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    Anyone know when series 4 5 and 6 are going to be released

    By elfofmirkwood,

    Why I Support Joe vs. Cobra and other assorted thoughts

    By ProckoZero_Prime,

    Before I begin, I'm going to be honest...I've only been active in the Joe online community since April of this year, and only in the Devil's Due and Sgt. Savage forums. That being said, I am very surprised at the extreme distaste numerous posters here feel for the new Joe vs Cobra line of GI Joe.


    Four years ago, as near as I can tell, Hasbro released some figures under the old mold concept...and they were crappy. Later on, they released the last full run of the original old-school style figures...and they were ok, but to be honest, they didn't hold up to the originals, cool repaint jobs or not (i.e. Serpentor, Shock Viper, Duke, Firefly.)


    We finally got a new GI Joe product under the title Joe vs. Cobra...and the first wave of figures had no o-rings. Were they bad figures? No, they weren't...but they weren't "GI Joe" to many collectors because of the no O-ring factor. There are still a plethora of these figures left on the shelves in my area; I would presume part of this is due to the fact that my area has more older Joe fans than kids who are into the product.


    With subsequent waves, we have seen Hasbro re-tool the figures originally intended to NOT have the O-ring in order to make a lot of crotchety folks happy...and it was good. We got IMO the coolest repaint of the Viper ever in the black/purple combo, some sweet Alley Viper army building material, along with some pretty solid figures in Stalker, Scarlett, Flint, Baroness, Blowtorch, Snow Serpent, Dr. Mindbender, o-ring Cobra Commander, and especially the black Snake Eyes. With wave 4 hitting, we've gotten to see some ridiculously cool new figures in the new Duke, Ripper, Shipwreck, Wild Bill, o-ring CLAWS, Dart, o-ring Neo Viper, and yes, the new BAT (yes, I miss the swivel arms, but I love the coloration and chest-panel removal feature and am quite happy with the figure as a whole.) With the Spy Troops line coming up, we have seen in pictures what appears to be an unbelievable job and some great new characters along with it.


    Some people seem to believe that since they aren't the original old-style molds, they can't be GI Joe. As hard as I've tried, I just can't understand this rationale. I don't know if it is because there are official acronyms that one just doesn't feel apply to the new figures or what. I don't know if it is because you lost your Skidmark figure when you were 9 and now espouse vitriolic comments across random places. What I do know is this: Hasbro is not bringing back the old-school molds in full force; too many retailers (apparently) have said they will not carry these figures en masse. I'm not saying that "the only real GI Joe fans are the ones buying the new figures and everyone who isn't is full of donkey poop." I'm saying that a growing majority of the GI Joe community is letting themselves enjoy the new line of GI Joe figures for what they are: the new line of GI Joe figures. They're the same characters that many of us grew up with, and like it or not, nearly all of the figures are now being created in similar form as their predecessors were (i.e. Dr. Mindbender, Flint, Baroness, Snow Serpent, Scarlett, etc etc.) Furthermore, many of the figures are very well sculpted and quite frankly, just look cool.


    That's my opinion...and I stand to it. Hopefully some of the folks here will eventually realize that the only thing pissing and moaning accomplishes is raising people's blood pressure, and hardly ever changes people's viewpoints.



    Fair Price?

    By Legato,

    Is this a fair price, as of now I only own 2 english dvds [ episodes 1-8]


    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAP.dll?View$Item=19796882 :)-


    death viper
    By death viper,


    In your opinion, what's the best store to buy MOC joes from?

    By Cobra_Saboteur,

    Hi, just wanted to post another intresting topic about MOC joes. What store do you think is the best place to buy MOC joes? I know in the past a lot of people blasted Brians Toys for their service and prices. Just wanted to know what stores you recommend, and what stores or people to avoid.


    By Legato,


    The Ramones!

    By 1846D7M8,

    Are you a Ramones fan?


    What's your favorite Ramones song?


    I really want to know!

    New Here, need a good idea

    MOTU Prime
    By MOTU Prime,

    I've been thinking about making a custom new Masters of the Universe figure. But I can't figure out who to make. I really want to make a character that Mattel might not make for a while. So far I thought of Rio-Blast, Bow (from She-ra), or just making up a character. Anyone got any suggestions for a cool character to make, hero or villian, doesn't matter.



    Please read

    By KamenDreda,

    Hey guys (and gals). I just wanted to make a small request of all of you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for the weakest link. I know some of you have gotten bored with it and some of you are frustrated by some good characters getting voted off but please drop by the thread every once in awhile to vote for a character you don't like. The vote have been getting very scarce. Just check the first page to see who is left then clikck over to the last page and make your vote! This goes for all you newbies too. Come join the fun! We are down to the top 70! Thanks Ya'll.

    Chap Mei help?

    By jett,

    Hey guys,


    I have been looking high and low all over my area and all over the web trying to locate 2 items in time for Christmas. Im sure a few of you as well have been looking for the Chap Mei Freedom Force Chinook helicopter. Im also looking for the deluxe tank from that line. Many people have spotted these at Rite Aids and I believe some Big Lots. I've scoured the web with no luck and they don't ever seem to show up on ebay.


    I have several other Chap Mei vehicles incorporated into my displays and they look great. I still have my original Tomahawk so the Chinook is not for me, Im interested in the tank for myself, but I really hoped to get the Chinook for my nephew. He loves my Tomahawk and has asked several times for one of his own but I cant find any reasonable prices on those in good enough condition that I would think of giving to him. I thought the Chinook would make a great replacement and they arent too expensive, its just finding them that's proving a pain.


    If anyone knows a place online to find these items or can offer any help with my search I would greatly appreciate it, I just thought Id take a shot in the dark here. You can post a reply to me here or feel free to mail me at H_Walker34@yahoo.com


    Thanks anyone who can help and I apologize if this read was just a waste of your time. Happy Holidays to all and Yo Joe! :D

    Were any of you in the military?

    By Tom-1,

    Again, more of my midnight curiosity :lol:


    It's fairly relevant, since I've hard of alot of GI Joe fans eventually decided to join the military... So have any of you? Air Force, Marines, Army, anything at all, I'm curious.



    New carded Wave 6 protoytpe on Ebay.

    Doc Evil
    By Doc Evil,



    "RAH fan Vs. Hasbro Executive"

    They are bringing back...

    By Nguyen_Dragon,

    the cowboys sets... i saw a few at tru...

    Awesome Joe Innovation: Swivel Wrists & Ankles!!!

    By commandwolf,

    I haven't really seen this talked about much, but I think one of the BEST innovations of the new line of GI JOE figures is the new swivel wrists and ankle articulation found on a few of the new figures. It's kinda equivalent of adding the ball joint head or swivel arms back in the day! These 2 features really elevates the 3 3/4" figures to new heights as far as I'm concerned. Big props to Hasbro for not just releasing a new JOE line but trying to improve it as well!!!


    I mean, Wave 3 Snake-Eyes and Wave 4 Duke are simply two of the best figures ever released in my humble opinion. I just wish Hasbro would add the new articulated joints it on ALL of their figures, not just one or two. If Hasbro would just put out a Wave 1 Storm Shadow retro-fitted with an O-ring in his original colors and WITH swivel wrists and ankles, then I would be an incredibly HAPPY collector...sigh.


    Thoughts, comments?

    cartoon Cobra Commander VS Comic book Cobra Commander

    By This1,

    so, what is the difference. Is there any? I never got to read the comic but I have a feel from the new ones that CC is actually an intelligent mastermind. WHile in the cartoon he is kinda an idiot somewhat. I mean. any Joe can beat the #$## out of him. and Serpentor was able to look down and call him a Lacky. also, He's a snake man from Cobra La and in operation dragon fire he's , well, he's a naked lookin green dude. He puts on his armored Mask and his visible facial feature around his eyes are skin toned. weird what you can do with cell animation artists and stupid ignorant youngins isnt it? I bet the big GL couldnt have thought of that one. so anyways. whats the deal with the comic CC? is he ruthless and able to stand up to a punch? is he human? does he drink milk? whats up with him?

    Hey wait a minute!

    By revsears,

    lots of people have wished that troops that are rereleashed should be kept in the same color, but no hasbro doesn't want hurt collectors, bull crap! Heavy duty was the same as in wave1! beachhead is another repeat! if they can do it with joes why not troops? huh? What the crap hasbro? what the crap? and then the rattler it could have been the same, or a lot closer at least! arg,...

    when is the TT movie supposed to come to theaters?

    By joeblow,

    I really want to see it! :D

    My v2 Hawk is odd looking...

    By Tom-1,

    I feel strange for never noticing this, but I have two Hawks with a bit of paint difference... I'm beginning to worry at one point someone jipped me and sold me a Funskool fig. Those of you familiar with Funskool, you be the judge -


    Hawk's medals and gun (in chest holster) are colored gold on one figure and black on the other.


    Any input? It looks strangely suspicious to me...



    Reissue BATs

    By RoyalZarak,

    What do you guys think of the Reissue BATs? My reaction: @*- That figure could of been better if you complete the head, get rid of the red streak on their faces, better coloring, and make the arm moving from left to right. :-? The file card pic looks better than the figure.... :evil:

    scenario: your contribution

    By martini_847,

    My favorite aunt died, leaving me close to 487 million dollars. I have decided that I will help Hasbro offset their last quarters losses in exchange for a small favor. I want to design one "wave" of Joe vs Cobra figures. Knowing a deal when they hear one, they leap at the opportunity. I now have all of hasbro's designers, and sculpters at my disposal. The only thing they lack is inspiration... Now I KNOW that alot of you have some really good ideas out there, so now it is time to tap that vast knowledge and describe to the group, the ONE figure you would design for this special wave. *bearing in mind, that it can be a repaint of an existing figure, or a complete resculpt. we wont be changing the plastic type...but anything else goes. Be specific, for types of outfits, color scheme, why you chose that character etc....have fun with it and share it with the group

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