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    Armada Arcee? Well lets leave that for the Rumors

    By *starblaze07,

    There is a rumor going around thats about a female transformer who's vehicle mode is almost like a bug or PT cruiser (something like that). It is red, pink, and silver. She comes with a maroon (dark purple-red) colored submarine mini-con said to be called Depthcharge.


    Like I said its only a umor and there are no pictures to totally confirm this yet...


    It would be somewhat interesting, wouldnt it?

    Armada Arcee? Well lets leave that for the Rumors

    By *starblaze07,

    There is a rumor going around thats about a female transformer who's vehicle mode is almost like a bug or PT cruiser (something like that). It is red, pink, and silver. She comes with a maroon (dark purple-red) colored submarine mini-con said to be called Depthcharge.


    Like I said its only a umor and there are no pictures to totally confirm this yet...


    It would be somewhat interesting, wouldnt it?

    WTB LOTR figures (i am almost done)

    By Kypkyp,

    I need:


    FOTR single figures

    -Gandalf the Grey

    -Frodo Baggins


    -Samwise Gamgee

    -Bilbo Baggins



    -Isengard Orc (with axe)

    -Witchking Ringwraith


    FOTR multi packs

    -Frodo and Samwise with elven boat


    Any help would be great. Thanks. Mike



    What type of music do you like? / Listen to?

    By Nope,

    Me, I like Trance Alternative and Metal the most.


    Favorite artists include, Metallica, BT, Our Lady Peace, Paul Oakenfold. They're the Artists I listen to the most.


    Metal bands I like include, Metallica, System of a Down, Slip Knot, and Korn mostly.


    Alternative bands I enjoy are Our Lady Piece, Hoobastank, 3 Doors down, Offspring, Nickelback, Linkin Park, Puddle of Mudd. Default, Staind, Sum 41, Venessa Carlton and lots others, but I listen to those bands the most.


    Trance, I mainly listen to Paul Oakenfold and BT, but also artists like Crystal Method are really good, Juno Reactor I like as well.


    Other types of music I like, include Rave, Dance, Instrumental of any kind, punk metal, funk/jazz and lots others. anything with a good beat pretty much. but I really dislike singing. I really hate pop music, R&B, stuff like that.. i just dont care for singing very much unless someone has there own distinct voice that sounds like no other, and is original and catchy to my ears. ;) like James Hetfield (metallica) , Raine Maida (our lady peace), and I like Chester Benningtons voice (linkin park).


    I also love writing and playing all kinds of music as well. from the crazziest death metal riffs and beats, to sub pounding beats and good ol TS404 ;) Of course im ver limited in equipment.. I can still put out some good stuff everyone once in a while.

    Artic commander

    By revsears,

    Now that i'll be getting a white neo-viper (thanks firestounge) I need a name to call my new artic commander. The only think i have got is Sub-zero or deep freeze and i'm sure someone else could do better. Any suggestions?

    Favorite G-1 Gestalt :)

    By Guest,

    I would say that my fav gestalt is Computron :)

    Meijers has ICERAT variant restocked

    Viper Hunter
    By Viper Hunter,

    For all of you who were looking for the ICERAT snowmobile from Legion storms of steel diecast sets.....I've found a good stock of these slightly recolored versions available at the Meijer stores again.







    Comparison with the original version, which had the brown camo vs the all gray camo of this new one. I like'em both! :)



    The Sig Theory...

    Samus Aran
    By Samus Aran,

    Inspired by another thread. ;)


    The Sig Theory states that you, the message board poster, subconciously envisions a given poster to resemble the images in his/her avatar/sig pictures. @*-


    For example, Clam would look like Colossus. Tom would look like Firefly and/or Cobra Commander. Toiletmonkey would look like Tripwire. Since (most of you) know I'm female, I'd look (to you) like some female version of Dusty. Or a female wearing desert fatigues, etc.


    So... does the Sig Theory apply to you? I bet you've never really thought about it before... but next time, try and physically picture a poster talking to you, and I bet you'd be surprised at how much you think of posters as their avatar/sig images. ;) 8)

    Cobra sucks a little more now

    By Blackmada,

    Favorite G1 seeker

    By TheNight,

    Out of these choices whose your favorite G1 jet?

    My friend bought my GI Joe a Christmas present O_o

    Samus Aran
    By Samus Aran,

    Wow. I think this belongs in one of those "You know you're a GI Joe fanatic when"...


    ...your friend buys your 12" GI Joe a Christmas present. :o


    Um, yeah. So all of my friends (who are admirably tolerant of my 80s-toy hobbies) really get a kick out of my 12" GvC Dusty. I don't know exactly why. So when they all came to my place for our annual Christmas party, I turned around and found that they put my Dusty under the tree trying to open his present.


    I'm not kidding. They got the biggest kick out of it. It turned out to be some generic 12" soldier outfits, which was nice, I guess. My friend who got the present said she was sick of seeing him in those crappy GvC outfits and got him some "civvies" and a whole mess of smoke bombs and assorted handguns and grenades. Which is cool. :)


    Yeah, they gave him a string of mini-Christmas lights too.


    So, um, yeah, I thought that was something insane enough to share with all of you. ;)


    Hope you all had a merry Christmas too. :)-

    Wave 5 reviews(long read)

    By prozac,

    Went over to Coreys's(smalljoes) today to pick up my wave 5! Here's what I think of each one:


    Recondo - Very nice figure. Added articulation above his boots and at his wrists. The colors are very nice too, work excellent for a jungle troop. Rifle kicks a$$. Grade: B


    Iron Grenadier - My favorite of the line, hands down. He lacks the gold coloring of the old IG and has silver and metallic blue in it's place. Looks great! The shoulder pads make the figure. Helmet is very cool as well. The pads stay on nicely too. His spy gimick is the guille(SP?) suit...looks dumb on him, I put it on recondo. Comes w/a new sub-machine gun and a mortar type thing(that's the technical term ;) )Grade: A


    Torpedo - Straight up boring. The fact that I really could care less about divers might play a role in that though. Only thing I like about this figure his his gun. Grade: F


    Burnout - WOO HOO! A new 'Nok! This is a very cool looking figure. Classic Nok style. He has added articulation above his boots too. Spy gimick is MP gear...doesn't work with him. He'll keep his riot sheild and helmet prolly, but not the vest or MP arm sheild. The helmet doesn't stay on mine very well. Grade: B-


    Tunnel Rat - Great looking figure. The added stripes on his shoulder are a very nice touch. Again comes with a sweet rifle. He has a belt w/two pistols inbetween his torso and waist. Looks good, but I had to turn it around where the pistols are in back...in limits his leg movement. The spy gear is kinda cool. I'm not sure what he's supposed to be, but he could bass as a Cobra Troop. Grade: B+


    Overkill - I was kinda leary of this figure at first, but he's actually cool. He has 2 arm attachments, a gun and a knife. Only problem with it is that when he has one on his arm, there's nowhere to put the other. His colors look good too. He has a belt with puches and a pistol that attaches to the front and back of his waist and it kinda hangs donw the sides of his legs. Also comes with a knife and removeable helmet. Only thing I don't like about this figure is the scarf around part of his face. Limits head movement. Grade: B


    Crosshair - My favorite Joe of the wave, second fav overall. Very cool looking. He has a removeable harbess and belt w/pouches and such. Also has a cool looking hat that comes off. One thing that makes him cool is that he looks like a common trooper. Like most of the figures, he too has a sweet rifle. I like him better w/o his guille(SP?) thingy. Grade: A-


    Scalpal - Very...interesting. Actually not a bad figure. He all know he has the little saw on his arm, it is moveable. Helmet is removeable and the visor lifts up and down. His shoulder pads attach on his back and has something sticking out the back part...I have no clue what it is, looks kinda like a pick axe. Between the helmet and the spots where the pick thing goes into, it's kinda hard to keep the pads on him. He has miscellaneous surgical tools on his chest pad. Comes with a nice AK rifle w/bayonette similar(if not exactly like) to the wave 4 Neo Viper. Grade: B-


    Sgt. Hacker - Not sure what to say about this one. I like him though. The spy stuff doesn't look too bad on him. Especially the helmet. Supposed to pass as....Firefly? I'm not seeing it. Comes with a hook/rope thing and again...a nice rifle. Grade: B


    CLAWS COmmander - Man...they screwed up this figure. He has the funky arms like Blowtorch and the one Neo arm. If not for this, he would be excellent. Other than that he looks very prestigeous, like a high ranking officer. Removeable helmet(which I am a sucker for) is cool. His sub-machine gun is prolly my least favorite new gun. Grade: C


    Barrel Roll w/Glider - This is the one I was looking forward to most in the line, and also the one I was most disappointed with. The figure itself is cool. His only drawback is that he suffers from tiny-waist syndrome like most of wave 2 did. Wrist articulation was added and, again, comes with a sweet rifle. I do find it difficult for him to hold it though. I can't seem to get his spy gear to stay on good, mainly the forearm pads. The glider is a pretty good size...has a pretty big wing span. The wings on mine are a little loose in the slot, the handle bar(since when do Joes need these?) clothes-lines the figure when on it, but is easily detachable. Has 2 sets of missiles, one regular and 1 set of snake missiles that are scaly and snake-headed. As we know, the cobra panel is removeable. Underneath it is a mini-cannon w/bullets. Are also 2 smaller lasers on the top of the glider and 2 smaller(not detachable) missiles on the wingtips. I will still buy a few of these and use them as new CLAWS gliders. Grade: C+


    Biggest surprise - Iron Grenadier


    Biggest let down - Barrel Roll w/glider


    Best looking spy gimmick - Sgt. Hacker


    Worst looking spy gimmick - Burnout


    Favorite Cobra - IG


    Favorite Joe - Crosshiar


    Least favorite Cobra - CLAWS COmmander


    Lest favorite Joe - Torpedo...excuse me, *CHEIF* Torpedo.


    Best new Cobra figure/perosn - Burnout


    Best new Joe figure/person - Crosshair


    Overall, I really like this wave, but I think wave 4 remains my favorite so far. The spy gimick, is ok, however, I would prefer regular add-on armor. The new accessories are really nice as well. Each figure also comes with a SA gun. I'll hopefully have some pics up tomorrow evening.


    Sorry for the long read.

    Which Wave


    OK the store are out of the 2 packs in my area. (Western New York)

    I was wondering which wave you think they will restock the shelf with Wave 4, 5 or 1.5. I heard that wave 5 has hit New Jersey. I have also heard some store are restocking wave 1.5 . Kee Bee in the area have been restocking wave 2. Don't ask me to pick-up any wave 2 vipers, because I got them already and plan on keeping them. I just wonder if you guys had any thought about which wave the stores will restock.



    I just got screwed!!

    By KamenDreda,

    I just stoped in to my local toy and comic shop and picked up an Overlord figure. Well actually 1/2 of Overlord. I got the figure home and decided to check out yojoe.com to make sure he came with all his accessories and when I checked his picture I realized I got a frankenstiened peice of $h!t. His head arms and chest are Overlord's but his legs belong to Darklon and I have no idea whose waist he has (it is orange w/ a grey belt). I can't beleive I screwed up so royaly! That's 12.75 I just flushed down the toilet! So should I try to take it back or do you think I am screwed?

    Is this Star Wars vehicle compatible with Gi Joes?

    By peterfn216,



    What do you guys think? Would it be badass or just plain ##$%$#ed?

    For those with too much money and need every last Joe item

    Three Storms
    By Three Storms,



    It's the 12" Lady Jaye, which is rare as hell. www.celga.com has a service for bidding on Japanese auction items if interested.

    When does the MOTu comic coming out?

    Captain Typho
    By Captain Typho,

    I try to find it at my comic book store but it nerve theere but then does it coming out?

    Anyone think Jakks will do a good job on DBZ figures?

    By Soundwave,

    I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on Jakks no making the DBZ figures? Do you think they will do a better job than Irwin? I just hope they aren't made like the wrestling figures.

    LOTR video game rocks!

    Pimp Masta Dee
    By Pimp Masta Dee,

    One day when I was watching TV, I saw that there was a new LOTR video game based on TTT. It looked awesome, so I put it on my X-mas list. Well, on X-mas morning after I had opened the other stuff, I went straight down to my little entertainment room, and popped it in my PS2. I started out as Isildur in the great battle against all the orcs. Then, I was beating Nagzul as Aragorn. In the levels that follow, you can choose between Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. Although Legolas is my favorite character, I did not play as him in every level. In this game, different characters should be used in different levels. Oh, and it's not based entirely on TTT. I starts out in Isildur's time, then switches to FOTR. Once you beat the orcs at Amon Hen, you're in TTT. So actually, the game has more levels from FOTR than TTT. I don't have a memory card, so I play this nearly every day for a few hours trying to beat it, but I never have time. The farthest I've gotten in one day is the first Rohan level. This game kicks ass and any action game fan or LOTR fan should definitely get it.

    Raven's Casting

    By peterfn216,

    I just visited his site and it still says that he isnt accepting any orders. I know that he doesnt make any money from selling those weapons and seeing as how everyone's interest in the hobby eventually fades, does anyone think that he will be open for business again any time soon?

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