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    Week 2 questions

    By revsears,

    OKay a whole new week of questions

    Please do not posts ties Just pic one. You can stat that another is darn close but it won't count when i am tallying up (though it did last time) You can state reasons but please don't debate becouse i want to see everyone's true opinions.

    1. Worst New character

    2. Best thing about gvc

    3. Worst thing about gvc

    4. Best Rah Rerelease Fig (Can be in gvc packaging just show you know))

    5. Most wanted Rah Rerelease

    Adc joe thoughts and wants COMPLETED

    By revsears,

    This Topic is to record the results of an Adc survey.


    The plan is that each week 5 questions will be posted and once the survy is done I will print it out sign it and send it to hasbro. I will encourage others to do the same.


    Our goal is to create a voice for the fans through this polls wich will be about important things in the line.


    Please post only if you have an unanswered question.


    Week 1 (january 4th)

    Best Gvc Fig: Black wave 3 Snake eyes

    Worst Gvc Fig: Wave 1 Destro

    Most wanted joe: Lady Jay (were getting here!)

    Most wanted Cobra: The twins:Xamot and Tomax

    Best New char: Dart

    Week 2 January 10th

    Worst New char: Skull buster

    Best thing about gvc: redesigns of old chars.

    Worst thing about gvc: Sound attack and quality( issues with paint and problems like beachhead's legs)

    Best Rah rerelease: Blue alley viper

    Most wanted Rah Rerelease: A tie between face plate cc and Serpentor

    Week 3( jan 17th)

    Worst Rah Rerelease? Headman

    Best Vehicle? Nac

    Worst Vehicle? Assualt quad

    Best thing about vehicles: design, the basic idea, a nice chopper, 4wheeler, that kind of thing.

    Worst thing about vehicles:Design, the finished product, exucation of the above. Large missles, and rounded off and out there designs.

    Spy gear or Sound attack: Spy gear 92%!

    Best wave: 4 (5 was very close, a tie for those who just picked one but many said 3 or 4)

    Worst wave: wave 1

    Week 4:

    Most wanted Vehicle Rerelease: Whale

    Most liked gvc troop: Iron Grenider

    Most need gvc troop: Basic Cobra solider (vipers and officers got a good amount of votes too so it seems we want to go back to the basics)

    Troop that most deserves an army builder pack: Vipers (many said whatever is in the pack like vipers or neo vipers or soliders need to be in there orginal paint scheme)

    How often should a charater be made (or repainted) in one year: 2 (in total)

    Final set:

    Your most wanted joe (since where getting lady j) Rock n' roll won a huge victory

    Length between waves: 2months won but 3 months was just a SINGLE vote away.

    Old logo: 93% want it back and no one wanted to keep it, some just didn't care

    Play sets: 80% want some jvc playsets while others don't or are iffy.

    Cobra vehicles: 100% want more cobra vehicles. Thats saying something.

    It Playoff time in the NFL.

    Captain Typho
    By Captain Typho,

    The regular season is over and now the road to the Super Bowl begin to the NFL Playoff. This weekend were are some wild card games.



    Colts at NY Jets 4:30pm

    Falcons at Packers 8pm



    Browns at Steelers 1pm

    NY Giants at 49ers 4:30pm



    I think the Jets, Packers, Steelers, and the 49ers will win this weekend. This is why Football is a better sports then Baseball because you can get into the games.

    ftwp what to do with extra figs

    By revsears,

    For those who play with the toys i was wondering what you do with your extra figs. The ones you have two of, or a different version you don't like and stuff like that.


    I have made a few customs, given some to my girlfreind, frozen and then melted another and i'm just curious about everyone else.

    ftw army build joes

    By revsears,

    For those of you who army build joes 3.75 toys have the joe keychains wich are real cheap and the key chain is removable and you have a nice generic troop. thought you might wanna know.


    By ashton,


    Online stores...

    By Jedi_Master_Silas,

    What is a good trustworthy online store to buy small Gi Joes??? I dont mean any of the big retail online stores like KB Wal Mart etc. Could you all give me some feedback both positive and negative on some online stores that sell Joes please.

    Reminder to Zoids fans...

    Preventer MK II
    By Preventer MK II,

    Don't forget that Cartoon Network is airing the last four Chaotic Century episodes Saturay at 1:00 pm on their Saturday Toonami block. It's about friggin' time :D

    A clear Zartan?!?!?

    By KamenDreda,

    How cool is this? Just found this over at Quick's Theatre.


    "Toys: Thanks to John Missal for reporting that Master Collector members who are active as of February 16 will be able to order a clear Zartan 3.75" figure. The price of the first figure is $5.00 and each additional figure is $20.00, and if you live in Texas and have not joined the club, sales tax will be added to the membership fees, which start at $36 per year. To order the figure and join the Master Collector club, please call 1-800-772-6673."


    I wonder which version it will be. JvC (I hope not), Original, Ninja Force, or god fordid, the 97 version.


    so do you think you might get it?

    How do I remove the sound tab on The Rattler?

    Beach Head
    By Beach Head,

    I have had this thing since it fist came out, but never paid it any mind. I can't stand that sound tab because I can't stand the plane on its wheels. Is there a way to remove this thing? I'm afraid I'll break it.

    Repainting a Chap Mei Helo Transport (big pics)

    By Hammerfel,

    The only one Rite-Aid had left was the Rescue variety, whuch is this neon red/orange. Not exactly stealthy. :)


    So I'm repainting it. Here's what I'm starting with:





















    Recommended Fantasy reading (Books! Crazy!)

    By sheldonm,

    Hey, it's a book forum too, so I figured there should be at least one book thread one the first page...


    In no particular order, here's what I've enjoyed. Feel free to add what you will.


    The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay - a good, relatively short, Canadian read. It was 3 books originally but if you pick it up you'll likely only find the collected trilogy. Warning: if you like to have a set system of rules for magic and the nature of things, this book will piss you off. It's... shall we say, mercurious at the best of times.


    The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind - a simple woodsman and his lady love are drawn into broader and more threatening situations each book. An interesting look at ethics and even the metaphysical nature of humanity. The first book is amazing, even as a standalone.


    The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan - you had to know it was coming. By far the most involved fantasy series currently being written. Book 10 (of hopefully only 12, according to the author) is due out January 7th. Each time you re-read this one you'll find more hints as to who's who, what's what, and the huge scope imagined. I don't think it can finish in 12 books, personally.


    The Saga of Recluce by LE Modesitt Jr. - a temporally disorganized series with a plausible and fascinating system of "magic". Book one is chronologically one of the last books in the series. It truly is a Saga as it follows 1000s of years of history in their world. New characters (almost) every book, but each one is fully believable and human.


    Dune by Frank Herbert - it's hailed as the Sci-Fi classic for a reason. Hell, even the movie of it (with William Hurt) isn't that bad. For the first 50 pages or so of the first book, don't get discouraged, it totally picks up. if you haven't read it, do so.


    A Song of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin - intrigue, incest, and innocence make for a very compelling storyline in this world where Summer and Winter last years at a time. Some of you may wish to take out a hit on Martin at certain points, but it's all apurpose. The characters are lovable, despicable, and anywhere in between. I'm rooting for Arya Stark. Book 4 due out April Fool's Day.


    The Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickman - Two warring races of magic users do the unthinkable and unmake the world. Long ago the world was Sundered into four, one for each of the base elements, and the only way between the worlds is the Death Gate. This series would be worth reading for nothing more than the way each of the worlds work and how they were intended to. Very cool.


    The Sword/Heritage/First King of Shannara by Terry Brooks - I don't terribly recommend the Jerle Shannara series. It hasn't been performing as well as I'd have liked. Read the Sword series (the first sword which glows white when you kill somebody you forgive), then Heritage, then First King. All you'll have to say afterwards is "Damn!" It's that good.


    Starshield by Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickman - Not a sword and armor fantasy, but still very fascinating. The universe it not so universal as we believe. It is broken into many areas where different rules of nature apply. In one place, magic might be possible and in another nothing but thought may be needed to travel. Temporal Fold Processors make it possible to answer any question by sending questions back in time so that they have as long as they have been active to compute the answer. A neat premise. May now be defunct.

    12" Cobra CLAWS

    Doc Evil
    By Doc Evil,

    I just looked at the pictures and thought this wouls have been a GREAT figure if they had only bothered to give him a damn SHIRT.


    This painted arm/torso crap simply has to GO.

    don't you wish JVC 12" were made like this....

    By Chazz,

    hey gang? i was just at blue box toys and i bought this 12" snipper/assassin. i couldn't resist man, the detail is so unbelievable, i had to buy this dude. check it out:


    once you go on the link click on ELITE FORCE and on the next page click on ELITE FORCE TERMINATE. the guy in the middfe is who i just bought, click on the picture and see for yourself how badass this dude looks. here's the link: www.blueboxtoys.com/bbi/F_bbi.html


    i know they couldn't make JVC 12' this detailed because of the kids but i wish they would do a "hall of fame" series again and make them this detailed! :)- i can't wait until this sucker comes in the mail!!

    Just got wave 5 and HOLY SMOKES!!!

    By RobbieDigital,

    I know a couple other guys in here got wave 5 and I might be echoing what they said but man how SWEET is this wave. I even like the new packaging, HOW BAD do I want to army build the new iron grenadiers!!!!!! If you don't like to army build this figure will change your mind. I ordered mine online so I'll wait till I see them in the stores to build my grenadier army. AWWWW MAN its sweet, I don't think anybody will complain about this wave, oh yeah is anybody else having problems with barrel roll holding on to his bar on the glider? It looks like he's getting strangled. :cry:

    artist's check this out


    http://www.kubertsworld.com/index-2.asp its a drawing collage and its really neat because when you graduate after three years if your good enough the pros the work for comic companys will come and ask you want to work for them!!!! plus its a really cool website!


    check out the gallery!! :D

    Weakest link- who do you think will be in the top 10?

    By KamenDreda,

    These are the remaining characters. I was just curious who you think the top 10 will be.


    Cobra Officer

    Rock 'n Roll



    Cobra Commander

    Major Bludd



    Wild Bill




    Mutt & Junkyard



    Scrap Iron


    Storm Shadow



    Crimson Guard




    Lady Jaye



    Snow Serpent

    Tomax & Xamot










    Tunnel Rat

    Iron Grenadiers

    Crimson Guard Immortal

    Desert Scorpion


    Headhunter Stormtrooper


    Personally I think it wil be (or rather would like it to be)



    Lady Jaye


    Storm Shadow





    Gung Ho



    What do you guys think?

    more no name vehicle pics

    By martini_847,

    more chap mei pics i found on the web













    for all you fang fans out there



    dig it a horse

    Can't BELIEVE I missed this vehicle!

    By Hammerfel,

    By 3 minutes! I would have out bid that guy for sure!




    Grrrr! :(

    my joe pics (plenty of them)

    By revsears,

    Everyone else was doing it why not me? Lol

    Here are my customes. Not very complicated or very good lol but i'm now starting work on some better ones.


    A shot of part of my army:

    cobraarmy.GIF"Destro,sir, did you crap in your pants again?"

    destrocrap.JPGi don't like that destro much lol.

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