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    By Tom-1,

    Did any of you guys catch this?




    The first clip is silly, but the second is pretty damn awesome.




    new avatar..

    By Nope,

    if I go find a car avatar of a Bugatti jay can you put it in so I can use it?

    How many Venom Cycles will you buy?

    By 1846D7M8,

    The Venom Cycle is a very nice looking vehicle. It looks very fitting for Cobra as well. It's also fairly small and comes with a Viper which means it would be great for army building! So How many are you going to buy?


    Personally, I'm not really sure. I know that I would definitely like to get more than one, but I'm not sur ehow many! They look awesome! :)-

    Watching the new Rockman Exe series

    By Degato,

    I d/led episodes 1-15 for Rockman Exe (is that all there is?) and have finished watching the first four episodes. Great series! Okay, every episode ends the same way, but it's cool to see Rockman do his thang!

    Gets me to wanting figures for Gutsman, Roll, Glyde, and all the baddies! C'mon! When are we going to get these figures made???? :lol:

    New Joe stuff on ADC

    By Tom-1,

    Road Rebel and Venom Cycle...


    Pretty snazzy cycle, but I'm hoping it has stickers in the end. This looks like some ebay auction photos from hong kong (Same guy who was selling yellow build team)


    The Road Rebel ... what a disproportionate mess. Colors and overal design... YECK.




    And the next Gundam series to be domestically released is...

    Preventer MK II
    By Preventer MK II,

    MOBILE SUIT ZETA GUNDAM!!! :o @*- :)-


    To quote my boss at Gundam.Com


    Originally posted by Amuro:


    Zeta Gundam to be Released Domestically!


    Bandai Entertainment Inc. announced at their Anime Expo New York Panel that Zeta Gundam is currently in production for domestic release. Z Gundam was the most requested Gundam title since Bandai Entertainment began releasing Gundam in North America. At various convention panels, Bandai staff would often clear the air by pre-announcing: "we nothing to say about Z Gundam for North America in the near future".  


    No further information has been released at this time.


    Such good news. I wonder if Cartoon Network will actually pick it up or not though...

    Who would like to see some Armada Combiners

    By lorddarkness,

    I am going to send this pole to hasbro and see if maybe they will listen , well i know that they wont listen but it will make me feel better if i do it.

    Check out my new G.I. Joe music video!

    Sgt. Duke
    By Sgt. Duke,

    I enjoy making music videos, and I figure i'll share them with you guys! :D My newest one is G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero and I have 6 others! (Transformers/Starwars)! So check em out, I think they are great, and so do most people. :D Just go to either of the 3 pages to get to my film page. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!







    my main site


    100 Bullets

    By Degato,

    Anyone else reading this book? Man, I'm reading the trades now and am on book 4. This series really rocks!

    I heard it's going to run about 120 issues or so.

    What do you think? Thoughts? Comments?

    The Liberation of the sound-tech weapons - A tutorial

    By NMX,

    Alrighty... As I mentioned in the wave 2 Scarlett and Zartan review, I've decided to start modifying the sound-tech weapons. I started with Scarlett's crossbow, since Hasbro slapping a giant piece of crap onto the character's trademark weapon was just too much for me to let go.


    Here's the end result...




    And here's how to do it...


    While there is a chip in there somewhere, it's cased and connected to the main body of the weapon by the same soft plastic that the weapon is made of. This is very easy to alter, folks. Just take a blade and cut into the tab that holds the chip... Right at the base where it connects to the weapon. Take your time and be sure not to cut into the weapon itself or into your fingers. Either cut it straight through the tab, or cut it about halfway and you should be able to pull the rest off without cutting further. When you're done, clean up any uneven edges with a file or a piece of sandpaper and you've got a brand new weapon that looks a lot better.


    In this case with the crossbow, the tab was not only attached to the main body of the weapon, but onto the weapon's stock as well. The stock's plastic was just too thin to salvage, so I ended up chopping off the stock along with the tab. The end result looks good though... And actually more closely resembles the stockless one-hand held crossbow pictured on Scarlett's filecard.


    Anywho, there you have it. It's that simple. The entire process only takes a few minutes, and the end result is definately worth it. So next time anyone feels the urge to whine about the sound-tech crap... Consider just fixing the problem yourself instead. Sooner or later, Hasbro will drop the sound-tech crap in favor of another, likely crappier gimmick anyway. So hang in there.




    An NMX Review - Wave 2 Scarlett and Zartan

    By NMX,

    Well the webcam is back... Not working at 100% so I'll have to get a new one sooner or later, but at least I've got something to work with for the time being. Anywho... On with the reviews. For those who missed my Funskool Dreadnok set of reviews, shame on you. Now we move onto a couple of wave 2 2-packs that I ordered from The Store on 44. (GREAT service by the way... I was truly and pleasantly surprised.)


    Wave 2 Scarlett and Zartan...




    This was the other wave 2 2-pack I ordered, and thankfully, nothing fell apart when I took this one out of the package. I was actually quite impressed by this particular buy.


    Scarlett just rocks and is all sorts of spiffy. By far this is the best rendition Hasbro's ever done of the character. Is she a bit bulky? Yeah, a bit, but the mold actually does look quite feminine and works very well as an update to a favorite character. The only pain in the ass is that her trademark crossbow came with a sound-tech chip attached to it. (You'll notice in the pictures that I've done some alterations... Next up is a tutorial on how to do it yourself. Quite easy.)


    Zartan is cool too. The only pain in the ass of it is the color scheme Hasbro chose to run with, but the upcoming Zartan repaint will fix this problem and will look much better, trust me. The figure itself though is good, with nice detail, and a decent updated look for another favorite character. If you can't wait for the upcoming repaint, just buy this one and repaint it yourself. The figure is good enough to make the effort.


    Overall... Scarlett gets a 9 out of 10 and Zartan gets a 7 out of 10. Buy these figures.


    Next: The liberation of the sound-tech weapons.




    An NMX Review - Wave 2 Nunchuk and Firefly

    By NMX,

    Well the webcam is back... Not working at 100% so I'll have to get a new one sooner or later, but at least I've got something to work with for the time being. Anywho... On with the reviews. For those who missed my Funskool Dreadnok set of reviews, shame on you. Now we move onto a couple of wave 2 2-packs that I ordered from The Store on 44. (GREAT service by the way... I was truly and pleasantly surprised.)


    Wave 2 Nunchuk and Firefly...




    You'll notice I've only pictured Firefly... This is because Nunchuk's foot, which featured Hasbro's 'new and improved' articulation, was -broken- right out of the package. Lucky me. And bite me Hasbro.


    I did keep Nunchuk for parts, however, because the figure itself was actually quite well done, design-wise. I like his look, and his camo scheme is actually pretty believable and works well on the figure. So some of Nunchuk's parts will likely end up in a future custom of mine at some point. This is the only thing that keeps this -broken- figure from getting a zero.


    Firefly, on the other hand, is just friggin' awesome. I'm still not crazy about his new look, but that's only because I have expectations of what my favorite GI Joe character is supposed to look like. But despite my biases, I have to admit this IS a cool figure, without a doubt. He definately looks the part of the terrorist sabateur and definately carries a menacing quality to his mold. Also, there are no problems at all with his added articulation... It's actually quite spiffy. I think Hasbro did very well here.


    Overall... Nunchuk gets a 2 out of 10 due to the above mentioned annoyance, and Firefly gets an 8 out of 10 for not being quite perfect but very damned close.


    Next: Scarlett and Zartan.




    Honey, I'm home

    By Guest,

    hey guys, I am back. JayC was nice enough to lift the ban. :D I told him I would be good.......... and he actually believed me. :wink:



    Seriously, I want to thank the people here who supported me and expressed how they felt about my treatment. And for the rest of you, why didn't you have my back? :lol: @-@



    Anyways, Im gonna be good now. I have turned over a new leaf.


    And did I mention that I love GiJoe vs Cobra now?


    just kidding, even when I am trying to be good, I still can't be that nice.

    new avaters

    By catter,

    we got new anime avaters woohoooooooooooooo

    Ultra Magnus/ GodBomber in Armada line????

    By Reminator,

    :evil: :evil: Someone mentioned earlier in this ADC that the Super Prime Armada can be merged with some un-annouced transformer later on.......


    At the AllSpark....someone had noticed that Prime trailer had a clip or something like that can add a Second Trailer just like God Bomber clipping to the Powermaster Prime.


    With those two speculations......there is only two transformers that come into mind regarding the un-announced transformer that can combine with Prime.


    God Bomber aka Apex And Ultra Magnus........


    Personally....I would love to see Magnus in the Armada line......but not as Prime trailer.....I want him to be in his own car carrier mode.....so I am undecided to my vote.


    cobra soldier/officer prototypes

    By peterfn216,

    I was browsing www.yojoe.com and found an early (possibly preproduction) picture of the cobra soldier and officer. If yougho to this link:




    and scroll all the way to the right you can see the cobra officer and soldier and it looks like they had different, cooler heads. Maybe Im just tripping :D

    I need a few Pics, Hey Frieza, could you lend a hand here!

    By Mumm-Ra,

    Help!!! I need some Frieza pics for a new website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally got some display shelves!

    By Nik,

    My girlfriend brought some shelves home tonight as a surprise! I got my night attack chopper on the top. The bottom shelf houses a pair of sleeping bags (the shelf is in the corner of the room, next to my desk with my bed in front of it, so the bottom shelf is useless. The second shelf will probably house a few vehicles. The third shelf is perfectly sized for the comics. Some vehicles and figs will live here to. The next shelf is fairly small, so I'm thinking my cobra army will live here. The last shelf is fit to hold my crimson strike team box set. Some figures will go here too. Probably won't fill the shelves up for a while!


    How do you guys display your joes?



    Cobra Commander going crazy

    Red Jay
    By Red Jay,

    Man oh man, I picked up the edition of G.I.Joe then had the first 2 ne wissues in it, and I love it! I don't know why I didn't start collecting these when they first came out!

    But that scene where "Destro" infected Cobra Commander with the nanomites, thats priceless! That had me laughing all day!

    "Guard! My soap is morphing and the forces have bloomed!" "You're working for the Joes, aren't you?!? Et tu, Mindbender? You poison me with your evil sauce!"

    Heheh, oh man. It'd be funny as hell if we could hear Chris Latta(may he rest in peace) voice CC saying that.

    Question about the new figs

    By madyakkr,

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm an old GI JOE fan. I use to watch it when I was younger but I haven't seen the show in well over 7 years. I recently met at a convention the new GI joe writer for image comics, Josh Blaylock and I bought through him the new issues of the series. I forgot how much I liked GI JOE. Anyways, I read in the back that they have new figures and everything. How many new figures have they released under the new line and who? Do you also know where I can view pics of the new ones that are released so it would be easier to hunt them down?

    Thanks for all your help.

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