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    I am looking for a wedsite for Zoids, Gundums and Robtech. I was wondering if someone could help me out.



    New Customs Update: Classic He-Man, Teela ; US Agent ;

    By PixelDan,

    Here are my latest customs! Got a Classic Style He-Man and Teela. Also a Marvel Legends US Agent (not completly finished) and a Star Wars Mandalorian Commando. Enjoy!









    What happened to Spirit in the new comics??

    By Guest,

    I haven't read the comics since the initial 4 issue arc, but I was wondering what happened to him since I didn't see him in the last issue I read. I also wanted to know if they'll ever make a new Spirit figure in the new Joe line...

    Clash Singer Joe Strummer Dies at 50

    By Outsiders,

    LONDON (AP) - Joe Strummer, a diplomat's son who became a snarling punk icon as an electrifying singer-songwriter for The Clash, has died at age 50.


    Strummer died Sunday, said Richard Davies, coroner's officer for west Somerset. A statement released by his record label said Strummer "died peacefully at his home" in Broomfield in southwest England.


    The British Broadcasting Corp. quoted The Clash's video director, Don Letts, as saying Strummer died of a heart attack. The coroner's office said an autopsy would be conducted Monday or Tuesday.


    Strummer's influence far exceeded his record sales. U2 singer Bono called The Clash "the greatest rock band. They wrote the rule book for U2."


    British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg said, "Without The Clash the whole political edge of punk would have been severely dulled."


    The Clash will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March. The band emerged from the 1970s London punk explosion that produced the Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Stranglers, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.


    The Clash's members were older - Strummer once said he had not picked up a guitar until he was 21 - and their musical horizons were wider.


    The band's 1977 debut album combined the guitar shock of songs like the incendiary "White Riot" with a strong reggae influence. By the time of their third album, "London Calling," in 1979, the band had fused rock, funk, ska, reggae and blues into a giddy, original musical force.


    Many critics consider the album punk's masterpiece; Rolling Stone magazine named it the best album of the 1980s, despite its release date.


    "I will always believe in punk-rock, because it's about creating something for yourself," Strummer told the San Diego Union-Tribune in July.


    "Part of it was: 'Stop being a sap! Lift your head up and see what is really going on in the political, social and religious situations, and try and see through all the smoke screens.'"


    Strummer was born John Mellor in Ankara, Turkey, the son of a British diplomat. Unlike most of his punk contemporaries, he was educated at private school.


    After busking on the London Underground and playing with London pub-rock band the 101ers, he and guitarist-songwriter Mick Jones formed The Clash in 1976.


    The band signed with CBS Records for $200,000. The record company considered the band's first album too crude for U.S. release, and it was not until 1979 that a compilation album, "The Clash," was released in America.


    "Here was a record that defined rock's risks and pleasures, and told us, once again that this was music worth fighting for," wrote Tom Carson in Rolling Stone.


    Melding Strummer's rough yelp of a voice and Jones' crisp guitar work with the sinuous rhythm section of Paul Simonon and Topper Headon, the band fused diverse influences with a growing commitment to left-wing politics. Its political voice was most fully expressed on the 1980 triple album "Sandinista!," inspired by Nicaragua's 1979 revolution.


    Performances could be chaotic. In 1980, a fight erupted during a concert in Hamburg, Germany, and Strummer was arrested after hitting a fan with his guitar.


    Despite uncompromising political principles, The Clash were commercially successful by punk standards. The biggest British hit was "London Calling," which reached No. 11. In the United States, the band cracked the Top 30 in 1980 with "Train in Vain (Stand by Me)" and had later hits with "Rock the Casbah" and "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"


    Their biggest hit came when "Should I Stay or Should I Go" topped the British charts after being used in a Levi's ad in the early 1990s.


    The band split in the early 1980s after a dispute between Strummer and Jones, who subsequently formed the group Big Audio Dynamite.


    Strummer's post-Clash solo work included soundtracks for filmmaker Alex Cox - notably the punk biopic "Sid and Nancy" and the historical drama "Walker." He also appeared in "Mystery Train," the Memphis-set 1989 film by American director Jim Jarmusch, and served briefly as lead singer of London-Irish rabble rousers The Pogues.


    He released a solo album, "Earthquake Weather," in 1989.


    In the late 1990s he formed The Mescaleros, releasing the well-received albums "Rock Art & The X-Ray Style" and "Global A Go-Go." Strummer and the band finished their latest tour last month.


    "I don't want to look back, I want to keep going forward. I still have something to say to people," Strummer said in a November interview with the Liverpool Echo newspaper.


    Strummer recently collaborated with Bono and Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics to write a song honoring former South African President Nelson Mandela. Titled "48864," Mandela's number in prison, the song will be played Feb. 2 at an AIDS benefit concert at Mandela's former prison on Robben Island.


    Strummer is survived by his wife Lucy, two daughters and a stepdaughter. Funeral plans were not announced.




    On the Net:


    Joe Strummer site: www.strummersite.com

    Cobra Figures with Cobra LOGO?

    By commandwolf,

    Hey guys. I need some help. I'm trying to put together a complete list of ALL pre-1994 Cobra figures released with a Cobra logo somewhere on the figure (arm, chest etc..). I don't have many old Cobra figures and some of the pics on YoJoe are hard to see. Right now my list is as follows:


    83 Cobra Commander

    83 Cobra Officer

    83 Cobra Soldier

    83 Cobra Viper Pilot

    84 Hooded Cobra Commander

    84 Wild Weasel

    84 Baroness

    84 Copperhead

    84 Storm Shadow

    85 Firefly

    84 Scrap Iron

    84 Hiss Driver

    84 Stinger Driver

    85 Tomax/Xamot

    85 Crimson Guard

    85 EELS

    85 Tele-Viper

    86 AVAC

    86 Snow Serpent

    86 BATS

    87 Techno-Viper

    87 Ice Viper

    88 Astro Viper

    89 Night Viper

    91 Desert Scorpion

    91 Interrogator


    Am I missing any??? If so, please let me know. Thanks...

    Best place to buy the GI Joe 8-pack?

    By firestongue,

    So i want to know the best place to buy the gi joe 8 pack. I almost stopped at the BJs in greenville, SC this weekend, since Tenn. is worthless and doesnt have one. but i knew i would need a membership and wanted to get on the road anyway.


    I think ebay has had them cheap but i dont know how much they get up to. Some other site has them cheap also...cant remember which one it was. oh yeah, the storeon44.com i think.


    is there any place else thats good to get them? i know i want to, but want the best place to get them for the best buy.


    thanks for any recommendations. i dont care what condition its in...as long as its there, for i will be OPENING this one :)-

    GVC line: Not many variants. Why?

    By firestongue,

    Have you noticed that there arent many chase figure-types or variants with the GVC line?


    and even the ones there are dont really seem to be getting noticed by the toy magazines? maybe im just missing stuff, but that seems to be what im noticing.


    About all i can think of is the "terrorist organization" being changed to "evil" and then the gray snake eyes...thats about it tho.


    of course, this is all good tho because i can easily find which figures i want when they come out and dont have to search forever.


    what are your thots?

    Wave 5 in STORES yet, or just online stores?

    By firestongue,

    Okay so at least 2 ppl have recieved wave 5 [that i know of] with some EXCELLENT pictures to boot...so where are you guys finding wave 5? is it all froman internet store or what?


    im glad to say that i can usually find all the joes i want at walmart, be it one in town with me or in clarksville. of course clarksville wm is usually first for me, becuase my town walmart is slow with everything.


    i cant wait to find wave 5 on the pegs, tho i kinda hope it waits another week and a half or so so that i can get paid first :oops:


    i cant wait also to open the dude with the gilly suit! tho it isnt like the kind i used to wear, it looks realy great!

    Joes For Sale

    By Babel,

    My interests have recently changed and now I'm selling all my Joes for good prices. I have left: 2 Iron Grenadiers, Cesspool, Alley Viper 2002, Frostbite 2002, Dusty 2002, Headhunter V.2, Metal-Head v.2. Anyone interested...PM me or write here.


    By Tom-1,







    Hey guys! I hope you enjoy these, I'll do my best to get you more as the day goes by :D Any questions?


    There's one thing I HAVE to mention - Burn-Out is constructed in a very bizarre, and dangerous (to him) way. His head and neck ball appear as though they're two seperate pieces... Which means too many head turns, broken neck :evil:



    What do you all think?

    By Devilbat,

    Hey guys and gals. Devil Bat here. I've been very busy and unable to post regularly as of late, but also my absence has been due to the fact that I'm kinda at a crossroads lately. As much as I love G.I. Joe, I'm in a rut. I originally started out collecting Star Wars stuff, and to date my collection consists mostly of SW stuff, and only in the last year or two I've been back into G.I. Joe full swing. And I've had a blast. What started out as a purchase of a Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow two-pack for old time's sake turned into a full-blown quest to reclaim my childhood love for G.I. Joe. My problem is this: right now my wife and I live in a tiny apartment, and I just have so much stuff, SW AND Joe, and it's just getting to be a hassle keeping up with all of it and finding places to put it all. I've been tempted as of late to just sell everything so as to simplify my life. I don't have time to enjoy it, I stess at times wondering how I'm gonna complete waves and army build while at the same time keeping up with SW stuff, it can be very expensive, and I'm wondering if I will always enjoy it like I do now; and even now I don't get as big a kick out of it as I did when I was a kid. So I keep asking myself, "What's the point here? None of this stuff is the toys I grew up with. And no matter how many I buy, it's not the same."


    It's like back in the early fall when I bought a MISB M.A.S.K. Thunderhawk. I was so excited to get a toy I enjoyed so much as a kid brand-new again. But when I actually got it and opened it, I felt kinda empty and it was almost a non-event; kinda anti-climactic. I didn't feel the same about it like I did as a kid. It depressed me at first, but then it kinda got me to thinking, and I began to analyze why I was buying all of these toys; and was I truly happy at the end of the day? I've just sunk so much money into toys the last few years; money I could've done something more important with. And I've wondered if I truly enjoyed collecting the toys, or did I just get a thrill out of going into a store and buying any new toy I wanted, toys that resembled the ones I fondly remembred, or even toys that were exact replicas of past toys, just because I could now instead of begging parents for them; I just bought them for the sake of buying and collecting, not because I really and truly wanted them.


    Here's what I've been considering as an alternative, since I will always be a collector of some sort: I've always wanted a study, even when I've planned out my "Star Wars/G.I. Joe room" for all of my stuff for when my wife and I get a house; a study where I would keep my books and things pretaining to history and what what have you, since I'm fascinated with history. So I've been thinking that maybe I should just sell all of my stuff and put the money up towards a down-payment on a house (We're considering buying or building next summer!), and then just collect a select few 12" Sideshow or Dragon figures that depict historical figures (No pun intended there!) along with historical memorabilia, since that's something I have a deep-rooted interest and real appreciation for. Not that don't I have an appreciation for Joe or SW, but really if I don't lie to myself, I have yet to see anything out of Joe or SW that appeals to the insane detail freak in me 100%. And I've only recently fully realized that things pretaining to historical figures and events is what I have a real passion for, more than anything else. And I feel like it's something I can collect and appreciate the rest of my life with less stress than what I am dealing with now, as long as I'm casual and selective about it. Just consider this: wouldn't it be cool to have a little study with dark-green fabric walls with oak display cabinets full of cool, detailed 12" historically accurate figures, all on hard-wood floors flanked with bookcases full of history books that chronicle these cool-looking figures? I'm just feelng lately like that's alot more attainable and more enjoyable than keeping up with and eventually storing and/or displaying all the stuff I have now.


    What do you all think? Am I just "growing up", or am I just in a rut and would regret terribly selling anything? And I've also thought that if I did sell everything and just concentrate on a house and kids for a while, I could always buy some stuff back later, although I loathe the thought of buying stuff back at three and four times what I paid originally for it. Besides, I'm not so sure that the SW and Joe toys, or most toys in general are appealing to me or speaking to the kid in me anymore like the used to. Case in point: I've seen alot of cool Transformer stuff I like lately, but I have had no interest whatsoever in buying any of it! And quite frankly I've really been suprised at myself for not wanting to buy any of it! Anyway, I just keep thinking things would be alot simpler in my life if I were to just get rid or eveything and just concentrate on a much smaller, more passive type of collection like the occaisional Dragon or Sideshow figure. Maybe I'm just feeling guilty because we don't really have room for alot right now. We're not hard-pressed for money; quite the opposite really since my wife got out of school recently and got a good job. So that's not the issue, although the extra money would be nice were it not blown on more toys. And there's just so much stuff out there! And I know I don't have to buy it all, but the choices seem overwhelming sometimes, and I just wonder what in the world am I gonna do with all of the stuff I already have...


    *whew* I don't know what I want to do, guys. Anybody else been through this before? :(

    A new recruit...from an unlikely source

    By martini_847,

    One of my favorite things as a child (and lets face it I still am one) was taking figures from other toy lines and incorporating them into my joeiverse. It was always easy to find newbies for cobra, but joe was a little more difficult (unless I time traveled or went to a parrallel universe) Anyhow, I have been purchasing some of the 4.5 inch Gundams to serve as CC personal body guard bots. When I found my latest recruit. It is a 4.5 inch scale and olive drab green killer looking robot with big guns. It looks perfect standing next to my joe figures. I have some pics but no web space...eh. I guess he is my verson of robo joe. *not a space walking cyborg. but still. The thing I think I like most about it is its guns are large enough to look in scale with the joes, but large enough even road block couldnt fire them effectively. that and there are some "booster rockets" that are painted yellow and look perfect as spotlights for night attacks. I am toying with a few names for this artificial intelegence nightmare. and am leaning towards T.A.N.K.


    I just love the idea of this huge computer operated killing machine storning Cobra's Fortress, taking out vipers by the score.


    Ahhh the imagination I love it

    Question about Gundam

    By X-Brawn,

    I am looking for an episode list if any one has it. And to saw to people that are big in to Gudam figures if you have a store called Mills Fleet Farm go to it. The one buy me has basic Gundam for 1.50 and deluxe for 3.00

    A Crimson Guard? Or CLAWS Commander?

    By Violentfix,

    Did you guys see the recently posted Case studies for this Wave 5 figure that looks to have originally been meant for the honor of being called a Crimson Guard?




    I think they should have kept him as a Crimson Guard, it seems almost apparent the first time you see him. Maybe they have another in the works. Who knows. Why? Why?


    What do you guys think?



    lotr avatars

    By joeblow,

    we need some lotr avatars! :o:D

    lotr avatars

    By joeblow,

    we need some lotr avatars! :o:D

    Repaints Poll

    By jmillustrator,

    What do you say. I'm very tired of these figures. Time to let go Hasbro.


    I SCORED BIG!!!!


    I went X-mas shopping Friday. I find 12 two packs. First I went to my local walmart and got 2 Bats, 2 Claws, 1 Shock-viper and 1 Neo-viper. Second at the mall went into KeeBee and got one of the 2 two packs of the red Moray for $9.99. The next stop Target next to the Mall, I got one Green viper pack. Then a stop at another walmart. Here I played Mr Goodguy, there was this mother buying G.I. Joe stuff for her son. She had no clue, So I help her with the list her son gave her. I was reward because she didn't pick-up the pack I was after, the Shock-viper. I had one more stop at a toy works, here I got 5 neo commander, 2 red alley vipers and 1 blue viper. I also did finish my wife x-mas shopping.



    BIG DAY!

    By revsears,

    OKay tons of stuff happened today, I seen two towers, me and my girlfreind exchanged presents and I POPPED THE QUESTION! YAY! but anyways it was also the best day for joe collecting for me since i got back into it.


    I went to family dollar first and picked up 3 green vipers and 1 blue alley viper, then to wal-mart and christmas shopped wich took a lot of money but then i grabbed a black snake eyes and another snow serant, then on to k-mart where i grabbed a scout but alas no duke and ripper or bats! i have to find that new duke! and maybe another bat, but as i walked away another isle had buttloads of the 3 packs for 9 bucks! i got a 1.5 duke vs. cc and it came with an alley viper! Then i went home and she had already given me the rattler but then i unwrapped the fang and assualt quad!


    So now i have 4 green vipers and 2 black ones, 3 alley vipers, 2 snow serpants and i plan on getting a more of the latter and a bat or two more aswell.


    I have already decided the quad is for recondo, i try to give my specialists a vehicle (the sand razor for the desert, the n.l.c. for the water, and i plan on getting the snow cat.


    Man! wee-hee! she also got my austin powers 3, but man what made my night was the love between us and the sweet sweet lov'in! Sorry but yeah t'was an awsome awsome night!


    By joeblow,

    who has seen it so far?



    i'm going to see it monday! :D

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