, jerseys, hats, etc), album advances, musical and publishing royalties, photo shoots, and so much more.


    If you're a starving artist, this is everything you've ever dreamed of. For complete contest rules, head to the submission section of the site.


    Finally, that lucky break you've been waiting for may be coming your way. So call your homies, get the group back together, hit the local studio, and make your very best possible #$## because opportunity awaits.



    Straight up time to see what you got.

    I Am Done With Energon

    By Starscream49,

    But thats only cause I have EVERY figure.



    Beyond the first 56 Basic figs? *spoilers*

    Bespin refugee
    By Bespin refugee,
    In total how many Basic figures are planned to be released for ROTS ?



    KF-C Ani being the last ... I think!

    nope, I believe there's alist with over 72 figures listed on it. By the big picture in the insider alone there are 56 different basic figures.

    Really? So there are some not revealed yet?!

    the 56 are pictured and the others are on a list, I believe rebelscum had the list posted if not already here on tni somewhere, bespin refugee is the one to ask.

    I wish :P<_>

    I saw a list of about 10 'unconfirmed' figs earlier; I hadn't even heard about them until then. I'll see what I can find... ')


    I looked around, and this is all I've found so far.

    I have also heard that this fall, they will unleashing another twenty Some figures. Including two new Padmes, Another Palpatine, Commander Cody, Nute Gunray, Wat Tambor, Sam Hill, a couple other Jedi, Luke and Leia as Babys, Beru and Owen, Queen Organa, and a few more

    My New Clone Army Pics

    By Mr.Sci-Fi,

    Palpy reviewing his clones.









    action pics a little later

    Is Your Mp-02 Defective?

    By rodimusconvoy21,



    It seems that quality at Tkara's is getting low lately. At lesat with G1 related items. First, Predaking, then Sounblaster and now this. Now, the question is, what will Perceptor feature?

    Otc Vader Lightsaber With Galactic Heroes

    By Mr.Sci-Fi,

    I just noticed at kmart that some of the vader sabers included two free galactic heroes figures in the packaging. Is this a kmart only thing? How rare were or are they?

    How Many Jedi Are There Right Before Aotc?

    By Mr.Sci-Fi,



    tens of thousands?


    I'm just wondering for the purpose of how many might have survived the clensing.

    New Sw 12" Jedi's Fs & Old Monster Toys


    My Brother's Band: Afore Notation

    By Bolverk,



    Please take the time to listen & post feedback. Thanks in advance to those who do.

    Wrestling Figures Lineup For Wwe Figures!

    By Outsiders,

    The current plans from Jakks Pacific for their World Wrestling Entertainment action figure lines were announced this week:


    Ruthless Aggression 14 will hit the shelves in May featuring Ric Flair, John Cena, Trish Stratus, Triple H, The Undertaker, and Shelton Benjamin.


    PPV 8 will be released in June with Kane, Maven, Eugene, Triple H, Batista, and Shawn Michaels featured.


    Ruthless Aggression 15 will hit stores in July with The Big Show, Carlito Caribbean Cool, Gene Snitsky, Mark Jindrak, Christian, and Rhyno featured.


    Adrenaline 12 will be out later this month featuring two packs of JBL & Orlando Jordan, Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam, and Triple H & Batista.


    Adrenaline 13 will be on sale this June with Luther Reigns & Kurt Angle, Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway, and Theodore Long & Rey Mysterio available.

    A Fan's Perspective Of The Warrior Incident!

    By Outsiders,

    University of Connecticut student "Chris" sent in this first-hand account of what really happened at the Ultimate Warrior speech this week:


    "Listen, I attended the Ultimate Warrior "event" here at UConn on Tuesday night, and let me say that it wasn't as crazy as the news reports are making it out to be.


    It was much crazier.


    First of all, the reason it got to near-riot levels was because a group of extreme-leftist/hippies found out about Warrior and his stance on several issues and verbally attacked him from the audience every time he made an extremely-right-winged comment.


    Warrior was in rare form that night. After he made a comment about how homosexuals are nowhere near on the same level as heterosexuals, which elicited an "oh my god" from a female student, he quickly replied with "Don't have an orgasm now honey, save it for later!" And when an obviously gay student started screaming at him from the back of the auditorium, Warrior replied with "I can't hear you with that thing in your mouth." Just crazy.


    For the record a good 3/4 of the audience were old wrestling fans who just came to see their childhood hero (like me)... it's a shame the section of students who were on a mission to cause trouble succeeded. The Warrior has been touring colleges for the last few years and this is the first time he was met with such... resistance. "

    Update On Orton, Rock, Austin, Dean & More!

    By Outsiders,

    WWE.com has a poll up asking if you would rather drink a beer with Austin or protein shake with Simon Dean. Somehow Simon Dean is winning with almost 87% of the 384041 as of 10:35 this morning.


    Gamespot.com has interviews with a few WWE wrestlers following the Superstars Video Game Challenge at the House Of Blues prior to Wresltemania.


    The Quad-Cities Times did an interview with Randy Orton. When asked if he used Steroids, he said “If you do drugs, you’re fired. If you mess around, there are 1,000 other guys just as good as you are waiting to take your place.� For those who have not heard, Orton will miss the next 4-6 months for shoulder surgery.


    "Be Cool", featuring The Rock, will be released on DVD on June 7th.

    Ultimate Warrior Responds: Holds Nothing Back!

    By Outsiders,

    From the Desk of Warrior


    April 6, 2005


    Santa Fe, NM – This release is in response to allegations made in an email from UConn student Russell Passig, as well as remarks made in two press releases by the UConn College Republicans regarding Warrior’s appearance at UConn on April 5, 2005.


    First, Mr. Passig’s claim that Warrior’s address was tantamount to “university-funded hate speech� is absolutely ridiculous. While it is certainly true that Warrior’s positions are often controversial, the reality is that what people like Passig whiningly denounce as “racist and homophobic� is merely what reasonable adults would classify as nothing more than being politically incorrect. While Mr. Passig, Mr. Traugh, Mr. Moghtaderi, and any others who objected to the substance of what Warrior had to say would certainly have been within their rights to challenge Warrior during the Q&A period, the truth is that they lacked the class and common sense to do so. After repeatedly interrupting Warrior's speech, these individuals chose to further instigate Warrior with baseless ad hominem attacks - thus eliciting highly-charged responses from Warrior. To top it all off, this World Class Crew of Crybabies is now attempting to have the UConn administration punish the CRs for words that Warrior spoke. Yet another timeless liberal/left-wing/anti-American tradition - when in doubt, blame the Republicans.


    All of the above notwithstanding, it is somewhat sad to see how utterly spineless the UConn College Republicans have turned out to be. Not a single UConn CR voiced any objection to Warrior after the event. The detailed emails between Warrior and the UConn CRs reveal that the CRs repeatedly encouraged Warrior to single out the Tent City Trash for some re-education. Yet, it now seems that the CRs have collectively decided to bow down and beg forgiveness from various extremist, anti-American, left-wing groups who infest the UConn campus. Perhaps the UConn CRs should refrain from engaging in political activism until such time as they develop enough backbone to be able to withstand not being liked by their opponents.


    It bears mentioning that Warrior demonstrated considerable restraint given the disrespectful and petulant behavior of a small minority of the students. These individuals unwittingly illustrated one of the most pernicious truths of modern liberalism: that while self-described liberals claim, ad nauseum, that they support freedom of speech, the truth is that they only support free speech as long as the content of that speech is acceptable to them. The moment that a single word is spoken that questions, challenges, or otherwise conflicts with their myopic, misguided views of the world, their enthusiasm for the First Amendment totally disappears.


    In closing, Warrior emphatically rejects and dismisses any attempt to portray his appearance at UConn as anything other than it was – a straightforward, honest discussion of Warrior’s philosophical beliefs. That his words have been mischaracterized and that the speech was occasionally interrupted by a relative handful of students (who, for some reason, all seemed to smell like patchouli oil and burnt flag) does not detract from the fact that the overwhelming majority of those in attendance had a wonderful time and agreed with most of Warrior’s points – a fact that is corroborated by dozens upon dozens of emails that Warrior has thus far received from attendants. Warrior thanks all of his true fans and all of the true Conservatives who took time out from their studies to welcome him back to Connecticut, and hopes to see them all again very soon.


    Always Believe,


    Shocking Sexual Secrets From Wwe Diva's!

    By Outsiders,

    First and foremost, this is graphic so read on at your own risk:


    The WWE Divas show our girl their lethal bedroom movies. You’d better wear a cup.


    Wrestling isn’t just about fat, angry folks displaying ’roid rage in a ring. You can get that by watching The View. These days, professional wrestling has put American audiences into a submission hold by letting superhot women maul each other on the mat. Which is why you’d be a damn fool if you missed WrestleMania 21 on pay-per-view April 3 at 7 P.M., when the Superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment will get down and dirty. They might even wrestle! But if you can’t wait, never fear, because I gathered the WWE Divas to get a grip on the big issues facing female wrestlers today. Unfortunately, we got sidetracked and talked only about sex. Then we had a pillow fight in our underwear. Sorry, guys. Next time I’ll try to stick to the issues. Forgive me?


    LAURA: Wrestlers tend to be screamers in the ring. Do you like your men to be equally as loud in the sack?

    TORRIE: As long as you’re not quiet, anything goes for me. I don’t care—if you’re loud, that’s fine.

    STACY: If you’re quiet, it’s going to be a one-night stand, for sure. I want guys to talk. Be verbal and get into it, but screaming and yelling and taking it to the next level is when it gets a little weird.

    TRISH: And it almost seems fake. Like, is there a hidden camera somewhere?

    AMY: My ex was like that, and I didn’t like it. He called me Mama, and it freaked me out. I had to put my hand over his mouth. Positive feedback is nice, but “Give it to me, Mama�? That’s just bizarre.


    LAURA: What other.things should not come out of his mouth during sex? Besides drool, of course.

    TRISH: “You’re my dirty #$## whore.� Or another girl’s name.

    TORRIE: Or another guy’s name! Or something like, “Let me see that fat ass.�


    LAURA: Unless he’s saying phat ass. Speaking of which, how do you.feel about a partner spanking yours?

    STACY: I like it. I mean, I don’t do it all the time, but it’s not something I’m opposed to.

    TORRIE: I like it, too. But I’m a big baby, so if it’s too hard, I’m like, "Ouch! OK, no more."

    AMY: Yeah, it should be like swatting a fly—not killing a beast.


    The link is here: http://www.stuffmagazine.com/ and go to Powder Puff section.


    By synch,

    Are these only for comic shops?.. Or do regular stores get them in as well if they order a certain amount?.. I know the distributers wouldn't know or care about the difference but if they order enough of one comic is it posable they could get one in & it would just be shiped out to whatever random store ordered it from em?.. :)

    Apology From Uconn For Ultimate Warrior's Actions

    By Outsiders,

    Statement to the University Community

    Regarding the Warrior Event of April 5, 2005


    To the University Community:


    Last night, during the College Republican sponsored speech by the "Ultimate Warrior", there were many comments made which were extremely offensive to many members of the UCONN community, including the College Republicans. We immediately recognized our responsibility and fault for the event by issuing an apology on our website, www.uconn-cr.org. We then released that apology to the Daily Campus. Subsequently, the UCONN College Republicans have taken several other actions of which the members of the University Community should be aware.


    We have written letters of apology to several groups and organizations on campus that represent the people toward whom many of the Warrior's comments were directed. A short, but not complete, list of these groups would consist of the Rainbow Center, AQUA, QUAD, the African American Cultural Center, the Asian American Cultural Center, the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center, the Iranian Students Association, and the Women's Center. Again, this is not a complete list of the groups that will receive a direct written apology from the College Republicans. We hope to have the letters to each of the organizations (or their Student Leader, as listed on the Department of Campus Activities website) by the end of the week.


    The President of College Republicans, Emily Salisbury, will be submitting a letter to the editor of the Daily Campus regarding the incident that includes an apology by the end of the day. We will be sending a letter of apology to the UCONN Police Department that also thanks them for their presence at the event.


    We brought the Ultimate Warrior to campus because we wanted to host a thought-provoking discussion from an individual who would appeal to a broader range of students than normal, given his background. Sadly, the Warrior's presentation accomplished none of those goals and we were horrified like most of the UCONN community by the display. We hope that we can regain our standing in the University Community by cooperating fully with the Undergraduate Student Government and others in righting this wrong.


    Heath W Fahle

    Spokesman for the UCONN College Republicans

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